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What Yu Tzu uses is the method of "Falling afterbirth out of the Yin spirit," which is a secret tradition of the Li Chen Sect. He regards the Yin spirit as a baby, the body as the afterbirth, and when it comes out of the Yin spirit, it is like a baby coming out of its mother's body. He pays attention to care and maintenance, and when it first comes out of its body, there is pure Yang Qi to protect several breaths. For beginners, this is already the safest method. Besides, Yu Ci has other plans. His mind shifts, the line of sight stares at the pure Yang Fu sword which the human figure holds in the hand, before going out of the body then accumulates the good strength to burst out, the instantaneous incantation force punctures! The firepower contained in Chunyang Fu Jian was stimulated, and the breath rose outside. In addition, the temperature in this space was already very high, and there was a burst of fire in the air. The powerful firepower burned out the surrounding air, and the clothes of the people on the ground turned to fly ash. But more importantly, while the fire was rolling, a strong aroma spread out and permeated the surroundings. This is benzoin. The day before yesterday, Guru Bichao sent the incense along with the tortoise and crane stove. Yu Ci thought the incense stove was heavy, so he put it in his room and carried the spices with him. Unlike the elixir, even if the spice has been crushed into powder, it is better to burn, with the pure Yang Fu sword firepower, this space is immediately fragrant. The moment the fragrance spread out,digital signage screen, the surrounding void seemed to hang down a thick curtain, blocking the cold wind blowing outside. Many precious spices in the world have the effect of calming the spirit and exorcising evil spirits. When the Yin spirit is not yet formed, it can nourish the spirit. When the Yin spirit is formed, it can alleviate the intense reaction between the Yin spirit and the external vitality. The same is true of benzoin, and its effect is even above the standard. The Yin spirit of Yu Ci is in the curtain formed by the fragrance, which is still expanding. You should know that benzoin is very durable, the green tide sent more than two catties, even day and night, can also be used for more than a month. But because of the full crushing,temperature screening kiosk, Yu Ci set fire to burn, instantly burned 80%, resulting in a strong aroma, even after a long time of diffusion, there is no obvious sign of thinning. There is a tendency for the surrounding pressure to weaken. At this moment, Yu Ci has a feeling that the Yin spirit that has just left the body is becoming more and more condensed, and the pure Yang Qi brought out by the use of the method of "falling afterbirth out of the Yin spirit" seems to be bound by some kind of force, which has not dissipated for a moment. That's the power of medicine. Before that, he inhaled the drug powder, and there was a reason. There are not many kinds of elixirs in the storage ring. There are three kinds of elixirs for healing wounds and two kinds for nourishing Qi. In addition, there is only one kind of Qinhun elixir left. When Zhao Xizhen exchanged this elixir for a blood treasure, he persuaded him that the next pill could protect the spirit for a day, which was very helpful for practicing Yin spirit out of the body. Yu Ci is using his sensitive sense of smell to distinguish that the medicinal powder between his mouth and nose contains the fragrance of Qinhun Dan, even if it is weak, it is better than nothing, adding a layer of insurance to his own Yin Shen. There is no doubt that Yu Ci was right. The strong pressure of the Kuroshio seems to have been restrained by the fragrance, facial recognition thermometer ,smart interactive whiteboard, or the power of counteraction just now has been exhausted, at this moment, Yu Ci suddenly calmed down a lot. In the curtain surrounded by the fragrance, he finally had time to look at the surroundings. Yu Ci once thought that the place he was in should be a very secret place, perhaps the cave house of a senior practitioner, the pressure of the Kuroshio, which made him extremely embarrassed, was the ban of the cave house and so on. But that's obviously not the case. This is a huge semi-open space, or a huge gap. As if the axe of the gods had hit the mountain heavily, blasting open such a space about five miles deep, up and down the highest point up to a hundred feet high, Yu Ci could faintly see the mist-filled void outside. Human beings stand here and look very small. The whole gap is an inclined plane, the outside is wide, and the more inward, the narrower it is. But Yu Ci's place is an obvious exception. It seemed to have been polished by hand, and a very flat platform was cut on the slope of the surface, both up and down. Yu Ci landed in the middle of the platform, and right above his head was the corridor that was one hundred and twenty feet long. Yu Ci Yin Shen floated up and looked at the dark corridor overhead. For some reason, he suddenly felt a very heavy force descending from the corridor and entering from the top of his head, which made Yin Shen sink. The feeling flashed away, and when Yu Ci reacted, it had disappeared. After such a time, Yu Ci instinctively did not want to look at the corridor, Yin Shen induction natural imitation of six senses, scanning the surrounding. Then he saw the scattered light of the fire. Fire? Yu Ci suddenly shivered. In this dimly lit space, the firelight should be the most dazzling thing in any case. The sparks of fire had clearly existed for a long time, but before that, he had not noticed it at all. It seemed that there had been a thick layer of black cloth on this side before, and it was not until then that he opened it and revealed his true face to him. There are two colors of fire, one is blood red and the other is bluish white, which are distributed in all areas of the gap, but the most dense around the platform. Each light was not very strong, as big as a bean, flashing in the flowing wind, as if it was going out at any time, but Yu Ci clearly felt that there was some indescribable power in it. Yin Shen felt like a tentacle, which was a natural reaction, but as soon as he approached, Yu Ci suddenly felt a chill, and a huge sense of crisis burst out from the depths of his soul, which made Yin Shen tremble. When the Kuroshio rises again, it will be overwhelming! The curtain surrounded by the fragrance of rest was blown open in an instant, and Yu Ciyin was so shocked that he was almost scattered. He was anxious to recite the pithy formula of calmness and almost maintained it, but at this time the second wave, the third wave, the fourth wave.. Endless shocks came one after another, and in the huge gap, it really seemed to set off a wave of shooting the sky, to crush everything inside. Yu Ci understood: There is no cave house here, there is no ban, there is only these flickering flames, and these flames themselves are the source of the destructive Kuroshio! In a twinkling of an eye, Yu Ci was on the verge of collapse. At this moment,digital signage kiosk, benzoin and Qinhun Dan were all useless. The fragrance curtain was fragmented. Without the barrier effect of the curtain, Yu Ci became more and more sensitive to the changes in the vitality of the outside world. The impact and pain he felt became more and more intense. At this moment, only his own will was the last hope to maintain the spirit of Yin. hsdtouch.com

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