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Love and marriage

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This situation is not conducive to the growth of children, which will make children out of touch with the society and the times. Clear this point, Miao Liang again uncomfortable, Zhai Yaohui can only explain to Miao Liang again and again, help Miao Liang cross the psychological barrier, nod yes. To be honest, Qiaonan's decision can be realized one by one, Zhai Yaohui this father-in-law is absolutely the greatest hero, helped Qiaonan the most. After knowing this situation, Qiaonan only felt extremely lucky that her mother-in-law was not unruly and her father-in-law was more reasonable than her husband. Living in such a family, Qiaonan did not gain ten pounds, which is really attributed to her constitution of not eating fat, otherwise, who can not be broad-minded and fat, and grow fat to scare people to death. Didn't we all agree before? Why are you reluctant to give up? Really let Qiaonan leave the three children behind, you and I don't have the ability to take care of the three treasures. Chapter 2424 of the main text takes 2 together. You know how clingy Qiaonan is to the three treasures. If the three children can't see Qiaonan before they go to bed and cry, I can't coax them. Sticky mother, when sleeping to the mother to coax, other people's children have problems, Zhai's triplets have the same, no difference. Under these habits of the three treasures, Miao Liang can only compromise again and again, who makes her reluctant to let the three children cry. All right, all right, I know. I'm sure I still remember what I promised. I, didn't I just say that? At the thought of the three treasures leaving this period of time,heavy duty metal racks, they can not see the child, the heart is as uncomfortable as being cut a piece of meat, empty and uncomfortable, then said some capricious words, really let her do so, she will not do it. Hear Miao Liang obviously some guilty words, Zhai Yaohui also do not expose the old wife, lest the old wife feel embarrassed, angry,cantilever racking system, when the time comes, is not to coax themselves. Instead of trying to make his wife happy later, he might as well pay more attention to himself at the beginning and not make his wife angry: Yes, yes, yes, you didn't mean that. Miaomiao is a good grandmother in our family, but how can she stop anything that is good for the three children. No wonder the three children are so close to you that they don't kiss me. In order to make his wife happy, Zhai Yaohui almost coaxed his wife as a three-year-old child, saying some disgusting words. You know, even in front of his three grandchildren, Zhai Yaohui never said such a thing in such a tone. After hearing these conversations, the aunt, who was forced to eat a mouthful of dog food, silently returned to the kitchen and said, "Ah, I should wash the lampblack machine. Why am I so busy?". So she had better not go out until she has finished all the work and cleaned up the kitchen. As Zhai's aunt, what she eats most every day is not rice, but dog food. Zhai Yaohui and Miao Liang from time to time even if the dog food, heavy duty cantilever racks ,warehouse storage racks, Zhai Sheng and Qiaonan more exaggerated, both sugar and crazy dog food, eat aunt are almost anti-feeding. Obviously, he is married and has a husband, so he has already left the ranks of single dogs. Working for Mao in the Zhai family, she was always forced to feed dog food? After a review, the aunt now has all the responsibility on her husband. If her husband can love and take care of his wife like Zhai's men, how can she always feel like being fed dog food? You know, she is married and has the qualifications to scatter dog food for others. The husband of the aunt lying in the gun did not know what mistakes he had made, and was stunned to provoke his wife to look at him for several days. Later, there was no way, the husband asked his son for a way to buy gifts for three days in a row, which made the aunt happy. The aunt who got the gift silently made a decision that she would have to be angry from time to time in the future, so that the man could take good care of himself. Look, after getting married, her husband only gave her a little bit of courtesy. She didn't pay attention to anyone. Her husband gave her three gifts directly, which was more than the total in the past five years. Hum, man, you are a bitch. You have to be sadistic to be interesting. On the other hand, the family has Zhai Yaohui such a powerful father-in-law, what Qiaonan wants to do, is really twice the result with half the effort. With the decision, Aunt and Miao Liang helped Sanbao pack up their clothes and prepared a small suitcase for each of the three children. Completely different from the three children's small suitcases, Qiaonan and Zhai Sheng have much more to bring. Needless to say, among the suitcases of the two adults, the most were the things of the three children. Zhai Sheng, when you are outside, you must take good care of Bao and Nannan. You can throw it yourself, but you have to send Nannan and the three children back to me, do you understand? Before going out, Miao Liang couldn't help telling Zhai Sheng again and again that he was the only one who didn't have to come back on this trip. As for Qiaonan Niang's four people, they must all be sent back to her. Zhai Sheng, who was reduced to charging the phone bill, was not young and would not be jealous or angry because of Miao Liang's words. A man with a daughter-in-law is not the same as before, Zhai Sheng is more concerned about Qiaonan's attitude, is not Qiaonan also has a kind of, the child can not be lost, the husband is not lost does not matter? Qiao Nan, who was targeted by Zhai Sheng, hurriedly expressed his loyalty and held Zhai Sheng's arm firmly: "Mom, you can rest assured that we are a family of five, and no one can be lost.". Brother Zhai will take good care of the three treasures for you, and I will take good care of your son for you. Oh, three treasure is still small, from time to time make a little temper, act like a spoiled child to coax themselves, Qiaonan feel quite normal. Qiaonan feel abnormal is Zhai Sheng such an old man, how also follow more and more delicate, that temper and Sanbao is more and more like, father and daughter this is discussed? This is also the biggest difference between inside and outside the dream. Zhai Sheng in Mingming's dream is younger and has less life experience, but he is always like a big man, mature and steady, holding up a world for his wife and children. Of course, Zhai Sheng, who is almost 50 years old outside his dream, has also done these things. The difference is that the reality of Zhai Sheng is much more lively than the dream of Zhai Sheng, and the mature old man also has a childish side. Sometimes,shuttle rack system, Qiaonan could not help but call Zhai Sheng as a childish ghost, really with three children to stay together for a long time, and three children assimilated. jracking.com

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