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  1. An important module which shows how an individual has to manage himself to manage time. To know what is important, to know what are the priorities, being productive than appearing to be busy and Time Management training in chennai to look at life as a whole and not as fragments are some of the key learnings from this module.
  2. These are my perspectives about NLP, NLP Trainers in chennai based on my own experience with it…NLP is powerful tool for Personal and Professional developmentIt can be defined as a process of identifying and utilizing patterns within and without of an IndividualIt works by bringing unconscious processes into conscious awareness and thereby helps an individual create more and better choices
  3. NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming) offers rapid and practical methods for personal growth. nlp training in chennai is used extensively in business, sales, education, sports, therapy and many other fields. NLP is now universally considered as the most powerful tool for personal growth. So, what is NLP? NLP is the study of human behaviour and their thinking patterns, both conscious and unconscious. It is about how our brain works, how we think, feel, communicate, learn, motivate ourselves, interact with others, make choices and achieve goals. NEURO - refers to our brain and nervous system which processes all the information provided by our five senses. LINGUISTIC - refers to language, the way we use the language to interpret our sensory experience and how we communicate that experience to ourselves and others. PROGRAMMING - refers to our ability to organise and sequence our actions to achieve specific results.
  4. NLP is considered a powerful tool for personal and professional excellence. This happens because an NLP course helps you train yourMind. NLP courses work at multiple levels to bring powerful transformation. Like behavior, capabilities, values, and beliefs and also at the level of Identify an NLP course can create positive changes.
  5. What is Soft Skills Training? But before that is there something called Hard skills training. Yes there is… But before going into these, let me narrate this story… Two friends, Ramu and Somu, were walking in a forest. Suddenly they saw a lion running towards them. While Somu froze, Ramu took out a pair of running shoes and started wearing them. Somu got confused and asked. “ what are you doing? The lion is running towards us and you are wearing running shoes… You think you can run faster than the lion?” Ramu said, “ No… I don’t want to run faster than the lion… All I want to do is run faster than YOU…” Yes, Ramu knows as the Lion will hunt the slow runner and all he needs to do is to run faster than Somu for escaping the lion… This is a Metaphorical Story… The forest represents the world we live in and the Lion represents the competition. If you want to beat the competition you need to have a pair of running shoes.
  6. Ability to influence a group is a top requirement for a manager. public speaking courses in chennai, in itself, is a leadership quality and can provide a lot of visibility and popularity. Public speaking is an art and it can be learnt. This module focuses on Public speaking fundamendals like expression, structuring of the speech, voice modulations, body language, implicit humour and numerous tips and techniques to face the audience with confidence and communicate with clarity.
  7. These are my perspectives about NLP, based on my own experience with it…NLP is powerful tool for Personal and Professional developmentIt can be defined as a process of identifying and utilizing patterns within and without of an Individual
  8. Group NLP Course is one among the online programs, which are conducted for small groups at multiple levels. These are very intense and application oriented programs where the focus is to take action and move out of comfort zones Programs : The Success Within ( Well formedGoals, Empowering Beliefs, Mind Management, Sustained Change Creation ) The Leader Within ( A NLP Metaprograms, Value system Analysis and other Leadership frameworks based program ) The Legacy Within ( A Purpose and Vision based Program )
  9. 2 Days : NLP Diploma Certification NLP principles and application overview Key Neural Patterns Identification and application Transformation Structure ( Key questioning pattern to bring in change ) Sensory acuity ( Listening by Observing ) The Three Psychological filters ( The Map is NOT the Territory ) NLP Beliefs of Excellence Profiling people on Preferred Learning styles ( VAK Model)