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Mrs. Fu is fair and beautiful.

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"Well," Xu Xiangyan went to the side to make a phone call. Fu Xinnian hung his head and looked at his bloody hand. In a moment of anger, he punched Brook on the goblet. The doctor helped him take the glass fragments and bandage them. This would make his whole right hand unable to move. A beautiful nurse came over immediately, "General Manger Fu, please have a rest there first." "Mmm." Fu Xin snorted young. When Xu Xiangyan called Shen Tao, Shen Tao had just changed his clothes and put on comfortable silk pajamas. Hearing the phone call, Zhang Ma came up. Shen Tao glanced at it to pick it up. "Madam, General Manger Fu won't come back tonight for the time being, and General Manger Fu may be busy these days and have to go on a business trip." "All right." Although Shen Tao was not very happy, he still snorted. Zhang Ma followed and raised her voice, "Why isn't the gentleman coming back so late?" "Well, it's something." Shen Tao answered sullenly. Zhang Ma muttered, "What can happen?"? Isn't he the president? What can happen in the evening? Doesn't he know you're afraid to sleep at night? “.......” Shen Tao snorts, is he that good? Will know she's afraid? He turned to think of his thirteen secretaries on the thirty-second floor, all of whom were beautiful, and he was so depressed that he couldn't sleep. The author has something to say: Today is the second watch, the day before yesterday, I forgot that there seems to be a Thanksgiving Day,silk olive tree, I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving Day, belated blessing.. (cover your face) Well, say it early next Christmas, I hope it will be you, don't go and wait for my blessing. Chapter 30 Shen Tao won't know how difficult the whole thing is, and no one will know. That night, the British royal family called to investigate the accountability. The contract between the two parties was suddenly terminated. Not only that,large ficus tree, Fu Xinnian was also involved in the issue of breaking the contract. This was a big penalty for breach of contract. It was big enough for Fu Xinnian to hand over half of the country he had worked so hard for so many years. Xu Xiangyan has been so anxious that he can't eat, and Fu Xinnian has no extra money on his books to fill the gap. The time given by the British royal family is three days. If they fail to collect three times the liquidated damages within three days, they will sue Ronghe. At that time, the court will make a final judgment. At that time, Fu's Ronghe Group will probably face bankruptcy or even bankruptcy. That night, Xu Xiangyan rushed to ask each other, Fu Xinnian made a phone call all night, and discussed several plans with a domestic developer who had cooperated before, but hesitated that the amount of funds was too large to be able to do what he wanted. When it was almost dawn, Fu Xinnian finally got in touch with a teacher who had taken him with him when he was studying in England. The teacher was very nice, and his family had some background. Fu Xinnian finally negotiated with the British royal family and flew to England with Xu Xiangyan in the early morning of the same day. After boarding the plane, Xu Xiangyan was tired into a dog. Fu Xinnian was still sitting with his body. At this time, his right hand could move a little. He was wrapped in a white bandage. There were some tiny wounds on the exposed skin, silk ficus tree ,fake blossom tree, and occasionally a faint blood stain could be seen. His right hand wrapped in gauze was very clumsy, but he was holding his mobile phone to send messages to Shen Tao. His appearance was somewhat funny, just like a first-grade pupil who had just learned to write. His clumsy fingers typed a letter for a long time. Sometimes when he accidentally touched the wound, he would grin with pain. He called for a long time, and a kind stewardess came to ask him if he needed help. Fu Xinnian smiled politely, "No, thank you." He edited a long string of words, which generally meant that he was busy recently and had to go on a business trip. He asked Shen Tao to take good care of himself at home, eat well, wear warm clothes and so on. He also emphasized in the message that if he was afraid, he would take Aunt Zhang over. Aunt Zhang was Shen Tao's mother. He was thoughtful and thought of almost everything for her. Fu Xinnian edited a long paragraph. After finishing it, he felt that the fingers of his right hand were unconscious. He wanted to send it out and paused. He read it once and felt that it was too wordy. He deleted it word by word. After deleting half of it, he suddenly felt that Shen Tao would be annoyed to send such a lot? After thinking about it, he felt that he should follow his usual style, so he deleted it for a long time, and finally only typed a few words briefly, "I'm on a business trip, and the return date is uncertain.". ” After editing, he took it in his hand and looked at it for a while, feeling that this was his tone, so he didn't think much about sending it out. The beautiful stewardess came over to inspect the situation of the guests and found that Fu Xinnian's fingers were bleeding, and the wound that had just healed half a day before tinkering with the mobile phone had opened again. Seeing Fu Xinnian's handsome face, the little sister smiled and said: "General Manger Fu, do you need any help?" "Mmm." Fu Xinnian handed over his right hand, and the stewardess found a bandage and quickly wrapped it for him. Shen Tao did not sleep well this night. Early in the morning, he went downstairs with dark circles under his eyes. Zhang Ma saw him and asked, "Didn't your wife sleep well last night?" Shen Tao said listlessly, "I had a dream all night." Zhang Ma some distressed Shen Tao, "Sir is also true, what important things unexpectedly do not come back overnight, do not know what you are afraid of at night?"? "How about this? I'll go to Madame's place today and get you a ghost to worry about, so you can put it in the corner of the room and not have nightmares at night." Shen Tao smiled, "good." Remembering the text message sent by Fu Xinnian just now, he said lightly, "It's a business trip." “......” Zhang Ma did not say any more and looked sympathetically at Shen Tao. Zhang Ma's wife is Fu Xinnian's mother, Su Bai, Zhang Ma has been following Su Bai when she was young, but Su Bai has been outside for so many years, and the two are somewhat estranged. Remembering Subai, Shen Tao paused and said, "I'll go to the mountain to see my mother-in-law in a few days." "Mmm." Zhang Ma nodded. They chatted a few words, and Shen Tao went to work after breakfast. Arrived at the company,outdoor ficus tree, the front desk was somewhat deserted compared with the past. Shen Tao looked at everyone's lazy appearance and felt a little puzzled. "It's time soon. Don't you stand in line to welcome the leaders?" Lily glanced over lazily, "the leader is on a business trip." Shen Tao wondered, is it really a business trip? She thought Fu Xinnian was coaxing her. hacartificialtree.com

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