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Found 6 results

  1. Where do I keep my NFTs? Say goodbye to pocket wallet and hello to digital NFTs, and tokens in general, can be stored in so-called digital wallets that do the same service as traditional wallets with everyday money. Any simple Google search for digital wallets leads you into a whole new world of digital concepts. Among them are those of “cold” or “hot” wallets, public and private keys, as well as innumerable warnings about the importance of security in this market. Let's not get carried away by panic because in the end, all these concepts have their counterpart in the traditional world that we already know and dominate. Hot or cold: a matter of taste and objectives Cold wallets differ from hot ones in that they are not connected to the network. They have a physical support similar to a USB and therefore exist in the real world. The main advantage of cold wallets is that they are not hackable. So your digital assets are less at risk in that sense. The main disadvantage is that, having a physical form, they can be broken or lost, making everything inside them disappear forever. Additionally, it is always necessary to connect them to the network, even momentarily to be able to operate with the assets they contain. A reasonable strategy could be to use both types depending on the objective we are looking for. The digital assets that we want to keep in the longer term will be stored in the cold wallet and those with which we will operate more regularly in the hot one. MetaMask is the best known hot wallet. And for cold wallets, Ledger and Trezor can be very good options. Whichever option is chosen, digital wallets have the function of controlling the private key that gives access to the digital assets inside. Let's not be scared, a private key in this world is the equivalent of the password we use to access the traditional bank account, while the public key would be the number of the bank account. Visit : NFT marketplace development service
  2. Electric Capital CEO and Co-Founder Avichal Garg shares his thoughts on the projects that will explode in the next bull cycle. Avichal Garg, CEO and co-founder of Electric Capital, describes himself as "an NFT maximalist" who believes that non-fungible tokens (NFTs) will play an essential role in bringing cryptocurrency to the masses. Unlike other crypto niches, NFTs are relatable to aspects of everyday life like art, music, and gaming. “I could imagine that NFT development are actually many billions of people because, ultimately, it is culture. And it is something that everyone can participate in and everyone can understand, In particular, Garg is optimistic about the use of NFTs in the gaming industry, which he sees growing at an exponential rate. "I think 18 two years from now we will see a surge of (NFT-based) games," he says. Garg accepts that the bear market could keep going as long as the full scale viewpoint is overwhelmed by high expansion, and that implies it very well may be one more little while before we see the following bull cycle . Be that as it may, when he looks past the ongoing macroeconomic picture, to a 10-year time skyline, he feels incredibly bullish on the digital currency area. "Financing costs and expansion overwhelm in the present moment when you discuss a long term time skyline. However, development rules in the long haul," he said.
  3. What is an NFT marketplace? It is a customizable online platform that provides access to offers to sell and buy non-fungible NFT tokens. Non-fungible tokens are digital objects that represent real objects. What is a non-fungible token? A non-fungible token, or NFT, is a digital asset certified using blockchain technology. The cryptography of these tokens is what makes these assets unique and indivisible. These assets can be anything from virtual goods to collectibles; each one is unique and has its own value. Additionally, NFTs are stored on a blockchain, ensuring their authenticity and security. You can trade digital artwork, game characters, in-game items, and more. What characteristics should a non-fungible token have? Non-fungible tokens or NFTs have four main characteristics: they are indivisible, unique, transferable, and capable of proving their scarcity. One of the keys to certify these characteristics and facilitate the interoperability of these assets on multiple platforms are the various existing standards, the most widely used standard being ERC-721, from Ethereum, and the most recent being ERC-1155. What features should an NFT marketplace include? The characteristics of an NFT marketplace will depend to a greater extent on the type of project that we are going to develop, but some of the essential characteristics that you must include in your NFT market are: Intuitive navigation and ease of use. Multiple integrations with web3 wallets. Multichain medium. Multiple payment options. Features and tools for a good user experience. What are the advantages of having our own NFT market? Creating your own NFT marketplace is a relatively complex process. At Beltsys Labs we help you develop and launch your own NFT marketplace development. As we have already seen, it is evident that NFT marketplaces are a commercial tool that pushes businesses towards new frontiers, launching your own NFT marketplace can be a lucrative and rewarding experience. Let's see the main advantages of having your own NFT marketplace: Decentralized and censorship resistant: No single entity (for example, a government or a corporation) can control or censor the marketplace Security: Blockchains are very secure and NFTs cannot be counterfeited or duplicated Flexibility: NFTs can represent anything that can be tokenized, such as digital artwork, game characters, in-game items, and more. How much does it cost to develop it? The answer is complex and depends to a greater extent on the characteristics of the project that we want to carry out, the number of blockchains, types of wallets and functionalities that we want to integrate. Another important item in the custom development of an NFT marketplace is the part of development and auditing of smart contracts, something essential for the proper functioning of our platform. If you are interested in receiving an economic offer for the development of your NFT marketplace, please contact us. Request a quote . Are there options to avoid having to develop an NFT marketplace? Yes, there are many free options on the market. Just as there are different types of NFTs (PFP collections, music, sports clips, 1 of 1 digital collectibles), there are also NFT marketplaces that sell one or a particular type of NFT. We are going to detail some of the advantages and disadvantages of these services. Advantage Free service, without development costs in exchange for a % of sales. Immediate incorporation, sell your collections without waiting. Shared URL, your users will have to search for you within the platform. No infrastructure requirements or smart contract programming. Limited blockchains, you have little leeway to choose which one to post on. Disadvantages High cost in paying sales commissions. Very low level of customization, you will not be able to adapt it to your corporate image. You use your own domain, increase the brand image. You are not the owner of your market and you cannot define your own business logic. You can choose the blockchains that best suit you and your users. What is a marketplace NFT white label or white label and what advantages does it have? A white-label marketplace is an unbranded online platform that is developed and sold to businesses as a service. Businesses can buy access to the NFT marketplace, add their brand to it, and resell it as their own as if they had developed it themselves. There are many reasons why this may be a better option than a marketplace that is built from scratch. White-label NFT Marketplace development service is typically sold under a Software-as-a-Service or SaaS model, making it very attractive to companies that cannot afford the full cost of development up front. Some of the main advantages of a white label marketplace are: No initial investment or development costs. Fully customizable: domain, CSS, etc. It does not require technical knowledge. Various supported blockchains: Ethereum, Polygon, Kalyn, etc. Diversity of web3 wallets: Metamask, Wallet Connect, Coinbase Wallet, Binance Wallet, hardware wallets, etc. No waiting for verification of collections. Configuration of sales royalties. From 0% for transaction fees. Minting pages included. Auction mode available.
  4. Donald Trump announces the launch of his first crypto NFT collection entitled “Collect Trump Cards” just one month after announcing his candidacy for the November 2024 presidential election. The collection, made up of 45,000 NFTs, uses the Polygon Network blockchain. Each of these NFTs sell for $99 and depict images of the politician playing different roles. Each buyer may purchase a maximum of 100 units. NFTs will only be available to US citizens in all 50 states and are offered for individual consumption and not as an investment vehicle.Trump NFTs are digital collectible cards similar to baseball cards and offer their holders special benefits. Among them, the possibility of having dinner with him in the city of Miami or playing golf. The holders of these NFT development will automatically participate in a draw to win one of the 1,000 prizes that the former president offers to his buyers, indicates his website. Other prizes for the holders of their NFTs include a private meeting with Trump at his residence in Mar-A-Lago (Florida) and a private call via Zoom. The winner of this last prize will be able to ask the questions he wants.Part of the collection of NFTs and prizes offered by Donald TrumpThe former US president is a known skeptic of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, believing that these digital assets have no real backing and are widely used for drug trafficking and illegal activities. Even so, he is accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment to sell his NFT collectibles.donald trump nftThe sale of each of the NFTs of the former president of the United States is limited to 100 units per buyer or investor. In total, there will be 45,000 Trump NFT trading cards. Additionally, these NFTs will be available only to US citizens in all 50 states and are offered for individual consumption and not as an investment vehicle.The former President's NFTs have been designed by celebrity digital artist and illustrator Clark Mitchell. The images show Trump performing different facets: superhero, billionaire, military, actor and American football player, among others.TruthSocialTrump announced his first NFT development service collection through his Truth Social social network. The politician launched his own social network after the decision of Twitter executives to suspend his account for inciting violence, after the assault on the US Capitol in January 2021. Trump's Twitter account, where he has more than 87, 8 million followers, was restored by Elon Musk. The current owner of Twitter reported that Trump had not violated the rules of the platform. However, Trump does not seem to have any intention of writing on this social network again. In fact, he hasn't posted anything since his last message, posted on January 8, 2021.Criticism on Twitter of Donald Trump's NFTsAlthough Donald Trump's NFT crypto collection was not featured on Twitter, the social network has been inundated with messages on the subject. Many of them dismiss Trump's NFT project as a failure or scam.
  5. blockchainXtech

    HOW is NFT system function

    NFT system function 1 UniquenessDigital content is easy to be copied infinitely. NFT provides a way to mark the ownership of digital assets, so that each NFT work can contain unique and traceable "identification information", thus making reproducibility easier. It doesn't matter, this allows more digital content creators to create with confidence 2Liquidity2. ReliabilityNFT is a standard that can flow easily across multiple ecosystems, that is, if you mint NFT development for your own creations, You can find your own low ft assets in all related houses, and can trade and sell them step by step in all NFT markets3. True reliabilityUtilizing the technical foundation on the chain, it guarantees that the ownership of NFT will not be destroyed . At the same time, every transaction transfer record of NFT is completely transparent and traceable. NFTs have inherent properties that prevent counterfeiting.
  6. NFTs are booming topic in the digital era and we have recently gained a lot of traction among businesses and crypto enthusiasts.If you are a budding entrepreneur and want to capitalize on the current NFT trend, you need to connect with the top NFT development service provider in the market. Our company expert's & team offers you the best NFT development services including NFT market development NFT exchange platform development NFT gaming platform development NFT minting platform development and more. Before finalizing the company, do market research that will lead you NFT Space. Build your NFT kingdom by Streamlining your creativity into a collectible digital asset by joining hands with our NFT development company