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  1. NFT’s… DeFi...Token...Exchanges... These are the terms you've been hearing a lot lately in the crypto world. But do you know where these technologies come from? Cryptocurrency exchange has been the source code for a variety of cryptocurrencies, allowing for quick and efficient cryptocurrency exchange. With the expansion of cryptocurrency exchanges on the horizon, there is no doubt that entrepreneurs and startups will be looking for a platform to launch their crypto business and enter the world of cryptocurrency. This blog is for you if you're a budding entrepreneur or startup. Yes, you will need the help of the top cryptocurrency exchange development business if you want to build your own crypto exchange. I've compiled a list of the top ten bitcoin exchange development firms. Companies Developing Cryptocurrency Exchanges in 2022 1. Suffescom Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Suffescom Solutions is one of the best Cryptocurrency Exchange development firms in the World. They're at the top of our list because their top-tier developers have extensive experience with Cryptocurrency Exchange development services and technologies including DeFi smart contracts, DeFi wallets, DeFi tokens, DeFi staking, and more. They employ more than 500 people and offer high-end Fintech solutions. Suffescom, which has locations in India and the United States, provides DeFi solutions to company owners all over the world. Suffescom Solutions was recently recognized as an innovative blockchain and web3 development business at the Hindustan Times' "Business & Entrepreneurs - FelicitationCeremony2022." The best decentralized financial development firm has a flexible method to suit consumer demands. To ensure that your DeFi project is in excellent hands, check out their client testimonials on their website and Google reviews. A preview of the Felicitation Ceremony is seen here. 2. RisingMax RisingMax, a top-class reputed Cryptocurrency Exchange development firm situated in the United States with a staff of over 100 committed developers and business consultants, is the second most popular name on our list of Cryptocurrency Exchange companies. The company has 150+ satisfied clients from all over the world, and it offers services in the most difficult development field, as well as any other growing trends. The company offers IoT, cloud services, VR & AI expertise, as well as DeFi services such as DeFi smart contract development, dApp development, and more. They bring everything to the forefront by combining the proper knowledge, talents, and cutting-edge technology. Furthermore, they ensure that their clients' requirements and expectations will be met. 3. Codiant Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Codiant Technologies is one of the greatest options if you want to build your bitcoin exchange following a methodology. They have a team of specialists who are knowledgeable about blockchain technology and can help you create a crypto exchange. Their services are best suited for entrepreneurs and startups. They might not be a suitable fit if you want to go big. Their distinct feature is on-time project delivery. 4. Debut Infotech It is not a person's name that defines their performance. We've all heard the adage, "Appearances can be deceiving." Debut Infotech is an example of this. Although their name is Debut, their crypto exchange development services are excellent. They offer economical services that are tailored to the needs of startups, SME's, and other small enterprises, assisting them in achieving rapid growth and development. You can use them if you need low-cost cryptocurrency exchange development services. 5. Orion Infosolutions Orion Infotech Solutions is a well-known mobile app and online development solutions supplier with some cryptocurrency exchange development experience. They can give you with on-demand clone script solutions with all the necessary characteristics. They have a team of talented and experienced IT professionals in mobile and web development based in India. As the technology advances, they want to launch and begin their blockchain adventure in the near future. They are experimenting with new technologies such as NFT and other digital ones. In the near future, I hope they will convert into a full-fledged cryptocurrency development firm with various crypto solutions. 6. Walkwel Technology It is a software development company with a team of blockchain and cryptocurrency expertise. They give their clients cost-effective and result-oriented solutions by giving the greatest cryptocurrency and exchange development solutions at an accessible price. I'm not convinced they'll be able to give you with bitcoin solutions from the ground up. It is essential to contact them to see if they are currently providing such services. 7. Existek Eristek is a well-known software development firm that offers mobile and web development services among other things. They are a new blockchain development company that has completed a number of projects centered on cryptocurrency development and defi-based solutions. Before pitching them on the project, contact out to them about cryptocurrency development options. Existek offers fully customized software development for a variety of industries, including corporate intelligence, education, and healthcare. Other software development and outsourcing services for small, medium, and big businesses are also available. 8. Mobcoder (mobile coder) Mobcoder is a company that specializes in application-based management and software development, as well as IoT development. They have a team of highly skilled specialists who can create software quickly, allowing them to complete projects on time every time. Their motto is "customer satisfaction," and as a result, they are successful in providing high-quality services at a low cost. Contact them to receive custom cryptocurrency exchange development software tailored to your needs. 9. Clavax Technologies Clavax Technologies is a mobile and online development company with offices in the United States and Australia. It also offers blockchain development services. They offer small and medium businesses out-of-the-box crypto exchange development solutions using clone scripts and whitelabel crypto software at a low cost. 10. Zab Technologies They are a well-known cryptocurrency exchange development firm that offers fundamental crypto services such as centralized cryptocurrency exchange and crypto payment gateway construction. In the not-too-distant future, they may start offering NFT and DeFi services. They've been around for a decade and have their headquarters in India. Final Thoughts If you're going small or want to start small, the following five firms are a good place to start because they can give basic crypto business software. However, if you want to go big and build your program into a world-class bitcoin exchange software with a large user base and additional features and capabilities, the first three, particularly the first, are the greatest options. Best wishes for your cryptocurrency venture.
  2. Coinlist - это биржа, на которой размещаются различные крипто проекты и проводят там токенсейлы, т.е. продают свои токены до листинга по самой минимальной цене. Любой человек, обладающий верифицированным аккаунтом, может попытать удачу принять участие в сейле, встать в очередь и в случае успешного прохождения, получить аллокацию и инвестировать от 500$ до 1000$. Все проекты, размещавшиеся на коинлисте в конечном итоге приумножились. В 2021 году это была золотая жила и по всей видимости будет ей в ближайшие несколько лет. Сейлы проходят 2 раза в месяц, регулярно. Вот результаты предыдущего года: Таким образом, все проекты которые размещались на коинлисте дали прибыль, в минус уйти невозможно! Если бы вы приобрели монету Biconomy на 1000$, могли бы продать их в середине января примерно за $16 000 на любой бирже. $15к чистыми за каких-то 3 месяца! Вся инфа в открытом доступе, графики котировок монет можете найти на coingecko, условия участия в сейле можно найти в ответах к квизу(ввести в поиске к примеру “Biconomy ответы на квиз”) Основная проблема: количество токенов, а соответственно мест в очереди на получение аллокации ограничено, к примеру всего мест 20 000, а желающих 700 000. Таким образом вероятность, что система выберет именно тебя примерно 2-3%. А заработать то хочется, тут на помощь приходит мультиаккаунтинг. Мультиаккаунтинг coinlist. Мультиаккаунтинг - это ведение множества аккаунтов сайта или сервиса. Данное действие нарушает правила коинлиста, а потому сайт устроен таким образом, чтобы максимально эффективно блочить такие акки: Участие в сейле доступно только с верифицированных аккаунтов, а для прохождения верификации нужно отправить фото документа(паспорт или права) и отсканировать лицо. Таким образом для создания верифицированного аккаунта нужен, в первую очередь, человек с документом. Чтобы обойти антифрод-систему коинлиста потребуется надежный антидетект браузер (VPN, окно в режиме инкогнито, дешевые аналоги навряд ли подойдут) и качественные индивидуальные, резидентские или мобильные прокси. В случае получения аллокации, каждый отдельный аккаунт нужно будет пополнять с разных кошельков, адресов или счетов, иначе деньги вернут, а все акки улетят в бан. Подводные камни мультиаккаунтинга. Каждый, кто пробовал заняться мультиаккингом, не понаслышке знает, с каким геморроем придется столкнуться. Здесь я хотел бы тезисно обозначить, с чем конкретно я столкнулся в ходе организации данного мероприятия: Самый первый этап - обработка дропов: сначала их надо найти, затем уговорить пройти вериф, затем сделать так, чтобы они прошли его аккуратно: не сделали кривое фото трясущимися руками и не предоставили фотки левых доков с экрана. Если ты хочешь получить много аллокаций, значит тебе нужно много акков и нужно провести много дропов. А каждого нужно обрабатывать быстро и без ошибок - тут нужны опытные операторы, одни обрабатывают входящие обращения, другие заполняют формы регистрации и передают ссылки на вериф. Вторая проблема - обход антифрод систем. Честно сказать, тут надо в первую очередь не скупится на расходники: проверенный антидетект браузер и качественные прокси. Однако иногда складывается ситуация, что нормальные прокси просто на просто заканчиваются у твоего поставщика(а ты его для начала найди) и надо найти замену, а дропы с оплаченной рекламы ждут и сейл уже не за горами. Самая ответственная работа начинается в преддверии сейла. Опустим этап регистрации на него - это простая рутинная работа. Трудности начинаются на этапе вхождения в очередь: технически, имея на руках массу аккаунтов - надо распределить их по удаленным серверам, где один человек контролит от 10 профилей. Во время сейла на каждом из них надо разгадать несколько капч(иногда много подряд), в каких-то акках надо авторизоваться заново, в каких-то надо нагулять проксю(зайти на ютуб, открыть несколько страниц сайтов и тд, а только потом авторизоваться заново) и на все про все 30 минут… Стоит также отметить, что с данным набором проблем я столкнулся в ходе сейлов, в которых мне посчастливилось поучаствовать и с каждым разом они меняются. Те прокси, которые подходили раньше, теперь не подходят, скрипты автоматизации, которые работали вчера, не работают сегодня. Со всем надо разбираться быстро, контролировать несколько людей одновременно, вовремя оплачивать расходники и подбирать замены. Услуга: организация мультиаккаунтинга. Специально для вас я могу взять на себя организацию всего процесса по подготовке верифицированных аккаунтов, постановке в очередь на сейлах, покупке аллокаций. Моя услуга особенно подойдет тем, кто только знакомится с крипто инвестициями, хотел бы хорошо заработать, но не хочет тратить уйму времени на то, чтобы разобраться в технологии мультиаккинга и самостоятельно копаться во всей этой рутине. С другой стороны она может быть полезна и тем, кто уже не первый год занимается коинлистом. Вы могли бы разгрузить свой график, делегировать часть задач по подготовке, а может и весь процесс по своему усмотрению. Почему вам стоит обратиться ко мне? Вам не придется самостоятельно искать дропов и дроповодов, вести массу переписок с ними; Не надо будет следить за быстрой и безошибочной работой операторов на вводе; Вы обойдете все грабли, на которые непременно натыкаются новички в техническом плане: кривой антидетект и неправильная работа с ним, некачественные прокси, зависание на странице Cloudflare во время сейла и тд; Я обеспечу максимальную прозрачность: работа будет вестись в грамотно организованной гугл таблице, все чеки и страницы оплаты предоставлю, доступы к аккаунтам(QR коды 2FA) передаю по желанию на любом из этапов; Мой опыт в мультиаккинге около года, я уже провел более 1000 верификаций; У меня есть и другие топики с отзывами на некоторых форумах, потому я не могу позволить себе обмануть вас или оставить недовольными. Порядок проведения работ. Сперва нужно определится с бюджетом, который вы готовы выделить на организацию. Исходя из него мы подсчитываем суммарные издержки(выплаты дропам, пакет профилей антедект-браузера, прокси и тд.) После подсчета издержек, мы начинаем поиск и обработку дропов, подготваливаем заранее оговоренное количество верефицированных аккаунтов(на сегодняшний день, акков без прокачки кармы желательно сделать не меньше 100) В передверии сейла мы подготавливаем несколько виртуальных машин, на которых будут заранее открыты страницы сейла, на которых мы заранее зарегистрируемся. Во время сейла мы входим в очередь на всех акках. В случае, когда акки попадают в сейл - надо будет приобрести монету(обычно $500). Далее есть два возможных варианта действий: а) Продать их сразу же на OTC рынке - самый надежный вариант б) Держать монеты в холде и продать их после разлока на любой бирже - есть вероятность блокировки аккаунтов и возврата средств Данный сценарий - типовой, т.е. в каждом конкретном случае все пункты обсуждаем. Возможно вы захотите сразу забрать себе акки с аллоками, можете сами вставать в сейлы, можете и дропов самим обрабатывать - тогда мы возмем на себя их поиск и будем продавать верификации. ______________________________________________ Пишите в телегу, обсудим детально @jordansky (https://t.me/jordansky)
  3. The grid trading bot strategy is an excellent choice for traders who work to capitalize on the market's sideways movement. Get in touch with Blockchain Firm to get an AI-powered grid trading bot developed exclusively for you.
  4. Whether it’s about coming up with a new Blockchain coin or launching a stablecoin in the market, a whitepaper is indispensable for any type of crypto project in today’s world of web3. Whitepapers not only play a significant role in earning investors’ trust but also help them solidify their decision to put their money into the project. The presence of whitepapers matters a lot in the digital world. One can easily get the following benefits by leveraging whitepaper development services from a renowned whitepaper development agency: · Expand brand presence · Build credibility and trust · Grab potential investors · Amplify audience engagement · Generate leads · Improve website traffic
  5. The crypto payment gateways connect buyers and sellers and are the reason you do not need to carry your wallet around with you all the time. They manage the transfer of money from one party to another, allowing you to conduct digital transactions. Payment gateway development should be a general procedure. However, it has some additional benefits and features that set it apart from other digital payment methods such as PayPal, Skrill, and others. Before we get into "Why White Label Payment Gateway is the Best Option for Your Business," let us first learn about the features of the crypto payment gateway. Benefits of our cryptocurrency payment gateway development Quick transaction Worldwide Accessible Multi-device accessibility Fastest uptime No third parties No chargeback We provide end-to-end crypto payment gateway development at an affordable price. Which includes the superfine feature and security option and customize based on your requirements. If you know more about payment gateway. click a free demo>> Crypto payment gateway development
  6. cryptocurrencies to earning profits from them, just through swapping and trading in platforms. As a bonus, you’ve earned a crypto trading strategy too! The customized cryptocurrency trading bot strategies can help you conclude lucrative trade deals throughout the day, and you can maintain immense liquidity in your crypto portfolio! To know more about Crypto Trading Bot Strategy: https://blog.blockchainfirm.io/crypto-trading-bot-and-its-strategies-for-better-profit/
  7. Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company includes personalization based on User discretion Multiple currencies and language support incorporation Competent technical assistance with bug-free solutions 24/7 customer and maintenance support High-volume liquidity and security integrations
  8. BlockchainAppsDeveloper is the best Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company offering the most profitable crypto exchange solutions. Our expertise team of developers is a massively experienced programmer. They furnish feature-rich, robust, highly secure, and scalable solutions to hit the crypto market in no time.
  9. Общая информация о проекте TronBomb Tronbomb.com представляет собой социально ориентированную, децентрализованную и полностью прозрачную развлекательно - инвестиционную платформу, основанную на блокчейне Tron Network. Главной целью TronBomb является создать экосистему, включающую в себя все преимущества блокчейн технологии и учитывающую текущие проблемы рынка и недостатки конкурирующих платформ. Таким образом, данный проект нацелен изменить существующие подходы к реализации игрового процесса, чтобы сделать его более понятным, доступным и выгодным для игроков, пользователей платформы, а также привлечь внимание и инвестиции в блокчейн проекты и технологии. Особенности проекта TronBomb 1. Дивидендная модель платформы: Все средства, полученные платформой в качестве прибыли, образуют пул дивидендов и распределяются между держателями токена проекта. Токены BOMB проекта TronBomb начисляются пользователям после каждой сделанной ставки. Распределение средств из дивидендного пула происходит смарт-контрактом каждые 24 часа. В разделе ДИВИДЕНДЫ установлен таймер обратного отсчета до момента следующего распределения средств. 2. Социализация платформы: Система рангов позволяет пользователям повышать свой уровень в системе в зависимости от объема сделанных ставок. Онлайн чат помогает обсуждать пользователям стратегию игр, развитие проекта, а также развивать и укреплять сообщество платформы TronBomb. Многопользовательские игры добавят море эмоций и большую вовлеченность в игровой процесс. Многоуровневая реферальная система позволит промоутерам платформы получать высокие вознаграждения, привлекая новых пользователей, а игрокам увеличить размер выигрышей. 3. Система Джекпотов: За объем ставок 5 крупнейших игроков получат вознаграждение каждые 24 часа. Произвольный бонус получат 20 счастливчиков- пользователей платформы TronBomb за каждые прошедшие 24 часа. 4. Система аукциона: Часть средств дивидендного пула переходит в фонд аукциона и доступно к выкупу участниками аукциона за токены проекта. Все вырученные токены от проведения аукциона будут сожжены. Все эти меры направлены на поддержку токена и проекта в целом, а также являются дополнительными бонусами и системой мотивации для игроков. Токеномика и майнинг Токен проекта Tronbomb.com имеет формат TRC-20. Основной целью выпуска токена BOMB является честное распределение прибыли платформы и справедливое функционирование системы дивидендов. Благодаря тому, что токены проекта можно добыть только во время игры на платформе, мы защищаем проект от возможности манипулирования сторонними инвесторами и сосредоточения токена для нечестного использования. Прибыль платформы равномерно распределяется среди всех держателей токенов через смарт-контракт. Ещё одной отличительной чертой проекта TronBomb является продуманная токеномика : Игра на платформе на только на криптовалюту TRX, но и токены проекта BOMB. Полученные платформой токены сжигаются, уменьшая общее количество токенов в обороте. Все токены, полученные в результате проведения аукционов по продаже части средств от дивидендного пула, сжигаются. Система обратного выкупа и сжигания токена. Для сокращения общего количества токенов в обороте и повышения его ликвидности команда проекта будет проводить обратный выкуп токенов на биржах с последующим сжиганием. Информация о выкупленных и сожженных токенах размещена в соответствующем разделе. Процесс майнинга токена представляет собой многоуровневую систему. На каждом уровне игроки имеют возможность смайнить любое число токенов, ограничением является временные периоды. На первом уровне игроки получают один токен BOMB на каждые 500 TRX сделанных ставок. 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  12. TaylorLeexxx

    Champion J Club Manifesto

    Vision: Champion J Club is a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) oriented social circle club, started by JTeam’s JFans Space. The club is aiming to establish a high-end incubating eco system staring from JTeam and focusing on the vertical industries such as sports and entertainment, especially e-sports. For now, many C-level executives from listed companies, well-known VCs, media founders, and Blockchain expertise have already joined the club. So we will attempt different business models from the crossover of e-sports, trendy products, and blockchains. Eventually, we hope it could be evolved into a top tier DAO incubating circle in sports and entertainment fields. Brand Story: Why we start with E-sports? And why we choose NFT for Champion J Club? As you may know, it usually takes 10 or even 20 years for a traditional company to build a brand, while it takes about 3 years for an esports team to build a brand. However, if you look at a project in the current blockchain field, it usually takes one year to grow into a globally renowned technology company. So what’s the logic behind it? 1. Consuming behavior of generation Z E-sports has become one of generation Z’s main social networks, and many e-sports anchors and e-sports players have surpassed the traditional entertainment stars in terms of fan influence. E-sports IPs will also likely to be the generation Z’s lifelong heavy spending in the future. At the same time, generation Z has a natural affinity for the crypto industry, therefore, the combination of NFT and e-sports may have a huge stack effect. 2. The global nature of NFT According to statistics, as of June 2021, the number of global encryption participants worldwide has reached 230 million, and it is likely to grow to 1 billion in the next three years. And the crypto circle has several significant characteristics: 1. community oriented, and strong globalization, 2. It is still in the early stage of demographic dividend, 3. There is a similar “language” and thinking in the cyber world. Therefore, as a brand, the communication efficiency of the crypto population are several times higher than that of traditional media. 3. High degree of community participation The interaction between brands and users has greatly increased the stickiness of users. At the same time, the premium brought by user participation to the brand can also feed back to the community and strengthen the motivation and vitality of the community. Therefore, the combination of e-sports and NFT provides a new exploration and idea for the establishment of global brands. Club NFT member rights and interests 1. Members are eligible to join the club and to communicate freely with other members in the group; 2. Members are able to publish rewarded tasks or inquiries; able to quickly gather resources, brainstorm and establish business connections within the private clubs; 3. Members are able to invite a certain number of friends to participate in online or offline community activities; 4. Members have the opportunities to communicate directly with industry leaders and seek possible business cooperation and etc. Last But Not Least Champion J Club will start organizing a series of activities from April 15, 2022 onward: case sharing, project salon, private meeting, online activities, and etc. Again, We will start from JTeam, and build a top tier DAO incubating circle in sports and entertainment fields, and successfully enrich the growth of JTeam’s NFT community. This article is forwarded from: jfans.blog Learn more on the official website: jfans.space
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  14. Cryptocurrency exchange platform demand is increasing rapidly for the past few years. It is a fast grooming sector, it is the most invested business in the current situation. Few people say cryptocurrencies are the bubble, but researchers and analysts could not agree with this statement. No matter who says anything, cryptocurrencies are setting the trademark in the digital era. If you start the cryptocurrency exchange business, you might earn more money. When peoples are interested to develop a cryptocurrency exchange platform, some challenges are faced. In this article, we see how to rectify this problem and solutions. Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Cryptocurrency exchange platforms allow users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. It is an online trading marketplace, to exchange and swap tokens. Platforms allow the peer to peer transactions, which are secure and transparent. It developed in the blockchain networks. Challenges In Developing The Crypto Exchange Today there is a lot of cryptocurrency exchange platform in the market. Crypto exchange development is not so easy. It is like a forest, with many risks, and issues. Regulatory Compliance Every platform owner has faced these challenges in crypto exchange development. Every country will follow a set of rules and regulations and ICOs on cryptocurrencies. If that country's Users want to start the cryptocurrency exchange development in that location, they need to follow the rules and regulations of the country. And the main important one is you must get a license from the country. It is a necessity. Security Another aspect of the crypto exchange is security. It is an important aspect, when with financial transactions online or offline, no matter big or small, what happened in the transactions, so you should know it and implement security features in your platforms like 2-factor authentication, encrypted and cloud storage, etc.., Technical Challenges A cryptocurrency exchange platform is a complex system, and you need to provide high-volume trading and a better user experience, then implement the latest technologies and modern software development. Final Thoughts These challenges are mostly entrepreneurs face it. Our well-known developer teams will overcome the challenges while developing cryptocurrency exchange platforms. you start with a crypto exchange business to earn passive income. We, Clarisco solution offer cryptocurrency exchange development. It is the top notched Cryptocurrency exchange development company and Now year-end sales going on the company. We provide up to 70% on discount all products and services. To grab the opportunities to develop their own cryptocurrency exchange platform. Year-end sales >> https://www.clarisco.com/year-end-sale-2022 Book a free demo >> https://www.clarisco.com/cryptocurrency-exchange-development Contact our experts to free consulting .., Whatsapp - +91 8807699334 Telegram - +91 8807699334 Skype - live:62781b9208711b89 Email Id - business@clarisco.com
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  16. JTeam 1. About Champion J Club NFT The total supply of Champion J Club NFT is 1,000 issued by the JTeam e-sports team based in Taipei, founded by Pop King Jay Chou. The NFT format is ERC721, minted on Ethereum, the public sale of which will be on Opensea and its official website www.jfans.space. 2. Jfans Space: JTeam’s starting point for the global rebranding of e-sports, trendy goods, and cryptocurrency A few figures first: At present, the global e-sports population has reached 1.889 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of 18.61%. The total market value of the NFT field is as high as US$27.9 billion. It is expected that the global cryptocurrency population will reach one billion in the next three years. According to the Nielsen E-sports Fan Observation Report, the survey results of fan groups in different countries showed that more than 70% of e-sports fans are in the 18–34 years old age range, which is exactly in line with the target group of the cryptocurrency and fashion circles especially Gen Z of which about one-third of e-sports players have also been exposed to encryption and NFTs. Therefore, the Champion J Club NFT and the fan medals can well reshape the JTeam brand and global influence. 3. The benefits of Champion J Club NFT 1. Holders of each Champion J Club NFT can receive 1,000 JTeam fan medals for free, and the fan medal will also have various JTeam fan benefits including VIP tickets, co-branded street cards, and star autographs, etc. A total of 10 million fan medals will be issued on OKEX and Polygon in ERC1155 format. For this batch, one million will be given away. Therefore, based on the superposition of huge e-sports fans and cryptocurrency participants, the fan medals also have huge value and room for growth. These 1,000 fan medals can be collected, transferred, or sold separately. 2. If the NFT is obtained from pre-sale and public sale, each NFT + 1000 fan medals can also receive 3D printed slippers by Musk’s SpaceX manufacturer. If the NFT is obtained through the NFT market, 1100 fan medals are required to exchange for the trendy slippers. The branded slippers are limited to 1,000 copies worldwide, and each one is unique. After delivery, the fan medal will be returned to the locked pool, and the NFT will be retained but the right to pick up the goods will cease. 3. Champion J Club NFT will create the world’s first e-sports, sports and entertainment circle social network. Just like the Boring Ape Yacht Club, the sense of identity in the circle and the gathering of high-end contacts are the real embodiment of value. It is not surprising that any high-end club has an annual fee of 100,000 or one million dollars. What’s more, the Champion J Club will be a lifetime member. In fact, the logic of the Boring Ape also uses this logic. BAYC 4. Why does Champion J Club have the potential to surpass the boring ape BAYC? In fact, the reason is very simple. Champion J Club is at the intersection of e-sports and cryptocurrency. It has a huge demographic dividend with the addition of top capital. The current mainstream social mode of Generation Z is game social networking. The durability of brand IP is measured in generations. So, look forward to Champion J Club! More details about Champion J Club: 1. Official website: Click here to enter the official website 2. How to participate in the JTeam NFT project? 3. About the issurance of J Fans fan medal and champion J club NFT 4. Twitter: https://twitter.com/jfans_space
  17. Today, the two major markets of DeFi and NFT have gained popularity in the blockchain industry. The former has a cooling trend recently, while the latter is still in the stage of gaining momentum. This is mainly limited by the narrow application scenarios and the range of NFT audience. If NFT can have relatively rich application scenarios and gameplay like FT, and its transactions can be simple, easy to operate, and easy to profit, then the NFT market will soon become popular. The NFTMarket recently launched by DEGO is to solve these two problems. DEGO is currently a star project in the NFT market. After the DEGONFT sector (GEGO) was launched, it bombarded the market through airdrops, auctions and other creative games, making it firmly ranked first in the NFT market in terms of transaction volume. Every day, a large number of GEGOs are minted and sold. The types of NFTs supported by NFTMarket are not limited to GEGO minted within the platform, but also support third-party NFT transactions. In addition, NFTMarket currently only supports unit price transactions. In the future, mainstream auction methods such as British auction and Dutch auction will be launched, as well as the FOMO auction method that has recently made DEGO popular. A few hours after going live, dozens of NFTs have been listed for sale on NFTMarket. Features of DEGONFTMarket The DEGO project has always been known for its innovation, and some highlights can also be seen in DEGONFTMarket, which has differentiated competitive advantages compared with traditional NFT trading platforms: 1. Convenient transaction experience At present, the transaction logic of DEGONFTMarket is very simple. In the actual experience, the transaction process is very smooth, and the payment will be received after binding the wallet, and there is basically no need to pay much learning cost. For new users in the NFT market It is very friendly. You can buy and buy directly when you encounter a favorite NFT. There is no cumbersome process, and it is more convenient than trading platforms such as OpenSea. 2. No fakes There are many fake NFTs in OpenSea. For example, before DEGO's NFT auction started at the end of September, a fake "Satoshi Nakamoto" appeared in OpenSea, which was bought by players who did not know the truth for 3ETH. On the other hand, DEGONFTMarket can avoid this problem. DEGO's own trading platform is absolutely true, which is equivalent to "self-operated" in e-commerce, avoiding unnecessary losses for players. 3. advantages of gameplay During this time, DEGONFT's auctions have received extensive attention and have repeatedly sold high prices. This depends on the temptation of interest brought by FOMO gameplay, all participants can benefit from it, so that auctions are no longer the patent of capitalists and art lovers, and "speculators" like you and me can also gain profits from it. DEGONFTMarket will make this auction method a general rule in the future, which is applicable to all NFTs including third-party NFTs, so that NFT transactions are no longer limited by traditional boring methods. At the same time, according to DEGONFT's auction method, the more NFT works participate in the auction in the NFTMarket, the more income will be brought to DEGO's dividend pool, so that DEGO users can get more dividends, which is very important for DEGO's currency price and project development. are beneficial. To sum up, DEGONFTMarket is improved on the basis of traditional NFT trading platform to make it more suitable for the needs of players, and with its unique gameplay to attract more audiences, it has created a collection of FOMO, DeFi, auctions, etc. Features an integrated NFT exchange. It can be seen that OpenSea is about to be revolutionized. Want to invest in top NFTs? You can learn more about the JTeam NFT project: JTeam is an e-sports team founded by Jay Chou in Taipei. It owns professional teams such as the League of Legends:WildRift Division, PUBG Division, and NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Division, and has made remarkable achievements in this field. For details of the first sale of 1000 NFTs and the gift of fan medals, please refer to: 1. About JTeamNFT: Check the official website: jfans.space 2. How to participate in the JTeamNFT project? 3. About the release of JFans fan medals and champion J club NFT 4.Tw: https://twitter.com/jfans_space
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  19. Many budding startups and entrepreneurs have started raising funds for their businesses using crypto crowdfunding. Generally, crypto crowdfunding prevails in various types like initial coin offering(ICO), initial exchange offering(IEO), security token offering(STO), etc. Here, ICO is one of the efficient and ideal crypto crowdfunding models. It is widely chosen by many people across the world for collecting funds for their businesses. ICO is a fundraising process where the startups will create new crypto tokens. Once the investors offer their money for the ICO project, they’ll get the crypto tokens in return from the startups. Generally, an ICO can be developed in two ways like development from scratch or using the script. Developing an ICO platform from scratch is a complicated process. It requires more money, time, and resources for creating an ICO from scratch. To avoid those, you can choose an ICO script for developing your ICO effortlessly. In this article, we shall discuss the ICO dashboard script, features included in an ICO dashboard script, etc. Come, let us start with… What is an ICO Dashboard Script? ICO dashboard script is a pre-developed ICO script that comes along with all the existing features and plugins of an ICO dashboard. This ready-made script makes you launch an exemplary ICO dashboard immediately in a hassle-free manner. With our premium ICO dashboard script, you can develop all kinds of ICO tokens to perform secure token sales. Using our bug-free ICO dashboard script, you can easily add or customize the ICO dashboard as per your business needs. On the other side, our ICO dashboard script includes both the ICO admin dashboard and the ICO investor dashboard with many cutting-edge features. If you are in plan to create an ICO website with bug-free ICO dashboard software, then you have to integrate some crucial features in both the investor’s dashboard and the admin dashboard. Let’s get a closer look. Features of ICO Investor Dashboard User-friendly interface Real-time statistics Multi-language support Crypto token wallet KYC/AML solutions Investor review Token purchase Current exchange rates One-touch information Community management Referral programs Airdrop and bonus programs Investor contract execution Two-factor authentication Features of ICO Admin Dashboard Detailed reporting and analytics Pending transactions handling Investor management Custom funding plan Admin permission management Concierge service Custom smart contract Detailed logging and monitoring Bank transfer and management Whitelisting Timeline management Investor contract management Lock-in period management Not only these features but there are various benefits offered by developing an ICO using an ICO dashboard script. Get a FREE live DEMO here >> ICO Dashboard Script Benefits of Developing an ICO using ICO Dashboard Script A robust and extraordinary ICO website can be developed using the ICO dashboard script. Any features can be easily added or customized in an ICO dashboard script. Supports multiple cryptocurrencies. ICO development cost is low when using an ICO script. High liquidity in a short time. An attractive user interface can be developed by an ICO script. No involvement of central authorities or third parties. Offers high-end security systems. If you wish to get a first-class ICO dashboard script, you can get it from a reputed ICO script provider in the crypto ecosystem for great results!!!
  20. You can consider a crypto exchange similar to the stock exchange. Where buyers trade stocks of companies and derivatives. Instead of shares, users trade in cryptocurrencies that are purely digital. Nowadays, people ask how to start a crypto exchange. Starting a cryptocurrency exchange of your own is not an easy task. This project involves much time, money, and patience. To answer the question, ‘how to start a crypto exchange. You must first conduct market research. Then you have to analyze your business needs. Then you must set up your headquarters in a crypto-friendly country and get licenses from the government and there’s a lot more. You must build an exchange that is appealing to the users. But building a crypto exchange is much more complicated. You must hire developers and invest hundreds of dollars in it. Instead, you can go for the simple way to start a crypto exchange using a clone script. You can save a lot of money by using a clone script and instantly create a cryptocurrency exchange. A crypto exchange clone script has a lot of benefits in many ways. How to start a crypto exchange using a clone script? A crypto exchange clone script has all elements needed to start a crypto exchange. It has easy-to-use themes and matching engines to start the trade. It supports KYC integrations and has a user-friendly login panel. Crypto exchange clone script: Why use it? Cryptocurrency exchange can be easily created using a crypto exchange clone script. A crypto exchange clone software can eliminate the need to code from scratch. It is quality tested by testing engineers and it is bug-free. It is highly customizable and instantly ready to use. Crypto exchange clone script benefits: Customizable Scalable Low cost Quicker integration Flexible fees Multiple revenue-generating models Features of crypto exchange clone script: Staking Swapping User dashboard Admin dashboard KYC integration Wallet integration Trade engine Live support IEO module Jail login DDoS prevention and more By knowing these features and benefits of using a crypto exchange, you can enter into the crypto world and create your own brand using the Crypto exchange clone script. But you must get the clone script from a trustworthy clone script provider. One of the trustworthy clone script providers I have come across is Coinsclone. They provide professional blockchain and white-label clone script solutions. If you need further information read this article >>> How to start a crypto exchange If you have any further queries you can contact experts via Whatsapp - 9500575285 Skype - live hello_20214
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  25. Вчера, 22 мая, российский парламент принял в первом чтении три законопроекта, касающиеся регулирования рынка криптовалют. В российском криптосообществе весьма скептично встретили эту новость. Представители Российской ассоциации криптовалют и блокчейна (РАКИБ) высказались негативно о законопроектах и отметили, что они не только не привлекут иностранных инвесторов, но и отпугнут своих. В комментарии РБК директор по проектной деятельности РАКИБ Арсений Шельцин заявил, что указанные законопроекты имело смысл принять в начале прошлого года, в качестве некой правовой базы, но сейчас они несут больше негатива для российского крипторынка, нежели пользы. «Если бы это произошло в прошлом году, безусловно, можно было бы назвать этот пакет позитивным шагом, но сейчас, когда мы называем это документами о легализации криптовалют, и при этом внутри нет ничего, что с этим связано, сложно назвать это хорошей новостью. Скорее, это более нейтральная, а местами и вовсе негативная мера. Все идет к тому, что эта тема обретает свои правила, получается, что текущее регулирования не то чтобы стимулирует иностранных инвесторов приезжать и пользоваться нашей юрисдикцией, это регулирование выталкивает российских предпринимателей… все же я бы не сказал, что это какой-то сплошной негатив, это скорее форма недопонимания. Оно возникает на уровне президента и исполнения его поручений, в них не было задачи ограничить или создать барьер, наоборот — всячески проработать», — подытожил Шельцин. При этом Советник Президента РФ по вопросам развития интернета Герман Клименко, хоть и признал, что законопроекты «не идеальны», но в целом оценивает их позитивно. «Я считаю, что это хорошая новость. Условно говоря, то, ради чего создавался РАКИБ, превратилось в какие-то решения. Да, они не идеальные, как хотела бы индустрия, но в меру компромиссные. Определение базовым терминам, как, например, цифровые деньги, пока не появились и вряд ли появятся. В целом для самой индустрии определение «иное имущество» — это весьма благое дело и, мне кажется, что это прекрасная законодательная база и основа. Закон-то не приняли, сейчас с ним еще будут биться бесконечно. Уверен, что с ним все не будет просто, но все равно — это хорошо», — уверен Герман Клименко Также Клименко предупредил, что в обозримом будущем легализации криптовалют в России ждать не стоит. «Цифровые деньги не будут легализованы в том смысле, в котором хочет криптосообщество. Я имею в виду принятие цифрового актива, как платежного средства. В данный момент ни Центральный банк РФ, ни Центральные банки мира к этому не готовы», — констатировал он. https://cryptocurrency.tech/rakib-prinyatye-zakony-ne-privlekut-inostrannyh-investorov-i-otpugnut-svoih/