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Found 59 results

  1. Древний дворянский род из Богемии выпускает NFT, чтобы сохранить свою историю. Binance Labs поддержит новый проект. 5G откроет новые возможности: от улучшенного геймплея до AR-обучения. Крупная криптовалютная биржа открывает офис в метавселенной. Starbucks внедряет Web3-обновления в свою программу вознаграждений. ФK «Бapceлoнa» пpoдacт часть NFT нa aукциoнe
  2. It is, however, a great opportunity to leverage your NFT tokens in the Binance smart chain blockchain technology. Bringing BEP721 and BEP1155 token standards when creating non-fungible tokens is a rare choice to avail of the benefits. Hence, you can opt for the NFT marketplace development on Binance smart chain to excel in your trade and exponentially transform your business. https://www.appdupe.com/nft-marketplace-on-binance-smart-chain
  3. Hivelance Technologies is a Pioneer NFT Marketplace Development Company with a strong expertise in developing decentralised applications. Our important objective is to develop a NFT Marketplace where our client can arrange bids and trade assets upheld by non-fungible tokens. Our coders team has a lot of experience in developing a white label NFT marketplace for Games, Digital collectibles, Artworks and Music. Learn more about our services here.
  4. + 100,000 BGW Tokens ($100 at the initial rate)Help promote Bitgames metaverse and earn money. Besides the main referral program described above, there is also a second way of earning money without investments by being active in social networks.To get BGW Coins ($100) for free:1) Register in the game2) Subscribe to this telegram channel3) Subscribe to our Twitter4) Invite a friend using your referral link (it is available in your personal account on the website)5) Repost any of our tweets by adding the hashtags #NFT #Airdrop #IDO #ICO #Whitelist #P2PSend links and screenshots to : airdrop@bitgames.worldBGW coins will be credited to your personal account on the website.
  5. Redefining the future of the Gaming industry Play-to-earn cricket NFT gaming is the latest addition to the NFT bandwagon, leaving both cricket fans and gamers enthusiastic. The Play-to-earn model has helped add more value to the gaming industry and the gamers. Players can engage with these play-to-earn games either for entertainment or passive income. The NFT Sport marketplace is said to expand its horizon and focus on player ownership in the long run. NFT real-estates, avatars, playable Metaverse, etc., are all the future developments in the NFT gaming space. Jump. trade is the marketplace to buy the world's first play-to-earn cricket game NFTs. Own bats, players, and signed legendary NFTs.
  6. Redefining the future of the Gaming industry Play-to-earn cricket NFT gaming is the latest addition to the NFT bandwagon, leaving both cricket fans and gamers enthusiastic. The Play-to-earn model has helped add more value to the gaming industry and the gamers. Players can engage with these play-to-earn games either for entertainment or passive income. The NFT Sport marketplace is said to expand its horizon and focus on player ownership in the long run. NFT real-estates, avatars, playable Metaverse, etc., are all the future developments in the NFT gaming space. Jump. trade is the marketplace to buy the world's first play-to-earn cricket game NFTs. Own bats, players, and signed legendary NFTs.
  7. The shortage of NFT cricket-themed platforms among a variety of sports-based NFT & Web3 sports games on the blockchain is widely disregarded. However, the landscape for the Cricket game is shifting. The Cricket NFT game will be featured by Jump Trade, a one-of-a-kind "play to earn" Cricket NFT game platform. The platform combines the metaverse, collections, and gaming ecosystems, allowing purchasers to begin using their NFTs right away. The world's first Play to Earn cricket NFT game is set to change the gaming business inside the NFT arena, as it targets die-hard fans of the lucrative and highly-opportunistic sport that is dear to the hearts of people in the Indian hemisphere. Be alert for their NFTs to drop.
  8. Being a NFT game development company, Dappsfirm makes sure that every solution. Our pool of developers have deep expertise in strengthening cross-chain NFT game development, as well as fixing all the issues by developing robust NFT solutions. In addition, we specialize in providing a white label NFT gaming platform supported with market-leading features.
  9. Pay Tribute to the greatest All-rounder of all time by investing in his NFTs. Andrew Symonds, the man who took the Australian team to the next level in the world cup and contributed to Queensland's rich cricket history, left the world, leaving a huge void in the cricket fraternity. He has left an indelible mark in every cricket fan's heart. To pay the perfect Tribute to this legend, check out his exclusive NFT in the Jump. trade NFT marketplace. You can now own exclusive Andrew Symonds NFT and his signed bat NFTs. This is proof that Symonds will continue to live through his fans.
  10. NFT marketing services are used for marketing the world-class NFTs using various strategies to get the audience to do the same. However, hiring an NFT marketing company that strategizes your NFTs to meet the target audience and also makes it the most wanted one. Choose the right marketing services that could help you to bring your NFT to the limelight.
  11. The NFT Launchpad Development is building the framework for all NFT projects that require funds to get started. Those NFT projects are now hitting the launchpad, where they will devise the best strategy for recruiting potential investors and generating funding to bring their innovations to market. To assist those projects in need of finances, NFT launchpad development can be purchased from the best development businesses.
  12. Smart contracts are a set of programs that are developed on the blockchain they are self-executable. When the conditions that have been settled upon are met, the agreement is executed consequently. This excludes the requirement for the manual implementation of the agreement. Smart contracts are written by expert professionals, Now on current This NFT Smart Contract has created a massive response in the crypto world. There are many benefits in NFT Smart Contract development like security, transparency, independence and etc. Are you searching to develop your own nft smart contract? Then handshake with Maticz we are here to fulfill your ideas into reality. Maticz the leading NFT Smart Contract Development Company offers the best NFT MarketPlace Smart Contract Development Services on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum.
  13. Solana NFT marketplace Development platform is an efficient and complete solution that allows you to build an Solona Clone script in a matter of weeks, with a simple and very fast deployment. Our team will be there throughout its development process to improve your final product and make sure that your customers get a unique experience. Get quick and easy access to digital collectibles with a fully-fledged NFT marketplace on solana. #NFTmarketplaceonsolana #NFTmarketplacesolana #NFTmarketplace #solanaNFTdeveloper #NFT #Solana
  14. White label Rarible Clone platform is a trending platform aiming to link sellers who are mostly content creators such as digital artists, model creators, with buyers who can select pieces they wish to purchase. Similar to other tokens on Ethereum, the Non-Fungible Token can be transferred between wallets using Rarible Clone Software Get your robust Rarible Clone Script Demo with completely scalable and advanced features
  15. TaylorLeexxx

    Champion J Club Manifesto

    Vision: Champion J Club is a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) oriented social circle club, started by JTeam’s JFans Space. The club is aiming to establish a high-end incubating eco system staring from JTeam and focusing on the vertical industries such as sports and entertainment, especially e-sports. For now, many C-level executives from listed companies, well-known VCs, media founders, and Blockchain expertise have already joined the club. So we will attempt different business models from the crossover of e-sports, trendy products, and blockchains. Eventually, we hope it could be evolved into a top tier DAO incubating circle in sports and entertainment fields. Brand Story: Why we start with E-sports? And why we choose NFT for Champion J Club? As you may know, it usually takes 10 or even 20 years for a traditional company to build a brand, while it takes about 3 years for an esports team to build a brand. However, if you look at a project in the current blockchain field, it usually takes one year to grow into a globally renowned technology company. So what’s the logic behind it? 1. Consuming behavior of generation Z E-sports has become one of generation Z’s main social networks, and many e-sports anchors and e-sports players have surpassed the traditional entertainment stars in terms of fan influence. E-sports IPs will also likely to be the generation Z’s lifelong heavy spending in the future. At the same time, generation Z has a natural affinity for the crypto industry, therefore, the combination of NFT and e-sports may have a huge stack effect. 2. The global nature of NFT According to statistics, as of June 2021, the number of global encryption participants worldwide has reached 230 million, and it is likely to grow to 1 billion in the next three years. And the crypto circle has several significant characteristics: 1. community oriented, and strong globalization, 2. It is still in the early stage of demographic dividend, 3. There is a similar “language” and thinking in the cyber world. Therefore, as a brand, the communication efficiency of the crypto population are several times higher than that of traditional media. 3. High degree of community participation The interaction between brands and users has greatly increased the stickiness of users. At the same time, the premium brought by user participation to the brand can also feed back to the community and strengthen the motivation and vitality of the community. Therefore, the combination of e-sports and NFT provides a new exploration and idea for the establishment of global brands. Club NFT member rights and interests 1. Members are eligible to join the club and to communicate freely with other members in the group; 2. Members are able to publish rewarded tasks or inquiries; able to quickly gather resources, brainstorm and establish business connections within the private clubs; 3. Members are able to invite a certain number of friends to participate in online or offline community activities; 4. Members have the opportunities to communicate directly with industry leaders and seek possible business cooperation and etc. Last But Not Least Champion J Club will start organizing a series of activities from April 15, 2022 onward: case sharing, project salon, private meeting, online activities, and etc. Again, We will start from JTeam, and build a top tier DAO incubating circle in sports and entertainment fields, and successfully enrich the growth of JTeam’s NFT community. This article is forwarded from: jfans.blog Learn more on the official website: jfans.space
  16. Зарегистрируйтесь в раннем списке для получения NFT от проекта Slingshot Присоединяйтесь здесь: тык - Введите адрес почты - Нажмите «Присоединиться к списку ожидания». - Перейдите в электронную почту и нажмите ссылку для подтверждения. После регистрации обязательно коннектим свой кошелёк . Твиттер: https://twitter.com/SlingshotCrypto Условия : Приглашайте друзей, открывайте награды Зарабатывайте частичные NFT и лотерейные билеты BTC, когда вы приглашаете друзей, используя свою уникальную реферальную ссылку. 2 Поднимите список ожидания Перейти на полпути вверх по списку для каждого друга, которого вы пригласили. Например, если вы стоите в очереди на #100 000 и пригласите одного друга, вы подниметесь на 50 000 позиций! 3 Получите награды при запуске Вы сможете получить свои награды непосредственно в Slingshot, когда вы выйдете из списка ожидания и загрузите мобильное приложение.
  17. Получаем НФТ от проекта AURORA за приглашения друзей. Спешим, количество НФТ ограничено. https://aurora.plus/r/47d5b45c Также за регистрацию номера телефона получаем 1 AURORA.
  18. Want to create your own NFT Gaming platform on top of blockchain networks? Or looking for the best NFT game clone script solution provider at your point? Then you have reached the right place! Hivelance is one of the top NFT gaming platform development company, we offer the blockchain powered NFT Gaming Platform for global users with world class functions and features. We develop NFT games with an end to end service to the client. Create & launch your own NFT Marketplace instantly with the help of Hivelance. Blockchain Platforms We Expertise Our team of developers who have strong domain knowledge to create your own NFT Games on various blockchain platforms like: Ethereum blockchain Tron Binance Smart Chain Solana Polygon WAX Waves EOS And more End-to-End NFT Game Development Services Role Play NFT Game Development Play To Earn NFT Game Development Action & Adventure NFT Game Development PVP Battle NFT Game Development Arcade NFT Game Development Board NFT Game Development And more Ready-to-launch NFT Games clones script Battle Pets Clone Script Decentraland Clone Script Axie Infinity Clone Script CryptoSnack Clone Script Polkawar Clone Script Lollapalooza Clone Script Zed Run Clone Script GhostMarket Clone Script Sorare Clone Script V.cent Clone Script NBA Topshots Clone Script Gods Unchained Clone Script Sandbox Clone Script Solible Clone Script Got a NFT Game Development Project in Mind? Talk To Our Experts Call/whatsapp - +91 8438595928 Skype- live:.cid.8e890e9d0810f62c Telegram - https://t.me/HiveLance Visit - https://hivelance.com/nft-gaming-development
  19. Are you an entrepreneur looking to launch your NFT marketplace for your business? Then, you have landed at the right place. Nodalsoft Technologies is an Industry-leading NFT marketplace development company that offers end-to-end NFT marketplace development services across the globe. We deliver your projects based on your requirements. We help you to build an NFT marketplace platform on various Blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Fantom, TRON, Polygon, Ripple, EOS, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Solana, Tezos, Matic, Hyperldger, and Hedra Hashgraph. Reach out to us and kickstart your business instantly without any delay. Our Popular NFT Marketplace Clone Scripts: Binance NFT Marketplace Clone Script WazirX NFT Marketplace Clone Script eBay NFT Marketplace Clone Script Rarible Clone Script OpenSea Clone Script Solanart Clone Script Foundation Clone Script CryptoPunks Clone Script OnlyFans Clone Script
  20. Our NFT Marketing services have been designed to create a powerful presence for your NFT Marketplace in the industry. Our expertise in the NFT industry is the best match to fulfill your individual business needs. We will let your platform’s NFTs gain recognition among the masses. Zeligz web store is a leading NFT Marketing Company serving its clients with unbeatable services.
  21. WazirX NFT Marketplace Clone Script is a ready-made source code with high-security features and integrated APIs, that help to launch your own NFT marketplace like WazirX. This script is specially designed for the crypto-Entrepreneur to launch your platform instantly without any hurdles. We help you to build this platform on any Blockchain network. Features of our WazirX NFT Marketplace Clone Script: Storefront Filters Search Option NFT Gifts Governance Listing Creation Buy and Sell NFT Live Auction Royalty NFT Wallet Are you looking to launch your NFT marketplace like WazirX? Then, reach out to Nodalsoft Technologies, an industry-leading NFT marketplace development company that offers the ready-made and also white-label WazirX NFT marketplace clone script that helps to kickstart your marketplace in a hassle-free manner and get a high ROI. Our team of experts will discuss with you and build your platform based on your requirements.
  22. Creating an NFT marketplace on BCS is more popular among many entrepreneurs because of its fast transactions and fewer gas fees compared with other blockchain networks. Here I have listed some basic steps to create an NFT marketplace on BSC, 1)Create an attractive UI/UX design for your NFT marketplace. 2)Choose your token type. 3)build smart contracts. 4)Add features and functions as your business requirement. 5)Create an owner wallet specification for your NFT marketplace. 6) Setup database and user & admin panel. 7)Integrate the smart contract. Testing, fixing bugs, and deploying. Do you want more information check out this article on how to create an NFT marketplace? WeAlwin Technologies is the industry-leading NFT marketplace development company with skilled blockchain experts. Who provides the robust NFT marketplace in different blockchain networks like Ethereum, Binance, Tron, Polkadot, Polygon matic, etc... Reach their Experts: Whatsapp/Telegram: 9994044929 Skype:live:info_945986
  23. Получайте за реферала 0.2 NFT. Вывод от 1 NFT. https://t.me/NatureNftBot?start=r0465698926
  24. С радостью вам представляем собственную коллекцию NFT-токенов «UFO Pants Hunters»! Держатели токенов смогут их продавать, дарить, обменивать на товары и услуги наших площадок truliki.ru и других. За каждым токеном своя уникальная история объединяющая всю нашу фетиш-экосистему. На данный момент стоимость 1 токена составляет 0.2 ETH, по курсу на 02.02.2022 это 553 доллара. Мы раздадим 100 токенов абсолютно бесплатно всем желающим. Что для этого нужно: 1. Перейти по адресу коллекции https://opensea.io/collection/ufo-pants-hunter и лайкнуть(добавить в избранное) все токены коллекции. 2. Сделать репост этой https://truliki.ru/journal/nlo-pohishhaet-zhenskie-trusiki-besplatnaya-razdacha-nft-tokenov/ страницы в любых соц.сетях или мессенджерах. 3. Написать свой адрес кошелька в сети Polygon MATIC в комментариях ниже. 4. PROFIT! Вы получили свой уникальный токен, который сразу можете выставить на продажу или подарить другу!
  25. Раздача NFT от Raccoons Cozy World Награда:1 NFT из коллекции Raccoons cozy world Реферал:10 рефералов= 1 NFT из коллекции Raccoons cozy world (Топ 3 реферала получат 3 премиум NFT) https://puzzlebot.top/P9JcDcHUF8vGPj Инструкция: Присоединяйтесь к 2 Telegram каналам Присоединяйтесь к группе Telegram Подпишитесь на страницу в Твитере Поставить лайк и ретвит закреплённого поста Отправьте адрес кошелька и ник в Telegram Зачисление NFT происходит в течении 12 часов