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  1. Yes, that's the sentence. When we said it in the morning, I thought my uncle was wrong, or he was wrong. Now it seems that he is the'Luoyue Pharmaceutical 'boss, people are to bid, he is to tender, this is not to say that he is on behalf of the'Luoyue Pharmaceutical'? ". Li Mumei said with certainty. Yeah, I told you. How could he say the wrong thing on this. It turned out that he was the boss of Luoyue Pharmaceutical. He was so young. I had some doubts when Mumei said he was a liar. That young man didn't look like a liar at all. He was the boss of Luoyue Pharmaceutical. I was really honored. Ning Zhongfei was suddenly enlightened and said that his eyes were full of joy. Ning Qingxue shook his head and said, "Dad, I don't think this is right.". That young man just met you by chance, even if you thanked him for his encouragement and introduction and gave him a bracelet. But how could he, the boss of such a big company, give you the Asian bidding king because of this? The boss of a successful enterprise should not associate this personal relationship with the development of the company. Li Mumei nodded and said: "In fact, this is exactly what I want to say, light snow, I think you should be careful, it is likely that it still has something to do with you." Ning Zhongfei said slowly: "No matter what, if you want to let the light snow suffer,4k smart board, I would rather not this bid king." Ning Qingxue said, "Let's not talk about this. After a long time, things will come out of the water.". Lou Yifei is going to our company. Mu Mei, please ask her more. I'm going to Ninghai, and maybe I'll go back soon. Even Yu Miaotong did not think that she had just sent someone to help Ning Qingxue, even with some protective meaning,interactive boards for classrooms, but Ning Qingxue suddenly went to Ninghai alone. Ning Qingxue did not suddenly want to go to Ninghai to find memories, after talking with Li Mumei, she wanted to go to Ninghai to ask Xu Wei, and also wanted to see what kind of place she had lived for several months, why in Mumei's mouth, she was so sentimentally attached to him. She felt incredible, but she knew that Li Mumei would not lie to her. And if what Li Mumei said was a lie, her mother should not stop herself from thinking of other ways to restore her memory. Although she knew it was absurd, she felt in her heart that what Mu Mei said was true. Mu Mei said that he had changed and had nothing to do with the original dandy young master who did not know what he was talking about. Had she not secretly asked Wu Guang later, it would have been almost impossible for her to achieve the kind of ancient martial arts cultivation that Master Wu Guang said was wrapped in memory, and she chose to believe that she really wrapped her memory before she died. Not to mention that she had not practiced ancient martial arts, even if she had learned some during the period of amnesia, it was impossible for her to reach that height in just one year. Ning Qingxue checked that this courtyard in Ninghai really belonged to her property. As Li Mumei said, smart board interactive whiteboard ,touch screen board classroom, she did buy the house after she married him. Back in Ninghai's small courtyard, Ning Qingxue took out the key that Li Mumei had given her and opened the courtyard door. The courtyard is a little desolate, and you can see that no one has lived there for a long time. All the flowers on the flower bed were dead, but only one grass was still drooping in the middle of the flower bed, which seemed to be resisting tenaciously. Ning Qingxue suddenly felt that when she saw the grass, her heart suddenly hurt again, that kind of natural physiological phenomenon, let her some panic. She approached the flower bed, subconsciously reached out to touch the dying grass, and suddenly felt a kind of pleasure, as if the grass was telling her some past events. The leaves of the grass are silver in the middle, but there is a red mark in the middle of the silver. /> Chapter 378 search for memory. Chapter 378 search for memory. Good spiritual grass, this is the first feeling of Ning Qingxue. She really felt from the bottom of her heart the pleasure of the grass after her arrival, which sounded absurd, but it did happen. This was originally a common'silver heart grass', although it belongs to Lingcao, but there is no sense of resonance. But Ning Qingxue did not know that this pearl'silver heart grass' was somewhat different from other'silver heart grass', but this Lingcao was watering her blood when it was absorbing Reiki, and now there is a red line in the middle of the silver. Ning Qingxue picked up the water he drank and poured some on the grass, which seemed to be full of vitality, revealing a kind of spirituality. Ning Qingxue stood up, took out the key and opened the door. The room in the east wing was unclosed, as if someone had come not long ago. Ning Qingxue walked into the room, which was very neat. There was only some dust on the tea table, and a small pot was placed on a very meticulous stainless steel shelf. Besides, the most conspicuous thing is that there is a small medical box on the bedside table. Ning Qingxue went to the bedside and opened the small medical box. In addition to some documents, there were some bottles and cans and a pack of silver needles, as well as some change, an ID card and a bank card. The things inside this small box are very strange, Ning Qingxue frowned with some puzzlement, listening to Mu Mei said that this small box she saw is very valuable, is it these things? Closing the box, Ning Qingxue walked out of the room. It seems that the Xu Wei that Mu Mei said has moved away. It was the first time that Ning Qingxue made an effort to find her memory. She cleaned the yard inside and outside, and then prepared to stay. After listening to Mu Mei's words, she felt as if the memories she had lost were very important to her. If no one had taught her to practice martial arts, she would even want to learn ancient martial arts. Without the company's things, a person living in Ninghai, Ning Qingxue seems to have returned to a calm, she suddenly felt that this is the life she wants. Today is the second day that Ning Qingxue has lived here. At the moment, she is standing beside the flower bed to help the'silver heart grass' loosen the soil. The sound of knocking at the door rings. Ning Qingxue opened the courtyard door,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, a very comely woman standing in the doorway, this woman she seems to have seen, but can not remember who it is. hsdsmartboard.com
  2. Inside all kinds of professions are planned very well, the huge shield in front of them is one person high, all of them are Berserkers holding high and rushing forward, one by one moving fluently, and there are signs of internal force spillover, it seems that they are all good at internal skills. Followed by the magic archers of the Natural Gate, four rows of archers bowed forward, flexible and petite, with many women inside. This age has really changed, and women also like blood. Another row of shield men appeared, and behind them was the manipulator (sorcerer). The cooperation between them is just right, full of tacit understanding, and one day is not a day's work. It is a line-ups that has been formed for a long time. All the warriors followed closely, roaring and rushing forward, but the rows and rows of footwork were unified. Husband, they train really hard. Yaru blinked her eyes at the warm-blooded man in front of her. Then into the gang, there is a harvest, of course, have to pay,digital interactive whiteboard, this is the invariable theorem of life. Besides, who doesn't want to see the unification of the whole China with the joint efforts of their brothers, when the time comes, the honor is what they want to be gratified in their life. Some people in the game pursue calm and elegant, some people pursue blood killing, some people pursue their own strength, each has its own pursuit, this is different life composed of such a wonderful and colorful world. Tiger Star said calmly. Yaru narrowed her eyes and said with a smile,interactive touch screens education, "What is your husband's pursuit?" "Martial arts, my husband hopes to learn martial arts skills from all the masters in the world and make progress together." Tiger star said his heart's most desired idea, just finished suddenly feel everything is so far away, siege, national war, when things around can calm down, let oneself calm down to study martial arts. Ya Ru seemed to feel the helplessness of the Tiger Star, grabbed the hand of the Tiger Star and said, "I believe that my husband will live the life he wants one day." "My husband has never given up." Tiger Star laughed and fondly rubbed Yaru's fragrant hair. At this time, Yang Rui also found the two of them. He drove the Thunderbird to fly here. He jumped down from the back of the Thunderbird and landed in front of the Tiger Star and said, "The suzerain is coming." Tiger Star nodded and said, "I am very gratified to see my brothers training so hard." "Oh, they know that this training is to attack the city, smart boards for conference rooms ,interactive panel board, to truly unify China, all of them clenched their teeth and persevered, for them, honor is the most important." Yang Rui laughed. Elder Yang, how long does this team need to train? Tiger Star asked. If we continue to train like this, we should be able to finish it in a week. But the people who take the brothers to practice are not so fast. They can take the brothers of the novice village to level 80 at most in a week. Level 80 may not even be able to break the defense of the 700-level guards. Yang Rui frowned and said. Oh, then put it aside. You can train the team slowly. Don't worry. Tiger Star thought for a moment and said. It can only be like this now. Yang Rui nodded and said. You go to train! I'll take Yaru around. Tiger Star laughed. It's the suzerain. Yang Rui said that he jumped on the back of Thunderbird and rose to the sky again. Chapter 247 of the main text: Siege Preparation (Part Two). Updated: 2010-04-04 18:50:39 Words in this Chapter: 1629 Under the Tiger Star, Yaru walked around the team and saw all the players working so hard, showing a knowing smile. Tiger Star pulled Yaru out of the city and said, "Yaru, let's go to Xuanwu City."! Let's see how the business is going there? Let's practice together on the road, and now the time can only be spent like this. "Yes!"! Is your husband ashamed to see your brothers at such a high level today? Yaru teased. Did I! How is that possible! Do you dare to doubt your husband's strength? Tiger Star smiled and pulled Yaru, who looked like a head-shaking worm, to the front. Tiger Star took out the fan, the delicate fan immediately attracted the eye of Yaru, grabbed the past, was attracted by the bright light and exquisite patterns above. Tiger Star smiled and let her play. Suddenly, Yaru's face turned black, and she stared at Tiger Star with two charming eyes. The Tiger Star missed a beat in his heart and said, "Baby, what's the matter?"? Why are you looking at your husband like that? Is the fan not as beautiful as your husband? Tiger Star did not forget to tease him at this time. The big lady-killer. Yaru curled her lips and said. Why am I a lady-killer again! You're with me every day. Who am I looking at? The Tiger Star was wronged. Yaru suddenly laughed and said, "What about when we weren't together?" "Then I, Tiger Star, am even more strict with myself. I don't even look at a beautiful woman when she passes by me." "Tiger Star is upright and decisive." Take a look at this newspaper first! I forgot about it these days. Yaru smiled and took out the newspaper and handed it to Tiger Star. Tiger Star curiously took the newspaper, the front page headline is "I know I am very handsome, so staring at others will be shy," Tiger Star read, murmured: "How can this sentence sound so familiar?" The tiger star looks down again, unexpectedly is all own picture, but also has molests the eagle body banshee king the picture. Tiger Star's legs were weak again. "Who the *** did this?" He asked. He looked at the upper corner of the text, and the three words came into his eyes. "The eye outside the sky." Tiger Star said secretly, "I wrote you down." The eye outside the sky. " Suddenly the Tiger Star exclaimed, "It's really easy for people to be famous. Sooner or later, I'll use a bottle of DDVP to destroy you with these flies!" (The reader sweats: "We can't do the thing that Tiger Star kills people, but, but Dichlorvos, it seems to be a poisonous rat!"! Rat poison can be used to poison flies?? A few big question marks appeared on Tiger Star's head and he shouted, "Gulou Moon, Gulou Moon, what on earth is going on?"? I have so many fans in the presence of silk? Don't make a fool of me again, will you? Gu Louyue wiped the sweat from her temples and said, "The theory is all right. You can imagine that something as big as a mouse can be poisoned, not to mention that little fly. Hey, just think of it as overqualified,65 inch smart board, overqualified." ) Yaru turned her head just in time to see the different expressions on Tiger Star's face and said with a smile, "Husband, how do you explain this time?" 。 hsdsmartboard.com
  3. Because some of Han Chen's fans are extreme, they began to publicize Gu Zhenxin as a mistress, and began to expose her privacy with human flesh. Gu Zhenxin has been asked to stay at home for a few months since the last parking lot incident. 、671. No Chapter 671 ex-husband?! On the surface, it is a paid vacation, but in fact, she knows that if you take a rest, your position will be replaced and you will be faced with resignation. She did not understand why Han Chen did this, but what could be done. She could only look for other jobs in the meantime, but recently, at home, she suddenly received many threatening letters and parcels. Blades are very common, and there are even poisonous snakes and a box of cockroaches. People's hearts are dangerous to a point. Gu Zhenxin was so frightened that he wanted to call the police, but because the parcels were sent from other places, the police had no choice but to let Gu Zhenxin screen them carefully. Gu Zhenxin did not have the means, this only then knew that she was provoked Han Chen's fan. The fans all shouted that she was a mistress and a shameless assistant. And the company also issued a statement dismissing Gu Zhenxin. Gu Zhenxin felt that he was dumb to eat Coptis chinensis and could not say what he had suffered. Clearly not her, why should this charge be grafted on her head?! Not to mention, her relatives and friends really believed it,86 smart board, and many of them called her and began to persuade her not to do anything stupid, because it was immoral to destroy other people's families. Gu Zhenxin was so angry that she trembled all over and wanted to explain, but the relatives didn't listen at all. She was so angry that she shouted at the top of her voice: "Han Chen divorced long ago, and divorced a few months ago!" Han Chen and summer good night had already divorced, and she had seen Han Chen drive summer good night out. Why not announce the divorce and implicate an innocent person like her?! Gu Zhenxin this roar was originally just angry, did not expect the next day, on the headlines. Han Chen private new exposure,smart board touch screen, because the small three get involved, unexpectedly and summer good night divorce! When she saw such a headline, Gu Zhen was so angry that her lungs were about to explode. She clicked on the news and saw that there was a recording of her own mobile phone, that is, the sentence she shouted that she had already divorced, which was made a big fuss by the media. Out of context, but they are forced, that is, a sentence they can make up a million words of the bloody plot, not to mention Gu Zhenxin's words. It simply provides them with a steady stream of inspiration like screenwriters. Things have fermented to a certain extent, Gu Zhenxin's life has been seriously disturbed, she simply can not go out, electronic board for classroom ,touch screen whiteboard, there is no way to contact Han Chen. Because as soon as she went out and turned on the phone, she would be greeted with razor blades, pointing and cursing. She's about to break down. She is just an ordinary person, but such a sudden disaster is simply a disaster! Gu Zhenxin wants to break out angrily, but there is no place to break out at all. It was not until later that Han Chen came late to clarify the rumor. Gu Zhenxin saw the news that belonged to him. He said that his relationship with Xia Goodnight was very stable. This is all fake! Gu Zhenxin wanted to shout to him like this. Han Chen also said that he and summer are going to make up for the honeymoon he missed a few years ago next month. He also said a lot about Xia Goodnight. When the reporter asked the main character in the photo, he pulled out Xia Goodnight. Xia explained that Gu Zhenxin was an assistant, and by the way, he mocked a wave of keyboard warriors who had mistaken him for someone else. Hand in hand with Han Chen, the figure is clearly her. Gu Zhenxin should have been happy, at least after the scandal was clarified, she returned a clean slate. 、672. No Chapter 672 ex-husband?! But the more she looked back, the angrier she felt. Is it all right to say a word like this? They can clearly explain it very early, but why should it be so late! How much she has been wronged, how much she has been hurt, how frightened she is these days, for fear of breaking in some crazy fans to kill her! Gu Zhenxin began to look at other news. Now the news has no small three involved in the incident, the rest is said to abuse the dog, show love, send dog food. What else? Didn't you continue to explain her things? No, not at all! Gu Zhenxin was so angry that he threw his cell phone on the ground. A scandal can make her life so fearful, but another news passed, as if nothing had happened, just a few words. But because of everyone's words, the initial injury is still there, the wound is bleeding, rotting, stinking, out of control. Gu Zhenxin crouched down and picked up the mobile phone. The mobile phone could not be turned on, and the screen was broken like a spider's web. She saw her face reflected in the shattered screen. She saw a man like a madman and began to laugh wildly. She thought she was going crazy. No, it's not fast, it's crazy. …… After the press conference on Han Chen's side, he retreated. Xia Wanan is sitting on the sofa and playing mobile phone. Just as he was playing, he heard Han Chen say, "Where are you going?" Summer good night looked up at him: "ah?" What? Where? Han Chen looked at Xia Goodnight blankly and sighed helplessly, "Didn't you listen to what I just said?" "Ah, this." In the summer evening, I had the illusion that I didn't listen well in class and was caught by the head teacher. She immediately said, "I'm just combining work with rest. Besides, you're talking to those reporters. Why should I listen backstage?" What Han Chen said at the press conference was basically a confession of dog abuse, but dog abuse was only unilateral. He abused the dog,interactive panels for education, and Xia Wanan abused him. You are a bad student who doesn't listen to the class. Han Chen flicked Xia Goodnight's head. Summer evening is not happy. If you talk, talk and do nothing. She rubbed her head and mumbled. Had it not been for Han Chen's light hand, she would have slapped him in the face. hsdsmartboard.com
  4. Now, the strength of the holy guards is C-level full, equivalent to the third-level full phantom beast, originally. And the white tiger is completely in a horizontal line, but you know, because the four magic boundary is four people work together, so the energy increases four times, forced to upgrade two orders, to the strength of the fifth order, this is not what the white tiger can destroy! If you want to break the four magic enchantments supported by the four holy guards, the energy of the attack must be four times that of the four holy guards, that is to say, the strength of the attacker must be two orders higher than that of the holy guards! In this way, even in the face of enemies far stronger than their own, the holy guards can also protect themselves! Moreover, for the enemy of melee physical attack, relying on the principle of mutual exclusion of four systems of magic, the boundary has a powerful function of reflecting damage, at the same time. In the face of close and long distance energy impact, with the principle of four magic attracting each other, it can also absorb the energy of attack, making the boundary more solid! To sum up, the only way to break the boundary of the holy guards is to smash their boundary at one time with an attack far more powerful than theirs. Otherwise, the more you fight, the stronger the boundary of the four magic systems will be. That's what the book says, but I don't think that's the only way. With a smile, I turned to all the holy guards and said, "Well,digital touch screen board, next, you can support the four magic boundaries again!"! Hurry up Hearing my command, all the holy guards had no doubt, and soon. Four of the girls once again stretched out a small staff, a colorful boundary, once again enveloped all the holy guards together, forming a huge boundary with a diameter of ten meters! The next moment.. I waved my hand fiercely and said angrily, "All right, White Tiger, don't be discouraged. Give me a continuous attack on the four magic enchantments. Let's start!" Roar! With my command, the next moment.. The white tiger burst up fiercely,65 inch touch screen, and in midair, the blue light was big, the claws were all over the sky, and the magic boundary supported by the four holy guards fell down. In the violent clang, the four magic boundaries shook violently and made a loud clang, but they did not break, and easily withstood the impact of the white tiger! Do it again! Look at the end of the first round of the white tiger's bad claws, I roared fiercely, roaring, the white tiger's limbs stretched fiercely, the next moment. Between the big blue light, the claw shadow all over the sky, once again sprinkled down toward the same direction of the boundary. Under the impact of a series of four rounds of broken claws, finally. The magic boundary of the four departments, like a soap bubble that would break at any time, broke and swayed, and finally. After another round of persistence, when the white tiger performed the sixth round of bad claws, the boundary finally broke! Looking at the shocked faces of all the holy guards, smartboard for business ,smart board whiteboard, I could not help frowning. Originally, according to my idea, supporting the four magic enchantments requires huge magic to support them. As long as the attack of the white tiger makes their energy supply insufficient, then the enchantments will surely break! But now I know, my idea is wrong, the white tiger is very powerful, the attack is also very violent, but his personal damage output, but by the four holy guards at the same time supply, so one, I am afraid the energy supply is insufficient, must be the white tiger! However, although my guess is wrong, but my spine is to find the shortcomings of the boundary, sustained single-attribute magic impact, then. Four magic enchantments absorb the energy of a single attribute, so one attribute will be too much, so. The balance of the four magic enchantments will be destroyed! Just now, when the white tiger's six rounds of broken claws were over, the energy of the water system in the four-system boundary had exceeded the standard, far higher than that of the other three systems. In this way, the balance of the whole boundary was destroyed, so the whole boundary was turbulent, and finally it could not be controlled and broke on the spot! Think of here, I can not help frowning, strictly speaking, the four magic boundary is no weakness, consumption tactics simply do not work, if you insist on saying that there are shortcomings, that is to display the boundary people, need high skills, to achieve four in one body, adjust the magic output of the boundary at any time, maintain the balance of the boundary, so that one comes, the need for magic induction, And the ability of magic manipulation is very strong! What's the matter How could this happen! Seeing that the boundary was broken, all the holy guards were stunned. At the same time, Youyou could not help screaming. Looking at Youyou's frightened face, I could not help sighing slightly and simply explaining the reason. After listening to my words, one time, everyone fell into silence, frowning tightly, I could not help thinking, what should I do? You know, the four boundaries are not easy to come by, and. This is perhaps the most powerful defensive spell available to the Holy Guards! Just as he was thinking, Youyou approached me gently and said in a low voice, "Yi, those four girls were specially chosen by me. They are the most powerful and talented people among all the holy guards. Now do you think they should become special boundary masters?" Enchantment mage? After listening to Youyou's words, I couldn't help wondering. Looking at my puzzled expression, Youyou explained: "I mean, let them become mages who specialize in the study of the boundary and take the boundary as the only magic. They will spend their whole life studying and exercising the ability of the boundary. What do you think?" This After listening to Youyou's words, I couldn't help hesitating. According to her, couldn't these four girls learn other spells? If they take the boundary as the only magic all their lives, their ability to control the boundary is needless to say, but if they lose the ability to attack, will they be willing? Looking up uncertainly, I looked at the four holy guards who performed the enchantment. Although I could force them to perform it, would they devote themselves to research and practice by coercion? Think over and over again, finally. I decided to let them decide by themselves. Thinking of this, I looked at the four boundary holy guards seriously and said sincerely,smart interactive whiteboard, "Now, you four have a chance to refuse. Now I want to know if you are willing to become a professional boundary master. If you are not willing, I will not force you. I will choose another four masters to practice!" This hsdsmartboard.com
  5. Among domestic animals, there is no one more proud than a goose, and no one easier to catch than a goose. The goose's meal often makes us laugh. Our geese eat cold rice, three meals a day. It needs three things to eat: one is water, one is mud, and one is grass. Eat a mouthful of cold rice first, then a mouthful of water, and then go somewhere to eat mud and grass. Perhaps the mud and grass also have a variety of tastes, and it is chosen according to its appetite. The food is not extravagant; but it is eaten in a methodical and meticulous manner. For example, after eating a mouthful of rice, if the basin is accidentally placed in the distance, it will stride forward leisurely, drink a mouthful of water, and then stride to a certain place to eat mud and grass. Come back for dinner after eating mud and grass. To eat at such a leisurely pace, one must wait on him like a waiter in a restaurant. Because all the dogs in the neighborhood know the temper of our goose master, whenever he eats, the dog hides by the fence and watches him. When he had eaten a mouthful of rice and stepped to eat water, mud and grass, the dog ran up quickly and tried to eat his rice. When the goose came home early, he would stretch out his neck to bite the dog and scold him harshly. The dog immediately fled to the fence and crouched quietly waiting for him to eat another mouthful of rice. When he went away to eat water, grass and mud, the dog ran up quickly again. This time he finished his rice and walked away. When the goose came to eat again, the rice pot was empty. The geese raised their heads and shouted loudly, as if to reproach the people for not being well fed. Then we fed him and stood waiting on him. Because there were many dogs in the neighborhood, one dog went and the other crouched and watched. There are many chickens in the neighborhood,smartboards in classrooms, and they often come to steal the goose's food. We were so annoyed that we put the rice pot and the basin together so that it would not go away and let the chickens and dogs steal food. However, the mud and grass it must eat are far and near. In order to find this feast, it still has to go far away. Therefore, the goose's meal must be served by one person. What a shelf! Goose, no matter how proud it is, we will keep it until the house is sold. For it has a physical and spiritual offering to us, so that the mother and the master are pleased with it. The material offering is to lay eggs. It lays an egg every day or every other day. A pile of straw is set up beside the fence. When the goose crouches in the straw, it will lay an egg. The children in the family were more excited and stood by it waiting. When she had finished giving birth, she got up, strode into the house,interactive whiteboard for schools, and shouted for dinner. At this time, the children picked up the eggs warmly, hid them behind their backs and brought them into the house, saying that they were afraid that the geese would be angry when they saw them. As for my house, it was very simple indeed. Within the fence, there were twenty abbots on the land, and only six abbots in the house. On these six abbots, there are three "anti-construction" flat houses, each of which is divided into two rooms, a total of six rooms, with an average of one abbot per room. Central one, the front room is particularly large, about one abbot half weak, is the dining room and living room; the back room is only half abbot strong, smaller than the bus, as the family bedroom. One on the west side, divided into two equal parts, interactive flat panel display ,75 smart board, is the kitchen and the workman's room. The one on the east side is also divided into two equal parts. The back room is also the bedroom of my family, and the front room is my study and bedroom. For three years, I have been sitting, lying and writing in this abbot. Gui Xifu's "Xiang Ji Xuan Ji" says: "The room is only the abbot, which can accommodate one person." Also said: "Yuze bets, every time the case is transferred, there is nothing to be done." Only when I think of these words, I feel satisfied. My house is not leaky, but the walls are made of bamboo and are very thin. After nine o'clock in summer, the east wall is hot, and the room is like an open hot water. At this time, the anti-religious people hoped to give an alarm, but they could go to the basement six or seven feet deep to cool off. The courtyard inside the bamboo fence was covered with rocks under a thin layer of mud. Only tomatoes, broad beans, plantains and so on could be planted, but no trees could be planted. Beyond the bamboo fence, the slopes and rocks are undulating, and the countryside is full of wilderness. So the little room was naked, alone, and without shelter; it looked like a pavilion from a distance. I have been sitting in it for many years, just like a pavilion leader. The place was about a mile from the street, and the path was circuitous and difficult to find, and the visitors were very rare. This house is worthy of the sentence in Du Fu's poem, "a secluded and modest place with little experience". Stormy days, muddy road, dogs are too lazy to walk, the environment is even more desolate. The taste of the silence of these days is still terrible in retrospect. Since the completion of this cottage, I have resigned from my teaching post and resumed my pre-war life of idleness. I have little contact with the outside world. I just read, paint, drink and chat every day. My time is all my own. This is the requirement of my character, which I think is happy. But this happiness must be in two conditions: in peace, and in the city. Now in the period of the Anti-Japanese War, in the desolate village, this happiness is accompanied by a kind of depression. In order to avoid this depression, I planted beans, vegetables, pigeons and geese in the yard after reading and painting. And the goose impressed me the most. Because it has such a huge body, such a snow-white color, such a magnificent cry, so grand attitude, so arrogant temper, and so ridiculous behavior. In this desolate and lonely environment, the goose became a focal point. On a wretched day, when my hands are tired, I look out of the window and find it dead; only this great white thing, with its amber beak held high, walks alone in the rain like an armed guard, making the cabin secure, the yard dominant, and the environment alive. A few days before the change of ownership of my cottage, I gave this goose to a friend who lives in Xiaolongkan. Within a few days after it was sent out, I had a strange feeling. This feeling is exactly the same as the feeling that happens when you say goodbye to someone, but the weight is lighter. It turns out that all sentient beings share the same root, and all those who belong to the same blood have a common feeling. Therefore, this bird is more touching than this house, and it can make people more nostalgic. Now I am writing this essay,smartboards for business, which is like writing a biography for a friend who will never die. The old owner of this goose, whose surname is Xia and given name is Zong Yu, is now living with my neighbor. Summer of 1946 in Chongqing Salute. hsdsmartboard.com
  6. Moreover, the enemy's total army of tens of millions has now removed the number of no less than three or four hundred thousand, while the other side of more than sixty people are still unharmed! If this is said in the next three days, people will definitely be scolded as a madman: "How can there be such a thing in the world?"? If there is such a person, a punch will destroy the country, but also so many troops why? Even if say legend, say legend, say myth, please be a little more reliable! But the fact is now in front of us! With a pair of ten thousand! Vertically and horizontally! ………… (To be continued.) Ao Shi Jiu Chong Tian Part 1 Tianwai Lou Part 8 Chapter 655 Who is the Master of Jiu Jie Jian?! With the strength of these sixty-four people, any one of them, went to the next three days, want to subvert the Dynasty what, absolutely do not need to spend any effort, perhaps only waved to get things done. This is also not a boast, but a real fact. The crowd rolled away, the heads rolled to the ground, and the yellow sand rolled up, becoming a yellow dragon roaring in the air! There are tens of millions of devils, and almost everyone is crazy. From all sides around this almost invincible yellow dragon launched an attack, desperately fighting, desperately blocking, desperately fighting! The sound of launching a self-explosion offensive was endless, and the sound was almost loud,touch screen interactive whiteboard, and it never stopped from beginning to end! Under the command of the Golden Crown Tianmo, the Tianmo army was gradually divided into numerous waves. Only tens of thousands of people at the front end are desperately fighting against the Nine Robbery Brothers, while the others are extending outward, forming a line of defense! Because he also saw out, even if really put tens of millions of people together, but really can face the nine robbery brothers, will not exceed the number of two thousand people, at this moment,interactive digital whiteboard, the number of small side is also an absolute advantage! A line-ups of two thousand people is obviously not enough, the enemy can be easily killed. Therefore, the most effective crowd offensive is between 40,000 and 50,000 to 100,000 people at one time. Any more will only result in a futile waste of combat effectiveness. No threat to the enemy! One hundred thousand men continued to fight here, and another group of one hundred thousand men stood ready outside the front. Once Ji Huitian and others break through the initial battle of one hundred thousand people, then, will immediately engage another group of one hundred thousand people, so endless! There will never be any chance to rest between the two waves of fighting! Then, the other teams went out to defend layer after layer. Each wave of teams, there are corresponding masters to form a team of jade broken, together to fight for life! After the explosion, there was a continuous crowd offensive. Are you high in cultivation? Okay, it's okay. Can you kill people? Yeah, it's okay. You kill, 75 inch smart board ,smart board for conference room, I have plenty of people! Even if you can't be killed, tired, you will be tired to death, drag, drag you to death! If you have the ability, you can kill all the tens of millions of devils here. If you really kill them all, I really admire you! The only strange thing is that Suzuki Chengji's team, and there is no follow-up force to support, but has been so crazy to fight without any rules! The army of devils of other designations looked on coldly. It was not until the army fought to the last man and all became corpses on the ground that another group of people rushed up. In addition to die in the hands of the brothers of the nine plunder, and about thousands of routed soldiers because of being killed and fled in all directions, nine plunder brothers intended to break through, naturally no further pursuit, but do not want those routed soldiers were actually the local devils army collective hand, all killed on the spot! Such strict military discipline, let ChuYang and others see, also can't help but vest cold. In the eyes of these foreign devils, there is no comrade-in-arms friendship, no compassion, no human touch! All they want is victory, only victory! If you can't finish the task, you will die! Even if you face the enemy is how difficult to resist, difficult to contend with! However, as long as you go up, do not want to come down, you can only stick to the end! Until death! Either the enemy dies, or you die! There is no third possibility! …… This kind of harshness, this kind of cruelty, makes everyone have an inexplicable worry in their hearts. Chu Yang now feels more and more that the race of extra-territorial devils itself is really a great threat to Jiuzhong Tianque. This all the way out, has left the purple imperial city about four thousand miles away, along the way, how many times have been fought, even the best memory of Zuoqiu has been unable to calculate. All in all, fight all the way! I hardly breathed a sigh of relief, let alone stopped for a moment! Such a high-intensity crazy battle, not to mention Chuyang, even Ji Huitian and others, is the first time in his life! There is a description called "the hands of killing people are soft". This sentence has always been thought to be a simple descriptive sentence; But this time, this war down, but really worthy of the name, is to kill people are soft! Fortunately, it was the devils who were killed. If they were human beings in the Nine Heavens, no matter how much hatred they had, so many millions of people would be killed. Psychologically, I'm afraid they really couldn't stand it! Ji Huitian has some regrets now. Because the current situation is completely different from the original plan. If according to the original plan, encounter such a crazy interception, simply can not go back to the first bridge base! There is no possibility or chance at all. At this stage, just rush to this meeting, all the people have basically reached the limit; if not Mo Qingwu that little girl with a large number of nine Dan, I'm afraid everyone can't support here. And it is precisely because of Mo Qingwu, an unexpectedly powerful source of supply,classroom interactive whiteboard, that people do not have to worry about any problem of running out of oil. But now there is a new problem. That is.. Where on earth did Mo Qingwu get so many Jiuzhong Dan? The little girl's space ring is like an endless nine-fold Dan, at least in this period of time has also spent hundreds of nine-fold Dan! Even if originally followed the eldest brother at that time, it seems that there are not so many Jiuzhong Dan. hsdsmartboard.com
  7. Lu Sing-jiu was studying how to repair his chicken pen when he heard a noisy noise outside. It seemed that a large group of people were talking. It happened that Yin Xun came back from the outside. Lu Sing-jiu asked him what was going on outside. Do you remember the group of people we saw in the steamed bun shop that day? Yin Xun said, "They came to our village." "Huh?" Lu Sake was stunned. "What are they doing here?" "I don't know." Yin Xun is also a bit inexplicable, "they are quite a lot of people, twenty or thirty, but also carrying the camera." Lu Sing-jiu went to the door to have a look and found that the group of people were gathered in an old house not far from their home. All the people in the house had left Shuifu Village, and no one had lived there for a long time. Looking at the posture of the group of people, it seemed that they were going to live in it. Other villagers also looked at this group of people from a distance, some people alert, some people curious, Shuifu village and the outside world contact is very weak, has not been so many strangers suddenly visited for a long time. Lu Qingjiu looked at it for a while and suddenly felt that one of the faces looked familiar, but he couldn't remember it, so he simply took a picture with his mobile phone and sent it to Zhu Miaomiao by Wechat, asking her if she knew it. Zhu Miaomiao is a star chaser, and she knows the entertainment circle very well. Soon, Zhu Miaomiao sent a message back to Lu Qingjiu, saying that Lu Qingjiu had photographed a star and asked where Lu Qingjiu had photographed it. It's in the village. Lu Sake said, "a group of people came to Shuifu Village and made a lot of noise." "He went to Shuifu village?!" Zhu Miaomiao was surprised to say, "I heard that he seemed to have received a large-scale variety show." How could you come to Shuifu Village to take pictures? "I think so." "I saw the camera crew," said Lu. When Zhu Miaomiao heard this, he rubbed his hands: "That's great. I also want to find time to come here. I also want to see it." This kind of variety show shooting location is very remote, and the whole process is confidential, otherwise it is easy to be surrounded by fans, leading to the program can not go on. Lu Sing-jiu has no interest in stars,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, but feels that this group of people is a little noisy and incompatible with the quiet Shuifu village. He looked twice and went on with his work. A few days later, Lu Sing-jiu heard the gossip of these people from Uncle Li next door. It was said that they seemed to have rented the right to use the house for three months to shoot the program. The village chief and the villagers did not welcome the arrival of the group, and the village chief tried to let them leave, but ultimately failed. The program group said that it had the right to live here if it spent money, and that it would not disturb the normal life of the villagers. The village chief had no choice but to let them go. Lu Sing-jiu listened to Uncle Li's words, but he thought that Hu Shu seemed to be quarreling with them when he saw them a few days ago, and he didn't know what they were quarreling about. He thought about it and called Hu Shu to ask about the situation. After receiving the phone call, Hu Shu complained to Lu Sake, saying that they had advised this group of people not to come to Shuifu Village, but this group of people did not listen at all. They also said that Shuifu Village was not suitable for outsiders to go in, and that more people might have an accident. This group of people completely turned a deaf ear to the persuasion of Hu Shu and Pang Ziqi. A few days later, they were directly stationed in Shuifu village. Sake, silk cherry blossom tree ,outdoor ficus tree, please keep an eye on them. I always have a bad feeling. Hu Shu said, "I feel that these people are going to make a big mistake." "How can I keep an eye on so many people?" Lu asked. "Oh, yes, I can only let them go." Hu Shu said, "It's really hard to persuade a dead ghost." Lu Sake: "Why do they have to choose Shuifu Village to shoot?" Hu Shu said, "I don't know who told them that the environment of Shuifu Village is good and the place is partial. It's not easy for fans to find out, so they live in it." "Oh, yes," said Lu Qingjiu. Think about it carefully, it seems that what these people said is also reasonable, "but live in it, Shuifu Village is quite safe, there is no dangerous place." Hu Shu: "…" Not before, not necessarily now, he did not dare to say this, just ah ah ah perfunctory past. Lu Sing-jiu did not think much about it, and then chatted with Hu Shu and hung up the phone. Shuifu village is not big, and it only takes twenty minutes to walk from one end of the village to the other. The news that this group of people lived in the village soon spread, and the villagers all cast curious eyes on the old house. Lu also learned from Zhu Miaomiao that they were going to record a rural life program, probably because the guests needed to find their own food to cook, and the program group would not provide any food. Yin Xun felt that this group of people were really idle, but he had to go to this small place to suffer in his mother's good days. The white moon fox did not say anything, but Lu Sing-jiu keenly felt that his mood did not seem to be very good, lying in a chair with his eyes closed all the time. Yin Xun said, "And why would someone rent out the old house?" It's really strange. "Who used to live there?" Asked Lu Qingjiu. Don't you remember? It's the family named Liu. Yin Xun said, "Once I went to the city to play, but the child had a car accident and disappeared, and then they left Shuifu Village.." I don't know where they went. He is just the mountain God of Shuifu village. "Have they ever come back?" Asked Lu Qingjiu. "No." Yin Xun said, "I have never seen them again." Lu Sing-jiu thought it was a bit strange. If the family surnamed Liu left here, then who rented their house to the program group? If they did not leave, then why did Yin Xun never see them again? Or are they just moving into town? "Well, don't worry about them," Lu said. "Go and wash the rice and get ready to cook dinner." "All right." Yin Xun happily went to wash rice, regardless of what this group of people want to do, can eat delicious food, is what he is most concerned about. After Yin Xun left, Lu Sing-jiu was about to ask Bai Yuehu what he wanted to eat when he heard a knock on the door. He went to the door and opened it. He saw a strange face. The man said, "I'm sorry, fellow-townsman. Can I borrow some rice from your house?" Lu Sake: "Borrow rice?" "Yes,decorative palm trees," said the man, "we want to cook, but there is no rice." 。 hacartificialtree.com
  8. He said with a smile, "As long as the eldest brother invites the old man of longevity, no one will say no. They are eager to invite such a weighty person as the eldest brother to attend." Xie Bin glared at Mu Feng, "It's my old longevity star who has weight. Without this old longevity star, they know who I am." Mu Feng smiled shyly, "I can't help it. Your old longevity star is so attractive. It's killing both men and women, old and young. I really don't have so much money. Otherwise, I will definitely invite this old longevity star home. This is the legendary treasure handed down from generation to generation." Xie Bin thought secretly, do you still have no money? Last time, without saying a word, he could throw out one hundred million US dollars, which is equivalent to six hundred million RMB. How many people can you find in the whole country who are richer than you? This is really a lot of money. But do you really want to invite this old man to go all the way to Yunsheng? This may be an advertisement for your own taste, but it may also increase some unnecessary risks. As Mufeng said, this is a treasure handed down from generation to generation, but if people miss it, it's really troublesome. And the workmanship of this old longevity star is still Xie Bin's style, extremely fine, especially the three cranes and the old longevity star's crutches and so on, are completely carved according to the actual proportion, the subtle places are very fragile, if there is any accident on the road, Xie Bin regrets it too late. Moreover, Li Guohui's auction is now under intensive preparation, and some advertisements have already been sent out. If the exhibition is held in the cloud province at this time,Faux cherry blossom tree, will it bring other impacts? Thinking of this, Xie Bin was not in a hurry to reply to Mu Feng. He said with a smile, "Let's talk about it in two days. Anyway, there are still more than ten days before the opening ceremony." Mu Feng slightly disappointed, but he received his father's order, must be Xie Bin and the old man to go together, thought it was easy to catch things, but found that Xie Bin seems not so good to encourage. However,faux grass wall, Mu Feng looked frivolous, but his intelligence quotient was not discounted at all. He knew that he could not insist on it blindly. He nodded and said, "You're busy first, boss. I'm going to see my mother-in-law." Looking at Mu Feng and Xiao Wang with a loving look on their faces, Xie Bin was stunned, "Are you two serious?"? Is it really that far? Mu Feng said with displeasure, "What you said, boss. From the very beginning, what I played was really good. Is there anything wrong with meeting my mother-in-law?" "Yes, you go," said Xie Bin with a dry cough. Say so, in the heart to Mu Feng this bad taste is more contemptuous, since it is true, why still say to play, play really? Can you really play? Xie Bin himself felt uncomfortable. I don't know if Xiao Wang has found that Xie Bin just hopes that Xiao Wang will be able to find a good man to marry in the future. Mufeng is really not suitable for her, whether from the family environment or life attitude, living habits and understanding and treatment of life. Mu Feng this person, silk ficus tree ,artificial plant wall panels, a look is the kind of person who does not take money as money, the most do not care about is money. But it happened that Xiao Wang was a little persistent about money, and the most important thing was money. If you play with each other and take what you need, it's all right. If it's true, it's absolutely tragic. Watching Mu Feng and Xiao Wang leave sweetly, Xie Bin himself went back to the villa with a wry smile. This period of time a lot of orders, Xie Bin also need to hurry to complete, as well as Liu Yifei's two sets of jewelry, also need to be made earlier. Only in the evening, Xie Bin received a phone call from Xue Yuying. Xue Yuying's mood on the phone was not too high and her voice was slightly low: "Xie Bin, can you come out?"? I have something to do with you. Xie Bin was a little startled. After a moment of silence, he nodded and said, "Yes, where are you?" "The old place, the coastal cafe," Xue Yuying seemed relieved. Xie Bin hung up the phone silently, he really did not know what Xue Yuying would do to him, could it be that she wanted to renew the relationship? This seems unlikely, Xie Bin thought to himself. But to be honest, Xue Yuying's position in Xie Bin's heart is still relatively heavy, she is the first girl Xie Bin took a fancy to, although the process is very short, even did not officially start the end, but Xie Bin has no resentment towards Xue Yuying. At this time received a phone call from Xue Yuying, Xie Bin in the heart or a good thought, before going out also secretly warned himself, must hold on, do not make mistakes in Lijiang. When Xie Bin arrived at the coastal cafe, Xue Yuying should have been sitting for a long time. Although the coffee in front of her did not move, it was already cold. The seat is still the one I used to sit with Xue Yuying, but at this time, it is another kind of feeling. Xie Bin went over and sat down, asked for two cups of coffee again and whispered, "What's wrong?"? What's the matter? Xue Yuying has been looking at Xie Bin steadily since he entered the door. Her face was slightly melancholy. She didn't laugh until Xie Bin opened her mouth. "What are you thinking about? I just suddenly found that you have changed a lot. Compared with a year ago, you are almost two people." Xie Bin shrugged his shoulders, "I am naturally one year older, but you are still so beautiful, well, more mature." Then he realized that his words were ambiguous, so he quickly lowered his head and drank a mouthful of coffee to cover it up, and then changed the subject: "Why did you think of asking me out at this time?" Xue Yuying said sarcastically, "if you really have a partner, do you want to make a report to Jingjing?" Xie Bin Khan ran, "I don't go to the Three Treasures Palace for nothing. If you have something to say, you can say it directly. I'm psychologically prepared." Xue Yuying looked at Xie Bin, the smile on her face slowly dispersed, and then gradually more lonely, and finally said with a wry smile: "You said that if we had insisted and been brave, what would be the situation now?" When Xie Bin heard this, he was at a loss for a while. Is there really any if in life? At that time, none of the parties expected that Xie Bin would transform to such an extent in a short year, which was beyond everyone's expectation. Did Xue Yuying regret it? Or did Director Xue also regret it? However,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, Xie Bin soon thought of Li Jingjing and secretly warned himself that he could not make mistakes at this time, especially Xue Yuying and Li Jingjing were still good friends. If he really did something, it was estimated that he would only end up with a chicken flying eggs. hacartificialtree.com
  9. "Well," Xu Xiangyan went to the side to make a phone call. Fu Xinnian hung his head and looked at his bloody hand. In a moment of anger, he punched Brook on the goblet. The doctor helped him take the glass fragments and bandage them. This would make his whole right hand unable to move. A beautiful nurse came over immediately, "General Manger Fu, please have a rest there first." "Mmm." Fu Xin snorted young. When Xu Xiangyan called Shen Tao, Shen Tao had just changed his clothes and put on comfortable silk pajamas. Hearing the phone call, Zhang Ma came up. Shen Tao glanced at it to pick it up. "Madam, General Manger Fu won't come back tonight for the time being, and General Manger Fu may be busy these days and have to go on a business trip." "All right." Although Shen Tao was not very happy, he still snorted. Zhang Ma followed and raised her voice, "Why isn't the gentleman coming back so late?" "Well, it's something." Shen Tao answered sullenly. Zhang Ma muttered, "What can happen?"? Isn't he the president? What can happen in the evening? Doesn't he know you're afraid to sleep at night? “.......” Shen Tao snorts, is he that good? Will know she's afraid? He turned to think of his thirteen secretaries on the thirty-second floor, all of whom were beautiful, and he was so depressed that he couldn't sleep. The author has something to say: Today is the second watch, the day before yesterday, I forgot that there seems to be a Thanksgiving Day,silk olive tree, I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving Day, belated blessing.. (cover your face) Well, say it early next Christmas, I hope it will be you, don't go and wait for my blessing. Chapter 30 Shen Tao won't know how difficult the whole thing is, and no one will know. That night, the British royal family called to investigate the accountability. The contract between the two parties was suddenly terminated. Not only that,large ficus tree, Fu Xinnian was also involved in the issue of breaking the contract. This was a big penalty for breach of contract. It was big enough for Fu Xinnian to hand over half of the country he had worked so hard for so many years. Xu Xiangyan has been so anxious that he can't eat, and Fu Xinnian has no extra money on his books to fill the gap. The time given by the British royal family is three days. If they fail to collect three times the liquidated damages within three days, they will sue Ronghe. At that time, the court will make a final judgment. At that time, Fu's Ronghe Group will probably face bankruptcy or even bankruptcy. That night, Xu Xiangyan rushed to ask each other, Fu Xinnian made a phone call all night, and discussed several plans with a domestic developer who had cooperated before, but hesitated that the amount of funds was too large to be able to do what he wanted. When it was almost dawn, Fu Xinnian finally got in touch with a teacher who had taken him with him when he was studying in England. The teacher was very nice, and his family had some background. Fu Xinnian finally negotiated with the British royal family and flew to England with Xu Xiangyan in the early morning of the same day. After boarding the plane, Xu Xiangyan was tired into a dog. Fu Xinnian was still sitting with his body. At this time, his right hand could move a little. He was wrapped in a white bandage. There were some tiny wounds on the exposed skin, silk ficus tree ,fake blossom tree, and occasionally a faint blood stain could be seen. His right hand wrapped in gauze was very clumsy, but he was holding his mobile phone to send messages to Shen Tao. His appearance was somewhat funny, just like a first-grade pupil who had just learned to write. His clumsy fingers typed a letter for a long time. Sometimes when he accidentally touched the wound, he would grin with pain. He called for a long time, and a kind stewardess came to ask him if he needed help. Fu Xinnian smiled politely, "No, thank you." He edited a long string of words, which generally meant that he was busy recently and had to go on a business trip. He asked Shen Tao to take good care of himself at home, eat well, wear warm clothes and so on. He also emphasized in the message that if he was afraid, he would take Aunt Zhang over. Aunt Zhang was Shen Tao's mother. He was thoughtful and thought of almost everything for her. Fu Xinnian edited a long paragraph. After finishing it, he felt that the fingers of his right hand were unconscious. He wanted to send it out and paused. He read it once and felt that it was too wordy. He deleted it word by word. After deleting half of it, he suddenly felt that Shen Tao would be annoyed to send such a lot? After thinking about it, he felt that he should follow his usual style, so he deleted it for a long time, and finally only typed a few words briefly, "I'm on a business trip, and the return date is uncertain.". ” After editing, he took it in his hand and looked at it for a while, feeling that this was his tone, so he didn't think much about sending it out. The beautiful stewardess came over to inspect the situation of the guests and found that Fu Xinnian's fingers were bleeding, and the wound that had just healed half a day before tinkering with the mobile phone had opened again. Seeing Fu Xinnian's handsome face, the little sister smiled and said: "General Manger Fu, do you need any help?" "Mmm." Fu Xinnian handed over his right hand, and the stewardess found a bandage and quickly wrapped it for him. Shen Tao did not sleep well this night. Early in the morning, he went downstairs with dark circles under his eyes. Zhang Ma saw him and asked, "Didn't your wife sleep well last night?" Shen Tao said listlessly, "I had a dream all night." Zhang Ma some distressed Shen Tao, "Sir is also true, what important things unexpectedly do not come back overnight, do not know what you are afraid of at night?"? "How about this? I'll go to Madame's place today and get you a ghost to worry about, so you can put it in the corner of the room and not have nightmares at night." Shen Tao smiled, "good." Remembering the text message sent by Fu Xinnian just now, he said lightly, "It's a business trip." “......” Zhang Ma did not say any more and looked sympathetically at Shen Tao. Zhang Ma's wife is Fu Xinnian's mother, Su Bai, Zhang Ma has been following Su Bai when she was young, but Su Bai has been outside for so many years, and the two are somewhat estranged. Remembering Subai, Shen Tao paused and said, "I'll go to the mountain to see my mother-in-law in a few days." "Mmm." Zhang Ma nodded. They chatted a few words, and Shen Tao went to work after breakfast. Arrived at the company,outdoor ficus tree, the front desk was somewhat deserted compared with the past. Shen Tao looked at everyone's lazy appearance and felt a little puzzled. "It's time soon. Don't you stand in line to welcome the leaders?" Lily glanced over lazily, "the leader is on a business trip." Shen Tao wondered, is it really a business trip? She thought Fu Xinnian was coaxing her. hacartificialtree.com
  10. Suya really thought that Alijie would be the ideal partner, and Alijie saw this. Suya had no doubt that Alijie would fulfill her words as long as he could produce a conformation knight, then Alijie would accompany her to eat, sleep and even have children as a partner as she promised, so he was at a loss. He was the Baron of Suya, not the Marquis of Suya. As a baron, Suya could not even afford a knight of the second order. Only when he inherited all the lands and businesses of the Marquis of Soren and became the Marquis Suya could he pay enough money to buy Alizie. But the Margrave of Soren had a daughter and eleven sons. Suya was just one of the better ones. It was a long way to become the Marquess of Suja. When he does become the Marquis of Sua, he will never pay that price. Pay will not pay, want to pay but can not pay, life is always so full of helpless WWW. XiAosHuoTXT. Com. Chapter three used to be lazy and luxurious. Alijie did not wait for Suya's reply and walked out of the conference hall. Suya's reaction had been within her expectation. If he really had the means to come up with twenty second-order construction knights, then she did not mind fulfilling her promise. Alijie had a clear and accurate positioning of her own value. Outside the gate of the conference hall, the Paladin of Blood Semir was waiting there. When she saw Alijie coming out, she immediately went up to meet her and said, "Lord Gordon, the Count of Alijie, asked me to accompany you to choose the conformation knights. You can choose five second-rank conformation knights from the Lord's Guard." The Guard is the elite of the elite. "How generous the Marquis is!" Alijie said "It's part of the deal," Semir deadpanned. She instinctively hated Alijie and made no secret of the fact that the battle was imminent. The five second-rank conformation knights were a very important force. Besides,faux ficus tree, Alijie was too beautiful, even more beautiful than her. That's why Semir hated her most. Alijie strode out of the castle, and her attendants were already waiting at the door with the fiery horse with the blood of the earth dragon. She turned over and mounted her horse, and then said to Semir, who was following her, "Go and tell Gordon that our deal has been made!"! But the five conformation knights can defer payment until he finishes this fight. Semir was very surprised,large artificial blossom trees, Alijie did not wait for her to answer, and she went away with her guards and attendants. Her affairs were getting busier and busier day by day, and she was not interested in staying in Yaning to watch the army of Gordon move out and ordered her to return to her own territory. Looking at the back of the young countess, Semir's eyes softened a little. Over the next few days, many members of the Archimonde branch of the family left one after another, and a small number of people stayed at the Black Rose Castle. At the back of the castle, a massive portal to the plane is nearing completion, and in a few days, Gordon's army will set out. Most of the remaining Archimondes have always had a good relationship with Gordon, or at least a neutral one, in order to learn about the construction and maintenance of the plane portal and the knowledge of the army through the portal. Most families do not have their own private plane, even the famous rich and powerful families in the mainland, fake ficus tree ,outdoor palm trees, only the most powerful blood can have their own exclusive plane. There are eight planes on the surface of the entire Archimonde family, three of which are in the hands of Gordon, two of which are in the hands of the Marquis of Sauron, and Goliath, who has just obtained the coordinates of a lower plane and is building a forward base, and the last plane is shared by five relatively weak branches, while the remaining dozens of Archimonde branches do not yet have their own planes. But Archimonde has never been short of careerists. Many of the other families are weak. At the upper level of 18, the lower planes can be beaten up, but they are not willing to miss the opportunity to learn plane warfare, and Gordon, as the patriarch of Archimonde, is willing to provide this convenience. Although there will always be fights between Archimonde and there will be more assholes as the clan expands, the rise of the family as a whole is still a good thing overall. Just as Gordon himself fought his way out of today's position from an ordinary aristocrat, who knows how many new Gordon there will be among the current young people? While the portal was being built, Gordon temporarily returned to the floating world. He first visited the Eternal Dragon Temple. No one knows what he talked to the Great Oracle of Fanlin. He only saw him leave the Eternal Dragon Temple with a sullen face and return to Floating Island 72. Then he locked himself on the top floor of the castle. It was Gordon's only area, and no one in the whole family could enter except himself, but this floor was actually very plain, and there was nothing in it, just a floor without even basic decoration. There were exposed black rocks everywhere, and through the long French windows, you could see the dream of Fushi De. Gordon sat in the middle of the empty hall, with his two-handed sword flat at his feet, his eyes slightly closed, and he had entered a wonderful and peaceful state. Every time there was a war, he had to do his homework. Calm down when it's time to calm down. Break out when it's time to break out. This is the real Gordon. The situation of the coming war was more dangerous than Gordon had ever seen in his life, but he was never afraid to take risks as long as he thought they were necessary, but not afraid of risks did not mean that he had to take extra risks, on the contrary, Gordon had to be fully prepared to minimize the possibility of failure. But this time Gordon's rest plan went bankrupt, and the space around him suddenly fluctuated violently, but that very familiar fluctuation and feeling made him stop the idea that Gordon had just opened his eyes and a huge package fell from the sky and hit him with a bang! Looking at Sue Helen Gordon, who jumped out of the space door, he said with a wry smile, "Do you have to appear in this way?"? If it's a guy with a weak heart, you'll scare him to death sooner or later. "If it's a guy with a weak heart, I'm not qualified to leave a time beacon around him," the legendary mage said lightly. There was no loud laughter and no self-aggrandizement. For a time, it was very difficult for Gordon to adapt to the new style of the legendary mage. He simply felt that what appeared in front of him was a stranger with Helen Su's face. However, although the style of the legendary mage had changed greatly,artificial grass panels, the vague but overwhelming pressure reminded Gordon of her identity all the time. "So you really are Helen Sue," Gordon said inexplicably. "Haven't you changed too?" The legendary wizard asked in reply "I'm just for now," Gordon said. "I'll be back after this fight." hacartificialtree.com
  11. Bai Yutang took back the jade pendant, handed it to Zhao Hanyan, jumped, jumped again, and disappeared on the eaves. Zhanzhao heard the noise, looked up, and then went to Zhao Hanyan, "how did people go?" "I was probably confused by my question, and I guess Jiang Ping might have bad luck." Zhao Hanyan smiled mischievously, put the baked ham and mushrooms on a plate, and handed them to Zhanzhao. Zhan Zhao wanted to ask Zhao Hanyan what the problem was, but when he saw the new taste, he forgot to ask, took it with a smile, and then invited Zhao Hanyan to eat with them quickly. It'll be ready soon. I'll go there later. In the middle of the night, the guests in the room on the second floor of Zhuangyuan Building were awakened by a loud noise. Then they heard a man outside chirping, "It's not me," "You believe in outsiders," "You like the new and hate the old.". The residents protested, craning their necks to look out,faux ficus tree, but no one was seen, and then they heard a sound of stepping on tiles overhead, after which it was completely quiet. But everyone was so sleepy that it was easy to feel hungry in the middle of the night. For this reason, Zhuangyuanlou also sold a lot of night snacks and made a lot of money. The next day, Zhao Hanyan specially prepared mushroom egg rolls and eel porridge for the little girl as breakfast. After breakfast, Zhao Hanyan took the little girl to catch butterflies in a small garden on the west side of Kaifeng. When she was tired of playing, Zhao Hanyan pulled the little girl to sit down on the stone and asked her what her name was. The little girl could not speak, but her eyes looked at Zhao Hanyan urgently,fake ficus tree, and when she remembered something, she got up and pointed to a row of orchids under the wall. Do you have Lan in your name? The little girl nodded. Don't worry, Big Brother will know your name. Zhao Hanyan handed over a snack, "You first think about whether the snack is delicious or not, and then immediately think about the names of you and your family." The little girl nodded, and then came out of her heart: the sweet snacks given by the elder brother are the most delicious. My name is Qian Menglan, my father's name is Qian Shu, my mother is Zheng, my eldest brother is Qian Jiang, and my second brother is Qian He. Smiling, Zhao Hanyan patted the little girl on the head and said, "You're so clever. Since you have Lan in your name, shall I call you Lan in the future?" The little girl nodded hurriedly, a little excited. After Zhao Hanyan gave Laner to Xiuzhu to take care of, artificial coconut palm trees ,large palm trees for sale, he turned and went directly to Bao Zheng. Oh? Did Brother Zhao change his mind? Bao Zheng asked with some surprise. He always liked to bring up talented people. If the Zhao brothers were willing to join them in Kaifeng, he would naturally welcome them. Yes, but I'm a little greedy. I want to have my cake and eat it, and the cook can catch it quickly, can't I? Zhao Hanyan asked. It's not greed. One person can do two things. On the contrary, I took advantage of it. Bao Zheng sighed and simply accepted Zhao Hanyan's request. "There are many affairs under the jurisdiction of Kaifeng Prefecture. It is really difficult for Bao to cover all aspects. I am very relieved that you have assisted Mr. Gongsun, Zhan Guard and others in the investigation of the murder case." "Thank you for your love." Zhao Hanyan thanked him. Bao Zheng asked Zhao Hanyan not to be polite. My Lord, Lord Yan, the assistant minister of the Ministry of Punishment, has arrived. The bearer passed on a message. Zhao Hanyan's eyes moved. The assistant minister of the Ministry of Punishment, surnamed Yan, must be Yan Shu, she would like to meet. Zhanzhao hurried in at this time and reported back, "I just received a report that a naked corpse appeared in Room 3 of the Number One Scholar Building." Chapter 18 the man of Zhuangyuan building. Bao Zheng looked at Zhao Hanyan and Zhan Zhao and said, "I'm still on official business, so I'll bother you two." "Your Excellency is welcome." Zhanzhao and Zhao Hanyan both bowed and retired. Not long after the two of them left the main hall, they saw a man in regular clothes coming towards them. He was about thirty years old, and his bearing was brilliant. Zhanzhao immediately took Zhao Hanyan to make way and saluted and called out "Lord Yan.". So this is Yan Shu. Zhao Hanyan wanted to look at it carefully, but she had no time to look at it. When Zhao Hanyan was in primary school, she was in the middle and second stages ahead of time. She was willing to be sentimental and felt that no one in the world understood her. Yan Shu was her favorite poet in ancient times. At that time, she felt that the hatred and hatred in his poems were especially in line with her emotions at that time, so she liked him very much. Later, Zhao Hanyan checked the information of Yan Shu himself and found that he was a child prodigy when he was young and grew up to be a famous person. Not only were his words powerful, but his other experiences were also very powerful. His sense of worship increased for the second time, so he once regarded him as his idol. Although she grew up later, the word'idol 'was far away from her, but after all, Yan Shu was the person she worshipped, so it was hard to avoid a little excitement when she saw herself. Zhanzhao found Zhao Hanyan strange and smiled sideways and asked her what was wrong. Uh Zhao Hanyan asked in reply without knowing why. Zhan Zhao: "I blush a little." "Maybe I was a little nervous when I just met the adults." Zhao Hanyan rubbed his face with both hands and turned his head to avoid Zhanzhao's gaze. Ancient people don't understand how crazy fans will be when they see Aidou. It's nothing to blush like her. It's good not to take a bite. Besides, she is only in the worship of Yan Shu's'talent ', which is more rational. Come on, we have a case waiting for us. Zhao Hanyan changed the subject. Zhanzhao immediately solemnly promised, and carefully asked if Zhao Hanyan could ride a horse, if not, he could take him for a ride, anyway, men are not taboo what, as soon as possible to the scene of the crime is. "I will," said Zhao Hanyan at once. The volume is a little higher than usual. Zhanzhao, of course, noticed the abnormality and took a look at Zhao Hanyan, expecting that she was still nervous because she went to the scene of the crime as a captor for the first time, so he comforted her not to worry. The usual response is that if you behave like that in the last case, you don't have to push yourself too hard. Zhao Hanyan is reviewing his performance is not stable enough, almost revealing flaws. After hearing Zhanzhao's words,artificial banyan trees, he nodded with a sigh of relief, and then rode with him, taking Zhao Hu and others to Zhuangyuan Lou. hacartificialtree.com