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  1. She lost her soul in his sudden kiss, forgot to breathe in the teasing of his tongue, could only open a pair of misty eyes, dare not move to look directly at his hot black eyes, straight into the hot depths of his eyes, sincere people can not refuse. Finally, Ji Zhen gently nodded, slender arms, wrapped around his strong neck, let his tall and straight strong body, completely wrapped her petite, in his record of a deep kiss, spit out a burst of Xiao soul singing oh. Chapter 30: Dissolution of Engagement (2) She looked into his eyes, and her body trembled with his sprint. Shake, in the most intimate moment, deeply into his eyes, in his full and gentle torture under the tactful Jiao Yin. Both of them found that the love between men and women could be so wonderful, and the feeling of physical and mental pleasure seemed to come from the deepest part of their hearts, touching the soul, unspeakable, and making him want to grasp it tightly. So he begged her again and again until she couldn't bear it any longer and fainted in his arms. It was not until nearly noon the next day that Ji Zhen woke up in a daze. The velvet curtain was carefully pulled down to isolate the dazzling sunlight, so that she could sleep more peacefully. She stretched lazily and groped on the bed with her tender little hands. The silk was cold and there was no body temperature left. Binteng to the island! She gave a confused cry. She turned and looked at the side where he had slept. It was still a mess. There were still messy clothes scattered on the ground. Benton went to the island but disappeared. In the heart inexplicable loss, a moment of sleepiness, smelly man these days is how to return a responsibility, do not say to leave her to go. It has been more than ten days since she was rescued from Pei Nanjun. In the first few days, they were like little men and women in love, like glue on their knees. But these days, for some reason, Binteng's attitude on the island suddenly cooled down. Especially these days, always inexplicably go out early and come back late, even with her most intimate time, is also a preoccupied look, often from love to sleep, leaving only Ji Zhen alone in bed,hot tub manufacturers, always let Ji Zhen feel inexplicable loss, is all men are like this, but once the interest has passed, they will talk to the women around them. This book can be downloaded from Pai Pai Forum. For more great books, visit http://www.paipaitxt.com/?u=11306171. Ji Zhen was unwilling to put on his clothes, picked up his cell phone and dialed Bin Teng's phone on the island. No one answered the phone, only Bin Teng's message on the island as usual. Baby, I have important things to deal with, stay at home and wait for me to come back, I will let Gong Yi to accompany you! Is this sentence again, these days, every day with that cold, oil and salt with the woman, it is almost suffocating, the president's wife is still difficult, early know should not be so quick to agree to Binteng on the island. Instead of going out with the woman who keeps a straight face all day, I would like to stay at home, endless swim pool ,whirlpool bathtub, feel a little hungry, drag my slippers to the kitchen, and prepare to find something to eat in the refrigerator. Just now, I listened to two maids talking while doing things at the door. Xiaoxi, you say, this time this Miss Ji, and how long can the president keep! "I think the president is very kind to Miss Ji, although in Japan, the relationship between the two has not been settled, but I heard that in China, the two have been publicly married, why do you ask?" "Hey, before, Mr. Binteng, to Shizuka Akimoto, Noriki Yamamoto, these women, although cold is a little cold, is not also good ah, I do not think the relationship with this Miss Ji, Bao!" Hold on too long. ” "No, we've been here with Mr. Binteng for so long. I've seen Mr. Binteng and brought two women back here. One is Miss Yangzi and the other is Miss Ji. I heard that this villa was left by Mr. Bintengshangdao's dead mother. It was never easy to bring women in. At that time, Mr. Banteng and Miss Yangzi were dating, although Miss Yangzi also came." But Mr. Binten never let her spend the night here. Mr. Binten let Miss Ji stay here for so long. I think it must be true this time! "Hey, Xiaoxi, what do you know? At the beginning, Miss Yangzi and Mr. Bin Teng were both engaged, but the result was not to break up. Rich men, especially excellent men like Mr. Bin Teng, have never had many women around them. Although they were interested for a while, they were interested too much. No matter how good a woman is, it's boring. Didn't you find that when Miss Ji first came here, Mr. Binten and she are very affectionate, but these days Mr. Binten seems to be a little perfunctory to Miss Ji, so I think the relationship between Miss Ji and Mr. Binten should not be worse than me. "Well, if you don't say it, I haven't found it yet. If you say so, it seems to be true!" When the maid named Xiaoxi said this, she suddenly thought of something and raised her voice. "Yes, I heard that Miss Yangzi came back from the United States. Yesterday, I saw a picture of Mr. Binteng picking up Miss Yangzi at the airport in the newspaper. Do you think it is possible for Mr. Binteng and Miss Yangzi to rekindle their old love?" Abrupt, expression of another housemaid is stiff, stretch one's hand pulled her garment horn, make canthus stops her not to say again. Xiaoxi said so quickly that she didn't understand what she meant for a moment: "Why are you pulling me? What I said is the truth. Miss Yangzi is elegant and generous, and she is beautiful. I think Mr. Binteng and her are very likely.." Without waiting for her to finish, another maid stamped her foot and smiled shyly at Ji Zhen, who was standing frozen in the doorway: "Miss Ji, don't listen to Xiaoxi's nonsense. With Mr. Binteng's identity, it's hard for the entertainment media to have some gossip. Don't take it to heart." Without waiting for Ji Zhen to come to his senses, he had already pulled Xiaoxi out of the kitchen, looking at the back of the two people leaving, Ji Zhen felt inexplicably lost in his heart. Although, knowing that Dao Bin Teng went to the island with such astonishing financial resources and power, one A man whose words and deeds are watched by people,endless pool factory, there will always be some gossip news in the entertainment media. She accepts that he must accept his past when he goes to the island. However, when she hears the words of the two maids just now, she feels very uncomfortable. monalisa.com
  2. The Han had discovered the military use of silk, and the test of war on silk was verified in several battles with the heavy cavalry of the Jie clan. After the discovery of this use of silk, Liu Yan encouraged the increase of silk production. In recent years, silk production has been promoted under the leadership of the government, but it is false to say that the army is equipped wantonly. We can only afford to install some heavy riding and sudden riding, and we can't do a comprehensive installation at all. Lv Yi and Kianush Alta Aldashir went to Miyagi to report on the negotiations after they were separated. He did not add his own subjective impression to make any comments. After hearing this, Liu Yan also became alert to Persian Sassan. If the Persian Sassanids wanted to exchange the land for the method of making silk, in fact, it was more or less reasonable. The reason why they were alert was that the Persian Sassanids had made relevant plans before their mission. Liu Yan still has considerable foresight, learned that there are foreign envoys to come, has long been alert to countries on the silk manufacturing methods of prying, have made relevant arrangements in advance. After those envoys arrived in the Han State, they really tried their best to find out how to make silk, but of course they were not acquired because the Han State had been prepared for it. I heard that a San had already begun to imitate our silk. "Ah San is trying to use spider silk to make it, as if he really made a similar raw silk, that is, silk made of silk is two kinds of products." No kidding! A San really studied spider silk to make silk, and began to try it hundreds of years ago. It seemed that he had made a finished product, but in the course of the experiment, he was ignited by a fire and became ashes. He stopped studying it for a time and began to try it again a long time later. In fact,garden jacuzzi tub, spider silk is really a good thing. To some extent, spider silk has more fiber strength than silk. Spider silk can really be made into clothes. It needs mature technology, not spinning, but using the stickiness of spider silk itself, which is related to the technology of Kucong people in Yunnan. Until the development of science and technology to a certain extent, the development of spider silk exceeded silk, and the value of spider silk in many military uses was far more than silk. For example, during the Second World War,5 person hot tub, spider silk was used as a crosshair for optical devices in the sight system of telescopes and guns. Later, things for military purposes such as body armor were developed. Lv Yi was telling it as a joke, but Liu Yan, who knew that spider silk was being used behind it, couldn't laugh. A San is at the forefront of the world in smelting, but I didn't expect that even the study of spider silk would be the same. Liu Yan said that Lv Yi was completely stupefied, and the latter sentence almost petrified Lv Yi: "We should also have relevant research on spider silk." Lu Yi was so surprised that he could not speak for a moment and did not know what expression to use to face his king. Liu Yan has not said religion, if you count religion, a San is simply a kind of rhythm to heaven. That is, no matter what Ah San invented, it became not his own in the end, for example, the steel became Persian, Buddhism was carried forward in the East, indoor endless pool ,endless swimming pool, and even the "1, 2, 3, 4" that he worked so hard to study and create.. "This set of numbers has also become Arab." The king? Lv Yi came to his senses and immediately asked, "What about the Persian proposal?" "There is no way that the method of making silk can be leaked!" Liu Yan is not as great as Ah San, even papermaking, printing, gunpowder, compass all have no idea of sharing with the world, tea can be shared, but tea is not to be brought out of the Han soil. He said simply and clearly: "It is the Persians who want to form an alliance with the big fellow, and the big fellow has no need for an alliance.". Willing to give Sassan a piece of a cup of soup is to lay the foundation for future strategic deployment, if there is a bad idea. You should know how to deal with it. Liu Yan said to stop, he motioned to Cui Zong to bring back the memorial sent back by Huan Wen. Huan Wen is a pioneering military general, and I did the right thing by sending him to command. Liu Yan handed the memorial to Lv Yi and said with a smile, "He did not confine his eyes to Gupta.". ” After the collapse of the Kushan Empire is split into a number of countries, the Gupta Dynasty is only one of them, a San that piece of land has not been completely conquered by the big Rouzhi people, from the collapse of the Peacock Dynasty, there is still a native country of a San has always existed, since the Han army is invading the territory of a San, not necessarily need to stare at the Gupta Dynasty, can find other countries as a breakthrough. This Lv Yi was somewhat shocked after reading the memorial. What he saw was that Huan Wen suggested attacking a small country near the Gupta Dynasty and landing directly in that small country. He hesitated and said, "a small country can be easily destroyed, but.." Will the countries there unite against the big fellow? Anyone in the Han Kingdom, including Huan Wen, who cares about the name of that small country, will probably have a mentality of "Grandpa beats you because he looks up to you." Of course that will happen. Liu Yan, however, smiled for a while and asked Lv Yi, "Once the army lands and succeeds in gaining a firm foothold, is it in the territory of Gupta or in other places? Is there any difference?" Lv Yi thought for a moment, really think that there is no difference, a three countries should unite, or will unite, that is, once Huan Wen does that, there is no room for the operation of diplomatic relations in Han. Volume 10 Conquest of the World Island Chapter 697 the Five Power Alliance. "Hot, it's too hot!" Si Hongzhuang was lying on a bamboo chair, leaving only a pair of shorts all over his body, which was still covered with sweat, and his muscles were as solid as steel under the greasy. In the middle of the summer of the eighth year of yuanshuo (A.D. 349), the drought in the Central Plains had broken out locally. Although there was no sign of drought in South Asia, it was very sultry. Each region of the earth has its own climate. Some places are cold all the year round (the North and South Poles), while others are hot all the time (the Middle East and some deserts). Some areas where the four seasons rotate are also cold (near the North and South Poles), and many places are hot all the year round. Because of the longitude and latitude,China spa factory, South Asia is relatively hot all the year round. That kind of heat is not only hot, but usually stuffy. If there is a shortage of water, it will be really hot in summer. monalisa.com
  3. But by this time, I didn't know where I was. I only knew that there were all cells around me. As soon as I stopped, there was a cry from Linger in my ear. I was immediately alert. As a result, Linger was frightened by the deep bones in the cell. So I asked with a smile, "Linger, after playing games for so long, are you still afraid of this?" Linger said with a depressed face, "I'm not prepared at all. I'm sure I'll be afraid when I see it suddenly!" After all, Linger is still a girl. It's normal to be afraid when you see these dead bones. In fact, after playing games for so long, most girls are used to seeing disgusting and horrible monsters. Their courage is much bigger than before. If you don't play games, it's estimated that Linger will hold my arm and cry! The bones in the cell should be angels in shape, and the wings behind them are too conspicuous! It seems that the skeletons are not damaged, it seems that they should die of old age or starvation! It is estimated that if an angel is sent to this place, it is basically a dead end. Some people remember to send it in, but not others remember to take it out. After all, these angels have no status! In the silver month big 6, generally speaking so long as the strength achieves the spirit beast level Bss the standard, basically may walk sideways in the main city, the God beast holy beast these needless to say, but in the God world, the spirit beast level Bss angel also can only reduce to the low-level guard, does not have the status is also normal! As long as the gods are here,best whirlpool tub, no amount of angels is of any use! Helplessly shook his head, began to continue to walk inside, the fallen angel Sion should be in this castle, but do not know where it is, have to be careful! Think of so many monsters outside, my heart has begun to think up, when I and Linger completed the trial task, we must brush him here upside down,outdoor whirlpool tub, even if not explosive equipment, that gold coins and experience is also very good, the official said that special items will burst out, really looking forward to, not equipment, then what will these advanced Bss burst out? So began to command the unicorn to walk forward, at this time the original castle than the outside looks much bigger, the ground is only part of it, there is a lot of space underground, I can not help but wonder, these gods make such a big castle why, Guan Guan angels do not seem to need so much, is it said that there are too many disobedient angels? That's why you built a prison this big? Well, if there's a chance to take this prison down, it's actually quite good to be your own place! For more than an hour, I realized that the whole castle was spiraling downward, jacuzzi manufacturers ,outdoor endless pool, with an open-air platform below, and the whole center was like a cup of water, facing the poisonous cloud in the sky that had not dispersed for thousands of years! At the same time, I also walked all the way, there was no monster in the castle, so I simply summoned the dragon to land directly from the middle to the bottom. At this time, from a small door not far away, a figure came out slowly, all gray, handsome face, four pairs of wings open, and a line of small characters on his head showed his identity. This guy is the fallen angel Sion, the overlord angel, the master of the holy land of angels! [Fallen Angel Sion] (Holy Beast Bss) Level Blood gas:?? Attack Defense:?? Skills:?? Introduction: Sion was originally the guardian angel of the temple of life. In order to gain power, he secretly learned the skills of the temple of life. The goddess of life later expelled him from the temple. Then Sion went to the temple of God of War and Thor and other temples to steal skills. After fusing all kinds of attributes, his body color changed from white to gray and became a fallen angel. And by the major temples to kill, after had to hide in the castle of ten thousand poisons, became the overlord here. And the angel in the temple of life told me not too much discrepancy, this guy is the holy land master, and fusion so many attributes, should be very difficult to deal with, but let me very strange is that the name of the fallen angel Sion actually shows that the green is lustful, that can not attack? In any case, let Xiaolong and Linger begin to prepare for battle immediately! Sion, the fallen angel, said slowly in a low voice, "Were you sent by the temple to kill me?" I nodded my head! Sion said with an expressionless face, "I just want to pursue power. I didn't make any mistakes. Why do I have to be killed?" "It's the decision of those gods, and we just carry it out!" "Execute?"? But you are not from the divine world! "That's right, we're from Silver Moon 6!" "Oh?"? Silver Moon 6? Sion looked up at the sky and said, "Although I am a fallen angel now, I have only changed my attributes and the color of my body, but I still have the pure heart of an angel. I will not kill you. You can go!" Shit, are you kidding me? We're here to kill you, not you to kill us! I had no choice but to say in a deep voice: "We must get your angel heart to complete the task!" " "Hum, the angel who loses the angel's heart can only die. I didn't want to kill you, but now it seems that I can't. Let's die!" The name of Sion, the fallen angel, suddenly turned into a blood-red hostile color and rushed towards me. I hurriedly shouted, "Linger, you back up!" Words, has been put on the ring, bend open the silver long bow, directly is a dizzy arrow flew out! "Bang!" The experience of killing Bss for countless times tells me that killing Bss will save at least half of the trouble! "Armor piercing arrow!" "Frozen Arrow!" While Bss was dizzy, my two negative States immediately fell, Linger also cursed and corroded, but since the ring was accidentally bound by me, the skill used on Bss was almost unsuccessful, Linger is also very calm to tell us that the skill can only be used to kill people! In the face of this holy beast level Bss, the two skills are only in exchange for a big Iss,whirlpool hot tub, but Linger has long been ready, can hit that good, can not hit at that time familiar with the skills! monalisa.com
  4. Gao Qingyang makes a question mark in the heart: So, the Rouge has four or five hours of time or so every day in Hainan, and her whereabouts are unknown? At the beginning of the investigation of the case, the police investigated the call records of Yanzhi's mobile phone and found no suspicious objects. Rouge uses several mobile phone numbers at the same time-Gao Qingyang knows that there are three numbers: for her work, for her life, and for contacting Meng Yong. Gao Qingyang believes that it is not excluded that Rouge has another spare number. Of course, this has brought great difficulties to the investigation work. Gao Qingyang: Mr. Meng, the fetus in Yanzhi's abdomen is neither yours nor Qiaoyu's, which proves that Yanzhi does have a close relationship with a third man. Come to think of it, Rouge has spent the longest time with you in her work and life. Do you have any clues about this man? Meng Yong pondered for a long time: "I have been a very delicate man, but I didn't realize that there was such a man.". Rouge's work is very tense and busy. Ordinarily, she has no other time except to be with me. "So, Mr. Meng, is this man a colleague who works with Rouge?" Meng Yong shook his head resolutely: "This is absolutely impossible!"! I am the media director, supervising the planning, recording and broadcasting of the program. Rouge's working group is the focus of my supervision. I can see her almost all the time. If someone has an affair with her under my nose,endless pool swim spa, I believe I will be aware of it. This man must be someone outside the TV circle! Meng Yong seemed to suddenly remember something: "Yes, Rouge will also contact another group in her work, that is, special guests-according to the different themes of each program, TV stations will invite all kinds of elites from the literary and artistic circles to participate, including movie stars,endless swimming pool, singers, talent show stars, scholars and writers.." "Rouge is a very lively person. Every time she finishes a program, she will add some friends of special guests.". They are elite people who can help her in every way. Gao Qingyang asked: "Has she ever paid special attention to someone?" Meng Yong shook his head: "Rouge is a deep-hearted person, she has never shown in front of me..." Although Gao Qingyang felt a little difficult to open his mouth, he still said, "Mr. Meng, even if Yanzhi is busy, she has found the time to date with that man." Do you know if she has any other regular activities besides work and dating with you? Meng Yong thought for a while: "She is a fastidious woman, clothes and shoes have to be bought in Hong Kong, she will take two or three days a month to go to Hong Kong, jacuzzi suppliers ,massage bathtub manufacturers, said to go shopping-I think this is the time.." "He said with some difficulty." The rest of my free time … We basically stayed together. When Gao Qingyang returned to the police station, he immediately sent a detective to take out the video of Yanzhi hosting the program in the past year and look at the special guests who met the following conditions: male, in his thirties, living in Hong Kong or a nearby city. Finally, she targeted a person: Jiang Feng, a 35-year-old young professor at a university in Guangzhou, who was a guest on a program in October last year. His research direction is Chinese classical literature. He has profound attainments in the study of classical masterpieces. Because of his elegant and unrestrained style, he was laughingly called "a man like the wind" by Yanzhi in the program. Gao Qingyang fixed such a picture: Rouge propped up her chin charmingly and asked Jiang Feng, a special guest, "Professor Jiang, you are young and talented. I heard that you are still single now!"! Can you tell me what kind of girl you like best? Jiang Feng bantered, "Well.." Of course, Miss Rouge is like you! The audience burst into laughter. Rouge twisted her waist and winked. "Really?"? That's what Professor Jiang said! Invite me to have a midnight snack after the program is recorded. 。 She stared at Jiang Feng, her eyes twinkling, as if a leopard had seen its prey. Chapter XIV Major Criminal Suspects Bride Chapter 14 Major Criminal Suspect Gao Qingyang targeted Jiang Feng in the investigation. Soon, his whereabouts in late August were clear: Jiang Feng's university was still on summer vacation in August. He was invited by a private university in Haikou to give a lecture on "Literary Literacy" to a cadre training class. The training class lasted for one month. He did not return to Guangzhou until September. Haikou City, where Jiang Feng was located at that time, was only an hour and a half's drive from the city where Yanzhi died. When Gao Qingyang learned about this, he felt that he had enough reasons to go to Guangzhou immediately and start the investigation of Professor Jiang as soon as possible. Gao Qingyang went home to pack up her clothes and supplies. When her adopted daughter Meimei saw her, she rushed up in surprise: "Mom, are you back?!" Gao Qingyang hugged her daughter and kissed her little face gently: "Good daughter!" Meimei stood away and looked behind her. "Hey, where is Tang Lan?" Tang Lan has always wanted Meimei to call him by name, and Meimei is naturally "Tang Lan, Tang Lan", which is more righteous than Gao Qingyang. Gao Qingyang feels that this big and small are the same kind of maverick. Gao Qingyang took her by the hand: "Tang Lan will come back in a few days. He said he would bring you a great gift!" Meimei sighed regretfully: "I thought he came back with you!" " Gao Qingyang thought, this little girl really likes Tang Lan. The little girl saw Gao Qingyang open her luggage, but instead of taking out her clothes, she packed up a few clothes and put them in. She was unhappy: "Hum, you're not leaving again, are you?!"! Is there a mother like you? Gao Qingyang crouched in front of her and looked into Meimei's eyes: "Oh?"? What kind of mother am I? "Well, you come and go, and you don't care about people at all." Meimei curled her lips and looked like she was going to cry. But mom's job is very important to catch criminals. "Don't I matter?!" Gao Qingyang is somewhat unreasonable, she thought, such a dialogue, probably every parent who has been a criminal policeman has experienced. She also felt very indebted to the child. Gao Qingyang's eyes suddenly brightened, and she had a good idea: "Meimei,hot tub spa manufacturers, do you still have half a month to start school?"? Do you want to go to the seaside for a holiday? Tang Lanren in Hainan Island, Gao Qingyang is playing his idea again, she found that there is such a person on standby at any time is really great. monalisa.com
  5. With that, the dark bear carried the spirit of rage, and the stick in his hand was a front sweep. Draw a space ripple, "whir" sound is also immediately sounded, the power can be seen. Zhang Xingfeng smiled disdainfully and said, "How can you stupid bear know how to use a stick?" Zhang Xingfeng is obviously very disdainful, although the martial arts of the mortal world is not very good, but in terms of moves, it is absolutely proud of the three realms. Those guys in the fairy world rely on magic, fairy sword, no moves, of course, can not be compared. But these orcs generally use close-fitting attacks, and these weaknesses are easily seen. Jianyu Jingbang to Yang to Gang, Zhang Xingfeng dare not take it empty-handed, soft gold into gold gloves, put on the hand, this glove is close to the level of intermediate artifact. But Jian Yu Jing Bang is not even a subordinate artifact, who is higher and who is lower, of course, it can be seen at a glance. Zhang Xingfeng blocked empty-handed, and his right hand easily grasped the stick. The strength of the stick, which was hundreds of thousands of pounds,american hot tub, could not affect Zhang Xingfeng at all after the reduction of the soft golden gloves. Stupid bear, see, you use the stick like this, but also fight with others, ha. I'm laughing to death, but you stupid bear can actually protect this treasure, it seems that there is some real ability, but why haven't you seen it yet? Zhang Xingfeng asked with a smile. But the three leopard brothers were silly. Brother, is that the stick of Jian Yu Jing? Asked the second brother. Eldest brother nods: "Yes,endless swim spa, it is firm Yu Jingbang!" The second brother continued to ask foolishly, "But how could the stick be caught empty-handed? Although he wore gloves, he couldn't be so powerful. Even if we three brothers joined hands, we couldn't resist the stick!" The third brother agreed, "Well.." Jian Yu Jing Bang is fierce, it is estimated that the person in front of him is even more fierce, you see his relaxed appearance, it is estimated that the brute force of the dead bear has no effect on him at all! The three brothers looked at Zhang Xingfeng with a worshipful face. The strength of the dark bear is famous, and the strength between his hands is hundreds of thousands of pounds. With a wave of the stick, that's all right! However, Zhang Xingfeng's body alone can withstand the weight of hundreds of thousands of pounds, and the strength between his hands has reached millions of pounds. Compared with the dark bear, it is only high but not low. In fact, it can't be blamed on the dark bear. How can he be honed like Zhang Xingfeng? Zhang Xingfeng's muscles but constantly through the sky fire exercise, the strength is absolutely terrible, not to mention the last time, jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers ,whirlpool hot tub spa, Zhang Xingfeng after Sanxian plunder the last one of the terror of an ancient and modern thunder, the body is a significant progress, and even the body of the sky fire also began to evolve. The surface of Zhang Xingfeng's body can even be covered with a layer of dark purple sky fire visible to the naked eye! However, 95% of the sky fire in Zhang Xingfeng's body is still purple sky fire, and there is still a long way to go before it becomes a dark purple sky fire. Dark bear also looked at this scene foolishly, he is a fool, his body's animal power is actually the same level as Zhang Xingfeng's infinite power, even stronger than Zhang Xingfeng, but this idiot has always thought that his strength is a good way to defeat the opponent, so. "Dead bear, go to hell!" Zhang Xingfeng laughed and his figure flashed, which made the dark bear unable to react at all. He did not attack the same part continuously like the three brothers of Yanbao, because Zhang Xingfeng was very sure to destroy the dark bear. Boom! "Boom!" "Boom!" "Boom!" ……………………………… Zhang Xingfeng's nearly one million jins of heavy fists severely hit the body of the dark bear, if there is no soft gold gloves, Zhang Xingfeng is afraid to go all out, up to six hundred thousand jins of force, after all, hit people, his fist is also to bear the rebound (the role of force is mutual), but with soft gold, Zhang Xingfeng's fist is not only protected, but also attacked. This is the effect of the artifact. "Boom!" "Boom!" "Boom!" "Boom!" ……………………………… "Ha ha ha ha.." What a strong bearskin! Well, I'll smash, I'll smash, smash, smash.. Zhang Xingfeng excitedly practiced boxing on the body of the dark bear, but even if the poor dark bear's bear skin is strong, how can it be hit by Zhang Xingfeng's so dense, so heavy fists? "Ow.." Get out of here! Dark bear has been unable to bear, he knew that in this way, his proud bear skin may be cracked, if the claw crack of the leopard can be restored, Zhang Xingfeng's fist crack, it is estimated that it can not be restored. After all, Zhang Xingfeng attacked the whole body of the dark bear. The whole body of the dark bear has reached a limit. It is estimated that only one burst, his whole body skin will be broken, when the time comes, the dark bear will be finished! Xiaolong suddenly appeared in the battlefield and walked comfortably to the three brothers of Yanbao. Laughed and said, "Ho ho.." You three leopards, you see. This is the second brother of this mythical beast. Isn't he awesome? He was very proud, and Zhang Xingfeng's power and prestige made him have a long face. The leopard boss looked at the bear who had been smashed by Zhang Xingfeng and had no temper. "Awesome, awesome, really awesome, this.." he said. This This is still.. Ah Leopard boss suddenly thought of something, staring at the dragon, after a while said: "You … …" You Are you a mythical beast? Hearing this, the other two brothers were also extremely shocked. You should know that the mythical beasts are generally in the interior of the'energy world '. How can they come out? You should know that the status of the mythical beasts in the orcs is absolutely the highest, just like the royal family among human beings. Small dragon appears to be very proud, the momentum on the body suddenly burst out, the breath of the mythical beast of course is also very clear: "see it, hum, hum!" Xiaolong is really too proud,outdoor whirlpool, especially the object is the leopard in the three stages of transformation. It's too dignified to have a long face in front of orcs with similar skills. No wonder that man is so powerful. So he is your second brother. It seems that he is also a mythical beast! The second brother of the leopard looks like "I finally understand". On hearing this, Xiaolong opened his eyes wide and shouted, "Don't talk nonsense. My second brother is a human being. He is a real human being. It is not that we have reached the stage of transformation. How can you think about my second brother's power? Humph!" 。 monalisa.com
  6. Chris did not speak, went straight out, at the same time the right hand empty grasp, but is more than a pole emitting a long gun rolling blood gas. Blood-weeping gun! After Lin Feng felt that the gun did not match his own conduct, he threw it directly to Chris. After Chris practiced the blood nerve, he also finished the sacrifice of the blood-weeping gun. After the battle with the strong people in Tiansheng Palace, the blood-weeping gun drew a lot of blood from the strong people and evolved directly into a treasure from the beginning. This, however, is the awakening of the spirit of the fierce soldier who weeps blood, immediately exudes a flaming evil spirit, with Chris's practice of blood nerve is to complement each other, the original demon sorrow has long been thrown aside by him. Strange to say, after losing, Chris's ghost hand actually gradually returned to normal, is no longer a ghostly appearance. Seeing Chris come out, Yulijin nodded slightly, tilted his head at a barbarian beside him, and opened his mouth lightly: "Strong?"? Beamon, you go and try! "I know!" Strong? Beamon looked at Chris excitedly. This strong Beamon was covered with thick and long hair, but it was so hard that a sword could never hurt him. This is a special race among the barbarian tribes, the Beamons, which are several times more powerful than the normal barbarians, and are naturally aggressive. Two people stand still, want to look at each other! Lin Feng and Yulijin led their respective subordinates back,outdoor hot tub, waiting for the beginning of the war between the two. Your body is really weak, no, I can not eat a punch, or change a person! Strong? Beamon frowned at Chris, measured his fist, and looked at Chris's head. Chris twisted his neck and said lightly, "Well, don't talk nonsense, let's do it quickly!" "Then I won't stand on ceremony!" Speaking of which,jacuzzi swim spa, John? Beamon suddenly moved, his right fist tore the air fiercely, and in an instant, it caused a violent explosion in the air. The fist expelled the air, pressing the air to flow at a high speed, forming a terrible momentum field, brazenly pressing Chris, as if to crush Chris into powder. Few barbarians are able to practice elemental fighting spirit, and most of what they practice is fighting spirit or crazy fighting spirit, because, it is said, the God of war and the mad God originally belong to the barbarian race, and these two great gods are regarded as the main gods by the barbarians. Strong? Beamon practice is the fighting spirit, a body of fighting power can be said to be almost unparalleled in the world, a punch out, can be said to destroy mountains and mountains, infinite power. Boom! With a terrible force attached to his fist, jacuzzi bath spa ,outdoor spa manufacturers, he hit Chris in the chest, and in an instant, blood splashed everywhere, and Chris was blown hundreds of meters away. This is no good! Qiang Bimeng laughed and said, "I said, Lin Feng, you won't let such goods'color 'come down to compete!"! This is good, I am giving you a chance, let a person down, with me, this is the right to warm up! "You are so boastful!" Chris's cold voice is strong? Beamon's ear back "swing", then, only to see Chris slowly stood up, the original burst chest, actually in the strange wriggle, countless blood floating in the air "swing", accompanied by Chris stood up, the blood actually swam back to Chris's chest. In the blink of an eye, the wound on Chris's body was completely restored, as smooth as before, as if he had not received any injury. How is that possible? Strong? Beamon looked at everything in shock. Lin Feng is a faint smile, this is the terrible place of the blood nerve, practice to the extreme he has no weakness to speak of, unless it is an attack on the soul, or the body of the blood demon to completely destroy, otherwise they are immortal. Chris got the help of Lin Feng, practice blood nerve is also a little success, the general attack is difficult to hurt him, strong? Beamon's fighting power is strong, but it is impossible to defeat Chris's body. Sniff! Weeping blood God gun above suddenly burst out countless blood light, Chris pike suddenly dancing, all over the sky blood light intertwined with each other, as if it was a huge net, the moment has been strong? Beamon to envelop up, this blood light is with a shocking evil spirit, stab out of the moment, strong? Beamon suddenly felt that the blood in his body was rolling and there was a feeling of gushing out. Ah! The God of war is matchless, mighty and unyielding, fighting all over the world! Strong? Bimeng mouth suddenly burst out a roar, the momentum of the whole body suddenly soared, hard to suppress the gushing of blood in the body, the fist bloomed countless golden light, a pair of iron fists as if incarnated as thousands of weapons, unexpectedly to shake the blood gun with flesh and blood. There was a loud buzzing noise, and in an instant it returned to everyone's ears, only to see the golden light and blood light alternating with each other in front of them. In the air, an invisible storm suddenly rolled up, and the strong people around them all spread out their own body protection to avoid being hurt by the aftermath of the explosion. Strong? Beamon's momentum is getting higher and higher, and the power of his fists is getting stronger and stronger. Chris almost condensed the strength of the bleeding baby, which was suppressed a little bit. Ha ha ha clams! You're a little too weak after all! War? Beamon laughed wildly and thrust his right fist straight out. Will of the God of War? Roar! Roar! A lion's roar, where is it strong? A golden lion's head appeared on Beamon's fist, and the lion's head roared out? Beamon's momentum soared three points again. Strong and overbearing momentum, seems to be to destroy the wood in general,4 person jacuzzi, to block everything in front of the body to be smashed together. Provide works such as hand-typed text version of the latest chapter first, txt e-book format free download. [Chapter 0184 Blood Armor] Chapter 0184 Blood God Armor. Boom! The fist has not come to the moment in front of Chris, Chris suddenly exploded into countless blood light quickly splashed in all directions. monalisa.com
  7. Mr. Jin, of course, is the chief housekeeper of "Happy Xiaolou", Jin Laocun. Duan Muhuan was silent for a moment, but said, "Forget it. Don't call Mr. Duanmu either. It's late at night. Maybe they're all asleep." After listening to this sentence, Ke Dongqing's eyes flashed a strange light, but it was fleeting. "Landlord," he said, "do you know where Miss You and I came in?" Duan Muhuan looked at him strangely. Ke Dongqing said, "From the kitchen of our'Happy Building ', when we came up from the ground, we broke a big vat." He smiled at this point. Duan Muhuan did not laugh, he knew that Ke Dongqing said these words to him at this time, absolutely not to make him laugh so simple. In fact, he also found that there was something strange about it. He sat down again. When he sat down, of course, he had to pour the wine, very naturally, as naturally as he had to close his eyes when he slept. "Tell me about how you rescued the swing," he said. Ke Dongqing said very concisely,whirlpool hot tub, before and after adding together, but also more than 20 sentences. But he had said all he had to say, and said nothing he didn't need to say. This is Ke Dongqing, who is greatly appreciated by Duan Muhuan. After Ke Dongqing finished speaking, both of them were silent. After a while, Duan Muhuan stood up and said, "Very good." What do you mean, "fine"? Ke Dongqing didn't ask. This is a small town. Inside the restaurant again. Our stories always like to happen in restaurants. In fact,Whirlpool bathtub, this is not surprising. If you don't want others to find you, you can come to the restaurant, pick a corner to sit down, carry people on your back, ask for a few humble dishes, drink and eat silently, then no one will look at you more, because there is never a lack of eye-catching bright spots in the restaurant. If you want others to find you, make such a bright spot. People like to look at one thing or one thing when they eat. Up to now, there is no bright spot in this restaurant, and no one wants to hide himself deliberately. Then a man came in. This is a very dignified man in his forties. This kind of dignity can not be concealed, his clothes are so luxurious, walking is so powerful, anyone can not help but have a sense of looking up. The knife in his hand was wide and thick, hot tub wholesale ,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, with a slightly curved handle, like a dragon head with its head raised and its eyes angry. But he wore a hat with a low brim, as if he did not want his face to be seen. It seems that he doesn't want anyone to find out. But who wouldn't notice him with a knife and a hat like that? So, there's a good chance he's also someone who wants to be noticed. No matter what kind of person he is, anyway, the pattern we mentioned earlier appears. In the restaurant, there will never be a lack of stories, just as there will never be a lack of women in the brothel, so natural and real. The mighty man with a strange knife in his hand picked up a corner and sat down, asked for a few humble dishes, and carried them on his back, eating silently. He really falls into the category of people who don't want to be noticed. But something happened that I couldn't help. First, a man at a table by the window began to bow his head and whisper. From time to time, as they spoke, their eyes swept over the middle-aged man in the hat. Their voices are small, but just small enough to be heard. Many people seem to be particularly interested in this kind of words which are not easy to hear but just can be heard. If people's ears could stand up like rabbits, this restaurant would have become a rabbit farm. They are saying: He is the'Broken Dream Knife 'Situ Shui! Even the dream can be a knife, how terrible it is! The sound spread like a plague. In the end, everyone knew about it except the deaf. If this dignified man is not a "broken dream knife", then who is the "broken dream knife"? If Situ Shui is also a sword, perhaps people have already attributed him to Duan Muhuan, Yi Wangyou, Mo Ruchou, Qiu Mengnu together, and then add another name! Unfortunately, he used a knife. He is a friend of Duan Muhuan, the kind of friend who wears a pair of trousers and has two people to spare. People who can become friends of Duan Muhuan are not simple, and Szeto Shui is naturally not a simple person. Duan Muhuan has a friend whose martial arts are very low, so low that he can only play unfashionable boxing such as Changquan. But he is not simple. Because almost all the brothels in the world are under his control. Although there are only women in the brothel, and some women are not so on the scene, but it is absolutely not simple, many of the news you can not find out, it can easily ask. Situ Shui's swordsmanship is excellent. Some people say that his swordsmanship can be compared with that of Liu Huihui, the "ghost sword" forty years ago. Insiders know that this statement is not correct, the correct statement is that Situ Shui's knife skills have been above the world-famous "ghost knife" Liu Huihui 40 years ago. Now, almost all the eyes in the restaurant have been focused on Szeto Shui. The vision is very complex, but the admiration is in the majority. Finally, a big fellow stood up, holding a wine glass in his hand, and went to Szeto Shui. He also had a knife on his waist, a very good knife, but now he wanted to hide it behind his back. Everyone could see that he was excited and nervous. When he stood down in front of Szeto Shui, he swallowed a mouthful of saliva with difficulty and said, "Master Szeto.." The voice was hoarse and dry, rustling like a broken bellows. The man raised his head, but his face was still under his hat. "Did you call me?" He asked in surprise. "Yes," said the big fellow respectfully,Chinese spa manufacturer, "I'd like to propose a toast to Master Situ." "I.." said the man. I'm not Master Situ. The big fellow's face was even more respectful: "Daxia is really a real person who doesn't show his face. In fact, even if Daxia doesn't tell us, we can guess that you are Daxia Situ just by his noble spirit." Several people have echoed loudly. monalisa.com
  8. "Mo Yan, I will never let what happened eighty years ago happen again, even if I do my best to protect her.". Don't play tricks with me again. My patience is limited. The reason why I only forced you not to start a war for so long is that I am afraid that the little one is difficult to do. Otherwise, even if I rescue her, she will be angry and ignore me. I know what you're up to, but I don't care. Don't think that I will let her go if I take this girl as the apprentice of the little one. I'll give you five more days. That's the deadline. When the time comes to kill this girl, destroy your long stay in the mountains, and capture the whole fairy world, I don't believe I can't save her out of the wilderness! Mo Yan snorted coldly, "Do you think you still have this ability now?"? It's just because there are so many people. Come out and fight me now if you can. "You are not qualified!" Shaqianmo scolded contemptuously, and even his voice was very cool and gorgeous. Mo Yan felt a burst of anger, his hands were imprinted, and a huge wave of light came out. The surrounding sea water was sucked back, rolling and roaring into the sky, rushing towards the demon. With a wave of his long sleeves, the cold air seemed to freeze the light in the air. Haobai turned over his wrist, flicked his slender fingertips, and immediately smashed all the glass. The two of them were far apart, and after a few moves in midair, Mo Yan became more and more frightened, and his eyebrows became deeper and deeper. In terms of cultivation, we should be bold and unconstrained and insolent, and we should be calm and restrained. Although the momentum is not better than him, it is more durable than him. And Shaqianmo has always been conceited, straight in the war, it is better to have a degree of advance and retreat,Adhesive fish ruler, the heart is calculating. So even if the strength may not be as good as killing Qianmo, it is not difficult to beat him. But this time I looked again, but I didn't expect that in less than a year, his cultivation had increased so much. He also healed the wound for Zihua, and his vitality was greatly damaged. The Third Younger Martial Brother was always lazy and did not like to practice. He was afraid that he was no match for him. If there is a real war, with his strength, staying for a long time is really in danger. Shaqianmo, since you are a demon king, you should think more about the two realms. Why bother to think so much about it and fight rashly for a little woman? "What's the point of me being this demon king again if I can't even guard what I want to guard again and again?" "It's been eighty years now, and you still have it in your heart." "I didn't blame you for that, nor did I bother anyone about it. I only blamed myself.". But this time, it's not up to you. "Hum, Hua Qiangu's immortal body was abandoned, Fiberglass tape measure ,fish measuring tape, and her tendons and veins were picked. This is something that everyone in the world knows. Do you think she still has a life if she is exiled to the wilderness like this?"? Maybe there's no body left. What do you want to give you for a long time? "Joke, I can't feel her breath, but the test stone still reacts.". In short, live to see people, die to see corpses! Shaqianmo's voice was full of anger. If he knew that the little one was dead at the moment, where would he need so much care? He would have to leave the whole mountain with her! "My request is very simple, return Hua Qiangu, and then let Bai Zi draw it, let me cut one hundred and one swords, this matter is over." "Well, it's just a dream.". If you want Changliushan to hand over, go through me first! Mo Yan flew up, muttering in his mouth, and countless huge purple seals pressed against the demon. He also clapped his hands again and again in front of the lotus couch in Shaqianmo. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Sheng Xiaomo rushes over to try to rescue Youruo. There was a sudden murderous look in the lotus couch, and with a flash of silver, the music was forced back, and all the sea water around it turned into ice. Feeling the unusual smell of blood, Mo Yan frowned. The demon soul is broken, how can you practice such sorcery? They only smelled the smell of blood getting heavier and heavier, and there was a sweet and greasy smell in the smell, which made people dizzy and sick. As soon as Shaqianmo thought that Hua Qiangu's tendons and veins had been picked up and were in danger in the wilderness, he could not rescue her, and the anxiety and guilt in his heart became more and more intense. That's all. In the future, she will hate herself or blame herself. If she destroys Changliu Mountain and captures Moyan and Bai Zihua today, she won't believe that she can't be saved. He clenched his fists and was about to make a move when he heard a sharp whistle in his ears. It's clearly the one he gave to the little one. How could he mishear the voice of his own bones, though he could not be heard far away! Has the little one come out of the wilderness? Impossible, for thousands of years, no one can escape from there! But who has that bone whistle? There was a surprise in his heart, and he could not care much more, so he flew out. Mo Yan thought he was finally going to do it, so he concentrated on his guard, and his True Qi soared. But did not expect to see a flash of red figure in front of me, killing fields into the sky, and disappeared in an instant. What's wrong? Run away? Yunyi and others were also puzzled and looked at the Spring and Autumn Invincible. Spring and Autumn Invincible hate iron does not become steel shook his head and sighed and made a gesture to let everyone stay put for a while. How could Mo Yan miss such an opportunity and come forward to take people away. But with the hostages in hand, the demons were not willing to let them easily rescue Youruo. Still turning into a poisonous snake, the dogwood quickly wrapped around Youruo's neck and hissed out the snake letter. Mo Yan had to give up. So the two sides were deadlocked again. Shaqianmo, like an arrow from the bowstring, flew to the Flower Island where he used to meet Hua Qiangu. There were formations and screens on the island that seemed to be trying to cover up something, and Shaqianmo had no doubt that he had stepped in directly. Originally only holding a glimmer of hope, even if not see the little one, but also to see who is holding the whistle he gave her blowing in that, but did not expect to see Hua Qiangu stepping on the ice and snow to run towards him,tape measure clip, suddenly jumped into his arms. Shaqianmo was stunned in place, and the whole person froze. Tiny?! Is it really her? The scene that I thought about day and night for a whole year happened so simply? The world has become unreal. Are you daydreaming? Or who used the illusion to confuse him? Or what trick did Moyan use to set him up? "Sister." I heard the little guy in my arms shivering and hugging him and sobbing loudly, and the hot breath spurted in my neck. He was at a loss and didn't know what to say. tapemeasure.net
  9. Considering the delicate position of the surrounding NPCs, Jiang Xiuxiu did not prepare to ask them about the situation, but first walked around Wang's house to see if he could find out anything. According to the room and layout of the Wang family, Jiang Xiuxiu can find that the Wang family is a typical rural family of five, consisting of grandparents, parents and Wang Xiaoyue. Just wait for Jiang Xiuxiu to search carefully, but she found that if this room is used as a place for players to stay, it's okay, but once it's used as a "home", it seems a little empty. There are no clothes in the wardrobe, no common photos, many cabinets are either empty or a mess of garbage when they are opened. It's like this place has been looted. Jiang Xiuxiu went to Wang Xiaoyue's room to have a look, and she could hardly find anything else except a few broken dolls and awards on the wall. The only thing left is a few yellowed primary school textbooks. Other rooms are the same, "Ye Ming, who went to Wang's parents'room to search, gave a similar reply." Nothing slightly important was left, only some shabby clothes and quilts could be found. " Seeing this, Jiang Xiuxiu gradually had a number in his heart. Wang Xiaoyue disappeared, or after the accident,Walking measuring wheel, the rest of the Wang family should have moved away. They took some valuables and necessities and left the village. As for other things, such as the pots and pans in the kitchen, they are left here. Things related to Wang Xiaoyue, perhaps out of nostalgia, were also taken away by them. In this way, in the Wang family, the information that players can get should be limited. If you really want to find out the truth of Wang Xiaoyue's disappearance, you have to go out and have a look later. After understanding this,Horse weight lbs, Jiang Xiuxiu's heart is inevitably somewhat lost. The good thing is that players in this game can earn their own living as long as they can cook. After pulling out some dishes in the yard, the female players made do with the leftover rice. A few hours passed in a flash, and gradually, it was getting late. The sky outside the village was overcast, and as the day passed, the whole village was plunged into darkness. Jiang Xiuxiu and Ye Ming searched carefully for another hour and confirmed that there was no such place as a basement in the Wang family. Then they discussed it and decided to go back to their room and sleep. It was their first day in the game, and the players spent a lot of time in the car, and then in the village, for a long time. When the time slowly reached nine o'clock, everyone began to feel sleepy. After Jiang Xiuxiu finished washing, he went into the woodshed and lay down on a simple bed made by himself. For safety reasons, Ye Ming slept not far from her. The environment of the woodshed is a bit difficult, not to mention the air leakage everywhere, Pi tape measure ,cattle weight tape, the floor is still very wet. Jiang Xiuxiu lay in the cold bed, only to feel that this is the most difficult environment she has encountered since she played the game for so long. Trying to suppress the discomfort, Jiang Xiuxiu began to recall what had happened during the day, trying to find out what information. After a while, she slowly fell into a deep sleep in her imagination. The day has a thought, the night has a dream. Before Jiang Xiuxiu went to bed, she kept thinking about the wedding procession she saw on the riverbank, and when she fell into a dream, she also dreamed about it. Ginger sleeve sleeve.. Ginger sleeve? At the very beginning of the dream, she was also sleeping in the woodshed. But in the middle of her dream, she was awakened by a familiar call. The voice was very soft, as if someone had deliberately lowered his voice in order not to attract attention. But Jiang Xiuxiu in the dream was easily woken up by the sound. Jiang opened his eyes, got up from the bed, pushed open the door of the woodshed, and looked along the source of the sound. Outside the door of the woodshed stood a thin woman of twenty. She wore an outlandish white dress, and her black hair, thick as seaweed, reached to her waist. She stood faintly in the deserted courtyard, and the moonlight fell on her body, making her skin show an unnatural pallor. At this moment, the woman who appeared inexplicably turned her back to Jiang Xiuxiu. That's what she called out just now. Ginger sleeve sleeve.. I haven't seen you for ages The woman turned her back to her and said softly. Jiang Xiuxiu remembered very clearly that he did not know this woman. But after the woman opened her mouth, Jiang opened her mouth uncontrollably and asked, "Wang Xiaoyue?" The woman's back trembled slightly, and her voice became more and more ethereal: "It's me." She admitted it. In the dream, Jiang Xiuxiu is surprisingly rational. After seeing the woman's back, a strange intuition told her that she was dreaming. If it is Jiang Xiuxiu in reality, he will be vigilant and try not to speak. Somehow, however, the dream of her is quite different from the real one. After confirming that the person in front of him was Wang Xiaoyue, Jiang Xiuxiu in the dream was in a panic and asked eagerly: "Where did you go?"? We're all looking for you! What the hell happened to you? "Where did I go, you ask?" After listening to Jiang Xiuxiu's questioning, the woman gave a strange chuckle. She turned slowly, and her voice became strange and gentle, full of a kind of bewitching taste: "…" If you want to know the answer, follow me. In the bright moonlight, Wang Xiaoyue turned around and turned her face to Jiang Xiuxiu. I do not know when, her clothes, from a thin white skirt, into a red and fussy gorgeous wedding dress! And Wang Xiaoyue's face, from the face of ordinary people, has become a paper face made of paper. She turned out to be the paper bride in the sedan chair that Jiang Xiuxiu had seen on the riverbank before! The next second, Jiang Xiuxiu woke up suddenly. In the darkness, she opened her eyes. No one was calling her, no strange woman,horse weight tape, the room was quiet, only the slight breathing of her and Ye Ming. Faint moonlight flowed through the wooden window. Jiang Xiuxiu moved her hands and feet a little, only to find that her bed was cold. What was the meaning of that dream. tapemeasure.net
  10. "Wang Shang, Xiangguo is the capital of Shijie for decades, once gathered more than one million Hu Lu.". The big fellow combed the place again, but there were fish that slipped through the net. Sang Yu has just finished talking about how to rebuild Chang'an into what an imperial capital should look like. Later, he should advocate Xiangguo as a temporary capital: "The king temporarily lives in Xiangguo and has a ready-made palace city to live in, which can also deter Xiaoxiao." Sang Shi was a person from Wei County, and Xiangguo was located in Wei County. If xiangguo become the temporary capital of the Han, no matter how long for Sang Shi is beneficial, this is one of the reasons why Sang Yu advocates Liu Yan to stay in xiangguo temporarily. Again, before the country is as the base camp of Shijie, even after turbulence, there is a stone tiger with millions of Hu Lu north to Bing, but really is left a lot of Hu Lu, really is the next step to fusion or elimination. Another reason is that the small court of the Eastern Jin Dynasty was destroyed, and the main wars of the Han Dynasty in the future would take place in Bingzhou and Jizhou, which could play a convenient role in Xiangguo. Ji Chang was clear about Sang Yu's calculation, and in terms of public conscience, Xiangguo was also good as a temporary capital, so he did not object to it. The rest of the officials also can actually detect the selfishness of mulberry, but want to oppose also can't come up with any favorable refutation words, after all, Liu Yan has made it clear that Changan will be the capital, xiangguo is only a temporary stay, for such a temporary place to go and mulberry conflict is not worth it. Sang Yu knew that Liu Yan did not object, no one would come out to oppose, he also knew that the back is to take some benefits out,Diameter tape measure, is to thank the people who can oppose did not oppose, but also a necessary concession of interests. The future of the imperial capital of the Han so set down, for the time being as the capital of xiangguo also passed smoothly, officials and ministers face is unable to hide the joy. The capital has been confirmed, not far from Liu Yan proclaimed himself emperor. When Liu Yan was a king, some positions in the court could be vacant, but after he became the emperor, he could not. It represented that many people present would fill those vacancies. Maybe he was just a less important doctor at the moment, but he would become an assistant minister in the future. It was worth looking forward to and rejoicing. The first meritorious service in this battle is the general of the south. Liu Yan raised the wine bottle and invited the officials to drink with him. After putting down the wine bottle,Fish measuring board, he asked, "What do you think?" Xu Zheng personally led the army to fight a key battle in the Huai River, far more than winning the battle, but also completely shattered the determination of the small court of the Eastern Jin Dynasty to resist, causing the family under the rule of the small court to recognize the status quo, no matter how to say as the actual executor Xu Zheng really made a great contribution, no one can oppose. Only when the king devised strategies within a command tent and the general of Zhengnan practiced what he preached, could he have the great cause of destroying the puppet court. Ji Chang was the head of all the officials, and he took the lead in standing up and advocating: "The king should give a generous reward to the general of the south." Commanding troops to destroy a country is the greatest honor of a military general, and also the greatest contribution of a military man, and to destroy a small country, China, a big country and an empire. Some time ago, Huan Wen, as the chief general, led the army to destroy Li's Chenghan, and Huan Wen was able to get the title of Marquis of Tinghou inside the Shanhaiguan Pass. In the definition of Han, Li's Chenghan can only be regarded as a small country. I thought that the general of the south could be promoted to be the Marquis inside the Shanhaiguan Pass and enjoy a county food city. Ji Chang knew that the small court of the Eastern Jin Dynasty was not an empire, Surveyors tape measure ,Wheel tape measure, but it was definitely a big country. He added, "You can also be promoted to the rank of Taiwei." The Han State implemented the system of three dukes and nine ministers, and mixed some of the system of nine grades, but the incomparable dignity still belonged to the position of three dukes and nine ministers. Qiu is the highest military officer of a country's army, responsible for the management of national military affairs, but he has no military power in peacetime, wartime must also obey the orders of the emperor, and must have the emperor's charm to mobilize the army, military power is actually in the hands of the emperor. Make the work of destroying the country, become a county, and then become a very noble Qiu, can be said to be the king and the center of the generous reward. For Xu Zheng, to become a county, of course, is a good thing, can become Qiu to a person who likes to fight in person may not be able to more happy. As soon as Ji Chang's voice fell, all the civil and military officials stood up and said in unison, "General Zheng Nan can be a Taiwei." As far as the first battle of Huainan is concerned, Xu Zheng's tactical performance is in a mess. Although it is the central signal in strategy, it is still Xu Zheng himself who carries it out. Qiu is actually the role of chief of the general staff, it is impossible to go to the battlefield to command the battle, will stay in the center when the emperor's staff, to the outside world is really suitable for Xu Zheng. In fact, the most important thing is, baiguan will be so unified only care about one, have the prime minister and Qiu, fill the post of the imperial doctor, the center of the three male nine Qing even complete, Liu Yan proclaimed himself emperor's foundation is complete. Chapter 515 maybe it's really time to recuperate? Nowadays, there is not only a small court of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, but also a small court of the Eastern Jin Dynasty. Shi Hu resumed his reign in the third year of yuanshuo. However, in contrast to the small court, which was the emperor after usurping Cao Wei, Shi Hu, as a barbarian, occupied the vast majority of the Central Plains and proclaimed himself emperor. However, Shi Hu now only occupies Bingzhou and Shuozhou and proclaims himself emperor. Since Chu Suanzi surrendered with the little emperor and his clansmen, civil and military officials, the small court of the Eastern Jin Dynasty has been destroyed from the legal point of view, so Shi Hu is the only one who proclaimed himself emperor in the eastern continent, and the rest of the countries are kingdoms, not empires. In fact, even if the emperor is not necessarily an empire, the empire is a powerful and invincible country, there is a strong power to easily destroy a country, such as the Western Han Dynasty can easily destroy the South Vietnam, Minyue, Ailao, Yelang and other countries, as well as Rome, which regards the Mediterranean Sea as an inland sea, and occupies the rest of the whole Central Asia and half of South Asia. On the surface, Kushan is an empire, but in fact, it can only be regarded as a powerful Dynasty. The King of Heaven was a noble position set up by the barbarians above the king. After Schleswig occupied most of the Central Plains, some great Confucian scholars advised him to proclaim himself emperor. However, although he was illiterate,Walking tape measure, he was a very sensible person. He felt that he was more powerful than the ordinary king, but he was still afraid of the small court of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, so he thought about it and called himself the King of Heaven. tapemeasure.net