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    "Ah, ah, ah, I was targeted as soon as I entered the city!"! Should we teach them a lesson? Cain, these people are yours to deal with! As long as there is no human life, you can do whatever you want! Cain and I walked slowly, so we listened to every word of their conversation! Of course you can't ignore it when you know it! After hearing my command, Cain immediately stopped and waited for the people behind him to come! As soon as he felt the men coming behind him, Cain turned around and said, "Are you going to cut off your hands?"? Or a broken foot? Or three or four broken ribs? Make your own choice! If I had to choose, I would give you a lot of'discounts'! The men stopped when they saw Cain turn around. Hearing Cain's words, I didn't understand what Cain meant! What are you talking about, boy? Are you itching and want to find me to scratch you? A giant man with a giant axe on his back stepped forward, moving his fists to catch food and making a sound like a'broken bone '! The people on the street saw the situation and immediately ran away. Because I don't want to be involved in this dispute! Soon only Cain and the others were left on the street! Cain, get rid of it! If I don't hurry, I'll lose Lana! I turned to Cain and shouted! In front of Lana did not know what had happened, or a happy look walking around! After hearing my urging, Cain had no choice but to say regretfully, "Hey, if you want me to choose by myself, I can't help it!"! Let you break your hands and feet! But you still have to break a few ribs! Then Cain ran to the other side! The speed is as slow as the speed of ordinary people running past! Smelly boy, I don't know the depth of heaven and earth! Let me teach you a lesson! The big fellow waved his hand and punched Cain! But the hand changed direction before it touched Cain's body. Cain broke his opponent's hand as fast as he could! The better angle is 90 degrees! Before the big fellow could feel the pain in his hand, his man suddenly fell to his knees on the ground! Then he spat blood and fell to the ground! His feet are badly deformed! The chest has also been sunken into a fast! Those people froze when they saw their companions become like this! What did you,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, you, do? Why did he become like this? The elder brother said to Cain in surprise! But before he finished, he felt that the scenery around him suddenly became higher! Then I saw only one shoe appear in front of my eyes! Then the great pain almost made him faint! But the others were not as good as him, and they all fainted! Now do you know what I did to your partner? Don't worry, you won't die! It's just a wreck! Goodbye, then. Remember not to let us know that you are doing bad things in the future, otherwise it will not be so simple! Cain finished and left quickly! Come to me soon! And Lana hasn't found anything in front of her. She's been looking for that store! When I saw Cain come back, I asked, "Well done!"! But you just used your strength to break their hands and feet, right? In this case, just let the light department's therapist treat it and it will be fine! Their martial arts and magic will be restored! "Yes, but it will take some time to wait for the therapist to treat them, Berberine Hydrochloride Factory ,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, right?"? By the time the healer came, their hands and feet were almost dead! Even if it can be treated well, the strength will be greatly reduced! Besides, no matter how strong they are, they can't be stronger than you, old man! Laughed Cain! Dizzy, when did I become an old man? Do you want to be beaten? I didn't think even you could talk and laugh! As soon as I said that, Lana found the location of the shop! Cain and I ran into the store as soon as we saw Lana enter the store! There is a medicine cabinet and some chairs around the shop! And there's a plaque on the wall! The four words "save the world" are written on it! After seeing a guest come to the door in the shop, an old man with gray hair came up and asked, "What's the matter with the guests?"? Do you want to buy medicine or sell medicine? Usually come to the drugstore, of course, to buy and sell medicine! Seeing that the old man was very polite, I saluted and said, "Boss, we came here to ask about the place where we can collect precious medicinal materials."! I hear you know where that place is! Can you tell us? I bluntly said the purpose of our visit! And when the old man heard my words, he lit up the three of us again! Finally he shook his head and said, "Young man, I think it's better to forget it.". You can't go to that place to collect herbs! Don't kill yourself in order to collect herbs! You'd better go back! Just as I was about to explain, a man suddenly ran into the doorway and said breathlessly to the old man, "Sir, sir!"! Not good, young, young master, he had an accident! Come and have a look! Then he took the old man out of the drugstore! When the old man heard that his son had an accident, he immediately ran out in a panic! As soon as I went out, I saw five men lying in a carriage with their hands and feet broken! (Yes, these are the people whose hands and feet were broken by Cain.) "When I went shopping, I found the young master lying in the street like this!" The man explained! "How cruel!"! Who is so wicked to do such a bad thing? Such a person must be taught a good lesson! Right, Snow Dragon? Lana, who did not know the whole story, said to Cain and me! Cain and I could only answer with a smirk: "Yes!"! These two words! What will Cain do now? It happened that one of the boys in it was the old man's son! It seems that it is very difficult to find out the place! And Lana's impression of me will be even worse! I said to Cain by voice! Cain, on the other hand, looked at me with an expression that I didn't know and didn't answer! Dad, help me! I'm in so much pain! The old man's son was the boss of those guys, and he was so strong that he didn't faint from the pain until now! As soon as he looked up, he found that the culprit who hurt him was here! Immediately panicked and said: "You, you, this,Heme Iron Polypeptide, the devil, why would come here?"? Are you trying to kill my family? After seeing that guy's behavior, I secretly said that it was over! Because everyone's eyes are on us!. pioneer-biotech.com
  2. "Doctor Zhou dotes on her boyfriend." The younger round-faced nurse is envious. " If my boyfriend is so handsome, I will also spoil him. "The other one is hard to suppress jealousy." "Don't dream," said the oldest and most rational of the three. "Look at his outfit and the phone. Which one is not valuable?" "Do you think people like us?" The two men immediately wilted. I don't want to admit it, but it makes sense. Lin Miao stepped on his flat shoes and came over quietly. When she saw Luo Yan out of the corner of her eye, she turned away in a hurry and went straight to the orthopaedic department. Miaomiao, "Luo Yan suddenly looked up and got up from his seat.". Lin Miao breathed slowly and stood still. Luo Yan lifted his step, and his shoes knocked on the ground and made a heavy sound. What's the matter? Lin Miao slowly tightened his back and asked in a distant way. At this moment, the whole corridor is quiet and scary. Lin Miao's voice was not high, but it was still heard by everyone. A little, "Luo Yan glanced at the semicolon." Shall we find a place? " "That's not necessary," Lin Miao said coldly. "Mr. Luo, if you want to see a doctor, please register. If you have nothing to do, please leave and don't delay the treatment of other patients. "Then I see a doctor," Luo Yan interface. Lin Miao lightly swept him without any scars. Its meaning is very obvious. Luo Yan smiled softly. He walked to the corner and hit the sharpest angle with his left arm. With an almost inaudible crisp sound, Luo Yan hummed and staggered. My God! "Several nurses exclaimed in unison.". At the distant corner, Zhou Qingwan's face changed and she rushed forward. Nurse Zhang rushed over before she came. Zhou Qingwan stopped hurriedly. She picked at the wall and forced herself to go back. Nurse Zhang was already holding his arm and shouting,L Methylfolate Factory, "Doctor Lin, Doctor Zhao, come quickly." Lin Miao lifted the curtain for the first time. She was stunned when she saw Luo Yan with a pale face and beads of sweat on her forehead. Have you lost your mind? She came quickly, pinched his arm, and quickly judged the injury. Chapter 178 Maoni, Maoni. "I went crazy a few years ago, didn't you know?" Luo Yan showed a shallow smile,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, and his eyes looked softly at Lin Miao, who was distressed and entangled with his facial features. "You are neuropathy," Lin Miao hates to scold him, turn a head: "arrange, take a film to him first. Nurse Zhang rolled her eyes and looked at the two men. The ice suddenly self-mutilated and quickly melted, and Dr. Lin was not so gentle and reasonable. I don't want to have nothing at such a speed of change. Hurry up. "Seeing a few nurses not moving, Lin Miao's tone turned bad." Oh, good. "Nurse Zhang hastened to take over and took Luo Yan downstairs.". Lin Miao rubbed his hair back to the department irritably. Zhao Qi pushed her presbyopic glasses and raised her eyes, which were muddy but insightful. Lin Miao sat back with red cheeks. Zhao Qi laughed, put away the newspaper, said: "I have something to go out, before noon should not come back." He took his bag and teacup and went out. Lin Miao's face became more and more red. She grabbed the pen and jabbed at the prescription. It's all Luo Yan. If it weren't for him, Thyroid Powder Factory ,S Adenosyl Methionine, she wouldn't be laughed at. Half an hour later, nurse Zhang came in with Luo Yan. Dr. Lin, this is the film. Lin Miao opened the light box and put the film on it. The light clearly shows the condition of the bone. Lin Miao squinted at the crack on his little arm and tightened his lips. In this case, a splint must be applied. Moreover, it is not a trivial matter to hurt the muscles and bones, and it is very likely to fall into the root of the disease if the recuperation is not good. Thinking of all the possibilities that would arise in the future, Lin Miao stared angrily at Luo Yan, but touched his gentle and soft eyes. Lin Miao's eyes flashed and he said coldly, "The bone is cracked. I have to put a splint on it." "Good," Luo Yan answered. During this period of time, we need to give up raw, cold and greasy food, and we can't touch stimulating food. "Lin Miao quickly prescribed the prescription.". Pass it over. Good, "Luo Yan answered, and the intact hand did not move." Lin Miao raised his eyebrows. My hand is hurt and my brain is stupid. Miaomiao, let's make up. "Luo Yan suddenly said.". On one side, nurse Zhang's eyes widened. It turns out that two people really have something. Lin Miao coughed lightly, and a blush flew uncontrollably on his cheeks. Then I will go to work first. "Nurse Zhang went out in a daze.". Lin Miao glanced at the door and said lightly, "You said you broke up at the beginning, and then you proved your determination with your actions." "I respect your decision and try to cooperate." Now you're talking about getting back together. “ Lin Miao leaned over slightly and turned his head sideways. "Don't you think that when you say it, I should say yes?" "Miaomiao, don't do this," get along for so long, Luo Yan is the first time to hear Lin Miao speak to him in such a sarcastic tone. His heart is very painful, and the pain is a little unbearable. Only then did he realize how hurtful his actions had been. What, am I wrong? Lin Miao didn't want to discuss the topic with him, so he took the bandage and plaster directly. As a top student in the nursing department, this kind of thing is a child's play for her. A month later, she came back to remove the plaster. "She straightened up as naturally as possible, took the prescription and handed it over." If you want quick results, I suggest you go to another orthopedic department to get some medicine. "I only trust you," Luo Yan pinched the prescription. He took a deep look at Lin Miao and strode out of the door. The door closed gently, and Lin Miao collapsed a little. When she returned to her seat, nurse Zhang slipped in. Dr. Lin, that "her hands are on the table, and her face is tangled." What do you want to ask? Lin Miao pressed his temple with a dull pain. You and him, that, Dr. Zhou, "even after organizing the language outside for a long time, nurse Zhang is still at a loss for words." He is my ex-boyfriend,Glucono Delta Lactone, "Lin Miao said lightly.". Nurse Zhang's eyes widened and her mouth opened and closed. That would explain the handsome guy's behavior. Seeing with one's own eyes that the handsome man did not hesitate to injure himself in order to say a few more words, and then looking at Dr. Zhou, Nurse Zhang's mind staged a 100-episode drama in which the evil woman was forced to make a match and robbed the man. Is there anything else? Now Lin Miao is really not in the mood to deal with others. pioneer-biotech.com
  3. There was a cool smile on her lips. "I've been alone in California all these years." She was able to survive in that strange place full of gweilo, and had learned to live independently, not to mention that the Shen family was her home, and there were servants at home. Shen Shuna looked at her thin cheeks with heartache: "Leisurely, we haven't seen each other for three years. Don't you want to catch up with me?" "There's plenty of time to catch up." She and Gu Jinchen now awkward relationship, it is not necessary to live under the same roof, "sister, arrange the driver to take me back to the Shen family." Gu Jinchen put down the sobering tea in his hand, took his coat and prepared to go upstairs. He took two steps and stopped: "It's getting late. Even if you want to go, wait for tomorrow." Shen leisurely looked at the clock in the living room, even less than 10:30, not too late, but to Shen Shuna's expectant eyes, she slightly hesitated for a moment: "That's disturbing." Just stepped on the steps of Gu Jinchen slightly stiff, that polite light tone like a sharp weapon, caught off guard in his heart, stuffy pain suffocation. Shen Yiran just returned home, jet lag confusion, a whole night is tossing and turning, unable to sleep,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, until the day is almost light sleep for a while. She decided to go back to Shen's house today. When she woke up, she put the clothes she had changed last night back into her suitcase and went downstairs. In the living room, Gu Jinchen, dressed in casual home clothes, sat at the dining table reading the newspaper, with a glass of milk and a sandwich in front of him that had not yet started. He lowered his head slightly, looked at the newspaper in his hand seriously, heard the footsteps downstairs,Kava Root Extract, looked back at her, shouted "Aunt Li", Aunt Li saw Shen leisurely down from upstairs, put her breakfast on the table. Shen leisurely approached the table, sat down opposite him, and greeted him lightly: "Good morning." Gu Jinchen was slightly stunned and responded: "Good morning." She wondered why he was still sitting here leisurely reading the newspaper and not going to work when it was approaching eight o'clock? Breakfast, like Gu Jinchen's, was a sandwich, a glass of milk, and a toast. She only ate two sandwiches, drank the milk and was full. She wiped the corners of her mouth with a tissue. Breakfast is very important. You eat too little. Gu Jinchen closed the newspaper in her hand, and her appetite was surprisingly small. Chapter 6 what should I call you? Ben "Mr. Gu." His kindness reminded her that she did not appreciate it at all, and the corners of his mouth raised a sarcastic arc. "Use your leisure for business, and don't mind my own business with people who have nothing to do with me." His face suddenly turned white, D BHB Factory ,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, and her "Mr. Gu" hit him like a heavy hammer on his heart: "You call me Mr. Gu?" She smiled sarcastically and her tone became bitter. "What should I call you?"? Brother-in-law? Or Gu San Shao? Gu Jinchen's face was getting whiter and whiter. He gently pursed his white lips. After a moment of silence, he slowly opened his mouth: "It's up to you." The atmosphere in the drawing-room became oppressive and uncomfortable, and the servant, aware that they seemed to be unhappy, did not dare to approach. Jin Chen, Yiyi seems- "Shen Shuna's anxious voice broke the deadlock between the two.". Shen Shuna went into the living room and saw the strange atmosphere of the two people in front of the dining table. Some did not know why: "Leisurely, did you get up?" Looking at the entrance, I have to say that Shen Shuna is very suitable for wearing a cheongsam. She has beautiful eyebrows and eyes. She is tall and graceful. She looks like a woman in the Republic of China. She is gentle and quiet. When she stands there, she has an indescribable lady temperament. Her eyes suddenly froze and fell into her arms, and her face suddenly turned pale. Shen Shuna is holding a baby in her arms, wearing pink clothes, and the child's meaty little hands are holding her collar. Shen Shuna saw her line of sight has been falling in his arms, said: "leisurely, this is Gu Yiyi, just one year and two months old." If Gu Jinchen married Shen Shuna three years ago and her world collapsed, then at this moment, her desolate city was barren. She held the corner of the table tightly, trying to hide her gaffe and force herself to calm down. She should have thought of it. How could they have no children after three years of marriage? Once two people snuggled together to fantasize about the future. On the lawn behind Gu's flower garden, she liked to lie in his arms and play with his white and slender fingers: "Jin Chen, what do you want to do after you graduate from college?" He thought about it seriously: "Work hard to make money and then marry you." Hearing what he said, her smart eyes were as bright as refracting the stars: "Then what?" "Then you will have to perform the duties of a wife and give me a child, preferably a daughter, as charming as you are, and I will spoil you both." His tone was casual, but his eyes were very serious. Her heart blossomed with joy, but on the surface she pretended to be reserved, pinching his arm with a red face and scolding him "hate". At that time, she was single-minded to marry Gu Jinchen after graduation. Then you have to think of a name for your daughter in advance. "Just call her Gu Yiyi." She disliked the frown: "too vulgar, you somehow also is the C school's top student, marries a name for your daughter to be so perfunctory, is careful when she grows up not to recognize you." "Because you and she will be the only ones for me." He is not good at saying love words, and then his ears are red. She was so excited that she hugged his neck and kissed him on the cheek. "That's agreed in advance. It can only be her nickname. You have to give her a new name when the time comes. Otherwise, I'm afraid she will blame us when she grows up." Shen Yiran suddenly smiled, eyes filled with a thin layer of fog, she desperately suppressed back, like self-mockery, like a murmur: "I do aunt, very good." Chapter 7 she is an outsider. Ben She approached Shen Shuna, looking at the child in her arms, Gu Yiyi skin white and delicate, like a ceramic doll, pink cheeks toot, two black eyes round, very lovely. The bottom of her eyes gradually gathered fog, reached out and touched the child's face gently, smooth like a freshly shelled egg,Sex Enhancement Powder, the meat was very comfortable. This is his daughter, Gu Yiyi. He can name the child Gu Yiyi, does it mean that Shen Shuna and the child are now his only one. pioneer-biotech.com
  4. In summer, Li Guoqing came home one day and felt stuffy at home, so he took off his shirt. His mother looked at his arms and shoulders with horror. His arms and shoulders were covered with a series of teeth marks, some of which had obviously been bitten and healed, and some of which had faded with new red teeth marks. The mother understood at a glance and immediately said in a shrill voice, "Tiger, she is a female tiger.". Li Guoqing was stunned and immediately realized that he had made a mistake-he shouldn't have taken off his shirt. Li Guoqing's mother walked up to Li Guoqing and looked carefully at the wound on her son's shoulder that had been bitten by the small guest's fine teeth, and tears fell down. The mother whined and cried, "Mom hasn't hit you since you were in the third grade of primary school. She hasn't even pinched you heavily.". The woman you like is really cruel to bite you like this. Listen to mom. Break up with her. Mom will introduce a good one to you. When Li Guoqing saw his mother crying, he did not dare to object. Mother continued: "Our school assigned a music teacher last year, I asked her yesterday, she is a pig, born in 1971, five years younger than you.". The girl is very beautiful. Li Guoqing interrupted his mother and said, "What does that have to do with me?"? Mother said: "Her surname is Gao,Quillaja Saponin, I asked her, asked her if she had a partner, she said yes, blown.". "Don't tell me this," said Li Guoqing irritably. "It has nothing to do with me. Mother is angry. Why are you so stubborn? That woman, you,Theobromine Powder, do you understand? You have to be killed by her to feel better, don't you? Li Guoqing put on his shirt and left without eating, because he really couldn't stand his mother's nagging. He went out into a wood, where there was a stone bench, and he sat on it for hours. He thought he was almost twenty-eight years old, and it had been five years since he graduated from the mural department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, but he still had no achievements, no money, no house, and no progress in his career. When he was in college, he thought that the world was his own, Thyroid Powder Factory ,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, and that once he stepped out of the door of college, he would make great achievements, but he was wrong. The world is as cruel as a pile of shit, and it won't give you what you want to do. He was kind of disheartened or something. At nine o'clock, the knocking machine rang, and the little guest knocked on him. He smiled merrily at the thought of the little gentleman's full breasts. When he walked into Xiaotang Hakka, Xiaotang Hakka was wearing very revealing clothes and smoking sexily at home while watching Category III movies. The little guest saw his first words and asked, "Why don't you go back to the airport?"? As soon as Li Guoqing saw that the small guest was dressed in such a revealing way, he was elated and immediately recited a poem: a few plum blossoms in the corner/Ling Han opens alone/Knowing from afar that it is not snow/Only the faint fragrance comes. "Which poem is it again?" Asked the little guest? He replied, "Wang Anshi was a turtle. During the Northern Song Dynasty, he was a prime minister.". The little guest said, "You have a lot of knowledge.". Li Guoqing smiled and said that I had a quarrel with my mother and father. The little guest stared at him who was very knowledgeable and asked, "Why did you quarrel with your mother and father?"? He said, "It's hot today. When I came home, I accidentally took off my shirt. My mother and father saw the teeth marks on my shoulders and arms bitten by you." Without waiting for him to finish, the little guest burst into laughter and looked at him with a pair of charming eyes. Your mother loved you very much, didn't she? All right, I won't bite you anymore. Li Guoqing says: "You are other good, only defect is to like to bite a person when making love.". The little guest put out the white sand smoke in his hand, got up, kissed him on the face, and bit his nose by the way. Li Guoqing jumped up in fright and shouted, "Don't bite my face.". The little guest relaxed and giggled, just to bite your face. Li Guoqing said: "If my mother and father see you still smoking, then she will think your quality is not good.". "If I go to your house, I will control myself not to smoke," said the little guest. Two people said angry words, Li Guoqing went into the bathroom to take a bath, when he took a bath, the small hall guest pushed open the door, looked at him to take a bath, while giggling. Li Guoqing dragged her under the hot water showerhead, and the flesh-colored silk underwear on the small guest's body was immediately wet. Li Guoqing immediately tampered with Wang Anshi's poem, saying: a plum blossom in the corner will bloom when it is drenched with water. "You hate it," said the little guest. With these words,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, she took off her clothes and let the hot water from the lotus pod hit her beautiful breasts directly. Li Guoqing felt that her breasts were so beautiful that he hugged her excitedly, lowered his head and ate her breasts. The little guest was so excited under the impact of the hot water that he hugged his neck and stuck his body to it. National Day, I love you so much. Said the little guest in a sweet voice. pioneer-biotech.com
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    The way to find

    Wuji was frightened to go in, checked every room, and finally in the last room with Guqin, I saw myself lost in my thoughts against the wall. As soon as Wuji's eyebrows loosened, his face showed happiness, and then he almost greedily looked at the man who made him lovesick. He approached step by step, stopped, squatted down, looked at me who had obviously not reacted to him, reached out to hold my cheeks, and aggressively imprinted his long-cherished red lips. Hum..! I stared in amazement and didn't blink. In fact, it is a dream, with such an idea, there is no resistance to such an aggressive move. The kiss of tossing and turning, greedy as if to devour me, so real feeling, this. What's going on. Already I can't think. After the kiss, Wuji lowered my forehead breathlessly, ignoring my trance, and said, "Girl, my patience has been hidden by you. Whether you want to forgive me or not, I will never let you run away from me." Yes, he was enlightened, and there was no better way to deal with his sweetheart than to be strong. ……” I relaxed my breathing in a daze, and my mind went blank. Looking at me who seemed unable to react because of his appearance, Wuji raised his lips and locked my silly eyes firmly with his shining eyes. He said word by word: "You can't escape from me. Even if you hide from reality, you can't escape." At the moment, Wuji was obviously forced to be completely blackened by her own girl. I still stared at him blankly,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, listening to the words that could not be removed, like a magic spell, which made me contract my pupils bit by bit, and then without waiting for the brain to react, I pushed the extremely dangerous infinite away again, and the next second I got off the line. Half kneeling on the ground, Wuji covered his handsome face with his slender five fingers. Ha Ha-ha Ha ha ha Eerie, little by little laughter poured out from the five fingers. Five fingers gradually slipped down, lightly covered his lips, burning eyes shining with magic luster at the moment, as if he said to himself: "Girl, why don't you believe what I said?" Even if you come to this world, you can only be by my side. And out of the game warehouse, I seem to breathe hard dyspnea under the nozzle, just the promise.. It's so dangerous. How long has it been since I felt this fear. He wiped his face blankly. Until now, Blue Bottle Serum ,glass cream jars, I still don't understand why Wuji is there? Then it is absolutely impossible for everyone who is angry with the light of ice and snow to call the promise superfluous, isn't it? The idea that had been shaken was frightened by the arrival of the promise. You can't escape me. Even if you hide in reality, you can't escape. The heartbeat suddenly missed a beat, as if it had been pinched by an invisible hand. Why does Wuji have such affirmation? His words are serious. Quickly turned off the tap, pulled the bath towel to wrap himself firmly, walked out of the bathroom in a daze, changed clothes in a daze, and sat on the bed with a pillow in his arms. The word "calm" seems to be far away from me. In the game, in the dense forest of the spiritual human territory, the ice and snow people who had hesitated to peep were shocked to find that their leader was offline, Wuji. It's also offline. Are they all offline? The sound of uncertainty comes from running water. And the result? Did the colonel decide to stay in the end? Ah? Ah ~ (second tone)? Somebody tell me! . Pull the crazy squat on the ground. 。“ Damn Wuji, won't you tell us to get off the line again? With an angry sword, he saw a deep gap in the innocent tree beside him. She felt that she was beginning to have a headache again, and she wanted to know what had happened to the two people. Chia and Caso looked at each other with a wry smile, and they were prepared for the worst. I didn't delete the number, but I may not know that there is such a thing as deleting the number, but at least it's not bad news for us at present. Quickly playing with his fingers and laughing. Ice and snow all nodded, this. Barely can be regarded as a good news, as long as there is no real deletion of the number, everything has a chance to recover, of course, if the ice and snow people know that their own head will be so quickly offline, leaving a group of them in this panic is entirely because of being scared by the promise, I'm afraid those people will not have such a good mood now. So I have to say that sometimes ignorance is really happy. Chapter 87 It's been a week since I escaped from the "search" in a hurry, and nothing has happened, which is a relief to me who was once highly nervous. The countdown to the Gakuen Festival has also begun, and the entire student union has entered a busy stage. Naturally, I am no exception. It is precisely because of this almost footless busyness that I have temporarily forgotten the magic spell. In spite of this, because of the contact at work, I intentionally or unintentionally found that Fang Xuejie, Qian Xuejie and Oh Xuejie always sighed after I turned around. If it weren't for my keen ears, I would have missed such a very light voice. Although I was confused, my character would not force me to ask the reason. Because of a lot of work, the more times I see the president, I do not know why, the president gives me more and more pressure, is it because I am too tired recently? After dividing the copy verification code obtained from the alliance branch into each grade, I finally had a temporary breathing space, sorted out the rest of the verification code, and proofread the number. There are 162 duplicate verification codes for each member of the student union, 183 duplicate verification codes for ordinary cadres of the student union, and elite cadres. The president has eleven copies of the verification code quota, and there are two hundred emergency copies of the verification code. There is no mistake. Gently, classify the folder containing the copy verification code, copy one, leave the dormitory again, and distribute the copy verification code of the internal staff of the student union. Tuk Tuk! "Sister Fang." "Lightly interrupted Fang Luoya, who buried his head in the document." Oh,Glass Cream Jars, Bailixue, come in. What's the matter? Fang Luoya just took time to look at me and buried his head again, reading the documents as he spoke. penghuangbottle.com
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    Great Qin Empire 5

    Wang Jian was deeply gratified at the thought that the king of Qin was not allowed to fight lightly. It is the good fortune of the state of Qin and the good fortune of the ministers to be able to reach such a tacit understanding with this young monarch. At the beginning of the army, Wang Jian ordered Li Xin to report to the army on three days, whether it was a special envoy of the fast horse or a carrier pigeon in the army, in short, all the deployments in the army were reported to the king of Qin. Meng Wuzeng didn't think so and said, "There's no war. What's the military report?"? How many times has the old general been like this in the two wars of destroying Zhao and Yan? But Wang Jian said, "The destruction of Chu is different. The whole army is in the hands of the old man alone. The king of Qin should be in the army.". Three days a newspaper, no change. In less than a month, the king of Qin had his first serious reply: "Send the whole country's troops to the general. Even if the king is worried, he is also worried about victory or defeat. Why should the old general be so garrulous?"? If there is no war in the future, there will be no military report. From then on, Wang Jian's military report was changed to once every ten days, and it was still a report of the size of the report. So two months, the king of Qin is irritable under the book: "The military newspaper is noisy, January one newspaper is enough!"! Therefore, Wang Jian in the military newspaper after the winter reported in detail the men's aggressive heart to fight. This time, the king of Qin wrote back to the king: "The destruction of Chu is a big matter. We must not fight lightly. Those who do not fight according to the orders of the generals should be engaged in the law of the country." Concise for no reason. From then on, before the book arrived at the army, Wang Jian immediately ordered Zhongjun Sima Li Xin to restore the previous laws and regulations, and not to report to the King of Qin without war. In the heavy snow of the first lunar month,Amber Dropper Bottles, Wang Jian finally vaguely smelled the coming of the fighter plane. An urgent secret message from Yao Jia, who was also the leader of Heibingtai, said that Xiang Yan, the general of the State of Chu, was disappointed with the King of Chu. He sent his third son, Xiang Bo, to Huainan secretly to plot to unite with the Qu tribe and the Jiangdong tribe of the Yue people and jointly support Changping Jun, the son of the royal family,Serum Bottle With Dropper, as the new King of Chu. Later, Xiang Yan wanted to withdraw the Chu army to Huainan and Jiangnan and resist the Qin army for a long time by land. No need to repeatedly try to figure out, Wang Jian immediately in the past scouts camp of all kinds of details confirmed the authenticity of the Yao Jia secret, and suddenly understand the last ChuJun wantonly kill but not the root cause of the figure of XiangShi Jiangdong army. Wang Jian just can't weigh for a while, when will Xiang Yan withdraw? Predict this time, for the Qin army is too important. Because as long as the foundation of the Chu army moves, it is the best time for the Qin army to attack. No matter how Xiang Yan plans when to withdraw his troops, it is necessary to deploy them in advance. Summon the generals of the battalions! Wang Jian stood up from the bathtub. Yes! The shogunate will gather! Li Xin strode in from the outer military order room. Do not get up to gather the drum, one by one command. "Understood!" After the film, the generals all came in a hurry with a hot sweat. Although they were puzzled by the quiet gathering without gathering drums, they were so excited that they kept inquiring about each other. After all, nine times out of ten, getting into the shogunate had something to do with war, and it was ten thousand times better than throwing stones and bricks all day long. When the generals were seated at Jiangdun, 30ml Dropper Bottle ,Oil Dropper Bottle, Wang Jian said, "The Chu army will have a big change. It will either retreat to Huainan or Jiangnan.". If the ChuJun move, is our fighters. However, ChuJun when to move, now can not determine the exact date. In case of haste, the old man is pre-deployed. Then whenever, as long as the ChuJun camp move, I shogunate war drums and horns, each will not need military orders to arrive, will be thunderbolt lightning army attack! Do you understand? "Understood!" The generals all stood up with a brush. After the army of one hundred thousand, XinSheng command, from west to east to kill the ChuJun. "Hi!" "Right army one hundred thousand.". Feng Quji commanded the Chu army from west to east to the bedroom city. "Hi!" "One hundred thousand Feng Jiu of the former army and one hundred thousand Yang Duanhe of the left army joined forces to attack and kill Xiang Yan's army in Ruyin." "Hi!" "Under the command of General Meng Wu, one hundred and twenty thousand Zhongjun troops rushed to the countryside of Qi County to intercept the Chu troops crossing the Huai River with all their strength." "Hi!" "Even the crossbow equipment camp and guard fighters a total of fifty thousand, ZhangHan led, forced across the Huai River stormed Ying Shou!" "Hi!" "Longxi flying ride twenty thousand, Zhao Tuo command, guard the shogunate and the chief officer!" "Hi!" "All will know, only ChuJun fled to Huainan, must not make ChuJun fled to the south of the Yangtze River!"! For this reason, the ministries must go all out to pursue and kill in Huaibei, especially not to make Xiang Yan's main force escape and enter the south of the Yangtze River. "Understood!" "Who?"? Who's crying? Meng Wu suddenly asked. After the thunder, the hall was silent, and the faint sobs were very clear. The generals were silent, and everyone knew who it was, but they could not say or comfort it. General Li Xin.. I have something to say. Wang Jian finally spoke. Go, General! Li Xinqiu went after Xiang Yan for the journey of daring to die! As soon as Li Xin came out, he raised his account and was greatly shocked. His eyes were fixed on the disfigured figure who no one dared to recognize as the former commander in chief of the army, but he could not say a word. Li Xin deposed as Zhongjun Sima, originally standing beside the curtain behind the handsome case, only a shadowy figure in the hall of the heavy shogunate. At this moment, Li Xin strode to the hall before the handsome case generously asked to fight, the generals suddenly heard the word "Li Xin", can not help but be greatly shocked, unexpectedly stood up in unison with a crash. Li Xin, who used to be brave, bold and cheerful, suddenly turned into a lean and dark pole-frame body. His eyes were red, the corners of his mouth were bleeding, his voice was hoarse, and his beard was twisted. If there were a few more pieces of blood in his armor, he would be a survivor in a pile of dead bodies on the battlefield! Perhaps Li Xin intentionally or unintentionally to avoid the former soldiers, perhaps ZhongJun Sima is indeed "reclusive" function, around is all day long wind wind fire generals until then suddenly thought, the former army commander in chief has disappeared for a long time in their line of sight. At this time suddenly appeared such a scene, the generals could not bear to see, for a moment can not help but misty eyes. OK Wang Jian's voice was a little trembling. He nodded gently and stood up from the handsome case. He walked down the six-step brick and stone platform and walked to Li Xin. "I have carefully selected eight thousand flying riders to kill Xiang Yan's Jiangdong army.". I have the heart to avenge my shame today,oil dropper bottle, and the old man has granted it. "General Shang!" When Wang Jian's voice fell, Li Xin immediately threw himself on his knees and burst into tears. The generals felt sad and hot in their hearts, and all of them choked with sobs. penghuangbottle.com
  7. Shan Qi was unusually silent all the way, and even when the four princes looked for her to talk, she was absent-minded and out of her mind. The four princes gathered their eyebrows and stared at her for a few breaths, pulling the reins a little farther away. According to past experience, this kind of woman, who is trapped by love and whose brain is not working well for the time being, still has to go as far as possible, otherwise the city gate will catch fire and the fish in the pond will suffer greatly. All the way is not fast, Shan Qi sat on horseback, the whole person is in a trance. Her heart was still beating fast, her face was burning faintly, her head was in a mess, she was dizzy, and she couldn't think clearly for a moment. She had never thought that Zheng Feng would have such a side, cold and indifferent, heart like stone, but can cherish such a burning, strong, feeling, mind, Rao is far away from her, but also can feel his urgency and difficulty in self-control. Although Shan Qi has always been in the army and camp, she still knows very little about men and women. Today, when she saw such a scene, she did not have much disgust, jealousy and jealousy in her heart, but she gave birth to an inexplicable Qi Nian Chun Si. She knew that it was very wrong to think so, but once the idea came to her mind,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, she could not help thinking about it countless times. Tall, strong, healthy, men and delicate, small, soft, weak women, every scene makes people mouth, dry, tongue dry. Zheng Feng and Shen Shi should not know that they saw this kiss. Shan Qi closed her eyes and felt restless for no reason. Over and over again,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, she thought of Zheng Feng holding Shen's face, gentle and heavy, surly, to kiss, when she went up, reflected in her eyes. The expression of forbearance and restraint, affection, heat, difficulty and endurance taught her. The blood of the muddy body rushed to the head, the top of the heart, the hair of the whole body also stood up, and the heart was also a burst of heat and a burst of cool. Entangled. Mian. To the extreme. That kind of situation makes Shan Qi almost unable to move her eyes. She didn't know that men and women could do this. Close, intimate, warm, and the mind is interlinked, which makes people unable to be jealous for a time. Shan Qi also looked for a curtain hat to put on to cover up her face. Her blush was abnormal. The eyes of the people here were more poisonous than one. If they didn't cover up, it wouldn't take long to see the clue. Just now, when she was peeping in the dark, she even wanted to replace her without shame. Such a man can be so light, pity, Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale ,Glass Cosmestic Containers, honey, love, pain, drowning, bone, even if only for a moment, it is enough to make people recall for a lifetime. Shan Qi's horse was a little restless. She relaxed the reins and reached out to touch her seat and ride. Shen Qingyu's face and her expression often dangled in front of her eyes. To be honest, at that time, who can resist this kind of woman. As a daughter, she feels that Shen is soft, charming, graceful, attractive and soulful. Had it not been for Zheng Feng's indulgence and forgetting to return at that time, she could not have peeped and explored for a long time. I really didn't expect that the endurance and eyesight trained in the past would be used in this kind of thing one day. She almost merged herself with the tree, the trunk, the Bush, and did not dare to make a sound. Then she had to go, and she left the hidden place in a daze. Are you sad? Shan Qi sighed, after watching this scene, her heart is more of a sense of loss, as if she has accepted fate, has admitted defeat, even a trace of delusion can not be born. The sweetheart is far away from the clouds, and she can't even touch the cloud angle. Shan Qi's strange silence and loss could not hide the fact that this line of work had almost become a fine person, but everyone tacitly knew how far away they were, talking and laughing with each other, pretending not to feel anything. Soon to the next town, the bodyguard first, has packed the whole inn, into the house, Shen Qingyu first thing to do is to soak in the barrel to bathe. The bath bucket was newly bought by the female guard, and it had been washed and cleaned several times. Shen Qingyu put her hands on the edge of the bucket, feeling that the days with tiles to cover her head, doors and windows to block the wind, and hot water to bathe were simply too beautiful, and there should not be too many extravagant demands. With contrast, it was easy to be satisfied. After sleeping in the open air and being frightened, she felt that such a house was simply a fairy land on earth. When Zheng Feng returned to the room, Shen Qingyu had already changed her clothes. The pink and orange front reflects the little face that has just come out of the bath. It is delicate and tender. It looks like a thin flower petal stained with dew and water. It is full of sweet breath. She sat in front of the mirror, holding the comb slowly to tie their hair, see Zheng Feng came in, immediately quickly met up, asked him if he wanted to bathe and change clothes first. Take a break for a while and take you out to eat local specialties. Zheng Feng ordered people to prepare hot water and stood beside the couch with wide clothes on his back. Then I'll go and talk to Rong'er, and you can wash it first. Shen Qingyu tied up her hair at random and turned to go out. In the second half of the day, when they shared a ride, her ears and neck were badly burned by his breath. These days are on the road, or temporarily stay in the inn, rest time is not enough, or sleep in the desolate house, the wind and rain can not stop, he held her every night when sleeping, what is the response to her are clear. Now they have almost a day to rest here, the layout of the inn is also very elegant and comfortable, just when he looked at her when he entered the door, her heart jumped for no reason, can not help but want to hide. Ear came a light laugh, Shen Qingyu footsteps a meal, the back is a little stiff. Zheng Feng put his coat on the edge of the bed. He turned around and untied the jade belt. He stared at her in his spare time. "What are you afraid of? Someone in the house will eat you." The word "eat" was clearly and heavily bitten by him. Shen Qingyu thought of Wen Cun at that time. The words he said in his ears were tingling from his heart to his hands and feet. As soon as Shen Qingyu's feet moved, Zheng Feng suddenly looked like a fierce tiger staring at a hunting object. His shoulders and arms were already stretched with a muscular, fleshy, hard and elegant outline,cosmetic packaging wholesale, and the whole person was carrying a sense of danger. Shen Qingyu did not dare to move again. She pursed her lips and crouched around herself. The author has something to say: there is still a watch later ~ Chapter 177 smelling roses. When there was a knock at the door outside, Zheng Feng was still drowning in the gentle countryside, and he was too lazy to answer. penghuangbottle.com
  8. Xiao Yan made a mistake and bent down to grab the basketball from Xiao Yan's hand in the dribble. His brother's deep curse sounded in his ears, but his brother just smiled gracefully, dribbled the ball under the basket, dribbled the ball and took off. Watching a ball go into the basket again, but at this time, people only heard a slight sound. The basketball that should have been beautifully thrown into the basket was hit by another basketball that flew out of nowhere. The two balls hit the barbed wire of the basketball court one after the other, and the whole barbed wire was slightly trembling. Gently landing, Xiao Yan slightly frowned eyebrows seemed to express the unhappiness at this time. He turned around and looked at a group of young people in hip-hop walking slowly not far away-their loose basketball clothes seemed more in line with the style of street basketball than the school uniforms of the two brothers of the Xiao family. Kid, two people occupy a half of the field, you are really embarrassed! The man walking in front spoke first. As soon as the man opened his mouth, the crowd of onlookers immediately quieted down. People involuntarily cast their eyes on Xiao Yan's face, which had become not very good-looking. It's going to be fun. 39 Chapter 38 The atmosphere on the basketball court is very stiff, almost on the verge of breaking out. Just when everyone thought Xiao Yan was about to get angry, he didn't expect that the teenager just picked up his school uniform collar with a sneer and wiped the sweat off his chin,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, because of this pulling action, Xiao Yan showed a large piece of bronzed skin on his chest without any care. "Don't you like me to dominate the field?" The teenager slightly hooked his lips into an unruly arc, and the contempt on his face was even more undisguised, "I won't fight with you and bully your old bones when I see you are old." Come on, three or three bullfights, five balls decide the winner,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, the loser.. Xiao Yan paused, his beautiful amber eyes turned in his eyes, and then the smile on his lips became more unscrupulous: "If you lose, just climb out from here." Teenager's voice is deep and hoarse, because in the period of voice change, Xiao Yan will not speak too loudly recently, but it is clear that the reason is that these people who want to come to make trouble do not know, in their view, this is just a kind of arrogant cool behavior of the high school students in front of them-so, Xiao Yan's action has angered them even more. Several young people dressed in hip-hop looked at each other, 30ml dropper bottle ,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, and they saw excitement in each other's eyes to varying degrees. Yes, they almost couldn't wait to see the embarrassed appearance of the arrogant and arrogant teenager in front of them climbing out of here. What, what qualifications do two high school students have to occupy the basketball court of the university city and perform embroidered basketball here to make them feel good about themselves? "A bullfight is a bullfight. A boy thinks he plays American basketball very well, doesn't he?" The young man who led the way pulled the loose trousers loudly, and the chain hanging on the trousers clanged with metal. Xiao Yan really dared to show him a natural smile: "Yes." "Damn it, smelly kid." The young man spat, his dark eyes moved away from Xiao Yan's face and looked at another teenager standing behind him-a well-dressed school uniform and a portable schoolbag hanging well on the basketball rack. It's the rhythm of a nerd! Showing a determined smile, he turned his head and casually picked up two tall companions from behind him. He picked up the basketball that had rolled back from the ground and looked at Xiao Yan with his eyes. "You are only two people. How can you fight a bullfight?" When Xiao Yan heard this, he showed a lazy smile of extreme disdain. He stretched out two fingers and shook them in front of the college student who was half a head taller than him: "Two people are enough to blow you up.". ” As soon as the hip-hop youth choked, he was about to shout abuse, and then he thought of this smelly kid looking for his own smoke. Why did he stop him? Who wants to be fair to you at this time? Just win. Then, he throws the basketball in the hand gently, let the basketball turn on forefinger, blew a whistle frivolously: "Imp has seed, lost not to cry to look for mom!" "Thank you for your concern. I only have a stupid father." Xiao Yan said indifferently, stretched himself and went back to do preparatory activities. Although he had just played a few games with Xiao Yan, the small amount of exercise was not enough for him to open his muscles and bones. Since the cruel words had been put down, he was not ready to lose the game. What's more, what's the joke? The basketball court is so big that he will be tired to death if he climbs out from here! Just as Xiao Yan was seriously stretching and pressing his legs, a cold figure beside him squatted down silently beside him. Xiao Yan: ".." Xiao Yan: ".." Xiao Yan inexplicably twisted his face and stared at his brother: "What for?" Xiao Yan: "Please don't drag me when you bet with others next time. I don't want to climb out from here." “………………” Xiao Yan could not stand to roll his eyes, "how can you lose, you are funny!" "Of course you can't lose if you say so." With a sidelong glance at his twin brother, who had been concentrating on making trouble for three hundred years, Xiao Yan stood up, slowly and gently unbuttoned the top button of his shirt, and then stood aside, and there was no more movement. Quietly waiting for the rhythm of the start of the game. Xiao Yan looked at the black line all over his face: "Are you going to fight like this?" "That's it." Xiao Yan glanced at him. "If you're careful, you shouldn't sprain. I'm not as rude as you are." You are rude, if you are not so rude, please let me be rude for ten thousand years! Xiao Yan forcefully rolled his eyes at the sky, stood up from the ground with a gentle jump, lifted his eyelids, and looked at three college students whose average height was obviously half a head higher than theirs coming this way. When he saw the basketball in the other side's hands,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, the amber pupil of the teenager suddenly sank, as if he had changed his mind, and his attention was completely focused. The game begins. The game has just started with a tidbit. penghuangbottle.com
  9. My mother looked at me in disbelief. She must have been incredulous that her son, who had always been obedient, would be so rebellious one day. What do you really like about her? That kind of girl, looks, temperament, identity, you! You are so worthless! For this kind of girl to delay the future. She poked my head with her finger, a dull pain, and I didn't want to say anything to her, so I turned away. "Don't come back if you dare!" The sharp voice spread far and wide. What a strange voice! I can't imagine that my mother, who has always been calm and elegant, was so angry with me that she looked like a shrew cursing in the street. How's Weena? She must be crying again. How many times did she call me after my phone was confiscated? This conversation with my mother seems to have gone through many times. How many times has she cried? I remember I have to take an X-ray for the college entrance examination this morning, but I don't want to go. I don't want to go at all. I will meet her when I go there. I don't want to see her cry. She is very annoyed, and she is even more annoyed when she cries. I don't know how to comfort her, and I even have the impulse to cry with her. Very irritated, very irritated namely, irritated at home, achievement is irritated, affection is irritated, I suspect these days is decline God possessed body? It's so annoying on the eve of the college entrance examination. My heart is like a time bomb that will explode at any moment, and I am looking forward to the moment of relief, but I can't find where the fuse is? How to ignite it? It makes me feel even more annoyed. I just wandered around the street, not going to school, not going to the hospital, because the weather was too hot. I went home. I never listened to that woman,gold heap leaching, and I ignored her angry words even more. Besides, it's no fun to hang around outside. The woman looked at me with resentment. The dazzling diamond earrings in her ears made my eyes hurt. I didn't bother to talk to her and went straight to my room. Qin Xiao called you. Qin Xiao? Top of the class. Why is my only best friend calling me? I watched the woman tighten her lips, still angry. You don't have to ask. It's useless to ask. I got through to Qin Xiao's phone, "Hello?" "Hello?" A hoarse voice, but obviously not Qin Xiao, I was a little surprised, the woman's eyes also sharply focused on me. Qin Xiao, what are you looking for me for? I calmed down and asked. You! Where the hell have you been this afternoon? Why didn't you come to the physical examination? I thought you had a car accident? Worried about the dead. It's crying again. It's really annoying. Hello! Don't.. The woman's eyes swept over me, and I made a hasty cover. Don't say too much. I'll go to school right away and know that the evening self-study is coming. "Qi Weining, you." "I'll go to school right away. Ah, don't rush me. I'll go right away." I hung up the phone in a hurry. Watch the woman slowly withdraw her detective gaze. I walked quietly in front of her, and the quiet and soft character I had developed since childhood made me almost have no sense of rebellion. I am used to obedience, to indifference, mineral flotation ,Portable gold trommel, to tolerance. Even if parents are wrong, they are too lazy to refute, and I disdain to refute. Other people's affairs, I am watching the fire from the other side of the river, and I am aware of my own affairs. Before the microphone smashing incident, I was hardly angry. Even in love, I have been a bystander for six years. I still remember the girl in junior high school crying and asking me, "Why do you love me like a friend?" I thought I was mellow enough to be a bystander all my life, but when I met her, she had been giving so strongly and pursuing so boldly that she could even say 5201314 such presumptuous words to me, and tell me seriously that it was not just words. How far is forever? When I began to ask myself this question, I realized that I had changed unconsciously. Because of her, I felt that I was still a person who was not completely numb. The afternoon sun is like splashing ink, dazzling and burning. She was the same. Her eyes were red. I tried to avoid her, but she insisted on appearing. Where have you been this morning? Why don't you contact me? Do you know how many calls I made? You know your mother. Her eyes were red again. Why are you calling? Didn't I say wait for me to contact you? I frowned at her. How could a girl do this like her when she knew she was going to suffer. What a fool! It's really stupid. What do you mean? If you don't contact me all the time and don't let me contact you, then we won't contact each other. She was angry and looked at me eagerly and longingly. I knew she wanted my response. But I don't want to respond at all. I divide and divide too much. If I want to divide, I will divide it thoroughly. It's really boring to break up like playing house. Talk to me! She was in a hurry and pushed me. Eh? Why can't I stand steadily? I looked at her, and she was shaking, too. I looked at the ground, which was undulating like a wave. It's an earthquake! The terrible thought flashed through my mind, and my hand reached over consciously, and at the moment when it was about to touch her fingertips, a voice suddenly sounded. No more of this! Break up! Both of them have such poor grades, and they are still sticky. Can you go to college? Her family is not good. If she can't go to college, there will be no way out for her all her life. If you can't go to college and your family opposes it, how can you support her? If you love her, don't hurt her! Break up! The hand passed over her fingertips and tried to pull it back, but she was still in the same place. I took to my heels and felt something spilling out of my eyes. I am just a coward who only cares about his own life and death. I can't give you the so-called sense of security and happiness at all. If I can, let's break up. After breaking up, you will be able to fly to your original height. I do not want to be your burden, do not want to be the source of your tears, we break up! This love, I give up. For you, I give up. Her voice could be heard faintly behind her, one by one was my name, and one was very clear: "Don't think I can't find a better one without you!" I can not help but gently raise the corners of the mouth, very good ah, find a better, in front of me to show off the best, I will bless you. I have always been a bystander of love, but this time,Carbon in Pulp, I, a bystander, have been distressed thousands of times for this love. ore-magnetic-mining.com
  10. The content of the meeting was naturally a bolt from the blue. The main content of the meeting is that in order to express the apparent harmony between Medical University and Z University, the second program of Medical University is going to invite two girls from Z University to sing together. A backup dancer. The counselor euphemistically expressed that the black and white match of the Medical University was more optimistic about Wu Xiao and Zhao Tingting, so the probability of the appearance of the College of Literature was relatively high. Although it is early summer, but the evening breeze blowing, in the body and mind is still cool. Of course, this kind of feeling only happens to someone and someone. Alas, the consequence of the last one coming down is that only the seat on the draught is left. The excitement of other MMs was overflowing, Linlin's expression was complicated, and Zhao Tingting and Wu Xiao's expressions were death-defying. Counselors are also young when they come over (counselors voiceover: What is this, I am not to 30, but also young! , naturally understand the minds of young girls, although He felt that the two lucky girls did not look very natural, but he still understood that it was caused by excessive happiness. So as a senior, some words still have to be said in the first place: "Although it is so now." We're talking about it, but the final candidate hasn't been decided yet, and you two have to fight for it! Two people dry laugh,small gold wash plant, Lin Lin snicker. Zhao Tingting said: I can't fight for it! Wu Xiao: How could the counselor not see such an obvious retaliation? The contrast between the "elegant" image of black and white matching and our national dress was put on the stage. How big it is! (Counselor's voiceover: Children's shoes, clothes can be changed!) The dividing line that many people didn't sleep well tonight. The next day Wu Xiao received a song list, which was said to be an alternative song drafted by someone. At a glance, it was written in black and white, all in English. Read through the whole article. Wu Xiao found that he only knew the one at the beginning: Amazing Grace. Then he returned the paper to Linlin with an expressionless face: "Change people, I can't sing any of them." Linlin sniffed: "Don't fool me. Apart from anything else, Amazing Grace is sure you will!" Wu Xiao is frightened greatly: "You,Portable gold trommel, how do you know?" Lin Lin is proud: "a few days ago." God, listen to you play it! Wu Xiao recalled, and then tears, that day she was watching the theatrical version of Conan. Then I don't know why the song was settled, the repertoire, the grace of heaven. Had to learn, so Wu Xiao back lyrics back very irritable, looking at Linlin and Zhao Tingting occasionally swept over the eyes is simply schadenfreude, it is unbearable. But Lin Lin also urged that you had not learned to sing for us first. Wu Xiao casually rolled the A4 paper of the lyrics into a microphone shape, cleared his throat, and said in a very sweet and tender voice: "Below." Please enjoy the children's song, Little Dragonfly. "The little dragonfly is a beneficial insect. It flies to the west and east. It loves to eat radishes and vegetables. It is a little hero who catches mosquitoes." Zhao Tingting crazy: I know you are stimulated by the game, portable gold wash plant ,coltan ore processing, what love to eat radish love to eat vegetables, that is a rabbit. (Wu Xiao's voiceover: I haven't sung for a long time … I sang a string carelessly. Can't you care about the spirit?!) The little dragonfly flies over:-_-! Please note that the original text is "do not eat food, do not eat vegetables"!) But Linlin, who has seen the world, is very calm: "I will order another song," Two Tigers "!"! Zhao Tingting & Wu Xiao: @ # ¥% &.. In the twinkling of an eye, it was time to confirm the candidates. In the meeting hall, Wu Xiao and Zhao Tingting were facing fierce competition. Beautiful women with special skills in singing and dancing sprang up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. The momentum is approaching the scale of the change of the student union. F4 of Medical University has appeared on the judges' table together, although this time everyone is just a simple shirt, but it is still heroic. Linlin HC : I don't know how these people look in their white coats! Zhao Tingting tried to ask Linlin, don't we compete with them? Noble character and integrity, the beauty of adults, just abstain. Linlin pouted in the direction of the counselor: "Why don't you try?" ?” Wu Xiao looked down Linlin's eyes and saw the counselor sitting under the stage staring at the stage with a red smile like a flower. "Forget it, let's give her a basin of cold water now. She Give you a hailstorm later. The selection of singing is easy, and everyone can sing it once; the selection of dancing is more troublesome, and you have to follow the teacher of the dance department to do a movement. Although there are many talented people, Wu Xiao still has none. Got the "Queen of Songs" in suspense. According to Linlin's investigation afterwards, the main reason was that F4 of Medical University voted for Wu Xiao, and Shen Yi also commented that the girl's voice was very clear. Che. Zhao Tingting lost the election without any suspense. Although there were many votes, she was still defeated by Chen Mo, who had studied ballet professionally. Some are happy and some are sad, but the two of the College of Arts are not happy, and the two are not sad. After the end of the selection is still a small meeting, Wu Xiao sighed: "Let me and so many handsome men and beautiful women together is to spoil the scenery.". Linlin looked at Wu Xiao carefully: "What is modesty? Even if we can't judge the campus beauty, it's not a pork chop. Go, go.". Wu Xiao ran with tears: How can you praise people so much! And pretend to rhyme! Zhao Tingting looked at Wu Xiao's departing figure and said, "The wind is rustling and the water is cold. Once a strong man is gone, he will never return." The first item of the meeting must be self-introduction, although Chen Mo is the last one to open his mouth, but the opening shocked the whole audience, so that Wu Xiao frequently looked at Chen Mo at the meeting, even to F4. The degree of attention is greatly reduced. God is really fair, he gave you the face of an angel, the body of a devil; gave you a smart brain, beautiful dance … He opened so many doors for you, but he only closed one. A window. Then Wu Xiao especially admired Chen yuanhua's parents. It was really great to get this name! (5555, if I have this half level, we mung beans will not be mistaken for flies! Chen yuanhua's voice is simply. It's that kind of hoarse and sharp feeling. So as soon as she opened her mouth, Wu Xiao thought of a famous saying in her consternation and blankness: sophistry is silver,manganese beneficiation plant, silence is gold. If Chen yuanhua keeps silent and lives up to her name, then she will It's a big piece of gold. After the meeting, F4 came to shake hands and say goodbye. ore-magnetic-mining.com
  11. In the middle of the night on the second day, before dawn on the third day, Xiao Wang, following the instructions of the immortal, prepared all kinds of fruits for the sorcerer and sent them to the high cliff and flat stone where the sorcerer had always received tribute. The cloud phoenix is holding the immortal sword, the flying needle, calculates the sorcerer in the future before, lurks in the side, waits for to eliminate the harm to the enemy, in case is not good, passes by as oneself, is not invited by Xiao Wang, lest draws the tiger to fail, instead brews the big harm for the small human race. When everything was done, before the trip, Yunfeng prayed to heaven again, asking her great-grandfather to bless her and help her save this innocent man. In the past two days, Sha and Mi had asked the camel girl to prune her tongue with scissors and apply a special medicine in the cave to stop the bleeding and stop the pain. Gradually, they were able to communicate with each other. In order to show his sincerity, he made a petition to dress up as a sacrifice, although he died without regret. Yun Fengyuan didn't want to give up the two of them to sacrifice. Then he thought that if it weren't for the enemy of the sorcerer, the lives of some villains on the altar would not be saved, and even he himself might not be spared. The two of them insisted on going, so he had to agree. Before arriving at the peak, they lined up the living little people such as Sha and Mi, who were doing tribute, with the animals and mountain fruits that had been washed and stripped clean. When Xiao Wang had finished burning incense and offering sacrifices, he and the camel girl led their subjects back to the secret place on the side of the peak with tears in their eyes and waited for the letter. At this time, the Milky Way was loyal, the waning moon was in the sky, and there was no human voice. It was very quiet. Yunfeng herself hid behind a big tree beside the altar, pretending to lean on the trunk to sleep. Zao Lian said and compared,tin beneficiation plant, and taught Sha and Mi how to deal with the sorcerer when he came. He lured him into the ambush and went earlier than usual. Yunfeng waited for a while, but there was no sound. Looking up at the blue sky, the clouds are clean, the streamer shines, the mountains and trees are covered with silver, and the surrounding scenery is beautiful and picturesque. The sorcerer came to the side of the snow-capped mountain and looked at it in the moonlight. It was still like a fog in a smoke cage. It went up to Yunqu and could not see the top. Only near the height of the clouds, covered with snow, competing with the moon, whether the top can pass through the Baiyang Cliff, is still uncertain, can not help but be anxious again, how can there be a heart to enjoy the elegance. When I was worried,coltan ore processing, I heard a sharp wind blowing from the snow mountain in the distance. Mimi hurriedly ran over to draw with her hands, meaning that the sorcerer was coming, and asked Yunfeng to be on guard early. Although Yunfeng ordered him to return to the original place as soon as possible, so as not to be seen through by the sorcerer, when he first came to the enemy, his heart was pounding. After half an hour like this, the snow mountain rolled up a thick fog, the wind and sand rolled and rotated endlessly, went up together, and fell down again. After rising and falling three times, it suddenly rose like a thrown ball, made a big spin in the air, and then flew sharply to the side of the altar. In the shadow of the fog, there was a faint movement of green and yellow light, which made a sharp and shrill sound from time to time. Moments later, it was not far from the peak and arrived. Suddenly, with a bang, the smoke exploded, and a sorcerer appeared from it, flying straight down in front of the altar. Yunfeng saw that the sorcerer was dressed in a Taoist costume, with a bent figure, a big head and a thin neck, sodium cyanide price ,chrome washing machine, sharp eyes and blue pupils, thick eyebrows and concave face, and a gap in his lips. He wore a gold hoop on the top, his hair was as messy as a rope, and his hair was shoulder-length, with strings of paper money and jute strips in the middle. In one hand he was dragging two large sacks about ten feet long, and in the other hand he was holding a strange weapon about five feet long, which looked like a sword but not a sword. In addition to the long handle, there are many small forks with three tips and five blades on the head. What I just saw was green and yellow, and it came out from my head. It's really a ferocious and ugly man. As soon as he fell to the ground, he shook the bottom of the first bag, and the bag immediately swelled up like a breath and lay on the side of the altar. Then he sat down, grabbed the fruit and ate it. When the crowd on the altar saw him coming, they fell down and knelt down. The sorcerer pointed his hand to his pocket, and a group of urinals scrambled to hold and lift the many tributes on the altar and put them into their pockets together, as if they were flattering. Dusha and Mi stood still, pretending to be afraid. The sorcerer, because of the spirit of the villain, has always been enjoying, there are a few who wish to accept the decree, deliberately sacrifice their lives to flatter, to seek happiness for the country, to rush to pack things, and in the past two years have left a few, see a group of small hands, although much more enthusiastic than before, first did not care. Just as they were eating happily, they suddenly saw two of the stronger little men standing by with their hands folded. They were so frightened that they wanted to go back several times. It seemed that they had something to say. They shouted in a harsh voice, "You two little evil animals, are it useful to be afraid at this time?"? What's the use of doing this pustule? Yunfeng listened to the sorcerer's accent, which was quite similar to that of the southern Fujian area, and his voice was like an owl, which was very harsh. Know sand, Mi two people are about to lead him into the ambush, calculate the sorcerer can fly, must be capable of sorcery, with the real fight fear is not the enemy. Although I have wished Wu Gu to bless me several times, there is no sign of it yet. The body is in danger, one is defeated, not only oneself is difficult to protect, but also involves tens of thousands of sentient beings, can not but be cautious, preemptive. Fairy Sword is so brilliant that it is difficult to use it secretly. Only the flying needle is the best. As soon as he was meditating and waiting for the sorcerer to face him, he first released the flying needle and then pulled out the sword to defend himself. The two of them, Sha and Mi, pretended to tremble and pointed to a pine tree not far from the sorcerer. The best place for Yunfeng to hide. On a dangerous rock, an ancient pine tree circled like a dragon, hanging down to the ground. Its whole body was covered by pines and rocks, and it could not be seen in the air except after someone copied the stone. When the sorcerer saw the two little straight gestures, he became suspicious and could not help standing up and walking behind the stone. The two little lights pointed to the road ahead and pretended to retreat timidly. The sorcerer was so impatient that as soon as he threw himself, he flew behind the fallen pine and stone. As soon as she fell to the ground, before she could see the figure clearly, Yunfeng quietly raised her hand and hit the flying needle out. Immediately, a flash of fire hit the sorcerer head-on. The sorcerer was also too confident. He thought that a mere villain would have some tricks. He never expected that someone would lurk and be careless for a moment. The falling place was only a few feet away from the cloud phoenix. Suddenly, he saw a shuttle-shaped firelight flying in. He hurriedly jumped to escape, but it was too late. He hit the left side of his face. Yunfeng was even more agile. As soon as the flying needle was sent out, a little bit of strength under his feet, a dragon's neck, flew straight up, and with a sword, he stabbed the sorcerer in the neck. As soon as the sorcerer was hit by the light of the fire, he was in great pain and in a hurry. He knew that if he met a decent expert, he would not be able to survive. Even if he had an evil law, he would not be able to exercise it. Seriously wounded, eager to flee for his life, he fled in a panic and looked at the sky. At the same time, Yunfeng's sword had already been stabbed, and when she saw that the sorcerer was about to escape, she immediately changed her tactics and turned into a silver dragon with claws. With a backhand sword,Carbon in Pulp, she broke off one of the sorcerer's left hands. Just listen to "ah" a tragic roar, a green and yellow light with a cloud of smoke, such as flying through the air to escape. ore-magnetic-mining.com
  12. She gazed at me quietly and said word by word, "You are obviously intelligent and intelligent, but with the innocence of a child, you say you are a child. Which child has such a tough mind as you?"? Forced to fall into the brothel, do not cry, calm, but also know how to calculate, know with outstanding knowledge and talent to save themselves. Even if you know that you can't get away with it, you should try to make the best plan for yourself in the worst situation. Sometimes I can't believe that you are a woman with such intelligence, sensitivity and courage. This kind of scheming, ordinary people have to go through many years of experience and accumulation, may not be like you, and people can not believe that you are not yet 17 years old. Well, the blue snow is only 28 years old? Young girl, I really picked up a big bargain. But is it me that Yue Niang is talking about? I'm a little sweaty! So I brought her such a feeling? This this this this sounds like how different I really am? If I wear such a big circle of light, I will be confused by sweet words, OK? Come on, what you said is what any modern person would do in this situation, okay? Maybe they are better and stronger than me, not as confused as I am,gold shaking table, but playing well. I am a little depressed, listening to her say so much, how different, but I compare myself with modern comrades, is a bird! I was suddenly deflated. When Yue Niang saw me listening to her flattery, she was not only unhappy, but dejected. She was even more surprised: "Blue Snow, Blue Snow,tin beneficiation plant, where did your talent, thought, wisdom and courage come from?"? Isn't it incredible that these things are concentrated on a 16-year-old girl? I know you're the daughter of the prime minister's mansion, and you have several teachers, but they. Yue Niang gave a sneer with a contemptuous look on her face. "They can't compare with you. They can't train such an excellent girl as you.". No wonder Chu Shang him. She closed her mouth suddenly, glanced at me nervously with a pair of beautiful eyes, and stopped talking. It seems that she knows the teacher of Blue Snow. I smiled, um. Even if you don't know, you must also understand that Chu Shang must have done his homework before he destroyed the Wei family, so he must have some understanding of the blue snow before, right? Perhaps she is an ordinary lady, even if knowledgeable, elegant and dignified, but also a woman's duty to do better, magnetic separator machine ,gold CIP machine, with all the ladies of this era and there is no essential difference. Is it this that makes Chu Shang and Yue Niang suspicious of me? Now I only hope that their attention to the former blue snow is not as high as I imagined, when I am an ordinary daughter, did not do too much intelligence collection, otherwise, it is really difficult to deal with their questioning in turn? "Haven't Yue Niang ever heard that a rich family doesn't need to buy fertile land? There are thousands of millet in the book.". There is no need to build a high hall to live in peace, and there is a golden house in the book. Don't hate to go out with no one. There are many chariots and horses in the book. Don't hate not having a good matchmaker when you marry a wife. There is a beautiful face in the book. If a man wants to fulfill his ambition in life, he should read the Five Classics at the window. ?” I smiled and said, "Since everything in this world can come from books, what is my little cleverness and courage?" "Good literary talent, good eloquence.." Yue Niang's eyes flashed, and she didn't know whether she believed me or not. She seemed to be intentional and unintentional. "Does the girl have ambition in her heart?" Alas. There's no end to this! Is it for Chu Shang to get information? I sighed and laughed at myself and said, "Mother Yue thinks highly of me too much. I'm only interested in idle books and unofficial histories, but I don't have any great rewards." "Is that girl still reading?" Yue Niang chuckled, apparently not believing, "Women read so many books, only to increase their own troubles, what is the use?" About this thought of the fate of the brothel woman, a dark expression. What's the use? In our 21st century, the competition for survival is so fierce that no matter whether you are a man or a woman, you may not be able to survive without reading a little. If a woman wants to get a good job, she has to learn more skills than a man; if a woman wants to succeed in her career, she has to pay more effort, sweat and effort than a man, but she still can't escape the fate of being surrounded by discrimination and gossip. With the progress of human civilization in the 21st century, the patriarchal society has never disappeared, but it is not as obvious and formalized as that of women in ancient times. Men's spiritual and personality imprisonment of women is probably even worse than that in ancient times. I didn't have the same experience as her. I shook my head and said, "If it's really useless, will Yue Niang still stand here and talk to me about this problem?" I'm afraid you don't care about me and abandon me like an old shoe? I lightly sighed: "Since everything in the world exists, there is a reason for its existence." The last sentence made Yue Niang look unpredictable and finally stopped talking. Perhaps the ideas I instilled into her were too avant-garde, and she wanted to digest them well. She didn't bother me these three days, but only sent me what I had given her to prepare. Chu Shang went out of my room that day, but there was no sign of him. Only Feng Ge ran to me every day. We had practiced the song thoroughly. When I imagined the situation on the stage, I often couldn't help laughing. Feng Ge asked me what I was laughing at, and I shook my head with a smile. I was already concerned about the formal reception of guests after the stage. I had learned about Chu Shang's reaction before, and I was sure to change his mind after the stage performance. I have tried my best. If I make a mistake, I can only say that God doesn't help me. Chu Shang, regardless of the consequences, accompany you to play this game, you must not let me down! ——2006、8、29 This book is first published by Xiaoxiang Novel Original Network, please keep it for reprinting! [Volume I Brothels: Chapter 15 Sale] As expected, there was a letter from Jinxiu Village. On the morning of the third day, they delivered the skirt I made on time. When I took it out of the brocade box and looked at it, I was very satisfied. They were able to make the skirt I drew into a shape of 98%. When they tried it on the upper body, all of them were ironed and pasted. The roses made of silk flowers also made a verve. Smiling, I praised Aunt Jin and thanked her for making the flowers well. She grinned and said, "It's the pattern that the girl painted. If the girl really wants to thank her,gold cil machine, can you give the pattern of the flower to our Jinxiu Village?" "" Oh, "said Yue Niang with a smile," it's a shame that we girls can be looked at with such tricky eyes as Aunt Jin. " 。 ore-magnetic-mining.com