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Quickly wear the villain, don't tease me by Demon Nine

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Because some of Han Chen's fans are extreme, they began to publicize Gu Zhenxin as a mistress, and began to expose her privacy with human flesh. Gu Zhenxin has been asked to stay at home for a few months since the last parking lot incident. 、671. No Chapter 671 ex-husband?! On the surface, it is a paid vacation, but in fact, she knows that if you take a rest, your position will be replaced and you will be faced with resignation. She did not understand why Han Chen did this, but what could be done. She could only look for other jobs in the meantime, but recently, at home, she suddenly received many threatening letters and parcels. Blades are very common, and there are even poisonous snakes and a box of cockroaches. People's hearts are dangerous to a point. Gu Zhenxin was so frightened that he wanted to call the police, but because the parcels were sent from other places, the police had no choice but to let Gu Zhenxin screen them carefully. Gu Zhenxin did not have the means, this only then knew that she was provoked Han Chen's fan. The fans all shouted that she was a mistress and a shameless assistant. And the company also issued a statement dismissing Gu Zhenxin. Gu Zhenxin felt that he was dumb to eat Coptis chinensis and could not say what he had suffered. Clearly not her, why should this charge be grafted on her head?! Not to mention, her relatives and friends really believed it,86 smart board, and many of them called her and began to persuade her not to do anything stupid, because it was immoral to destroy other people's families. Gu Zhenxin was so angry that she trembled all over and wanted to explain, but the relatives didn't listen at all. She was so angry that she shouted at the top of her voice: "Han Chen divorced long ago, and divorced a few months ago!" Han Chen and summer good night had already divorced, and she had seen Han Chen drive summer good night out. Why not announce the divorce and implicate an innocent person like her?! Gu Zhenxin this roar was originally just angry, did not expect the next day, on the headlines. Han Chen private new exposure,smart board touch screen, because the small three get involved, unexpectedly and summer good night divorce! When she saw such a headline, Gu Zhen was so angry that her lungs were about to explode. She clicked on the news and saw that there was a recording of her own mobile phone, that is, the sentence she shouted that she had already divorced, which was made a big fuss by the media. Out of context, but they are forced, that is, a sentence they can make up a million words of the bloody plot, not to mention Gu Zhenxin's words. It simply provides them with a steady stream of inspiration like screenwriters. Things have fermented to a certain extent, Gu Zhenxin's life has been seriously disturbed, she simply can not go out, electronic board for classroom ,touch screen whiteboard, there is no way to contact Han Chen. Because as soon as she went out and turned on the phone, she would be greeted with razor blades, pointing and cursing. She's about to break down. She is just an ordinary person, but such a sudden disaster is simply a disaster! Gu Zhenxin wants to break out angrily, but there is no place to break out at all. It was not until later that Han Chen came late to clarify the rumor. Gu Zhenxin saw the news that belonged to him. He said that his relationship with Xia Goodnight was very stable. This is all fake! Gu Zhenxin wanted to shout to him like this. Han Chen also said that he and summer are going to make up for the honeymoon he missed a few years ago next month. He also said a lot about Xia Goodnight. When the reporter asked the main character in the photo, he pulled out Xia Goodnight. Xia explained that Gu Zhenxin was an assistant, and by the way, he mocked a wave of keyboard warriors who had mistaken him for someone else. Hand in hand with Han Chen, the figure is clearly her. Gu Zhenxin should have been happy, at least after the scandal was clarified, she returned a clean slate. 、672. No Chapter 672 ex-husband?! But the more she looked back, the angrier she felt. Is it all right to say a word like this? They can clearly explain it very early, but why should it be so late! How much she has been wronged, how much she has been hurt, how frightened she is these days, for fear of breaking in some crazy fans to kill her! Gu Zhenxin began to look at other news. Now the news has no small three involved in the incident, the rest is said to abuse the dog, show love, send dog food. What else? Didn't you continue to explain her things? No, not at all! Gu Zhenxin was so angry that he threw his cell phone on the ground. A scandal can make her life so fearful, but another news passed, as if nothing had happened, just a few words. But because of everyone's words, the initial injury is still there, the wound is bleeding, rotting, stinking, out of control. Gu Zhenxin crouched down and picked up the mobile phone. The mobile phone could not be turned on, and the screen was broken like a spider's web. She saw her face reflected in the shattered screen. She saw a man like a madman and began to laugh wildly. She thought she was going crazy. No, it's not fast, it's crazy. …… After the press conference on Han Chen's side, he retreated. Xia Wanan is sitting on the sofa and playing mobile phone. Just as he was playing, he heard Han Chen say, "Where are you going?" Summer good night looked up at him: "ah?" What? Where? Han Chen looked at Xia Goodnight blankly and sighed helplessly, "Didn't you listen to what I just said?" "Ah, this." In the summer evening, I had the illusion that I didn't listen well in class and was caught by the head teacher. She immediately said, "I'm just combining work with rest. Besides, you're talking to those reporters. Why should I listen backstage?" What Han Chen said at the press conference was basically a confession of dog abuse, but dog abuse was only unilateral. He abused the dog,interactive panels for education, and Xia Wanan abused him. You are a bad student who doesn't listen to the class. Han Chen flicked Xia Goodnight's head. Summer evening is not happy. If you talk, talk and do nothing. She rubbed her head and mumbled. Had it not been for Han Chen's light hand, she would have slapped him in the face. hsdsmartboard.com

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