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  1. LASIK SURGERY IN CHENNAI Lasik eye surgery in Chennai has changed the paradigm of providing proper vision without power glasses and contact lens. There were many myths revolving around this treatment modality. Based on a recent survey by the American refractive surgery council, almost 96% of the patients are satisfied with LASIK surgery. What is a refractive error? In simple terminology, the parallel light rays will find not come to a point focus on the surface of the retina. The main reason behind this is the change of shape of your eye. There are three types of Refractive Error, Myopia – Nearsightedness Hyperopia – Farsightedness Astigmatism – Blurred Vision One of the best and finest treatments in modern science is Laser treatment or LASIK. What does LASIK do in regaining Vision? As we mentioned above, the surgery process is done with the help of a laser. This corrects the shape of the cornea, which is the dome-shaped clear tissue at the front of the eye. This correction improves the vision by 100%. When compared to conventional methods like glasses and contact lenses, this has become most effective and predominant procedure in the last 2.5 decades. Benefits of LASIK Surgery LASIK can completely change your vision status by bringing back the lost sight They are associated with little pain due to the numbing drops that are used Vision will be corrected nearly immediately or the next day after LASIK No bandages or stitches are required in this treatment Adjustments can be made years after LASIK to further correct vision if vision changes as you grow by No longer you need vision glasses or contact eyes RKEC Advantage on LASIK Surgery: R K Eye Clinic, a pioneer in Laser treatment and positioning as one of the best hospital in Chennai with highly qualified experts at a low cost Our expert team has conducted almost 1000 surgeries with high effectiveness for our patients As we are experts with various modes of refractive surgery, we always offer our patients the choice of all treatment modality and their benefits The cosmetic correction of refractive error becoming more and more acceptable among the general public We offer refractive surgical correction with the latest technology so as to provide a customized treatment for each eye The epitome of current technology would include bladeless LASIK which is performed routinely here Our Technology: Successful refractive eye surgery can reduce or cure common vision disorders such as myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. Since each eye is unique, Excimer LASER with the Schwind platform offers the option of having the procedure customized for your eyes. The Intralase system ensures a perfect cut of the corneal flap with a femtosecond LASER instead of a mechanical microkeratome. More about Laser Refractive Surgery Lasik eye surgery is also referred to as laser vision correction. The cornea serves as a major refracting surface of the eye. Altering the shape of the cornea even slightly could cause a change in the refractive error. It is based on this principle that corneal laser refractive procedures work There are many procedures that could be performed. However, which technique would best suit your eyes varies from individual to individual. It’s important to know which type of procedure best suits your cornea. Trans Photorefractive keratectomy Laser-assisted in situ Keratomileusis (LASIK) Bladeless LASIK LASEK ReLEx SMILE Epi LASIK These are some of the techniques used to provide safe refractive correction. The procedure usually takes only 5-7 minutes. It is important to boost the patient’s self-confidence with a positive impact. On top of it all, the procedure is performed under surface anesthesia with just eye drops. Before we suggest the above procedure, We would first ensure that there has been no recent change in the refractive error Ensure there are no weak areas in the eye especially the retina and image the cornea to understand its properties like shape and thickness Only we find all the above parameters under normal boundaries, we will advise undergoing such a procedure. You can be back to your routine life after 2 days to a week as healing varies from individual to individual and from procedure to procedure.
  2. SEO vs PPC, one of the conundrums in recent times. By end of this article, you will understand better how to take leverage of these two tools. A Digital Marketer should understand the advantages between them and use them appropriately. Every business in the earlier stage as a startup will have a negligible fund to market them. That’s the crucial period for any organization to reach maximum potential and targeted audience. Digital Marketing way of promotion is chosen to reach a maximum audience with a low or no budget. This article will be illustrating piece by piece about these marketing practices. Difference between SEO vs PPC: The foremost is to understand the difference between SEO vs PPC. On the Search Engine Result Page (SERP), both SEO and PPC results appear. The posts which appear with the tag Sponsored or Ad are the PPC results. SEO results are those which appear without any tag. SEO vs PPC The above image would have highlighted the difference in the SERP. Even though PPC results appear more ahead of SEO results, SEO drives more traffic. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of acquiring Organic Traffic (Non-Paid) by optimizing our website and content to Search Engine. More work and patience are much expected in this method, yet there is nothing to invest in for Search Engines to show our pages at the top. PPC (Pay Per Click or Search Engine Marketing) is where a marketer bid and pay for a particular “Keyword”. By this way of marketing, we can make our website at the top of SERP. PPC experts work on the Keywords, their search volume, and other parameters for every dollar they spend. Advantages – SEO vs PPC: There are many advantages and disadvantages to these two marketing processes. Let us first check out the pros of them and then will dust on the cons. Search Engine Optimization: 1. SEO works Stay for a Long Period: When it comes to SEO practice. We choose a Keyword through extensive Keyword Research and built a page according to the keywords. On-Page Optimization run on placing the Keywords properly in, URL Title Meta Description Header Tags Image Alt Text In the Body of the content without Keywords Stuffing. Off-Page Optimization on link building and increasing authority for your sites by working on external sites. The works which we do for a time remain constant for many years. Apart from few submissions like a directory, and classified ads which have estimated time. But, in the case of Guest Posts, Web 2.0, and article submissions, the backlinks will be permanent. So, that’s the reason we say, once work done on optimization it stay for a longer period. This is one of the main advantages of SEO 2. High Return on Investment: It’s been always a saying, the conversion rate will be higher when people enter your site organically. Almost 60-70% of the audience prefer organic results in SERP. The ROI is almost 7 times higher than PPC. The major investment in SEO deals with the wages of employees and tools. When it comes to High ROI and conversion rates, Search Engine Optimization will be preferred by any marketer. 3. Brand Awareness: Digital Marketing has many stages in managing business and returns. In which, the initial stage is the awareness stage. SEO is one of the best Awareness Tool when it comes to Marketing Practices. As we optimize our website with the keyphrases our audience searching for. So, the complete traffic coming from organic results will be inbound. While reaching the top of SERP, we can’t estimate the number of reaches across demographics. Pay Per Click (PPC): 1. Fast and Quick Result: One of the great advantages of PPC is, you can see quick results. Once your Google Adwords campaign is approved for the focused Keyword. Then your post will be placed at top of the SERP, even above organic results. On average, 6-10% of the 1st-page traffic comes to Ad results. So, traffic starts invading your landing page from the time your SEM is placed. 2. You have complete control over the Campaign: In terms of Adword campaigns, complete control in the hands of the campaign manager. Starting from Keyword Research and working on Hardest Keyword Difficulty Keywords. SEO vs PPC - Keyword Research Result In terms of SEO, working with Super Hard Keywords take even 2 years of time to rank with continuous Effort. But, in PPC, we can choose Super hard Keywords to work and understand the behavior of the Keyword. Apart from that, we will be having controls over, Budget Number of days to run the campaign Message part of the Campaign Landing Page. Demographics and Geographics Segmentation of Targeted Audience. Schedule, etc. PPC can be worked on Different Strategies: There is no term in marketing as “perfect campaign“. We as a marketer should focus on getting better results when compared the previous one. Optimizing Key Messages, Keywords, targeting audience profile, locations, etc over campaigns will provide an effective result in CPC (Cost Per Click). The main aim of every PPC expert is to bring CPC down and CTR (Click Through Rate) to shoot up. Also, through PPC, you can retarget your own audience. The audience can be tracked with the help of Google Analytics or Facebook Pixels.
  3. Professionally managed Digital Marketing Agency and Business Management Company 7 EAGLES-Digital Marketing Agency in India, a team of expertise in promoting any business arena through digital platforms. We also bring out the best in business management tools to make our clients ROI in an automated process. We trust in bringing out data-driven digital solutions to various clients with rocket speed growth. Be it a local store to an international brand, we have redefined the process of reaching more organic customers. Analysis of the equipped data is always been our strong fundamental. Clustering the base of business by Industry Analysis Competitors Analysis Potential Mapping Mind Mapping Organic Campaigns Ad campaigns Digital Marketing Agency – Services Search Engine Optimization We help in driving organic traffic by ranking the focused keywords. Completely aligned to the Search Engine algorithms. Social Media Marketing & Optimization Strategies for making both offline and online businesses reach the right customer over applications. Content Writing and Marketing Our expertise in the area of content writing for various niches and building strategies to market to the right audience. Business Management Proper business management can drive a huge ROI. We align with the customer, find out the reason for the error, minimize it on investments. Business and Digital Analysis The best marketer should have analytical skills. In Digital Marketing we should analyze both business and traffic. Pay Per Click & Ad Campaigns Converting every click into sales is what our strategy of creating effective campaigns to reach with a high conversion rate Why 7 Eagles – Digital Marketing Agency and Business Management Company in Chennai One of the fastest-growing Digital Marketing agencies in Chennai. Complete Digital Marketing package with one click. Rich experience in various Industries. Business Management tools will help in better strategy building. Safety on your data and information. Transparency a top priority with our customers. Regular reports on the process and the way forward. Accountable on the timeline and the budget. Customized and Affordable Charges.