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The speed of light leader

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We must not look down upon these moves taught by Chen Jinyu. Compared with those fancy and refreshing moves seen on TV, there is a world of difference. All the moves are backward and murderous. It can be said that the opponent can't cope with every move. In fact, the purpose of training fixed moves is nothing more than to let the body have a natural reflex under some conditions, without the thinking of the brain nerve, the body will understand how to attack, and how to react when dealing with various attacks from the enemy. At this stage, Chen Jinyu has used many different training methods, but there is only one purpose: to let Zhao Zhiyun practice solid basic skills! Chen Jinyu told Zhao Zhiyun that if the conditioned reflex training is more solid, in the future actual combat, it may have greater practical effect. But this stage of training, mostly boring, long and very hard, modern people can hardly adhere to. For the extraordinary Zhao Zhiyun, these are simply a piece of cake. More difficult than the basic skills is the training of Zhao Zhiyun and Chen Jinyu. The best way to improve the strength is to learn and use the moves flexibly. In the battle training, Zhao Zhiyun is not prepared to use any ability, even to improve their own speed several times are not allowed, this is the rule he set for himself in his heart. After many such drills, Zhao Zhiyun was barely able to draw with Chen Jinyu. Every morning, Zhao Zhiyun dragged his scarred body back to the dormitory,information kiosk price, and without saying a word, he fell asleep on the bed, and it was very sweet. Due to the enhancement of his own ability, Zhao Zhiyun's "speed of light" ability has also made considerable progress. Now, Zhao Zhiyun can do the automatic change from ordinary speed to supersonic speed at will, and he can also retract and release freely, so he will not feel exhausted because of overuse of his ability. Of course, because Ouyang Qingtian knew that he was going out to learn martial arts,digital whiteboard price, he did not say anything. But Du Lin and Zhu Chuan were even more silent, fearing that if they spilled the beans, they would be snapped. So much for the gossip, our story continues. Friday is the time to come home from school, which is often the happiest time for students, because the students who live close to home will soon see their families again. However, Zhao Zhiyun's university is different. Students prefer to stay at school rather than go home. It's not like at home, always under the control of parents. In Yanhuang University, as long as you don't violate the rules of the school, you can do whatever you want. More importantly, the strange things that happen in school every day can affect the nerves of students. Another important reason is that boys want to see the goddess in their minds. For example, law students want to hold seminars every day to see the beauty Wu Wenyun, while the students of the news agency want to stay with Chen Siru and listen to her interviews and chats. More boys, interactive kiosk price ,face detection android, on the other hand, want to stay at school every weekend to watch the regular sit-down talk show of the legendary beauty Lai Weiru broadcast by the school TV station, and the audio and video files of her talk show are also widely circulated in the school's intranet. On the main road of the school on Friday, there was a surge of people. Students who are busy going home, students who are busy preparing for weekend activities, and students who are busy making newspapers for the weekend in the school news agency are all busy with their own affairs. The whole school is like a microcosm of society. Zhao Zhiyun hurried to the library. Although his training is very hard, his homework has not been left behind. What is different from the past is that now in class, the professor is lecturing above, while Zhao Zhiyun is looking at his own things below. During this period, he has finished his senior course by himself. Now he reads some professional books, such as futures and stocks. Everyone is full of hope for his future, but all of these must be enriched with genuine talent and learning, which is the importance of learning. During this period of time, under the training of Chen Jinyu, Zhao Zhiyun has the style of a master, that is, to look around and like to look around when he is free. He gradually got used to the gaze that made him feel hard to bear before, from avoiding and running away at the beginning to responding boldly now, and he would say hello softly to those who nodded to him. Zhao Zhiyun looked left and right, and his eyes kept turning, just short of turning his head 360 degrees. Suddenly, a beautiful figure appeared in his eyes. Oh, my God, what is she doing? Come on, I can't believe I let myself encounter such a thing. Zhao Zhiyun complained incessantly and began to run crazily. Chapter 79 wow, hero! Friday is not an auspicious day in the eyes of foreigners. If this time coincides with the 13th of every month, it will be a very bad day. It's funny to think about it. I don't know how many times I have to go through Friday in my life. I really don't understand how these foreigners survive. In Zhao Zhiyun's mind, Friday is a day that many people look forward to. The next day is the weekend. That night, you can party all night. The next day, you can sleep late. It's too late to be happy. What "black" is totally self-deceiving. On the way to the canteen, Zhao Zhiyun was still looking left and right, and he was very distracted when he walked. People who do not know the reason all secretly said to him from the bottom of their hearts that since they won the war against Li Changzhi, they have been so arrogant. They are really a shameless person. Poor ah, heroes are always misunderstood, not to mention Zhao Zhiyun, who is not a hero? However, a big thing will happen soon, which will make him a hero to be praised by people overnight. Zhao Zhiyun, who was looking east and west on the road, suddenly fixed his eyes in one direction. On the roof of Wenshi Building, there was a girl standing on the railing of the roof, with long hair fluttering, standing against the wind, with a sad smile on her face. No way. Could it be that the rare sight of jumping from a building was also encountered by myself? And the object is an excellent beauty! At this time,face recognition identification, no one noticed the situation on the roof of Wenshi Building, and the pedestrians in the campus were bustling, acting completely according to their own life trajectory. hsdtouch.com

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