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  1. In recent years, Decentralized finance (DeFi) exchanges have become increasingly popular, as they provide a more secure and decentralized alternative to traditional centralized exchanges. If you are considering creating a DeFi Exchange, choosing the right development company is important to ensure the success and security of your project. Here are some tips that help you to choose the right DeFi Exchange Development Company: Experience and expertise Look for a development company with a proven track record of developing successful DeFi projects. They should have experience in developing decentralized applications (dApps), smart contracts, and blockchain technology. You can check their portfolio, client reviews, and case studies to evaluate their expertise. Security Measures Security is a top priority for any DeFi project, as it involves handling large amounts of digital assets. Look for a development company that has a strong security protocol in place to ensure the safety of user funds. They should be familiar with the latest security standards and have experience in developing secure smart contracts and implementing multi-factor authentication. Customization and Scalability A good DeFi exchange development company only should be able to customize the platform according to your business requirements. They should also be able to provide scalable solutions that can accommodate future growth and handle high volumes of transactions. Technology Stack DeFi Exchanges require a complex technology that includes smart contracts, blockchain protocols, and various software tools. The development company should have expertise in using the latest technologies, such as Ethereum, Solidity, and Web3, to build a strong and scalable DeFi exchange. Support and maintenance Once the DeFi exchange is launched, it requires ongoing support and maintenance to ensure its smooth functioning. Look for a development company that provides reliable support and maintenance services to ensure the long-term success of your project. Cost and Time The cost and timing of the project are also important factors to consider when choosing a DeFi exchange development company. Make sure you get a clear understanding of the development cost and timing upfront, and ensure that there are no hidden costs or delays. Overall, it is important to choose the right DeFi Exchange development company to Create DeFi Exchange, and carefully consider various factors including experience, expertise, security, customization, advanced technology, support, and cost. Choose the one that best meets your business requirements and budget.
  2. The DeFi ecosystem has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, and it's expected to grow even more in the future. DeFi (Decentralized Finance) is one of the most revolutionary concepts in the blockchain industry. It enables peer-to-peer transactions and eliminates the need for intermediaries, making it more transparent and secure. Defi exchange development is a key aspect of the Defi ecosystem; unlocking its potential could bring significant benefits. A DeFi exchange is a decentralized platform that allows users to trade cryptocurrencies and other digital assets without a centralized authority. They are powered by smart contracts, which makes them more secure and transparent than traditional exchanges. There are several advantages to developing a DeFi exchange, and in this article, we'll discuss the major benefits of creating it. Your users have more control over their funds and can execute transactions more efficiently. DeFi exchanges are also open-source, meaning anyone can contribute to their development and improve their functionality. In addition, DeFi exchanges are that they are more accessible to users around the world. Traditional exchanges often have restrictions on who can use them, such as requiring users to have a bank account or specific identification documents. In conclusion, DeFi exchange development has the potential to revolutionize the way we trade cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. To unlock this, your business definitely needs help from a top DeFi Exchange Development Company. They can create a more secure, transparent, and accessible Decentralized Exchange platform cost-effectively.
  3. In recent years, DeFi tokens have gained significant popularity, with the total value locked (TVL) in DeFi platforms touching $51.1 billion now. It's getting more and more. So, many startups and entrepreneurs are involved in DeFi token Development. Even though, many startups still rely on traditional financial systems that are more centralized, less transparent, and less efficient. But this could limit their ability to reach global investors' attraction. And this can be the biggest challenge for startups who do not involve in Defi Token Development. In this case, such startups fail to enjoy the full benefits of DeFi tokens in their business. But in reality, DeFi token investment provides high returns to investors on a long-term basis. Let us see the business benefits of creating a Defi token, Allowing for a decentralized system that operates without intermediaries A high level of transparency creates trust and confidence among users Defi tokens offer various opportunities for lending, staking, and liquidity provision lower transaction fees compared to traditional platform Defi tokens have global accessibility Considering all the above factors, you will know how important creating a Defi token is for your business. You will definitely need the help of a professional to create a such token for your business. For startups, it is better to hire a Defi Token Development Company. Get started today by scheduling a consultation with a leading Defi Token Development Company. Their professional team will assist you in all aspects of creating a Defi token, from planning to development and implementation.
  4. Peter_Quint

    DeFI Token Development- An overview

    The Decentralized Token Development Platform has transformed the blockchain sector, enabling entrepreneurs and businesses to profit quickly as the value of DeFi tokens steadily rises in the crypto space. DeFi Tokens offer significant benefits to investors, including increased revenue and global attention. It is a completely decentralized protocol that eliminates the need for a central authority, reducing transaction costs and wait times for user access. The platform is powered by the Smart Contract System, which ensures the successful completion of every transaction. Decentralized crypto-tokens are used in the blockchain's DeFi platform to provide various services instantly. There are so many famous deFi tokens available in the market. Top DeFi Tokens are Avalanche Uniswap Dai Wrapped Bitcoin Chainlink Fantom Tezos XRP (XRP) Terra Classic The Decentralized Finance (DeFi) token development platform has transformed the world by enabling audiences to benefit from hassle-free digital transactions on a decentralized platform. Entrepreneurs can make profitable investments with a DeFi token platform and participate in the digital currency sector. If you are an entrepreneur planning to create an amazing DeFi token using advanced blockchain technology, you can hire a DeFi token development Company. They will have overall experience in DeFi token development and guide you through the entire process.
  5. Decentralized finance (DeFi) has been one of the hottest topics in the cryptocurrency space in recent years. DeFi is a new financial ecosystem built on blockchain technology that allows for the creation of decentralized financial applications and services. One of the most popular forms of DeFi is the creation of DeFi tokens, which are digital assets that can be used to represent ownership in a specific DeFi project or platform. As an investor, it is important to understand the basics of DeFi token development. Here are some key points to keep in mind: DeFi tokens are typically created through an initial coin offering (ICO) or initial exchange offering (IEO). These fundraising mechanisms allow investors to buy tokens in exchange for cryptocurrency, typically Ethereum. DeFi tokens are often used as a form of governance. Token holders have a say in the direction and development of the project they are invested in. DeFi tokens can also be used to access certain features or services within a DeFi platform. For example, a token may be required to access a decentralized lending platform. DeFi tokens are often built on Ethereum, which is the most popular blockchain for DeFi projects. This means that the token will be an ERC-20 token, which is a standard for tokens built on the Ethereum blockchain. Overall, DeFi token development is a rapidly evolving field. DeFi tokens are a unique and promising asset class with a high potential for growth. However, by understanding the basics of DeFi token development, you can contact a more informed DeFi token development company and get more benefits by developing a DeFi token. When it comes to finding a DeFi Token Development Company in the crypto industry, there are many options available. However, based on my own experience, I highly recommend ZAB Technologies as the best company in this field. Because they provide cutting-edge features, robust security, and exceptional customer service all at a reasonable cost.
  6. A DeFi (Decentralized Finance) wallet is a digital wallet that is used to store and manage various types of cryptocurrencies and assets that are traded on decentralized finance platforms. DeFi wallet, is a rapidly growing ecosystem that allows users to access financial services such as lending, borrowing, and trading on a decentralized platform. These wallets often provide support for multiple assets and protocols, and allow users to interact with decentralized applications (dApps) on the blockchain. In this guide, we will explore the process of developing a DeFi wallet, key features, benefits, and security considerations. There are several reasons why choosing DeFi wallet development can be a good decision. High demand: The DeFi ecosystem is growing rapidly, and the demand for DeFi wallets is increasing as more people look to participate in this new financial system. Innovation: DeFi is a relatively new ecosystem, and there is still a lot of room for innovation and creativity when it comes to developing new features and functionality for DeFi wallets. Potential for profitability: As the DeFi ecosystem grows, there is a potential for significant profitability for companies and developers that are able to create successful DeFi wallets. Focus on security: One of the most important aspects of DeFi wallets is security, and choosing DeFi wallet development allows developers to focus on creating a secure and trustworthy product for users. Decentralization: DeFi wallets are built on decentralized platform, which allows for a more transparent, open and fair financial system. Additionally, Decentralization is one of the key aspect that makes DeFi wallet development more rewarding. In order to be a useful and secure wallet, a DeFi wallet should have certain key features. Key features Multi-chain support NFC Support Simple User Interface Swapping Lending Staking Multi-Signature Multi-lingual support Automated conversion rates QR code scanner Security is also a crucial aspect of a DeFi wallet. A DeFi wallet should have robust security features to protect user assets and personal information. Security features Encryption of user data Two-factor authentication Secure private key management Secure seed phrase management Security Audits The development process is an important one for startups and entrepreneurs. These kinds of benefits and features are available only in professional Defi wallet development companies. Also, Find out about the development process they use. Let us see the steps that a development company will follow to create your DeFi wallet. The first step is to understand the DeFi ecosystem and the specific protocols and platforms that the wallet will interact with. This includes researching existing DeFi wallets and analyzing their features and user interface. After that, the next step is to design and build the user interface and other features. This includes creating a user-friendly interface that allows users to easily manage and trade their assets. Next, it's important to implement security measures to protect users' assets and personal information. This includes encrypting user data and implementing two-factor authentication. The next step is testing and debugging the wallet, to ensure that it functions correctly and securely. Finally, the wallet is deployed on a blockchain network and continuously updated and maintained after launch. DeFi wallet development can be a great choice for companies and startups looking to be at the forefront of the rapidly growing DeFi ecosystem. It offers the opportunity to create innovative and secure products that meet the needs of a growing user base, while also providing potential for profitability. Only a professional DeFi Wallet development company will provide this kind of development process, features, and benefits, contact a DeFi Wallet Development Company. They can supply you with extensive information and assist you in the process of establishing your platform.
  7. As the cryptocurrency market expands, startups have demonstrated a strong desire to try and incorporate blockchain technology. And accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method. Many startups have already entered the crypto market by launching their coins, tokens, and wallets. DeFi, also known as decentralized finance, is a niche among niches. DeFi is currently the best emerging market for businesses. And Uniswap is one of the most used exchanges in the DeFi space. As a result, Uniswap can be a business model that entrepreneurs might want to emulate. That being said, it’s not an easy task to create a DeFi exchange (DEX) like Uniswap on your own. Because there are many technical challenges involved, and the idea underlying this model is complex. So, it takes a lot of time, money, and effort to build a decentralized exchange like Uniswap. Most importantly, it requires the constant work of a team of software developers specializing in diverse fields. Due to the aforementioned factors required to develop a DEX platform, many startups tend to fail. But there is an alternative method to do this, and it's called the Uniswap Clone Script. It is a ready-made DeFi exchange software solution that can be customized with your flexible features and was inspired by well-known brands. Why is the Uniswap clone script the most effective? Uniswap Clone Script is a customizable decentralized exchange software that helps your launch a platform exactly like Uniswap. The Uniswap Clone Software aids in the development of an independent DeFi exchange platform that can adapt to different frameworks and offers a wide array of advantages to the platform’s users. The Uniswap clone script holds the same features and functionalities as the existing Uniswap exchange. Benefits of Uniswap clone script: Highly customizable Bug-free & secure Cost-effective Faster deployment Eye-catching and user-friendly dashboard Generate High ROI Features of Uniswap clone script: Swapping AMM Model Yield Farming Staking Lending & Borrowing Systems IFO - Initial Farm Offerings Multilingual Supports Multiple Wallet Connectivity This clone script supports several wallets like MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Math wallet, and Token Pocket, just like Uniswap. I hope you now have a better understanding of the Uniswap clone script and how you can use it to enter the Defi universe. So what are you still waiting for? It’s time to build a name for yourself in the crypto space by starting your own Defi exchange like Uniswap. Book an Instant Live Demo >>>>Uniswap clone script
  8. A decentralized exchange script is a script with which you can create your own DEX exchange. Nowadays DeFi platforms are having huge trading volumes of more than $1 million. Because of this, there’s a huge business opportunity in this million-dollar industry. A decentralized exchange script is a similar software to the DEX exchange. DEX exchanges are having popularity because of their anonymity and security. DEX exchanges rely on smart contracts to facilitate transactions. They have excellent speed and less transaction fees. Decentralized exchange script paves the way to save time and energy. It costs less than developing an exchange from scratch. It doesn't require much technical aptitude. It is better than using open-source codes as they may contain bugs. Why use a Decentralized exchange script? A decentralized exchange script is bug-free and secure. It can be built on blockchains such as Ethereum and BNB chain, Tron, and more. It’s much secure and it contains a lot of customizations to help you build a DEX exchange. Benefits of Decentralized exchange script: Customizable Scalable Less cost Secure User-friendly dashboard Best UI/UX Features of Decentralized exchange script: SSL protection Staking Liquidity pools AMM Crypto loans Token swapping API Documentation Wallet integration End-to-end encryption It also supports multiple third-party wallets like Metamask, Trustwallet, Token pocket, Coinbase wallet, and so on. By looking at these features and benefits, using a decentralized clone software is the best idea to enter the DeFi space. The transaction fees are the main revenue source for the DeFi exchanges. So why wait? Use a decentralized exchange script and enter into this million-dollar industry. Create your DeFi exchange with this Decentralized exchange software. If you need more detailed information refer to this article >>> Decentralized exchange script Talk to experts via: Whatsapp - 9500575285 Skype - live:hello_20214
  9. Decentralized Exchange aka DEX is built with smart contracts which automatize the operations like the flow of funds, order matching, and transactions. They are quick and transparent that will authorize the users to have control over the assets with a high level of security. DeFi exchanges like pancakeswap and uniswap are one of the best examples of it. Currently, you have an extraordinary opportunity to drive your business for your entrepreneurship. If you are a person who wants to break the wave, then ride the wave to make the change. For a budding startup, starting a DeFi Exchange platform on your own is an imbecile thing. But on the other side, DeFi Exchange Development company will help to implement your ideas and also to develop them. However, if you are approaching a development firm, you need to consider some crucial factors. Prime factors to choose DeFi Exchange Development Company Blockchain engineers Experience in the market Affordable cost Feedback and review Customer satisfaction They should have a team of UI/UX and blockchain experts Technology they use These are some of the prime factors that you need to consider to choose the DeFi Exchange Development Company. If you are a start-up planning to start a DeFi Exchange in the crypto market, then connecting with the DeFi Exchange Development Company will enrich your confidence to enter the crypto market. Here, you may have a question, Where I can find the finest DeFi Exchange Development Company? As a crypto enthusiast and a pioneer in the crypto field, I have heard about an ideal DeFi Exchange Development Company that fulfills the key factors mentioned above. Yes, it’s Coinslcone. Coinclone has 7+ years of industrial experience in blockchain and they have well-trained blockchain developers to create a decentralized exchange platform as per the client's needs. They deliver your product within 7 days and will harness your experience for a smooth-sailing development journey to accomplish your business goals. You can contact their experts via >>>DeFi Exchange Development Company
  10. The DeFi movement promises to bring a lot of benefits to customers and investors, including eliminating intermediaries and central oversight, making financial markets more accessible to retail investors, and creating new investment opportunities. Changing the landscape of the traditional financial systems. With DeFi, users can take advantage of lower transaction rates, higher interest rates, or an opportunity to diversify investments. We are the top-rated DeFi exchange development company, with a highly qualified expert team. What are you waiting for, this is the right time for you to enter the DeFi space.
  11. DeFi is a Decentralised finance platform that was created to solve the interference faced by many people while money transactions in recent days. This has gained a huge audience towards its decentralized way of currency transactions and eradicated the middle man involvement. So anyone can create a business platform in DeFi through DeFi Development Company. Once the project is created it should need some promotion to take the business to the target marketplace, so hiring the DeFi marketing company would be a fine solution. Continue reading: https://www.turnkeytown.com/blog/defi-marketing-agency-proffers-newfangled-strategies/
  12. Cryptocurrency has dominated the headlines for the past few years due to its decentralized nature. Dex can help users to perform instant peer-to-peer rapid transactions all around the world. In a decentralized platform, there is no need for a middleman or central authority. This leads to a drastic rise and has attracted all the startups to grab the opportunity in the crypto space. As an entrepreneur, your aim is to launch your own Decentralized exchange. Now it’s an excellent opportunity. But before launching your own DeFi exchanges to enlarge your business, you must know about the methodologies, they are Developing from scratch Decentralized exchange script Developing from scratch Developing a Decentralized exchange from scratch is for high-potential startups. Also, it requires 8 to 9 months for deployment and an experienced team of Blockchain developers, a testing team, and so on. It entirely depends on your own risk. But on the flip side, you can reach the Decentralized exchange script for your unique creation. Decentralized exchange script A decentralized exchange clone script is a pre-build script that works similarly to the popular DEX. It can be modified as per your business requirements in a beneficial way. You can launch a DEX platform within 15 days in a hassle-free manner. From my concern, the Decentralized exchange script will be the smart choice for a budding startup. There are numerous script providers in this digital world, but not everyone provides quality scripts. Don’t fear guys, I’m just creating awareness of regretting it. As a crypto pioneer, I have heard of clone script provider - Coinsclone. They have 6+ years of industrial experience and well-trained blockchain developers to create a decentralized exchange platform as per the client's needs. You can contact their expert team via >>>Decentralized exchange script
  13. Сегодня, цифровые валюты и различные блокчейн-проекты становятся все более востребованными и популярными среди пользователей. Одним из таких проектов является Yearn.Finance, более известный как YFI. Yearn.Finance это один из токенов ERC-20, стоимость которого составляет примерно $20226. Несмотря на то, что проект был запущен относительно недавно, он пользуется огромным спросом среди пользователей. Высокая стоимость токена также говорит о его популярности. Давайте разберемся, что такое Yearn.Finance и почему этот проект привлекает внимание инвесторов. Что такое Yearn.Finance? Yearn.Finance — это протокол, который функционируют на блокчейне Ethereum и предназначен для использования ДеФи , включая кредитование, заработок на процентах, а также торговлю. Целью децентрализованной экосистемы платформы является максимизация вложенных средств инвесторов благодаря тому, что основной протокол экосистемы автоматически перемещает цифровые монеты инвесторов между кредитными пулами (Dydx, Aave, Compound). В настоящий момент, Yearn считается одним из самых востребованных децентрализованных проектов в мире DeFi. YFI – это внутренний токен Yearn.Finance у которого есть автономный протокол. Это значит, что инвесторы могут голосовать на платформе за направление протокола, которое больше всего соответствует их целям. Сегодня YFI считается одним из крупнейших цифровых активов основанном на блокчейне Ethereum, приоритетом которого является yield farming. Узнайте о Yearn.Finance ещё больше в нашем блоге на cryptorobotics.co: https://cryptorobotics.co/ru/obzor-yearn-finance/ Кто создал Yearn.Finance? Yearn.Finance был создан Андре Кронье в 2020 года и представлял собой протокол который основан на Ethereum. Целью данного протокола было дать пользователям возможность увеличить прибыль от депозитов эфира, стейблкоинов и альткоинов. Андре Кронье – IT-разработчик финансовых технологий из Южной Африки, который принял решения разработать платформу Yearn.Finance, после того как заметил несоответствие в доходности разных приложений DeFi. Вскоре после того как протокол Кронье был запущен, он подвергся взлому, разработчики его изменили и усовершенствовали, чтобы предоставить пользователям возможность использовать новые продукты. Продукты Yearn.Finance Yearn.Finance считается одним из самых развивающихся проектов DeFi, который использует только код при предоставлении своих услуг, что полностью устраняет потребность в посредниках и третьих лицах, таких как банк. Для этого на платформе была создана автоматизированная система поощрений в основе, которой лежит собственная криптовалюта платформы YFI. Платформа Yearn.Finance включает в себя несколько продуктов: APY – таблица данных, которая показывает процентные ставки по разным кредитным протоколам. Earn – предоставляет информацию пользователям о самых высоких процентных ставках, которые они могут заработать, взяв в долг цифровой актив. Для этого, он взаимодействует с такими протоколами как Compound, Dydx, Aave и позволяет пользователям получать пассивный доход от стейблкоинов (sUSD, USDT, DAI, USDC, TUSD) и wBTC. Vaults – ряд инвестиционных стратегий, которые используются для увеличения прибыли от других проектов DeFi. Zap – предоставляет пользователям возможность делать несколько инвестиций с помощью одного клика компьютерной мыши, экономит время пользователя и минимизирует альтернативные издержки и комиссию за транзакцию. В основном все эти сервисы Yearn.Finance были разработаны для того, чтобы пользователи могли взять в долг монету или использовать в торговле свои средства. Таким образом, проект сделал инвестирование в DeFi и фарминг более доступными для пользователей. Как работает Yearn.Finance? Как мы уже упоминали выше, Yearn.Finance работает путем автономного перемещения средств инвесторов к самым прибыльным проектам. То есть, он находит протокол, который предлагает самую лучшую годовую доходность в процентах (APR). Данная платформа считается очень выгодным решением в DeFi секторе, поскольку позволяет своим пользователям получать высокий доход путем блокирования стейблкоинов ERC-20 (USDT, DAI, USDC, TUSD или SUSD) в протоколе. Взамен на них инвесторы получают равное количество yToken. Таким образом, с технической точки зрения монета YFI ничем не отличается от любого другого цифрового актива ERC-20. Платформа Yearn.Finance автоматически переключает внесенные цифровые активы в протокол с самой высокой доходностью, чтобы увеличить прибыль инвестора. В отличие от других токенов, у YFI лучшая автоматизация и гибкость, чего раньше никогда не было в блокчейне. Еще одним из значимых преимуществ использования Yearn.Finance является то, что сеть взимает небольшую плату, внесенную в пул платформы, которая затем распределяется между держателями токенов YFI в качестве дивидендов.
  14. The crypto world is growing in an unimaginable way, and the number of crypto projects too. To stand out from the crowd and gain a competitive edge in the market, an innovative marketing plan is to be implemented in your project. A Defi advertising company will provide you with a suitable devised marketing plan for your business and help you attract millions of crypto investors to your business. Read More: https://www.turnkeytown.com/defi-marketing-services
  15. Are you looking to strengthen your business with high funds through ICOs or to enter into the remunerative Defi space? We Maticz develop the Defi based Decentralized Exchanges which are innovative Financial phenomenon that cancels out the need for any central authority to monitor the transactions taking place. with respect to the Defi platform developed.The Defi based crypto trading is gaining extremely large trade volume and its worth is $96.68 billion. Maticz is a superior Defi exchange development company, we offer complete Defi solutions and services through our expert team. We have completed 150+ projects successfully in different domains.
  16. Pancakeswap clone software is a standard and bug-free Defi DEX clone script in order to build your Defi-based protocol like PancakeSwap on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. This platform is working on the Automated Market Maker (AMM) protocol which helps the user to match their buy and sell orders directly with other users in a liquidity pool. By providing liquidity pools, users can earn some percentage of fees. Pancakeswap clone development is essential to improve users' trading experience, which brings a more innovative, feature-rich platform to make perform faster and more efficient. If you are looking for a ready-made solution (or) do you want to launch your Defi-based DEX like PancakeSwap on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network from scratch? Then Reach, Nodalsoft technologies a leading Defi development company offers the best ready-made as well as white-label Pancakeswap clone script with an advanced feature that helps to launch your Defi-based DEX which is similar to the Pancakeswap with a familiar user interface.
  17. Decentralized Finance is one of the game-changing technology in the crypto industry which has created a sturdy foundation. Billions of dollars are being invested in Defi and the total value locked has exceeded $291.75 billion. The defi protocol is still incessantly growing and will be generating hefty trade volume in the near future. Are you a budding cryptopreneur? Ready to dive into the defi ecosystem? Get in touch with Maticz, The pre-dominant Defi Development Company to revamp your financial applications. Avail of our well-refined defi development services like Decentralized Exchange Development, Defi Staking Development, Defi Yield Farming Development, Defi Lending/borrowing Platform Development, Defi DApp Development, etc. Benefits of DeFi Development Cross-chain compliance Automation Pseudonymous Transactions Versatile Accessibility Interoperability Highly Secure Ensure Global Access Take part in the defi ecosystem by availing of the stupendous defi development services with the renowned Defi Development Company. Re-equip your financial application and boost your revenue in the crypto space.
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  25. Один из недооценённых бесплатных помощников в мониторинге пулов ликвидности DeFi и цен ERC-20 токенов, аналогов которому ещё нет на рынке,- это Telegram бот EtherDROPS: t.me/EtherDROPS_bot Бот может мониторить только сеть Ethereum. Но почти 95% всех DeFi проектов именно на Ethereum. Самые "кассовые" DeFi так же именно там. Суть бота проста: 1) Возможность мониторить изменение цены токенов. Бот шлёт уведомления когда цена варьируется в заданном вами ценовом диапазоне. Можно задать абсолютно разный диапазон, от минимальных колебаний в 0.1% для более частых уведомлений, или более высокий. Отпадает нужда непрерывного обновления CoinMarketCap или DropsTab. 2) Возможность следить за изменением ликвидности пула. Бот будет слать нотификации при выбранном % изменении, их вы так же настраиваете сами. Кто-то занёс или вынес огромную долю? Самое время насторожиться, ведь значит поступила какая-то информация или происходит что-то совсем нехорошее. Помимо этого вы можете отслеживать баланс любого кошелька в сети Ethereum, будь это ваш личный кошелёк или кошелёк интересующего вас проекта, кита или биржи. Данный бот существенно облегчит вам жизнь и поможет в принятии инвестиционных решений. Более того, бот предоставляет возможность обратной связи. Если у вас возникнут вопросы или пожелания- вы всегда можете связаться с разработчиками! Так же встроен удобный пользовательский интерфейс и гайд на русском и английском языках для новых пользователей.