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Sweeping the world

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The Han had discovered the military use of silk, and the test of war on silk was verified in several battles with the heavy cavalry of the Jie clan. After the discovery of this use of silk, Liu Yan encouraged the increase of silk production. In recent years, silk production has been promoted under the leadership of the government, but it is false to say that the army is equipped wantonly. We can only afford to install some heavy riding and sudden riding, and we can't do a comprehensive installation at all. Lv Yi and Kianush Alta Aldashir went to Miyagi to report on the negotiations after they were separated. He did not add his own subjective impression to make any comments. After hearing this, Liu Yan also became alert to Persian Sassan. If the Persian Sassanids wanted to exchange the land for the method of making silk, in fact, it was more or less reasonable. The reason why they were alert was that the Persian Sassanids had made relevant plans before their mission. Liu Yan still has considerable foresight, learned that there are foreign envoys to come, has long been alert to countries on the silk manufacturing methods of prying, have made relevant arrangements in advance. After those envoys arrived in the Han State, they really tried their best to find out how to make silk, but of course they were not acquired because the Han State had been prepared for it. I heard that a San had already begun to imitate our silk. "Ah San is trying to use spider silk to make it, as if he really made a similar raw silk, that is, silk made of silk is two kinds of products." No kidding! A San really studied spider silk to make silk, and began to try it hundreds of years ago. It seemed that he had made a finished product, but in the course of the experiment, he was ignited by a fire and became ashes. He stopped studying it for a time and began to try it again a long time later. In fact,garden jacuzzi tub, spider silk is really a good thing. To some extent, spider silk has more fiber strength than silk. Spider silk can really be made into clothes. It needs mature technology, not spinning, but using the stickiness of spider silk itself, which is related to the technology of Kucong people in Yunnan. Until the development of science and technology to a certain extent, the development of spider silk exceeded silk, and the value of spider silk in many military uses was far more than silk. For example, during the Second World War,5 person hot tub, spider silk was used as a crosshair for optical devices in the sight system of telescopes and guns. Later, things for military purposes such as body armor were developed. Lv Yi was telling it as a joke, but Liu Yan, who knew that spider silk was being used behind it, couldn't laugh. A San is at the forefront of the world in smelting, but I didn't expect that even the study of spider silk would be the same. Liu Yan said that Lv Yi was completely stupefied, and the latter sentence almost petrified Lv Yi: "We should also have relevant research on spider silk." Lu Yi was so surprised that he could not speak for a moment and did not know what expression to use to face his king. Liu Yan has not said religion, if you count religion, a San is simply a kind of rhythm to heaven. That is, no matter what Ah San invented, it became not his own in the end, for example, the steel became Persian, Buddhism was carried forward in the East, indoor endless pool ,endless swimming pool, and even the "1, 2, 3, 4" that he worked so hard to study and create.. "This set of numbers has also become Arab." The king? Lv Yi came to his senses and immediately asked, "What about the Persian proposal?" "There is no way that the method of making silk can be leaked!" Liu Yan is not as great as Ah San, even papermaking, printing, gunpowder, compass all have no idea of sharing with the world, tea can be shared, but tea is not to be brought out of the Han soil. He said simply and clearly: "It is the Persians who want to form an alliance with the big fellow, and the big fellow has no need for an alliance.". Willing to give Sassan a piece of a cup of soup is to lay the foundation for future strategic deployment, if there is a bad idea. You should know how to deal with it. Liu Yan said to stop, he motioned to Cui Zong to bring back the memorial sent back by Huan Wen. Huan Wen is a pioneering military general, and I did the right thing by sending him to command. Liu Yan handed the memorial to Lv Yi and said with a smile, "He did not confine his eyes to Gupta.". ” After the collapse of the Kushan Empire is split into a number of countries, the Gupta Dynasty is only one of them, a San that piece of land has not been completely conquered by the big Rouzhi people, from the collapse of the Peacock Dynasty, there is still a native country of a San has always existed, since the Han army is invading the territory of a San, not necessarily need to stare at the Gupta Dynasty, can find other countries as a breakthrough. This Lv Yi was somewhat shocked after reading the memorial. What he saw was that Huan Wen suggested attacking a small country near the Gupta Dynasty and landing directly in that small country. He hesitated and said, "a small country can be easily destroyed, but.." Will the countries there unite against the big fellow? Anyone in the Han Kingdom, including Huan Wen, who cares about the name of that small country, will probably have a mentality of "Grandpa beats you because he looks up to you." Of course that will happen. Liu Yan, however, smiled for a while and asked Lv Yi, "Once the army lands and succeeds in gaining a firm foothold, is it in the territory of Gupta or in other places? Is there any difference?" Lv Yi thought for a moment, really think that there is no difference, a three countries should unite, or will unite, that is, once Huan Wen does that, there is no room for the operation of diplomatic relations in Han. Volume 10 Conquest of the World Island Chapter 697 the Five Power Alliance. "Hot, it's too hot!" Si Hongzhuang was lying on a bamboo chair, leaving only a pair of shorts all over his body, which was still covered with sweat, and his muscles were as solid as steel under the greasy. In the middle of the summer of the eighth year of yuanshuo (A.D. 349), the drought in the Central Plains had broken out locally. Although there was no sign of drought in South Asia, it was very sultry. Each region of the earth has its own climate. Some places are cold all the year round (the North and South Poles), while others are hot all the time (the Middle East and some deserts). Some areas where the four seasons rotate are also cold (near the North and South Poles), and many places are hot all the year round. Because of the longitude and latitude,China spa factory, South Asia is relatively hot all the year round. That kind of heat is not only hot, but usually stuffy. If there is a shortage of water, it will be really hot in summer. monalisa.com

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