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  1. General Introduction Decentralized Finance also is known as Artem Finance Protocol has taken the entire Crypto space by storm. DeFi has turned to be one of the hottest topics in Crypto Space. DeFi has emerged to turn the global financial system around. The government of the world operates Centralized Financial system which includes Fiat currency issuance, taken charge of the flow and supply of national currency. This is in contrast with the Decentralized Financial system operates in a democratic form where investors take charge over the management of the entire monetary system. Decentralized Finance also is known as DeFi does not limit its scope to a particular country. It is a global decentralized financial system which includes the following components: Digital Assets, Smart Contracts, Blockchain network, DApss and many more. Artem Finance Protocol allows users to take complete control over their own assets and this is the basis of Decentralize Financial system. It is a form of the financial system that aims towards disrupting the existing global financial system. Artem Finance Protocol enables anyone to earn, store, invest and trade using blockchain and DApps in a trustless manner without the involvement of any broker or intermediaries. In this article, I will be discussing a blockbusting Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform named Artem Finance Protocol. Artem Finance Protocol platform is willing to change the narratives in Cryptocurrency Space. The Artem Finance Protocol blockchain cryptocurrency platform creates the right framework, Infrastructure, systems and constructs for mining cryptocurrency at every instance. Artem Finance Protocol uses the systematic ERC-20 paradigm, which allows for easy flexible exchange and a mutual swapping of tokens from one cryptocurrency to another. Through the DEFI, crypto lenders can borrow in a decentralized environment their crypto assets. Users can also get themselves entertained on the platform. The moderation of Artem Finance Protocol establishes the decentralized design and algorithmic interplay of functional crypto-mining. Artem Finance Protocol interfaces to make the user enjoy the benefits of mining simultaneously without any delays. Thus, its unique proficiency. About Artem Finance Protocol Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Ecosystem Artem Finance Protocol platform is simply an innovative blockchain platform spearheading the mission of Sustainable Global Decentralized Financial System. The Artem Finance Protocol Group Digital Banking system is the parent company that born Artem Finance Protocol decentralized platform. Readily, Artem Finance Protocol Group has been in operation for a while specializing in Digital Banking system. It is basically a platform, which represents the effective, calculative, relational and dynamic framework paradigm of blockchain mining in a liquidity state that grows over time for the benefit of the users such as the crypto-investor, crypto-exchanger, crypto-freelancer, crypto-content developer and trader who has enormously invested for returns (profit). Features of Artem (ARTT) The Artem Finance Protocol is decentralized in its design and construct. Hence, it eliminates centralized constraints and also creates functional leveraging for acceptance and adoption by numerous users. -Blockchain Algorithm: The Artem Finance Protocol uses the blockchain algorithm design as adoption on a general node for its project. This creates the right security pool for cryptocurrency liquidity mining on the platform. The blockchain node creates the functional approach and structure for which users investment cannot be tampered with. -Scalability Design : The Artem Finance Protocol is designed to be scalable in handling numerous amount of basic transactions. This instance creates a pathway that eliminates all fuzziness of transactions and also all hindrances to operations on the platform. The Artem Finance Protocol uses the node for more security of its platform to limit intrusions and third party activities on the platform. This in a way eliminates the loss of investment and mining profit by users. -Low Commission charges: The Artem Finance Protocol eliminates the presence of high mining charges on users who mine liquidity form of cryptocurrency. This makes it easy for trade, exchanges and transactions to take place seamlessly without fear of charges. Artem Token (ARTT) and Staking Information Artem is based on the Ethereum blockchain and gives system supporters 0.5 ARTT for every block confirmed (about 15 seconds). 50% (0.25 ARTT) is allocated to the borrower and the lender. ARTT empowers community governance. It adopts 0 pre-farming, 0 distribution, and 0 fundraisings. The total issuance of ARTT tokens is 4,204,800 ARTT. LIMITED 500NFT IS AVAILABLE FOR CLAIMING Claim your NFT here: https://artdeco.artem.finance The ARTD is a utility token used specifically for NFT card. It will soon be tradable in the Uniswap market. But You can trade Artt on uniswap for now via the link below https://info.uniswap.org/pair/0x64538cd9DEf30F3e807E863662a474ac36E3D4df Artem Staking Contest is still Running and the rewards are juicy. Find information below YieldFarming Rewards: Fire Money bag1000 $ARTT for all farming participants. The first deposit will earn up to 30% return! Money bagArtemStakingMoney bag https://app.artem.finance Artem Staking Contest is still running!! Money-mouth face Conclusively, Artem Finance Protocol stands clear as the most dynamic and reliable liquidity cryptocurrency mining platform, which creates an inclusive structure on a progressive node process. Artem Finance Protocol is a complete Decentralized Financial (DeFi) ecosystem aiming to disrupt the existing and non-transparent global financial system. It is a global decentralized financial system which includes the following components: Digital Assets, Smart Contracts, Blockchain network. Artem Finance Protocol is an iconic DeFi platform whom I think must be well patronized. Don’t miss out. Be part of this amazing revolution. To learn further about the Platform, don’t hesitate to consult the official links below. Website: https://artem.finance/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Artem_Protocol Telegram: https://t.me/ArtemProtocol Inquiries: support@artem.finance Publisher Information Bitcointalk Username: Vantafou230 Bitcointalk Profile Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2892529 Bitcointalk Authentication Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5291124.msg55739190#msg55739190 ETH Address: 0x4799F79b07693F3F0bd3C6bE929795fcceC7C015