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Ling Feng Fei Yan

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There is no apprenticeship. Things are over here. If you are lucky enough to get through the disaster, you really have to go back to the mountain to do penance and find two or three people who have a foundation. Disciples teach and pass on art. Their voices were clear and clear, and they knew that what they said was not meant for themselves, but deliberately raised their voices. Let the people outside the house hear clearly, with a strong sense of irony in the words. In the courtyard, four dark shadows have appeared one after another. The first two masked men in black have been here for a long time! "You said that you really have a thorough understanding, and you deserve to be called the top senior in Wulin." A masked man could not help saying: "Now that you all know the general trend, you should really go home early and live in peace and happiness, and stop appearing in public in Jianghu to keep your name." Isn't everyone happy? But you don't understand the current affairs. You really have only yourselves to blame. Alas! The five of them winked, nodded knowingly, left their seats calmly, and leisurely entered the center of the courtyard. If the earthen pot is not left and broken on the well, the general will inevitably be killed before the battle. Sir, this is called being unable to help oneself! Leng Jian looks relaxed Slowly, the speech is also humorous: "Jingmou was originally in Jingmen Villa Nafu, very comfortable to play with grandchildren, not in the river for more than ten years." The lake is walking. However, the early years of resentment is not clear, how! Hao Guzhu is in Wuchang, and the next stop must be my Jing. Gate Villa,Carrara Marble Slab, Jingmou doesn't come to end the grudges of twenty years ago, okay? "Hehe!"! If you cover your face to hide your original appearance, even if you can kill the first brother Jing, you will become famous. It seems that the effect is not great! Who knows which Buddha you are? The Night God smiled and said, "This shows your confidence." It's a pity that it's not enough to be convinced. "Then someone will know who we are, won't they?" The masked man in the black shirt was not provoked and had no intention of pulling them off. A mask towel. Maybe! Leng Jian said no more, "You still have your companions. Why don't you ask them all to come out?" "When it's time for them to show up, they'll come out." "All right,Agate Slabs Countertops, then please make clear the purpose of your visit!" "Is that enough for the reason you just said?" "Really?"? Okay, let's say that's enough. How to say, draw the next road! Jingmou listened attentively. "I want to see your best sword in the world and see if it is undeserved." As he spoke, the man made three big steps. Bu said, "I've been practicing swordsmanship for a few years. I'm not willing to belittle you. If I kill you, I can take your place." Out of the shadows in the corner of the courtyard strolled out a girl named Jing Chunying, dressed in a strong suit, with her sword in her belt and her feet at ease, quite like the wind of a famous artist. Degree of mettle. Your Excellency is not fit to discuss the sword with my father. She said quietly, "Not every cat or dog can do anything." It means to challenge the older generation with status by name. This girl has been practicing swordsmanship for several years, and she is confident that she can still use your third-rate sword. Hand. If you're afraid, let your partner go first! "What a big tone the shrew has." The masked man said angrily, "If you beat the younger one, are you still afraid that the older one won't come out and make a fool of himself?"? You're up: I want you to regret all the big words you said tonight forever. With the sound of a sword singing, Marble Granite Price ,grey marble slab, the long sword with flashing green awn came out of its sheath. As soon as the sword pointed forward, there was a frightening sound of the sword's breath. The girl was not excited at all. She slowly drew her sword out of its scabbard and gently brushed it. Under the starlight, there was a tiny flash of brilliance. Pull the horse step to set up the door. In the momentum, she appears to be too weak, the sword does not seem to inject internal force, there is no amazing momentum. Little Diligent Mouse's Book Nest Sweeps the Old Rain Tower, Yunzhongyue's Lingfeng Feiyan — — Chapter 22 Yun Zhongyue "Ling Feng Fei Yan" Chapter 22 The masked man snorted, one did not make a gesture, two did not have the strength, suddenly the body and sword like lightning attacked, and in the blink of an eye it was sharp. Break through the air and get close. The speed is appalling, and the momentum of the sudden attack is like thunder and wind! If you change someone else, you must be in a hurry and frightened. The girl has a family background, and she was born in the Three Saints of Baiyi Nunnery in Guizhou Under the door of Nim. Jiaxue is famous for her calmness in Wulin, and her school is proud of her calmness. She can't be shaken by any fierce momentum. She took out the essence of what she had learned, and in the face of the fierce attack of the terrible sword waves, her figure flashed slightly, and she waved her sword gracefully. It seems that it is divinely wedged into the gap of the sword waves coming from the other side. As if there was a flash of lightning, then the man and the sword slanted out eight feet away, and the figure of Qiao Qiao suddenly appeared, and the figure suddenly appeared. The sword is planted upward, and the spirit is calm and the dust is not alarmed. "Uh.." There was a half-choked cry. The fierce waves of the sword suddenly disappeared, and the sound of the sword disappeared. The figure reappeared, the figure of the masked man rushed, and then rushed forward three or four steps, trying to get off the horse steadily, but the force. Not from the heart, shook two shakes and fell forward. Throat in the sword, sharp into the right neck, esophagus and throat opened a hole, blood like a fountain, no wonder only half out. A choking cry. With one move, the girl only fought back with one sword. The sword was so cold and merciless that it hit the nail on the head. What a poor man! The God of Night Wandering said loudly with emotion, "He is so arrogant that he wants to challenge the best sword in the world." To replace the position of the best sword in the world, even Miss Jing didn't take the sword she wrote lightly. She lost her life in vain. Alas! The other three masked men seemed stunned. How was that possible? Body and sword in one thunderous attack, the other side in addition to dodge There is no other way to avoid the sharp edge. Never dare to take the risk of sealing the frame, more dare not fight back, how did the companion die? Although there are stars in the night, but the two sides move too fast, the onlookers will never see the sword, so of course it is impossible to know. Cause of death. Eldest brother Finally, another masked man in a black shirt let out a terrible shrill cry to the masked man who was lying on the ground twitching in a pool of blood. The man rushed. At the moment when she passed the place where Miss Jing stood, her left hand silently sent out a hidden weapon. The distance is only about ten feet, and it is impossible to see the shadow of the hidden weapon. The girl should not die, just in this moment step to the place where the father stood, took half a step,Agate Stone Price, the hidden weapon arrived, she felt. There's an object on the right flank passing at a high speed. The hidden weapon flew behind her from the gap between the right arm and the flank. Rats, damn it! She shouted angrily and rushed at the masked man. forustone.com

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