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Among domestic animals, there is no one more proud than a goose, and no one easier to catch than a goose. The goose's meal often makes us laugh. Our geese eat cold rice, three meals a day. It needs three things to eat: one is water, one is mud, and one is grass. Eat a mouthful of cold rice first, then a mouthful of water, and then go somewhere to eat mud and grass. Perhaps the mud and grass also have a variety of tastes, and it is chosen according to its appetite. The food is not extravagant; but it is eaten in a methodical and meticulous manner. For example, after eating a mouthful of rice, if the basin is accidentally placed in the distance, it will stride forward leisurely, drink a mouthful of water, and then stride to a certain place to eat mud and grass. Come back for dinner after eating mud and grass. To eat at such a leisurely pace, one must wait on him like a waiter in a restaurant. Because all the dogs in the neighborhood know the temper of our goose master, whenever he eats, the dog hides by the fence and watches him. When he had eaten a mouthful of rice and stepped to eat water, mud and grass, the dog ran up quickly and tried to eat his rice. When the goose came home early, he would stretch out his neck to bite the dog and scold him harshly. The dog immediately fled to the fence and crouched quietly waiting for him to eat another mouthful of rice. When he went away to eat water, grass and mud, the dog ran up quickly again. This time he finished his rice and walked away. When the goose came to eat again, the rice pot was empty. The geese raised their heads and shouted loudly, as if to reproach the people for not being well fed. Then we fed him and stood waiting on him. Because there were many dogs in the neighborhood, one dog went and the other crouched and watched. There are many chickens in the neighborhood,smartboards in classrooms, and they often come to steal the goose's food. We were so annoyed that we put the rice pot and the basin together so that it would not go away and let the chickens and dogs steal food. However, the mud and grass it must eat are far and near. In order to find this feast, it still has to go far away. Therefore, the goose's meal must be served by one person. What a shelf! Goose, no matter how proud it is, we will keep it until the house is sold. For it has a physical and spiritual offering to us, so that the mother and the master are pleased with it. The material offering is to lay eggs. It lays an egg every day or every other day. A pile of straw is set up beside the fence. When the goose crouches in the straw, it will lay an egg. The children in the family were more excited and stood by it waiting. When she had finished giving birth, she got up, strode into the house,interactive whiteboard for schools, and shouted for dinner. At this time, the children picked up the eggs warmly, hid them behind their backs and brought them into the house, saying that they were afraid that the geese would be angry when they saw them. As for my house, it was very simple indeed. Within the fence, there were twenty abbots on the land, and only six abbots in the house. On these six abbots, there are three "anti-construction" flat houses, each of which is divided into two rooms, a total of six rooms, with an average of one abbot per room. Central one, the front room is particularly large, about one abbot half weak, is the dining room and living room; the back room is only half abbot strong, smaller than the bus, as the family bedroom. One on the west side, divided into two equal parts, interactive flat panel display ,75 smart board, is the kitchen and the workman's room. The one on the east side is also divided into two equal parts. The back room is also the bedroom of my family, and the front room is my study and bedroom. For three years, I have been sitting, lying and writing in this abbot. Gui Xifu's "Xiang Ji Xuan Ji" says: "The room is only the abbot, which can accommodate one person." Also said: "Yuze bets, every time the case is transferred, there is nothing to be done." Only when I think of these words, I feel satisfied. My house is not leaky, but the walls are made of bamboo and are very thin. After nine o'clock in summer, the east wall is hot, and the room is like an open hot water. At this time, the anti-religious people hoped to give an alarm, but they could go to the basement six or seven feet deep to cool off. The courtyard inside the bamboo fence was covered with rocks under a thin layer of mud. Only tomatoes, broad beans, plantains and so on could be planted, but no trees could be planted. Beyond the bamboo fence, the slopes and rocks are undulating, and the countryside is full of wilderness. So the little room was naked, alone, and without shelter; it looked like a pavilion from a distance. I have been sitting in it for many years, just like a pavilion leader. The place was about a mile from the street, and the path was circuitous and difficult to find, and the visitors were very rare. This house is worthy of the sentence in Du Fu's poem, "a secluded and modest place with little experience". Stormy days, muddy road, dogs are too lazy to walk, the environment is even more desolate. The taste of the silence of these days is still terrible in retrospect. Since the completion of this cottage, I have resigned from my teaching post and resumed my pre-war life of idleness. I have little contact with the outside world. I just read, paint, drink and chat every day. My time is all my own. This is the requirement of my character, which I think is happy. But this happiness must be in two conditions: in peace, and in the city. Now in the period of the Anti-Japanese War, in the desolate village, this happiness is accompanied by a kind of depression. In order to avoid this depression, I planted beans, vegetables, pigeons and geese in the yard after reading and painting. And the goose impressed me the most. Because it has such a huge body, such a snow-white color, such a magnificent cry, so grand attitude, so arrogant temper, and so ridiculous behavior. In this desolate and lonely environment, the goose became a focal point. On a wretched day, when my hands are tired, I look out of the window and find it dead; only this great white thing, with its amber beak held high, walks alone in the rain like an armed guard, making the cabin secure, the yard dominant, and the environment alive. A few days before the change of ownership of my cottage, I gave this goose to a friend who lives in Xiaolongkan. Within a few days after it was sent out, I had a strange feeling. This feeling is exactly the same as the feeling that happens when you say goodbye to someone, but the weight is lighter. It turns out that all sentient beings share the same root, and all those who belong to the same blood have a common feeling. Therefore, this bird is more touching than this house, and it can make people more nostalgic. Now I am writing this essay,smartboards for business, which is like writing a biography for a friend who will never die. The old owner of this goose, whose surname is Xia and given name is Zong Yu, is now living with my neighbor. Summer of 1946 in Chongqing Salute. hsdsmartboard.com

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