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Inside all kinds of professions are planned very well, the huge shield in front of them is one person high, all of them are Berserkers holding high and rushing forward, one by one moving fluently, and there are signs of internal force spillover, it seems that they are all good at internal skills. Followed by the magic archers of the Natural Gate, four rows of archers bowed forward, flexible and petite, with many women inside. This age has really changed, and women also like blood. Another row of shield men appeared, and behind them was the manipulator (sorcerer). The cooperation between them is just right, full of tacit understanding, and one day is not a day's work. It is a line-ups that has been formed for a long time. All the warriors followed closely, roaring and rushing forward, but the rows and rows of footwork were unified. Husband, they train really hard. Yaru blinked her eyes at the warm-blooded man in front of her. Then into the gang, there is a harvest, of course, have to pay,digital interactive whiteboard, this is the invariable theorem of life. Besides, who doesn't want to see the unification of the whole China with the joint efforts of their brothers, when the time comes, the honor is what they want to be gratified in their life. Some people in the game pursue calm and elegant, some people pursue blood killing, some people pursue their own strength, each has its own pursuit, this is different life composed of such a wonderful and colorful world. Tiger Star said calmly. Yaru narrowed her eyes and said with a smile,interactive touch screens education, "What is your husband's pursuit?" "Martial arts, my husband hopes to learn martial arts skills from all the masters in the world and make progress together." Tiger star said his heart's most desired idea, just finished suddenly feel everything is so far away, siege, national war, when things around can calm down, let oneself calm down to study martial arts. Ya Ru seemed to feel the helplessness of the Tiger Star, grabbed the hand of the Tiger Star and said, "I believe that my husband will live the life he wants one day." "My husband has never given up." Tiger Star laughed and fondly rubbed Yaru's fragrant hair. At this time, Yang Rui also found the two of them. He drove the Thunderbird to fly here. He jumped down from the back of the Thunderbird and landed in front of the Tiger Star and said, "The suzerain is coming." Tiger Star nodded and said, "I am very gratified to see my brothers training so hard." "Oh, they know that this training is to attack the city, smart boards for conference rooms ,interactive panel board, to truly unify China, all of them clenched their teeth and persevered, for them, honor is the most important." Yang Rui laughed. Elder Yang, how long does this team need to train? Tiger Star asked. If we continue to train like this, we should be able to finish it in a week. But the people who take the brothers to practice are not so fast. They can take the brothers of the novice village to level 80 at most in a week. Level 80 may not even be able to break the defense of the 700-level guards. Yang Rui frowned and said. Oh, then put it aside. You can train the team slowly. Don't worry. Tiger Star thought for a moment and said. It can only be like this now. Yang Rui nodded and said. You go to train! I'll take Yaru around. Tiger Star laughed. It's the suzerain. Yang Rui said that he jumped on the back of Thunderbird and rose to the sky again. Chapter 247 of the main text: Siege Preparation (Part Two). Updated: 2010-04-04 18:50:39 Words in this Chapter: 1629 Under the Tiger Star, Yaru walked around the team and saw all the players working so hard, showing a knowing smile. Tiger Star pulled Yaru out of the city and said, "Yaru, let's go to Xuanwu City."! Let's see how the business is going there? Let's practice together on the road, and now the time can only be spent like this. "Yes!"! Is your husband ashamed to see your brothers at such a high level today? Yaru teased. Did I! How is that possible! Do you dare to doubt your husband's strength? Tiger Star smiled and pulled Yaru, who looked like a head-shaking worm, to the front. Tiger Star took out the fan, the delicate fan immediately attracted the eye of Yaru, grabbed the past, was attracted by the bright light and exquisite patterns above. Tiger Star smiled and let her play. Suddenly, Yaru's face turned black, and she stared at Tiger Star with two charming eyes. The Tiger Star missed a beat in his heart and said, "Baby, what's the matter?"? Why are you looking at your husband like that? Is the fan not as beautiful as your husband? Tiger Star did not forget to tease him at this time. The big lady-killer. Yaru curled her lips and said. Why am I a lady-killer again! You're with me every day. Who am I looking at? The Tiger Star was wronged. Yaru suddenly laughed and said, "What about when we weren't together?" "Then I, Tiger Star, am even more strict with myself. I don't even look at a beautiful woman when she passes by me." "Tiger Star is upright and decisive." Take a look at this newspaper first! I forgot about it these days. Yaru smiled and took out the newspaper and handed it to Tiger Star. Tiger Star curiously took the newspaper, the front page headline is "I know I am very handsome, so staring at others will be shy," Tiger Star read, murmured: "How can this sentence sound so familiar?" The tiger star looks down again, unexpectedly is all own picture, but also has molests the eagle body banshee king the picture. Tiger Star's legs were weak again. "Who the *** did this?" He asked. He looked at the upper corner of the text, and the three words came into his eyes. "The eye outside the sky." Tiger Star said secretly, "I wrote you down." The eye outside the sky. " Suddenly the Tiger Star exclaimed, "It's really easy for people to be famous. Sooner or later, I'll use a bottle of DDVP to destroy you with these flies!" (The reader sweats: "We can't do the thing that Tiger Star kills people, but, but Dichlorvos, it seems to be a poisonous rat!"! Rat poison can be used to poison flies?? A few big question marks appeared on Tiger Star's head and he shouted, "Gulou Moon, Gulou Moon, what on earth is going on?"? I have so many fans in the presence of silk? Don't make a fool of me again, will you? Gu Louyue wiped the sweat from her temples and said, "The theory is all right. You can imagine that something as big as a mouse can be poisoned, not to mention that little fly. Hey, just think of it as overqualified,65 inch smart board, overqualified." ) Yaru turned her head just in time to see the different expressions on Tiger Star's face and said with a smile, "Husband, how do you explain this time?" 。 hsdsmartboard.com

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