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Found 17 results

  1. Recently, as the encryption market continues to heat up, holding digital encrypted assets in hand will not only show that it is different from others, but also reflect its value. 1. What is NFT? What are the characteristics compared to other tokens? NFT, Non-Fungible Token, is a special digital asset. In the blockchain space, there are many types of tokens: ETH for Ethereum, Bitcoin, BNB for Binance, etc. Many tokens can be divided into two categories: homogenized tokens (such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) and non-fungible tokens (such as NFT). There are two main differences between NFT and homogenized tokens (such as Bitcoin and Ethereum): First, each NFT has a unique and unique identifier, which cannot be interchanged with another one, but other common tokens (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) are homogeneous, that is, there is no difference, interchangeable. Second, due to the non-homogenization and uniqueness of each NFT, the smallest unit of NFT is 1, and it is indivisible, but other common tokens are divisible. Based on the above two characteristics, NFT also has two advantages: First, each NFT is bound to a certain collection of the holder, and cannot be copied, so it is naturally scarce; Second, NFT is equivalent to a public ledger, and everyone can verify the authenticity and ownership of assets. 2. Why is NFT so popular? Tracing the source of the recent rise in popularity of NFT may originate from the fact that on March 6th, Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey transferred his first tweet in the form of NFT assets and sold 1630.58 ether. For the price (equivalent to $2.9 million), whoever buys the NFT can get the time the tweet was posted, the text content, a timestamp, and a digital signature from the creator’s encrypted wallet address. In 2021, digital artist Beeple stitched his life photos taken over 5,000 consecutive days into a JPG file and sold the file as an NFT, which was finally sold at Christie's auction house for $69.34 million. The price set a new record for a virtual art auction. In addition, the album released by the American rock band Lyon Royal Family has generated sales of more than 2 million US dollars, Tesla founder Musk sold his tweets and music on the NFT trading platform, and his girlfriend was also on a blockchain platform. NFT art for sale and $6 million in 20 minutes. On the one hand, the high turnover and the exposure brought by celebrities joining made NFTs quickly become popular, attracting many people to participate; On the other hand, after the NFT work is sold, for each subsequent resale, the original author can get a certain percentage of the remuneration, which is generally 10% of the selling price by default (the specific percentage, which can be created by the original author in the creation of the NFT) time decision), and will not be distributed by the agency, which also gives NFT a strong advantage in copyright protection, so it is also supported by many creators. The superposition of multiple factors has made NFT quickly popular. 3. What is the use of NFT? In theory, NFTs can be applied to any field that requires unique authentication. Examples are as follows: 1) The field of intellectual property rights. For any intellectual property rights, such as song copyright, film and television copyright, picture copyright, painting copyright, invention patent, etc., NFT can be used for authentication. , which confirms and identifies the copyright of the asset. 2) Certification of various certificates and certificates. NFT can be used as digital authentication for various documents, such as ID cards, academic certificates, driver's licenses, real estate certificates, etc. It can not only be used to verify the authenticity of the certificate, but also can prevent the certificate from being tampered with or stolen. 3) The field of financial instruments. On the one hand, financial bills are unique due to bill coding, and on the other hand, financial bills involve financial transactions and capital exchanges, and require higher security. Therefore, financial instruments can be combined with NFT, which can be tracked while facilitating the confirmation of rights. 4) The field of taxation. In the case of tax returns, enterprises and individuals need to submit a series of supporting materials such as invoices. In order to improve the efficiency of taxation work, NFT can be used to mark relevant certification materials to ensure authenticity. 5) Game field. For gamers, the importance of virtual assets in games continues to increase. In-game pets, weapons, clothing, and other items can be coded through NFTs to increase uniqueness and facilitate verification of ownership. The smashing crypto cat in 2018 uses NFT technology. By assigning a special number to each cat, it makes it a unique cat. 4. How big is the market space of NFT? According to the industrial life cycle theory, the evolution process of each industry has to go through the initial stage, the growth stage, the mature stage and the decline stage. At present, NFT is still in its infancy, and consumer education and user training are more important in the initial stage. With the continuous expansion of the user base, NFT will gradually enter the growth stage from the initial stage, and the market size of this industry will also usher in rapid growth. According to statistics, the value of the entire NFT market did not exceed $42 million three years ago, but by the end of 2020, the value of the NFT market has grown rapidly to $338 million, an increase of 705%. The rapid growth during this period is mainly due to the initial stage of the NFT industry. , the market size base is relatively low, with the gradual emergence of user training results, the low base will usher in higher growth. As of the end of February 2021, the sales of NFT assets had reached about $310 million, which was basically close to the level of $338 million for the whole of 2020. At the same time, based on the previous user training, we believe that the market's recognition of NFT will be significantly improved this year. Assuming that the average monthly transaction value of NFT in 2021 is 1.3 times the average transaction value of the previous two months, then 21 years The annual NFT market space will be as high as 2.418 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 615.4% compared to 2020. In the medium and long term, NFT can be widely used in many fields such as intellectual property, physical assets and financial instruments. The market space is closely related to its penetration rate in downstream applications. With the increase in the penetration rate of NFT in related fields, the NFT market size still Huge room for growth. 5. Problems existing in the current NFT market Take Opensea, the world's largest NFT trading market, as an example. Nearly 30 million NFT commodities are updated online for sale every day: advantage: 1) Complete variety 2) Link wallet, one-click generation (convenient) 3) Huge user base shortcoming: 1)Too many types and inconvenient to search (It is still in the era of Amazon 1.0, and it is very troublesome to search something) 2) Click farm (the most famous is the self-buying and self-selling event of TRON BOSS Sun) 3) Gas fees are too high and congested (especially obvious when users create NFTs intensively and trade frequently or at special times in some time zones) In addition to opensea's NFT trading market, Binance and OKEX have also launched NFT trading one after another. Of course, many platforms are building their own NFT trading markets, so I won't list them all here; We all know that many NFTs now come from games based on blockchain technology, so the word Gamefi has become very popular recently, but now there is also a very real problem. In GameFi games, the identities, characters, and props that everyone obtains are separate NFTs, and it also has investment value when used in the game, but if you need to jump out when selling NFT and go through the release and listing process again in a trading market such as opensea, it will be a bit troublesome, and now there are so many other than opensea. If there are multiple NFT trading markets, do you have to release them over and over again, and at the same time hold the tokens of the NFT trading market; PUGG's metaverse, analyze this problem, PUGG based on UE4 Unreal Engine technology solves this virtual game that integrates entertainment, social interaction, and the same space, all users only need to have a virtual citizen + CALIT, You can experience all the scenes and facilities in the planet, except that you can get token rewards by doing tasks to generate electricity for the planet, At the same time, you can also meet like-minded friends through your own preferences for NFT, you can invite friends to go to the bar together on this planet, and you can also invite friends to be a guest at your home in the PUGG Metaverse. Visually show it to friends, and more importantly, through cross-chain technology, NFTs on all NFT trading platforms can be reflected in their digital wallets, and NFTs on all platforms can be browsed and purchased at one time in PUGG's trading hall, which solved the pain of all collectors; In the future, I believe that there will be more high-quality projects and technologies to promote the evolution of the encrypted digital market together, we will wait and see. https://pugg.io/ https://twitter.com/puggcoin http://t.me/PUGG_COIN
  2. Gone are the days of spending fruitful hours/days developing an NFT marketplace as numerous blockchain developers are emerging in day to day lives. When you prefer the well-experienced blockchain developers, you get to hold the ready-made solutions for an NFT art marketplace development and other benefits required for a digital collectible platform. As there are a handful of solutions and high benefits, connecting with blockchain development firms is a reliable source for all budding entrepreneurs.
  3. Получаем 100 BXS от BXIE INFINITY + NFT! Думаю стоит брать Раздача очень лёгкая! 20 секунд времени! Переходим на сайт: https://www.bxieinfinity.com/airdrop?r=5grhde🗣 Вставляем адрес кошелька BSC BEP20 и свою почту! Всё! После окончания AirDrop мы должны получить всё, что нам дали!
  4. Альфа-тестирование платформы EYWA. Любой из вас может принять участие в тестировании. Мы подготовили для вас отличные призы! За выполнение определенных заданий будут начисляться баллы. Вы сможете обменять полученные баллы на наши уникальные коллекционные NFT. Чем больше баллов будет набрано, тем более ценные NFT вы сможете получить. После запуска основной сети на NFT будут начислены токены EYWA, чем более редкие NFT вы получите, тем больше токенов EYWA на них будет начислено. Принять участие в альфа-тестировании: https://t.me/EYWA_protocol_bot?start=394823555
  5. Важно: дедлайн всего 14 часов Переходим по ссылке и выполняем задания Копим очки и получаем ценных персов! 50 очков - персонаж 1-го уровня 70 очков персонаж 2-го уровня Ни в коем случае не пропускаем эту раздачу. Вполне вероятно, что халявные персы в будущем могут стоить пару тысяч баксов!
  6. Creating an NFT marketplace on BCS is more popular among many entrepreneurs because of its fast transactions and fewer gas fees compared with other blockchain networks. Here I have listed some basic steps to create an NFT marketplace on BSC, 1)Create an attractive UI/UX design for your NFT marketplace. 2)Choose your token type. 3)build smart contracts. 4)Add features and functions as your business requirement. 5)Create an owner wallet specification for your NFT marketplace. 6) Setup database and user & admin panel. 7)Integrate the smart contract. Testing, fixing bugs, and deploying. Do you want more information check out this article on how to create an NFT marketplace? WeAlwin Technologies is the industry-leading NFT marketplace development company with skilled blockchain experts. Who provides the robust NFT marketplace in different blockchain networks like Ethereum, Binance, Tron, Polkadot, Polygon matic, etc... Reach their Experts: Whatsapp/Telegram: 9994044929 Skype:live:info_945986
  7. Криптовалюты давно уже не только Биткоин ! Восходящий тренд NFT проекты. Советую присоединиться к Divine Anarсhy. Скоро релиз ролевой игры - вы точно не пожалеете. Сейчас проходят розыгрыши в вайт лист и бесплатных nft - следите в дискорде и твиттере проекта. Успейте ! Запуск совсем скоро - https://discord.gg/PN25aS4H
  8. Раздача токенов KMON всем участникам аирдропа от NFT криптоигры Kryptomon - kryptomon.co. Ссылка на аирдроп - https://gleam.io/Akgel-u9WZW95lbv . Общий бюджет аирдропа - 300 000 $. Токены KMON уже торгуються на некоторых биржах, а яйца и другие NFT от проекта можно приобрести в маркетплейсах указанных на сайте Kryptomon. Рандомно, также, будут разыграны 3 NFT игровых яйца среди участников аирдропа. Для прохождения аирдропа необходимо выполнить хотя бы 1-о соц. задание. Соц. задания разделены на 9 основных и 10 дополнительных. Основные задания включают : - Подписка, ретвит и твит в Twitterе. - Подписка на основной канал, вступление в группу, подписка на канал объявлений в Телеграме. - Подписка на канал, поставить лайк и написать короткий комментарий в Youtube. - Поставить лайк и поделиться видео с аирдропом в Facebook. Кроме того, имеется возможность делиться видео в Facebook ежедневно, зарабатывая за это доп. балы ! Если вы пройдете все основные соц. задания, для вас сразу активируются и дополнительные задания. Дополнительные задания включают : - Подписка на Twitch. - Подписка на Medium. - Посещение на Reddit страницы проекта. - Добавление в список наблюдения KMON и голос "Хорошо" на CoinMarketCap. - Присоединение к серверу Discord проекта. - Посещение страницы проекта в Instagram. - Просмотр фото Kryptomon в Instagram. Лично я, по обыкновению, прошел по максимуму все задания аирдропа как основные так и дополнительные чего и вам советую. Токены KMON находятся в сети BSC(BEP-20), поэтому необходимо обязательно ввести соответствующий кошелек в форму аирдропа. Аирдроп проводиться до 25 октября, распределение запланировано после 25 октября.
  9. Продам готовые NFT коллекции (анимация), или создам анимированную gif/mp4 коллекцию для вас. Оплата эфиром , недорого. На выбор, могу создать для вас: пиксельные, персонажи, 3d (cinema4d) анимации.
  10. Раздача (на gleam) nft на wax за подписку на твиттер и дискорд, а также за посещение сайта проекта.Есть шанс получить:️ 1 x Legendary Bundle = + ️ 2 x Epic Bundle = + ️ 3 x Rare Bundle = + ️ 4 x Uncommon Bundle = + *(В бандл входят: 1 герой и 1 снаряжение) https://wn.nr/vVUwWnРаздача продлится до 24 декабря.
  11. Did you know that budding entrepreneurs can enter the leading NFT marketplace with white-label OpenSea NFT marketplace? Yes, without further ado, you can step ahead and gain a wide range of visibility in the competitive market. This includes elite features that will instantly grab the crypto user’s attention aboard your platform. Turn your hands towards the development process to witness immense growth rapidly.
  12. Take your crypto freaks towards the next level of buying/selling of the digital assets with your predominant white-label CryptoPunks clone. The blockchain developers will build your digital collectible platform based on your business requirements. What are you searching for? Hurry up as soon as possible to witness a profitable crypto business. Connect to the renowned blockchain development firm right away!
  13. Раздача NFT от Colonize Mars! У Colonize Mars предстоит сейл 20 декабря, в честь этого запустили парочку конкурсов: Можно получить NFT-бейджик. Для этого: ️Переходим в их твиттер ️Лайкаем, ретвитим и отмечаем двоих друзей под данным постом. Также оставляем свой WAX-кошелёк. ️После 20-го декабря должны получить наши NFT. Тут вкуснее. Розыгрыш боксов с припасами. ️Переходим по ссылочке и заполняем форму. Дедлайн 20 декабря. Всего будет 5 победителей, которых объявят 22 декабря. Кроме форума я также публикую новости в своём паблике. Залетайте в мой уютный паблик с чатиком. Буду всем рад!
  14. First and foremost, you must have been familiar with the trending term non-fungible tokens[NFT]. With the increase for NFTs, you can efficiently gear up with an NFT marketplace like OpenSea. It isn’t an uphill battle for you to start digital collectible development. You can start from the ground level and reach your targeted audience to witness a flourishing crypto business.
  15. Without a second thought, the NFT marketplace is gaining rapid growth in recent times, and it has provoked the entrepreneur to create the NFT marketplace. To make their dream about digital collectible platforms come true, the NFT marketplace development firm offers every curious entrepreneur instant solutions at an affordable price. You can also grab it right away and flourish in the competitive market.
  16. When you consider the Rarible like NFT platform development, numerous blockchain developers are available to provide you with a white-label Rarible clone. You can interact with the blockchain experts for a customized platform and get profits in the NFT space instantly. Furthermore, do not forget to feed your platform with features-stack and technology-stack to have a seamless flow in the future.
  17. проэкт игры cuties NFThttps://blockchaincuties.com?inviter=478526245Прошол слушок что за месяц если постоянно играть можно неплохо заработать. посмотрев сам проэкт то я думаю реально. может и нееправда, но проэкт вроде нормальныйпри регистрации дают одного cuties NFT, прокачеваем и продаем, можно покупать земли.блокчейн играрегистрация простая , почта, пароль