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  1. Harry continued to watch, thinking, "It seems that Yang Ying, the commander of the Telan mercenary regiment, is very polite to this man who is suspected to be a capable person.". It seems to be the attitude towards the elders. Well, it's worth observing. The Telan mercenary regiment may have something to do with Nianneng Temple. Thinking of this, Harry's heart trembled. He didn't know what a huge thing Nianneng Temple was, but he only knew the tip of the iceberg. It's enough to scare him. It is a vast force of tens of thousands of Awakened Ones, several Grand Masters, and countless peripheral organizations. It has unparalleled political, economic and military influence. This army is the number one mercenary regiment in the asteroid belt, but its pillar, the Knights of Light, is a million miles away from Nianneng Temple! Harry didn't expect that as soon as he decided to stand on the side of Caesar's mercenary regiment, he saw Yang Ying with a man who was suspected to be Nian Neng Shi. Captain, could it be that Yang Ying let a man come downstairs deliberately wearing a monk's robe to attract our attention? The gray middle-aged man guessed, "Let's think that there is a connection between the Telan mercenary regiment and the Nianneng Temple." "It's possible that Harry nodded in a cold sweat and said to his two men,pumpkin seed extract," Don't scare yourself, Nian Neng Shi Shenlong can't see the tail, usually you can't see one at all except in the Earth headquarters and the front battlefield, and even if you really read Nian Neng Shi, it's far worse than the head of the Holy Knights, Mr. St. However,pumpkin seed extract, although the Telan mercenary regiment is powerful, how can it be possible to associate with Master Nian Neng, who is indifferent to fame and wealth? This also do not know concave Zhi Shi comfort guide bad is to comfort him from the inside to pick up the mirror. Want to see "Xiao Chu" again. At this time, Master Pang Qian in the camera turned around, and Yang Ying also raised his head and took a look at the pomelo. Harry shuddered and went into a petrified state. Pang Pang. A lot of "Pang" appeared in his mouth, and then he screamed out: "Master Pang Qian!" The gray middle man and the green young man looked at each other and then asked Harry at the same time, "Captain.". Is that really a master. The telescope in Harry's hand slipped on the floor and smashed the lens, but he didn't care. He turned away from the window and sat down in a chair beside him. A cold sweat was pouring out of the clothes. The green young man sadly picked up the telescope on the ground, which was his personal belongings, but he dared not let the captain pay for it. Grey middleaged person asks again: "Captain, is the person that that suspicion reads able person actually a master?". Harry nodded out of his mind and said, "Yes.". Master Pang Qian is one of the few. I have been to Master Nian Neng of Vril. Twenty years ago, rosmarinic acid supplement ,jujube seed powder, I saw him from a distance. I watched him walk into the Alliance Building with the head of the three mercenary regiments and the chairman of the Alliance Committee. His face was exactly the same as it is today. It has not aged at all. The grey middle-aged man exclaimed, "The Trani Corps is really connected with a master. It's really awesome!" Harry's heart is full of contradictions at this time, Master Nian Neng and the Telan mercenary regiment are connected, this is not a trivial matter, say out, I am afraid the power is no less than a battle of Grey Harbor! What to do? If the Telan mercenary regiment has the help of Nianneng Temple. Even Caesar's mercenary regiment had to avoid its edge! Harry thought for a long time and finally made a decision. There are too many people who flatter Caesar's stupid regiment. One more me is not more, and one more strict me is not less. But the foundation of the Telan Mercenary Corps in the alliance is still shallow, and it is easier for me to be reused if I join them. Wealth and honor still need to be sought in danger! He patted himself on the head, then pulled a tissue from the table and wiped his face. He stared at the two men with serious eyes and ordered, "Don't say anything here." The two men nodded. It's time to have a showdown with Robin. Harry got up and walked out of the room. Downstairs, Yang Ying and Master Pang Qian looked upstairs. Yang Ying said with a smile, "It seems that someone is paying attention to us. They have been looking at us for a long time." "Your sense is very keen," Master Pang Qian said with a smile. Robin took one look at the hotel building and said, "This is where we arranged the mercenary alliance investigation team. Is it them?" Master Pang Qian nodded and said, "It's the mercenary alliance. I still remember the man with the telescope.". I've seen it in Qingriel. "Oh?"? Master, when did you see him? Yang Ying asked curiously. Twenty years ago, I went to Vril to grab a kilo. When the Awakened One escaped. At the gate of the egg-shaped alliance building, the mercenary alliance held a greeting ceremony, and he mingled with the crowd of onlookers. Master Pang Qian answered. Twenty years ago? A crowd of onlookers? Yang Ying surprised way, "this kind of thing, you actually remember, the master's memory is really extraordinary." Don't envy, maybe one day in the future. You will also practice to the realm of a master, said Master Pang Qian with a smile. The realm of a master? How to reach the realm of a master? Yang Ying was a little nervous, and finally found the opportunity to ask this question. Although Yang Ying has collected a lot of knowledge, he still has no clue about the master's realm. He could not understand the method of practicing the concept of Taiji, he did not like the way of holy light, and there was no accurate statement in the classics of Nianneng Temple. Now that I have met a master, it is a good opportunity to consult! Yang Ying was afraid that Master Pang Qian would not teach him in order to read the ban of Neng Temple. Master Pang Qian listened to the question and was lost in thought. Master, can't you say? Then forget it, Yang Ying saw that Master Pang Qian was somewhat embarrassed, so he voluntarily gave up the opportunity. Master Pang Qian shook his head and said, "It's not that you can't say. In fact, there is no fixed method of cultivation in the realm of masters. There are no classics in Nianneng Temple that can make people become masters. Otherwise, there won't be hundreds of prospective masters in Nianneng Temple who can't break through." "This" Yang Ying is somewhat disappointed. In fact, the same is true of the master's realm in Nian Li Knowledge, but Yang Ying still has hope. However, I still have something to teach you,turmeric extract powder, Master Pang Qian said with a smile, "Come with me.". Master Pang Qian walked into the hotel and asked the waiter for the four treasures of the study, which were available in high-end hotels. prius-biotech.com
  2. As soon as I saw this, I hurried back into the car, although the other party did not find me in a mess. But I also found someone in the car, and a couple ran towards me like a baby. Listen to that female ground to say only: "Ai Gentleman, hear the house here sells two only, it seems that is you, we want to ask your personal experience, how is here?"? After all, you can't just listen to the sales lady. The woman said that she had already walked to the front of my car, and saw me sitting in the car at a glance, pretending to put one hand on the window leisurely, and immediately turned back with a red face. Her husband also saw me, but this one was more calm. He went to my car and took a look. With his hands behind his back, he asked, "What are you.." I tapped on the car door with my finger and said leisurely, "Oh, I'm a winter swimmer." As he spoke, he made a gesture of throwing water in his ears, and the man's eyes shone brightly when he heard it. Turn around and ask the sales lady: "Can you swim in your artificial lake?" Sales lady: … Uh, that's okay. The man put his hand through the window and said to me,fenugreek saponins, "Nice to meet you, I am also a winter swimming enthusiast." I just want them to go. "Nice to meet you," he said with a smile. The man looked at the newly thawed artificial lake and then looked at me and said, "How about swimming around for us?" …… In the evening, I sat on the sofa with a big quilt and steamed buns in front of me to boil ginger soup. Although I didn't give a performance to the man, I was too cold. Before I left, the man was very excited and said that he would buy the house and have a companion for swimming in winter. The woman didn't agree. She whispered to the man: "I think that man looks like a pervert. Let's go somewhere else to have a look.." Hua Mulan looked at me in a mess and asked with a smile, "Where did you come from?" I was naked when she opened the door for me. Thank God she didn't tell Baozi. Wu Sangui came up to me and sniffed hard. "I smell the battlefield,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract," he said nervously. The steamed stuffed bun shouted, "Did you fight with someone?"? Where on earth have you been these days? The phone is not in the service area, nor does it say to call home. I picked up the ginger soup and took two mouthfuls of it. I sniffed and said, "Your husband and I, facing thousands of troops alone, guess what? I just laughed, and the other side had 100,000 troops." ……” The steamed stuffed bun stamped his feet and said, "I'm already confused. Look at him. I'll get an ice towel." Seeing that the steamed stuffed bun had gone, Wu Sangui pulled me and whispered, "Xiaoqiang, where have you been these days?" "I'm telling you," I said, "Brother Yu's war is really not a cover. With ten thousand yuan, lutein eye complex ,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, the other side doesn't even have the power to fight back. But he also said that it was with my help." "Did you really see Brother Xiang?" Asked Wu Sangui. I breathed a sigh of relief and said, "I'll tell you about it, but don't tell Baozi first. I'm afraid she's angry. I really saw Brother Yu again.." As soon as I told them about the axis of the human world, Wu Sangui suddenly became excited. "So.." Can we go back? "Not really," said Hua Mulan. "Even if we can go back, we still have to drink that bowl of Meng Po Soup. If Xiaoqiang doesn't look for us, we won't know we've died once." Wu Sangui grabbed my hand and said excitedly, "Well.." But after saying this word, there was no more following, and after a long time, he said sadly, "Hey, that cockroach doesn't have to look for me.". There is nothing worth remembering in my life, and there is nothing worth coming back to. Hua Mulan also sighed with emotion: "The person who can leave a little reputation in history, in fact, is not a lifetime of hardship. If I want to live like that for another 12 years, I'm really afraid I won't be able to survive." "What do you mean," I said sullenly, "I'm not welcome to visit you two?" Hua Mulan and Wu Sangui looked at each other and said with a smile, "You'd better not go. If you go to us, it means we're making trouble for you." Then Baozi rushed over with an ice towel and shouted, "Hurry up, hurry up, get him down.." Don't tell me. It suddenly occurred to me that most of these people still have to follow their original trajectory after they go back. Of course, there will be unexpected events, but people's character is the decisive factor. Take Xiang Yu for example, he will never change his views on enemies and friends because of one or two accidental events. That is to say, he digested the impact of unexpected events by himself, so I came to a conclusion that after finishing the work of the two fools and the fat man, he basically did not have to run away. The next day. I took a head that had been sobered by ice to find He Tiandou, and Liu Laoliu was also there. These two old magic sticks seemed to be able to turn hostility into friendship. I sat down in He Tiandou's sofa and simply said, "I didn't go to the Qin Dynasty this time." — "We already know," said He Tiandou. "We're talking about it." I stretched out my hand and said, "Give me a few more pills and I'll take care of it." "What are you going to do?" Asked Liu Laoliu. I said, "I've thought about it. Give the medicine to Jing Ke first. Qin Shihuang is the emperor. It's difficult for me to get close to him. Just give the medicine to Jing Ke and let him not assassinate the fat man." He Tiandou smiled: "I'm afraid it's not that easy." I said, "I went there mainly to save Jing Ke. In fact, if we don't care about them, the fat man will probably be all right, right?" He Tiandou shook his head repeatedly and said, "You forgot one thing.". You still have the dagger that Jing Ke stabbed Qin Shi Huang. This is an important prop. Of course, Jing Ke may stab Qin Shi Huang with another dagger without it. He may also use other methods and other weapons, but this is a very important variable, even if he uses a dagger exactly the same as before to stab Qin. It's hard to say whether the result will be the same. When I heard this, I was in a cold sweat. The second fool asked me why I failed to assassinate the Qin Dynasty on the first day. I taught him to enlarge the scale of the territory of the State of Zhao and bring a long thing inside. He wouldn't really bring a Fang Tian painting halberd, would he? He Tiandou said with a smile,phycocyanin spirulina, "So, I'm afraid you must go on this trip, both morally and responsibly." 。 prius-biotech.com
  3. The carriage stopped in front of an inn. Wang Tian looked at the scale and believed that it was better. It had at least three floors and occupied such a large area. Waiter ran over gallantly, saw a dozen big men staring at him, and shrank back. Wang Tian and his party entered the inn under the escort of the robot. The strange clothes and the body made the noisy crowd in the inn calm down immediately, and they all looked at them in surprise. Wang Tian pushed aside the robot and went to the counter: "The best room, 28 sets of clothes, the best clothes, there are five women, hurry up!" " The shopkeeper was well-informed. He was stupefied and immediately said, "Good guest officer!"! There are five quiet independent courtyards in the store. What do you think? I'll send someone to buy the clothes right away! You don't have to think about it to know that this man is not simple, just look at the shape of the 20 guards. I want two sets of clothes. They will be delivered as soon as they are bought. After Wang Tian said, he threw a gold brick on his counter and smashed the counter into a nest: "Save this first, and then look for me if it is not enough." All the people present felt bright at the moment, and when they saw the things on the counter, there was a sound of breathing: "What a big piece of gold!"! The shopkeeper was also frightened, not because he had never seen money, but because he had never seen the master who threw away such a big lump of gold ingots, and the gold was so good! There is no variegation of the color that gold usually carries. The shopkeeper picked it up uncertainly. His hand, which had been in contact with gold and silver for many years, immediately told him that it should be genuine. He took another bite before he was really sure. Then he found that the man in front of him was still looking at him coldly. He smiled nervously: "Enough, enough, my guest, please come inside!"! Clothes will be delivered immediately, you can rest assured, I immediately go to Zhinu Xuan to buy a few, it must be the best! He turned his head and shouted to the young man at the door, "Little Dezi, why don't you take the guests in?"! Room number one and room number two! Chapter 230-Colonization (III) Tianzihao room, the name is also suitable, Wang Tian looked at it, the house is also good, of course,best green coffee bean extract, in this place is good, a single house, the place is also large, there are hundreds of square meters. Several large rooms carved with dragons and phoenixes are elegantly decorated, and there is a small garden in front of them. After entering the room, Wang Tian asked the waiter who followed him to serve a table first. The large inns here are all integrated operations that both live in and sell food. I have long wanted to taste the taste of this place and see what is different from the ones on Earth and Spencer. That is called small Dezi's small two, already looked at five beautiful women silly there, before in the lobby, five women are standing in the middle surrounded by 20 robots outside, naturally can not see. Drag him outside and tell him outside! Wang Tian pointed to a robot to do it. The robot grabbed the back of his clothes and really pulled the waiter out like a dog. The sound came from outside the door. After a while, the robot came back and said, "Master, he heard clearly." Wang Tian smiled. Food and wine soon came up, at this time to a few guys are really honest, none of them dare to look up, small Dezi that swollen tragic appearance so that they strictly abide by the rules of not squinting. The first meal in Tianlong 2 was finally started. I have to admit that the level of food here is still relatively high. Compared with the famous dishes on the earth, glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate ,carnosic acid price, people naturally enjoy eating very much, especially the green wine brewed with unique grain, which Baku drinks very much. The meal was finished and the clothes were sent over. The workmanship was really good. It was hard to believe that it was made by hand. It was very exotic. The men wore long gowns and long gowns with a belt, while the women wore several parts, some of which were similar to the ethnic minority costumes in the Miao territory, but more atmospheric, with a large string of beads and flowers alone. None of the four women could wear it. Fortunately, the No.1 robot looked at the local women's costumes along the way and groped for them, which also made the four women look brand new. Wife beautiful is no way, Wang Tian looked at the four girls with a smile, there is a bright feeling at the moment. After dinner, nature to look for activities, speaking of shopping Wang Tian headache, just Luo Fang, Baku two people are also clamoring to go to the street, Wang Tian immediately let two people and four women go out together, four women naturally do not comply with, Wang Tian will excuse himself to come here there is a task to deal with, men have to do business, four women this just let him go, under the protection of 18 robot guards and No.1, Wang Tian sent them out of the door. Currency, of course, will not forget, let a few robots each carry a few pieces, and also cut into a little bit, enough for them to spend. Fortunately, I have a quick wit. Hey, Luo Fang and Baku don't know how powerful women are when they go shopping. It's terrible. Finally, they can move freely! Wang Tian wiped the cold sweat on his head and said happily. He patted the two robots behind him: "Your name is Jia Da, and your name is Jia Xiao, do you understand?" "Jia Da (Jia Xiao) understands!" The two robots answered. With two thugs, Wang Tian walked out of the inn, ignoring the flattery of the shopkeeper. Wang Tian saw the bartender who was swollen like a pig's head. Hey, he was beaten into this virtue, but he still insisted on working. He was really professional! Throw him a small piece of gold. This is a whole piece cut into twenty small pieces, there are also one or two heavy bar: "Here, this is a reward for your medical treatment!" " "Thank you, my Lord!" Little Dezi Xi fell from the sky, a little incoherent, holding the gold in his hand tightly. The other people standing next to him, even the shopkeeper, all looked at Deko with envious eyes that could kill people: "You can get a piece of gold with a beating, why not me?!"! Wang Tian, who had everything in his eyes, could not help but think that gold was not very rare here, otherwise it would be like this? Your name is Little Tokuko, isn't it? I'm not familiar with this place. You take me to this city for a stroll, which makes me comfortable and rewarding! "Yes, my Lord!" Little Dezi said in surprise, hurriedly stuffing the gold in his hand into the innermost part of his clothes and looking at the shopkeeper next to him. This kind of big customer can not be offended,tannic acid astringent, although they also want to go, but they called the name. Take care of the adults, or watch your skin! He immediately turned to Wang Tian and made a flattering smile that had been hanging on his face all the time. prius-biotech.com
  4. By this time, Li Bingru had already finished her makeup. She turned around and said with a smiling face, "Husband, don't you think it's beautiful?" Looking at the beautiful woman's smiling appearance, Zhou Yulong instantly turned into a pig brother, murmuring: "Turn the essence, smooth and beautiful.". The words are not spoken, and the breath is like an orchid. He knew his wife was beautiful, but he didn't expect Li Bingru, who had made up lightly, to be three points more beautiful than before. What are you talking about? Li Bingru asked with a slightly red face. She knew that Zhou Yulong was praising her, but she didn't quite understand the meaning of these words. Zhou Yulong walked over and hugged Li Bingru's neck and said softly, "This is a sentence from Luo Shen Fu. It describes that your eyes are very bright, your skin is very smooth, and you are very beautiful!" Then he kissed Li Bingru mercilessly and said, "It's still very fragrant!" "Death, my makeup!" Li Bingru pushed Zhou Yulong shyly and said, "You slacker,ghana seed extract, you haven't washed your face and rinsed your mouth yet. Don't kiss me. My makeup is ruined!" "Women are the ones who please themselves!" Zhou Yulong laughed very wretchedly and asked, "Wife, do you know what another sentence is?" "I don't know, not interested!" Li Bingru looked at Zhou Yulong's strange smile and knew there was nothing good about it, so she simply ignored him. But Zhou Yulong's face was still beyond her imagination. He picked up Li Bingru and said with a lewd smile, "The next sentence is that a scholar who is a bosom friend will die!"! Ha ha ha Then he threw Li Bingru into bed. My makeup! Li Bingru only had time to exclaim and was pressed by Zhou Yulong. The sound of panting, sounded again … An hour later,stesweet stevia, Zhou Yulong lay beside Li Bingru and said with a smile, "This is my husband's love education. I tell you not to make up casually. Otherwise, it will not only attract zombies, but also sexual predators. Ha ha ha!" Li Bingru wiped the sweat on her forehead and said angrily, "You are the big lady-killer!" Then he seemed to feel that he didn't quite get rid of his hatred and bit Zhou Yulong's neck hard. "" The screams spread throughout the house.. "Lao Zhao, why don't you say Brother Long has come yet?" Li Decai asked while drinking tea. "They've been waiting here for almost an hour." Heh heh heh, Brother Long is busy every day and overworked. Of course, he has to have a rest! Zhao Guobin smiled wretchedly and emphasized the tone of the word "hard work". " Zhao Guobin, you NND speak ill of me again! How many times do you think I've caught you? Just then, Zhou Yulong opened the door and came in, laughing and scolding Zhao Guobin. Zhao Guobin did not dare to answer and could only smile shyly. He also did not think that he would be so unlucky, just tease the dragon elder brother a few words unexpectedly was heard by him. I don't want to talk to you! Zhou Yulong looked at Zhao Guobin's ugly face with a smile, and this fellow became more and more mature while his mouth became more and more boring. Looking at the people sitting in the monitoring room, turmeric extract powder ,ghana seed extract, Zhou Yulong nodded and said, "Everyone is here. I have something to discuss with you now." Looking at a few men sitting upright, Zhou Yulong continued: "I looked at the list of supplies yesterday, a lot of food, but very few other things, especially snacks, drinks and other luxury goods, can not support everyone to use for long!"! Zhao Guobin, please report the quantity. Then he moved his eyes to Zhao Guobin. Yes! Zhao Guobin answered and took out the warehouse list and read: 2,800 bags of cooked food, 800 Jin of jelly food, 2,500 bags of puffed food, 1,000 boxes of large and small biscuits, 500 boxes of various instant noodles, 2,000 boxes of milk and yogurt food, 1,500 Jin of candy food, 3,500 bottles of beverage food, and several other things! Whew.. It's really a test of his vital capacity to report so many things in one breath. After Zhao Guobin sat down, Zhou Yulong went on to say: "Now there are 68 people in the camp, including 19 children who need to ensure nutrition supply. These foods will not last long.". ” Then he looked at the people next to him and asked, "What do you think?" "Should we give priority to ensuring the supply of children, limit the supply of others, and then go out to collect more materials?" Li Bingru thought about it and answered. We'll see. Does anyone else have a problem with that? Zhou Yulong shook his head. He didn't think it was a good idea. It was necessary to go out to collect materials, but it was also essential to reduce the consumption of materials. Just then he saw an uncomfortable expression on Zhao Guobin's face and asked by name: "Zhao Guobin, don't make a strange face. If you have any opinion, just say it!" Zhao Guobin was startled, did not expect Long Ge's eyes so sharp, even his own small movements were seen, so he stood up and said: "Long Ge, you want me to say I said!"! I think my sister-in-law's advice is so unfair! Then he peeked at Li Bingru and continued, "Why do we work so hard outside to collect supplies, but we can only have the same limited supply as them?"? How can we supply these lazy people with the food we fight for? What have they done since they came back yesterday? ? Eat or sleep! Some people actually speak ill of us! Then he sat down on the chair angrily. It seemed that he had been holding these words for a long time. Yeah, you're right! Zhou Yulong nodded, and he did not blame Zhao Guobin for refuting Li Bingru's opinion. Eh? Quite right? Zhou Guobin, who was sitting in a chair ready to be scolded, heard Long Ge's approval and did not come to his senses for a moment? Is there a conflict between Brother Long and his sister-in-law? Zhou Yulong comforted Li Bingru beside him and said,akba boswellic acid, "Don't mind what Chao Po-tao said. Although he spoke a little straight, his words were right." Then he lowered his voice and said, "The camp is not a charity. Our purpose is to enrich ourselves so that we can survive in this damned end of the world." 。 prius-biotech.com
  5. "You go!"! Don't accompany me in the rain. Chinese women are the toughest breed in the world. Green Emerald's self-deprecating caress. "Let me walk with you for a while." He really hoped that the road would never end, so that they could never be separated. " There is a Chinese proverb: 'a thousand miles to see you off must be a farewell.' Why force that brief companionship? Her heart was cold and she could no longer spark. If I had known he had a strong Japanese mother, I would have been foolish enough to think that I could win her favor. In the end, I hurt myself the most. Perhaps, she was destined to be born without the blessing of enjoying family happiness, so she was abandoned in the garbage dump as soon as she was born. It was not easy to have a family, but she did not enjoy the warmth but was looked down upon in every way. Is this her destiny? "You know my heart has never changed, and I only love you in my heart." Ueno Tatsuo endured the bitterness and looked at her beautiful face. Take it back! Save this love for your future wife. She needs your love more than I do. Before they agreed to divorce, Ueno Yingzi had already chosen a marriage for him. The other party was Miyamura Yuko, the daughter of a family friend who had been secretly in love with him for many years. She also attached a "quality guarantee" to guarantee that she would be able to bear children. Now in Japan, the two families are busy concluding the marriage contract, just waiting for him to formally sign the divorce agreement before he can enter the hall. Ueno Tatsuo excitedly threw away the umbrella in his hand and held the woman he really loved tightly. I don't want to love her,naringenin price, I just want you. Just you alone. The familiar male body odor no longer belonged to her, and the green emerald pushed him away slightly, surrounding his body with indifference. It's too late. Your life has been arranged. There's no place for me. It was sad that she didn't realize until now that he was so timid. How can you speak so heartlessly? Have you forgotten our ten-year relationship? I don't want you to leave my side. He put the headrest on her neck. Don't leave? Have you forgotten that we are divorced? I don't want a divorce. Go! Let's go back to the lawyer and get the divorce annulled. 。” Ueno Tatsuo willfully pulled the green emerald back. Green Emerald rationally shook off his hand. Can you say no divorce? How do you explain to your mother and the Miyamura family that you forget that there is a wedding waiting for you in Japan? Ueno Tatsuo powerless, he really can not resist his mother's order,saw palmetto extract, this is his duty as the only son of the Ueno family, for the Ueno family to continue their children, and the Miyamura family can not afford to lose face. He resented his inability to protect what he loved, and lived like a stallion at the mercy of others, only to reproduce. If only we had children. "You are wrong. Even if I bear many children for the Ueno family today, your mother will still find all kinds of reasons to expel me from the Ueno family." She did not know whether it was fortunate or unfortunate that she was infertile, at least no child was suffering between them. I'm sorry, I'm too weak. Ueno Tatsuo could not help blaming himself. It's not your fault, but our fate is not enough, lycopene for skin ,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, and we can't blame others. Green emerald sighed with a sense of loss. Perhaps by nature, Ueno Tatsuo's father was originally a Chinese scholar who had fled from the mainland. He was forced to marry Ueno Yingzi for political reasons, and the Ueno family kept his relatives and friends on the mainland. He has no weight in the Ueno family, even the only son has to be surnamed Ueno, father and son's experience is similar, all controlled by a woman. Why can you talk about us so calmly? Sometimes I wonder if you ever loved me. Ueno Tatsuo's accusation is the sore spot of Qingfeicui, even she doubts whether she has ever loved him, or just want to have a home. When she signed the divorce agreement, her heart was not sad, but a sense of relief. It was as if her previous life had been bound, and that moment was a return to her true self. It doesn't matter whether you love or not. What matters is that you are going to remarry and I will be a passer-by in your life. A passer-by?! This term made Ueno Tatsuo panic, and he was not willing to let the ten-year love disappear. Suddenly, he had a fantastic idea. We can still be together. In the Japanese business world, there are many people who have two families. ” Mistress? Green Emerald shook her head a little laughably. When she was reduced from a wife to a mistress, let's see how much he humiliated himself. "Do you mean that while you are laughing and loving with your wife in Japan, I should be waiting for you in Taiwan for a short time?" Ueno Tatsuo was embarrassed to show a wry smile. As long as Yuko gives birth to an heir for the Ueno family, I can. Needless to say, on the contrary, can I find a new lover in Taiwan! Anyway, I belong to you. 。” Green Emerald deliberately stimulated him. Of course not. You're my wife. He couldn't bear for any man to touch her. It's the ex-wife. She corrected, "You are too selfish. Why do I have to defend myself for someone else's husband and be a shady mistress all my life? This is the way you love me?" He lowered his face in shame, thinking that he had driven her into a bottomless abyss of despair by saying that he loved her. What qualifications does a man who is about to marry someone else have to ask her? He is the one who is really ungrateful, and this sense of guilt will accompany him all his life. I'm sorry, I was so selfish. With his hands in his pockets, he looked up at the golden raindrops. What are your plans? "Let's take a break. Anyway, I'm not short of money for the time being." Green Emerald wants to relax his depressed mood for ten years. Why not take the money? This is what you deserve after seven years of hard work. It was the only way he could make it up to her. If you want to break it, you have to break it simply. Not only that alimony, but also I'm going to leave my present job. What?! Aren't you very satisfied with the working environment now? Why give up? It was the only connection he had with her. Maybe tired,jujube seed powder, maybe tired, want to find a place to rest and see the world again. "Dad won't approve your resignation." He was confident of this, and his father loved the daughter-in-law as much as he did. prius-biotech.com
  6. "What the hell happened?" US President Barack Obama stormed into the headquarters. Madam President, a terrorist has hijacked one of our F22s! Gomez said in shock. Are you a git? I put you in charge five hours ago. Are you telling me there's no progress? Obama's black face was almost white with anger, he scolded. The enemy hijacked our plane to escape. You can't catch him. Do you want to be the Secretary of Defense? Gomez wiped his cold sweat. Madam President, this is unbelievable. We have sent the nearest fleet, the best aircraft to destroy, but the other side has escaped. "What's so incredible?"? Is my secretary of defense incredibly incompetent with the enemy? Obama said angrily. President, the enemy has been flying for five hours without stopping on the way, and our planes have to stop until they run out of fuel. Said Gerson kindly. What The president of the United States has the same expression as all the people present. Flying five hours without refueling? Are you kidding? President, this is true. The enemy flew for five hours at a maximum speed of 3,672 kilometers per hour at F22 3! Our plane couldn't catch up. The president of the United States was about to speak when suddenly the secretary beside him whispered a few times. He angrily scolded: "What happened these days is really outrageous. I have a meeting to hold. You are responsible for all the things. You must stop this F22 for me. If this enemy runs away, you can deal with the consequences!" "Oh, yes!" Wait for the president to leave in anger. Gerson looked at Gomez worriedly. General, what to do? "The enemy is heading for Australia.". Let the Australian fleet intercept it immediately, and stop it anyway! Gomez hit the table with a hammer, "This humiliation, the United States will never accept!" "Yes!" Cried the crowd. Chen Ling wiped the sweat from his head. Five hours of flying at the speed of sound made him feel uncomfortable. Now the cockpit looked a little strange because it had bounced out with the pilot. Fortunately,cosmetic tube packaging, however, Chen Ling was only controlled by his mind. If there was no oil, he would use atomic structure to solve it. In this way, it was difficult to support him until the Australian horizon appeared. For Tang Chou's concern, Chen Ling found himself unable to pretend to calm down at all. Several American warplanes took off again to catch up. For these days of continuous tracking, Chen Ling has dealt with dozens of times,eye cream packing tube, each time breaking through their defense line with supersonic speed. Only this time, the other side seems to have known this and made a good interception ahead of time. The two enemy airframes were in hot pursuit, and Chen Ling evaded the other side's bullets. Chen Ling kept flying at a high speed, and his movements became more and more skillful, and his manipulation became more and more handy. The plane passed through the clouds, and Chen Ling wanted to get rid of the target, but the other pilot was not a vegetarian, but slowly pulled away from Chen Ling. Chen Ling could not rest assured, because the longer the time, the more enemy support, so that two enemy planes became five pursuit. But in this case, Chen Ling still shot down one. Watching the pilot of the other side eject from the cockpit, empty lotion tubes ,eye cream packaging tube, Chen Ling did not feel any victory. Seeing the appearance of the fleet, the enemy's anti-air missiles had been set up, and knowing that low-altitude flight was a dead end, Chen Ling quickly raised the plane to high altitude, while making a dazzling evasion. When he rose to 15000 meters again, Chen Ling's eyes were fixed suddenly. Control of the airframe, the entire fuselage in the control of the moment of stagnation, suddenly nose down, like a falling meteor, through the middle of three enemy aircraft, so that the enemy's missiles can not carry out laser locking. The F22 fighter plane dived to attack and was the first to destroy an enemy plane blocking the way. Before the pilot could react, he saw the spearhead of Chen Ling's fighter plane suddenly turn to him. As a result, he did not know what had happened. Suddenly, the emergency parachute was activated and he was ejected from the cabin with him. The other pilots were dumbfounded. Chen Ling teleported next to him and pressed the once and for all button to control the flight again. The American pilot was indeed very qualified. When he saw the original F22 destroyed again, he immediately noticed the strange behavior of his companion parachuting the fighter plane. He knew in advance that the enemy was a terrorist character and opened fire without hesitation. Threatening to avoid several waves of attacks, the fourth enemy plane intercepted again, Chen Ling dived down again, followed by a narrow angle to fly left, the plane continued to turn 180 degrees backward, three enemy planes behind him flew over the top of the fighter plane, Chen Ling continued to fly left to turn, so that the positions of both sides changed again. Chen Ling's expression was heavy, and while the other side's four enemy planes had not yet recovered, they locked them with air-to-air missiles at close range, and with several flames flying out, the two fighter pilots did not hesitate to press the button. Ejected out of the cockpit. But by this time, the US military had gone mad. I was tricked by an F22 to such an extent. Who will believe it. Dozens of fighter planes have come to intercept them, and it is impossible to get rid of them by speed. Diving and rolling, side-sweeping and turning at a narrow angle, rotating and sweeping, spiraling and descending, and so on, Chen Ling made one incredible acrobatic action after another with his fighter plane. Even the pilots who chased him were in a cold sweat. How on earth could this be done. By this time, Chen Ling was flying almost close to the sea at a very low altitude, and the sparks of the waves stirred up by bullets and missiles were getting higher and higher. It's really pestering. Chen Ling secretly scolded. This is not the way to go. Almost Chen Ling's words fell, and a few flames came out of the waves like salamanders. Shit. Chen Ling pulled the joystick hard, and the whole plane suddenly stood still in the air in flight. In an instant,aluminium laminated tube, the earth-shaking sky was spinning, and then it flew like a storm. This kind of shocking flying action shocked everyone, because it looked like the fighter plane was like a storm sweeping across the sea. emptycosmetictubes.com
  7. In the eyes of Xun Hongyu, he really saw the concern of the girl after she was moved. Mo Xiaoye felt guilty in his heart, but he had to play it. Wife, it seems that we have no fate, I look like this. I may not be able to marry you! Xun Hongyu's face suddenly changed slightly, and the next moment, he saw Mo Xiaoye looking at Yunshuo with a face of accusation: "Lord Yunshaoshan, I just heard about your name for a long time. I did this on purpose because I wanted to know you and ask you for some advice, but.." Even if you want to marry my wife, you can't beat me to death! Xun Hongyu stood up and turned to look at Yunshuo. He gritted his teeth and said, "Yes, you can see that he is a three-legged cat. He can't hurt you at all. You still have such a heavy hand. You.." Yunshuo squinted and looked coldly at Mo Xiaoye. He missed the kick, and he knew very well that this guy had provoked him as soon as he came, and now he was still targeting him. Just when Yunshuo felt that he was about to catch something, Mo Xiaoye struggled to stand up straight from Yan Xi's arms and looked at Xun Hongyu pale and pitiful. No, wife, I can't let his trick succeed, in any case, I also want to go in, I must marry you by my own efforts! The corners of Yan Xi's mouth twitched again, and there were already people around him who made a deliberate sound of dry vomiting, but Xun Hongyu was wide-eyed and moved. Just as she was about to open her mouth,plastic laminted tube, Mo Xiaoye stopped her, and then said affectionately: "Wife, don't stop me, I must go!" Xun Hongyu pursed her lips, and in her eyes she had the palpitations of a young girl. Yun Shuo sneers: "So the young lady likes this kind of role that has no ability to only sell her mouth!" Yue Shaoan hurriedly went on to say, "Yes, just don't do that, young lady. Let's hold the wedding ceremony directly. Let's have a wedding feast!" There was a sudden echo around him. When Xun Hongyu looked at Mo Xiaoye, he was worried and distressed,pump tube, but when he looked back at the people around him, his eyebrows and eyes suddenly cooled down. Mo Xiaoye took advantage of the situation to whisper in her ear: "Wife, you can rest assured that I can do those little minions, but now I have offended Yunshaoshan Lord, once he goes in, he will certainly target me.." Xun Hongyu narrowed his eyes, then got up, smiled faintly on his face again, and then opened his mouth to Yunshuo and the guests. The original agreed rules remain unchanged, who can get the Night Lin Dao, who is the winner this time, I will marry him, and the dowry is the whole Goddess Island. With that, she had already walked to Yunshuo's side: "As for Lord Yunshao..." Xun Hongyu walked over and suddenly reached out and patted Yunshuo on the arm. "You don't have to go. You're much better than them. Isn't it unfair to everyone if you go?" Suddenly, a crowd around at the same time dumbfounded, plastic packaging tube ,tube lip gloss, first looked at each other, and then is clear, but no one raised objections. Everyone can see that Xun Hongyu is venting his anger for his little lover, but it is true that Yunshuo is too powerful, he went, and all of them have a much smaller chance. If Yunshuo doesn't go in, it's really a good thing for them. Ke Yun Shuo.. Would you agree? Everyone looked at Yunshuo in surprise, but found that Yunshuo did not respond. No one knows the monstrous shock in Yunshuo's heart at this time. He knew that God Mother Island was very mysterious, and also knew that the Xun Red Fish must not be a general vulgar powder, but after being patted by her, Yunshuo found that he could not move, his heart was completely shocked. The difference between him and this Xun Hongyu realm. Is it so big? "Come and ask Lord Yunshaoshan to go back and rest." Xun Hongyu opened his mouth lightly, and then two of his men from Goddess Island came forward to take Yunshuo away. But Fu Lanyang and Zhang Jingyu did not find anything wrong, only when they saw Yunshuo's stiff body being dragged around, Fu Lanyang realized that it was wrong and immediately opened his mouth: "Stop!" 132 Unlucky Fu Lanyang suddenly opened his mouth, and the two men holding Yunshuo stopped subconsciously, and then looked at Xun Hongyu. Xun red fish leisurely looked over, Fu Lanyang was about to open his mouth, at this time, but heard the voice of Yunshuo sounded. "You don't have to worry about me. Go in on my behalf." Yun Shuo felt that it was a little difficult for him to speak. He looked at Fu Lanyang and Zhang Jingyu and said meaningfully: "Don't forget what we are doing here.." Those two people, must get rid of, otherwise, there will be endless trouble! With God Mother Island this is at most a misunderstanding, he will find a way to quickly resolve, but those two people. Is the enemy who never dies, absolutely can not be careless! Fu Lanyang and Zhang Jingyu are frowning, but on the way, Yunshuo has told them that the two people, also said that now is their weakest time, must take advantage of this time to get rid of them. Otherwise, there will be endless trouble! The two men had to watch Xun Hongyu let people take Yunshuo out. As soon as Yunshuo was taken out, Xun Hongyu turned his head and walked to Mo Xiaoye's side, lowering his voice and grinding his teeth: "Is it all right now?" You are so treacherous! Mo Xiaoye was startled. She could see that she was acting with her on purpose! He looked up and saw that Xun Hongyu's eyes were full of pride. He said in a low voice, "I really think I'm stupid. Humph.." Mo Xiaoye was about to find a way to explain when he heard Xun Hongyu open his mouth again: "I have released water for you. If you can't win, you can't come out and marry me. Carefully.." Castrate you! Mo Xiaoye raised his eyebrows, and then subconsciously looked at the side of the irascible teenager somewhere, the irascible teenager's face brushed white, almost subconsciously reached out to cover it. My wife is good, don't worry, I will work hard! Mo Xiaoye smiled, and Xun Hongyu nodded with satisfaction. From the beginning to the end, Zhang Xianzong, who came in with Yunshuo, and Hu Mengmeng, who was next to him, did not even look at this side, nor did they care what happened to Yunshuo. This episode was soon forgotten by the public, Mo Xiaoye, the second generation ancestor who was "seriously injured and dying" in the eyes of the public, also stood up miraculously tenaciously,custom cosmetic packing, ready to fight tenaciously for love, and was covered with a sense of physical disability and perseverance. Then, everyone was led by Xun Hongyu to the entrance of Shenmu Peak. emptycosmetictubes.com
  8. "Body?!"! You just said it was one! "That lotus flower is the body!" Damn it The posture. Is it a lotus flower? No matter how big Qin Kun's brain hole is, he can't think of such an abstract thing. Shouldn't it be a yellow scroll and a black iron Dan book? On the other end of the phone, a female voice said, "Qin Kun, what did you do during this time?"? You're not looking for me? When Chu Qianxun finished, Qin Kun said with a smile, "You're so busy. I don't know where you are." "Will the travel agency open a tour?"? If you don't open a group, you will lose money. I recently bought the ghost village in White Lake Town. Do you buy shares? Wait! My ***ing.. The ghost village? The ghost village across the bridge from the fierce ghost travel agency?? The land in Baihu Town is expensive now. You can make a big deal for a village. Qin Kun was relieved to think that the Seven Star Palace was in the real estate business. You have money, you are capricious. All right, I'll come to you in a few days. I have something to do. Where are you? I'm looking for you? Qin Kun felt guilty. Suddenly, the woman next to him gave a cry. Qin Kun glared at each other. The woman looked at her chest with grievance. The standard Chinese language appeared: "You.." It's hurting me. "Poof!" There seemed to be a voiceover on the other end of the phone, and the sound of Chu Dao spewing tea appeared. He sighed that the world was getting worse. Chu Qianxun immediately scolded him severely: "Qin Kun, you shameless guy, you dare to call my grandfather when you do something shameless and impatient!"! Watch the bottom line!!! Whew Qin Kun rubbed his nose and saw the phone hanging up. This ***ing misunderstanding. That's big. Phone back pocket, Niu Meng and a group of ghosts beat the rise, Niu clan chief pestered Dao yuanyi, hanging ghost pestered the old geisha. Qin Kun looked at the woman next to him. What's the matter? Qin Kun's eyes, absolutely not gentle, the whole person is not like a person who cherishes beauty. The woman remembered that he had counteracted herself at will,plastic laminated tube, and her hands and feet were cold. For the first time, she felt fear. Don't worry "All right?"? Then you can die. "Wait!"! Onmyoji of the East!!! Qin Kun grasped the hilt hard, ready to end the woman, the woman suddenly shouted. Qin Kun looked at her, and the sweat on the woman's forehead flowed down like tap water: "I know your rules. In your country, I didn't attack ordinary people. You killed me and made a taboo!" Qin Kun hooked the woman's chin and said with a smile, "That's right.". But don't forget,plastic packing tube, as an Onmyoji, you openly attacked me. According to the rules of life and death, I can regard you as a provocation to me. Therefore, your excuse is not valid. The woman's eyes appeared gray, bone knife in the hands of Qin Kun playing with knife flowers, he suddenly clenched, forced to stab down! "The Imperial Gate is solved!" Dozens of meters away, the Onmyoji named Dao yuanyi suddenly spat out the spirit words, Qin Kun's hand was empty, the bone knife disappeared! "Lost Heart Wind Curse!" The old geisha suddenly got rid of the hanging ghost and opened the flower umbrella behind her. The flower umbrella whirled and the wind flew. The woman in front of Qin Kun disappeared. Curse scroll?! In the legend, the Maoshan 36 days book, on three volumes of the incantation word volume, only then can appear "the words follow the law" the effect! What kind of spell is this that has the power of a curse scroll?! The woman disappeared, the bone knife disappeared, empty cosmetic tubes ,custom cosmetic packaging, and a blue light suddenly appeared between Qin Kun's eyebrows. Broken! The eye of heaven breaks the barrier, in the air, Qin Kun empties a grip, the bone knife is grasped in the hand again, in front of the wind and sand disperses, the woman also falls in front of him again. You still have to die! [.] Chapter five hundred and nine, earth imperial gate summer tree [second watch] "No!" "That is the true biography of the last generation of the Earth Imperial Gate!" "Stop it!" Dao yuanyi, an old geisha, a resentful woman.. Qin Kun was not moved, but his arm could no longer advance. A man's shadow, gently grasp Qin Kun's wrist, he is instantly appeared in front of Qin Kun, Li Wu hat, Yin Yang Liao's official robe, stopped Qin Kun's murder. Pale face, slender eyes, but long with a melon seed face, handsome man these three words, used in his body just appropriate. "Qingming Gong?" "Lord Abe Qingming!" "It's Lord Abe Qingming!!!" Qin Kun looked at the man, two hat bands hanging casually on his face, smiling at himself. A string of Japanese came out of his mouth, and the tone was calm, like a spring breeze. But Qin Kun didn't understand. Pretend to be a ghost. Qin Kun disdains cold hum. The man smiled, also did not put Qin Kun in the eye, he casually pushed Qin Kun aside, turned to look at the woman, he held the woman's cheek, eyes, but is kind. The woman was flattered and trembled with excitement. The man told a few words, glanced at Qin Kun's direction, and stood aside with a gentle smile on his face. He put his hands together in his sleeves, as if to watch the battle. Qin Kun suddenly saw the woman who had recovered to full confidence, and really couldn't figure out where her confidence came from. Sorry, Huaxia Onmyoji, just now my cowardice and clumsiness humiliated the reputation of our Tuyumen family. Now, I want to ask you for advice again! Boom The aura suddenly burned like a flame. Kun!!! In the midst of the war, Niu Meng suddenly shouted, "It's the fire of a thousand tombs of Taiyin!"! Don't fight her!!! Beside Qin Kun, the skinning ghost suddenly appeared, and a human skin cloak was draped on Qin Kun's back. Brother Kun, be careful, this is pure Yin fire! It can burn ghosts! This is the Taoist fire that the evil Taoist priests love to practice, which is refined by the resentment of the graves of thousands of people who died violently. Taiyin. Chizuka Fire? Qin Kun how to look at,cosmetic plastic tube, this flame and their own big inflammation entangled with the flame issued by the hand are no different. The ghost of the wedding dress appeared beside Qin Kun and smiled at the woman. "Has the Onmyoji of the Five Yin Bodies been reduced to playing with evil fire?"? How bad the understanding is. Compared with Niu Meng's nervousness and careful skinning, the teasing of the ghost in wedding clothes gave Qin Kun some comfort. It seems that the evil fire is not very good. The ghost of the wedding dress pulled the corner of Qin Kun's clothes, and it seemed that he had something to whisper. emptycosmetictubes.com
  9. "Now that the warm pavilion is going to open, it's good for them to come, and they are also needed here.". Then move all the'Sixi classes' to Tianjing, and ask them in Luzhou to find someone else on top. "Yes, my subordinates will pass the letter on tonight." As soon as the conversation changed, he asked with concern, "Are you still in good health?"? Can the chest and abdomen still feel pain? Zhao Ang's eyes were hot: "It's hard for the landlord to remember this little pain of his subordinates. It's not very painful since he breathed and breathed according to the method taught by the landlord." What happened a year ago seemed to happen again. He was killed by his enemy and hurt his internal organs. He was already lying on the roadside waiting for death, but his life was saved by the landlord. Although he was wearing a mask, Zhao Ang felt that he was still very young, but such a young man, martial arts are extremely high, with deep internal force, spent a variety of valuable medicinal materials, forced Zhao Ang back from the jaws of death, and passed on his set of internal skills and mental skills, so that his internal skills have greatly improved in the past year. From then on, Zhao Ang was willing to be a subordinate with him. He would have been a slave, but he refused, saying that he did not want slaves, but subordinates. In that case,metal cosmetic tubes, I won't stay much longer. You can discuss how to do it. I should go. Before he could get up, the five of them felt a flash of darkness, a gust of wind, a shake of the candle in the room, and suddenly no one was there. What a brilliant flying skill! The round-faced boy, probably the youngest of the four Tsing Yi men, could not help but open his mouth wide and exclaim. Zhao Ang lightly rebuked: "On weekdays I said the matter of the landlord,pump tube, you are not how to believe it?"? I saw it with my own eyes today. Am I wrong? "Uncle Zhao didn't lie to us. The landlord's martial arts were really unfathomable. From his eyes, he could not see a trace of brilliance. It was obvious that his internal skills had reached the perfect mirror world, so that people thought he was a man without kungfu.". I'm afraid the five of us here are no match for him. Said a man who looked dapper. This is the first time I let you see the landlord, the landlord's means you have not really seen, follow him, naturally will not lose you. Work well for the landlord in the future, I Zhao Ang's words you can not listen to, but the landlord's words must follow. Now that you have entered the door of Xiaolou, you should know the rules of Xiaolou. You can choose to come and go freely. If you don't want to do it, you can leave at any time, but you will never be allowed to betray! Zhao Ang said firmly. The strange name of "Xiaolou" must be no other than the "Xiaolou" in Luzhou. It turned out that the people here were the people of Xiaolou. One of them, a young man of about twenty years old, chuckled and squinted at Zhao Ang and said, "What Uncle Zhao said is very true. Uncle Zhao saved our four brothers' lives in those years. Now that we have decided to follow Uncle Zhao, cosmetic tube ,plastic cosmetic tubes, we must respect Uncle Zhao's orders and act accordingly. We will never have two minds.". The original poster is the person that even Zhao Shu admires, follow such master, it is our good fortune! Judging from those hands, I guess the landlord is only a few years younger than me, his identity is really curious! Ha ha, I'm not sure what kind of prince he is. You don't have to guess more about the identity of the landlord, just do your part. Don't get me into any trouble! Zhao Ang said with a straight face. As you wish! Replied the four. The four young men came from different places and became brothers with different surnames because of their congenial temper. What I fear is that a newborn calf is not afraid of tigers. I have been in Jianghu for several years. They are all desperate men who are not afraid of death. Gradually, they have made a name for themselves. They are called "Four Chops". One cut uses a knife, two cuts use a sword, three cuts use a fist, and four cuts are good at hidden weapons. "Four Chops" have strange martial arts moves. Wherever they go, they will show no mercy. They will see blood. People on the road will turn pale when they hear it. They and Zhao Ang is what reason, outsiders do not know, anyway can see four people to Zhao Ang very respect, only its head is. "The owner of this small building was also very lucky. He saved one person, and this person saved others, and all of them became his subordinates." You will act separately according to what the landlord said. In addition to the four cuts, each of the thirty people will lead ten people to go. The four cuts are the best in flying skills, and they are also the cleverest. Follow me to inquire about the news. Zhao Ang said. The four of them took the order and left. Zhao Ang wrote down a few lines of words with the pen and ink in the room, rolled them into a tube, and went to the attic in the courtyard, where a flock of pigeons were fed. He put the paper roll into a small bamboo tube, tied it to the feet of one of the pigeons, loosened his hands, and the pigeon disappeared into the night. First issue, please do not reprint! [14] Chapter 14 Two Sisters In my boring days, I waited quietly for the storm to come. No Internet, no TV, no karaoke, no supermarket, no. What I want, nothing! It's really boring! Sometimes I want to shout: Let the storm come more fiercely! It was a pity that the weather was fine and there was neither wind nor rain, and my desire for storms was strangled. On this day, I continued the old days and went to the library to look for books to read. Nice book, where are you, where are you. I muttered and rummaged on the bookshelf. Those literary sketches are not very good, too monotonous, which can not compare with the modern novel, the plot is strange and fascinating. So I rummaged here and there, taking a quick look at one book and two eyes. When I was looking for it, I heard a sound of footsteps, and I immediately stopped talking. Look up at the beam, tut, a lot of dust! I'm still not going up. Turning sideways,polyfoil tube, I hid in a cabinet in the corner. The footsteps approached and entered the library. Then I heard a conversation between two people. So what did Empress Ru say? "The empress said she remembered seeing the fifth sister at the Lantern Festival last year. Since the two sisters look alike, the fourth sister must be a beauty." Listen to the voices of Ling Mutian and Ling Yunya. It's strange. How could the empress suddenly ask about your fourth sister's appearance? Didn't she always think that the daughters of our Ling family were both talented and beautiful? Would anyone be jealous that we climbed up the Wei clan and chewed in front of her? "The appearance of the fourth sister is there, and others can't go on. What worries me is the chrysanthemum banquet three days later. Don't give the interested people a chance to take advantage of it." 。 emptycosmetictubes.com