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  1. Приветствую, стоимость рассылки Viber-сообщений может изменяться в зависимости от различных факторов, включая объем сообщений, географию вашей целевой аудитории и другие условия. Обычно компании, предоставляющие услуги Viber-рассылки, предоставляют индивидуальные цены после оценки потенциальных объемов рассылки. Что касается провайдеров таких услуг, есть несколько известных компаний. На данный момент выгодные цены в SMS Club. Посмотрите - здесь и СМС, и Viber-рассылка цена https://smsclub.mobi/ru/pricing/- очень привлекательна и на рекламную Viber-рассылку, и на транзакционные сообщения для бизнеса.
  2. thuggy

    What is DTF?

    Hey guys! Are there any sites where I can buy DTF Transfers? Been looking for one for a really long time but eventually have found nothing. Thanks in advance!
  3. Добрий день хлопці! Підскажіть, де я міг би знайти хороший сервіс для Сео просування свого сайту?
  4. Доброго дня, панове! На мою думку, одним з непоганих варіантів для СЕО-оптимізації вашого сайту може стати сервіс лінкбілдінг. Кілька років тому я запустив невеликий онлайн-магазин ремесел. Спочатку у мене були скромні продажі, а трафік майже відсутній. Я зрозумів, що потрібно щось робити. Саме тоді мене порадили спробувати послуги лінкбілдінг— покупка посилань. Це допомогло мені підвищити позиції в пошуку, збільшити трафік і, зрештою, продажі. Так що, на мою думку, лінкбілдінг є ефективним способом СЕО-оптимізації, особливо для нових сайтів.
  5. Підкажіть будь ласка, де я можу знайти хороший сайт, який допоміг би мені з просуванням мого сайту?
  6. Hi all. Tell me, there are banks, and there are private credit companies. So who is better to use the services? We heard that many of these companies are scammers and decided to read the proper funding reviews bbb. Here I learned that many companies offer fairly good lending conditions and are very competitive with banks, which is not very popular with many people.
  7. I often read reviews of different companies that offer personal loans to their customers. I think to stop working with banks, if there are such offices that offer better conditions. I recently read the union first funding review and decided that in a month I would apply for a small amount of money that would be enough for me to buy a car.
  8. Licensing and regulation: Make sure that the online casino you are considering is licensed and regulated by a reputable regulatory body. This will ensure that the casino is operating legally and that it adheres to strict standards of fair play and customer protection.
  9. Has anyone checked out Scott Cooper's Miami website? As a Miami local, I can vouch for his recommendations on the best spots to hit up in the city. His blog is also great for finding hidden gems and lesser-known attractions.
  10. thuggy

    Monster Transmission Experiences

    They won't answer my calls. There seems to be no guarantee. I don't appreciate the business that isn't behind monster transmission their products. All I ask is an exchange for a trance that doesn't leak and this time they will have to cover the cost of the mechanic. At the moment, the longer they delay contacting me, the less I trust this company.
  11. thuggy

    Vive Financial Feedback

    The manager didn't treat me so badly in front of other customers because I bought an item from a different family vive financial dollar it was on clearance for 1 it was missing 4 packs and I didn't realize until I got home that I was being charged full price which was $8.15 and looked at my receipt and said there was nothing they could do and looked at the sticker that was on the box and said even our sticker didn't take it back to where I bought it and she said luck got me in front of a line of customers
  12. thuggy

    Looking for MHSRV reviews

    When I was scouring the web looking for an MHS motorhome, appeared on Rv trader. I couldn't believe the mhsrv inventory and prices were insanely low. Flew out to make a deal only to find out there are so many great units and low prices here. It was difficult to drill on just one. Finally I chose the Entegra wow what a unit and the price was 25% lower than anyone on the east coast. Marty was my salesman, now my friend worked his ass off to get this deal. He kept me updated 3-4 times a day. In another way, ask for him, he is the best. Unfortunately, I was not in the position as I thought I would get this deal.
  13. Hello. Say, I need to find out information about this company, as I plan to use their services. What can you say about your experience with them? Can they be trusted?
  14. Howdy! One of the things I appreciate most about the Event Tickets Center is its simplicity. The homepage is easy to navigate, with clear tabs for sports, concerts, and theater events, and a fairly user-friendly search form. Ordering tickets is quite simple, and if you need additional advice, you can always contact the support service, contacts that can be found here https://event-tickets-center.pissedconsumer.com/customer-service.html and they will be happy to answer them.
  15. They pay for their lawyers and lawsuits by extorting reputable businesses to remove negative comments about the business brands, trademarks, etc... if interested read the following: You may recall PissedConsumer, the site that solicits user gripes, SEOs the crud out of them, and then offers the griped business pay-to-play to downgrade the visibility of those reviews.