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Tang Jiasanshao-Good Death

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"Dumb was stunned." Me? "He asked. Looking at the performance of the rock just now, he is not sure to win at all. "Of course it's you," said Xuanyue angrily. "Why don't you let me go up?". Hurry up and finish them so we can go on our way. Dumb answered, stepped forward and stood in front of the rock. The rock had no idea. He hadn't fought with the magician, but he heard that the magician was very powerful. He didn't know if he could deal with it. He crossed the long knife cautiously and said, "Then come on." Xuanyue said behind Dumb, "Show him the time you spent splitting the wall that day." Although Dumb did not understand why Xuanyue did not need him to cover up his martial arts skills, he still drew out the Tiangang Sword behind him. The moon mark saw all this and did not stop, he had long had doubts about Dumb's epee, just take this opportunity to see. The rock looked surprised when he saw Dumb's Tiangang sword, and his eyes flashed a trace of hesitation, but he still raised his long knife. Dumb suddenly felt the whole body for no reason a warm, spirit, seems to have endless strength, a layer of light white wrapped around his body, this is not his life fighting spirit, because he has no transport capacity, can not help but look back at Xuanyue, see Xuanyue is playing with the magic wand in his hand, made a face at him, this white light is obviously related to her. It should be a kind of auxiliary magic. "Please advise me," said the rock in a deep voice. Still holding the knife in both hands, he slashed at Dumb heavily. Dumb doesn't care about that. Although he doesn't have much combat experience, he is most familiar with this kind of chop. With a loud shout, he swings his Tiangang sword with both hands and cuts at the other side as well. The light of the white fighting spirit suddenly flourished, and the latter came first to meet him. In the loud noise,teardrop pallet racking, the long knife of the rock and the Tiangang sword suddenly collided, and the fighting spirit of the two men immediately stirred up a small whirlpool of dust on the ground. Dumb felt that his fighting spirit seemed to be much stronger than before, not only because he had reached the fifth level, but also because of the white light that appeared first. The rock felt a huge force coming from his opponent's sword, and he couldn't help taking a step back. He had never been shaken back by his opponent, especially when it was a magician who had shaken him back. With a shout of anger, the long knife came again. This time, he had used all his strength. When Dumb was in Shitang Town, he faced the waves every day and did not know how many times he had used it. The fighting spirit in his body was constantly transmitted into his arm and split out again. The sound of clang, clang, clang kept ringing, and Dumb and Rock kept chopping at each other almost without moving, which was a contest of strength. After more than a dozen collisions, Dumb gradually gained the upper hand, heavy duty cantilever racks ,automated warehouse systems, after all, the endless nature of True Qi made him not weak. Dumb also took advantage of the blade. His Tiangang sword was much heavier than the other side's long sword. Finally, in the eighteenth collision, the rock's long sword was cut off by Dumb. Tiangang sword cut the rock head-on with a pressing fighting spirit. Dumb was startled. He didn't want to kill people. Many collisions made him sympathize with the rock. He understood that if it wasn't for the magic of Xuanyue, He may not be able to take advantage of his strength, not to mention that the Rock and the Moon Mark had just fought a battle and spent a lot of effort. He turned over his wrist fiercely, took a step to the right with his right foot, and reluctantly took the Tiangang Sword to one side. With a bang, he cut it in the earth. Under the full attack, the forced change immediately brought a huge load to Dumb's body, his chest was like being hit by a giant hammer, his throat was sweet, and a mouthful of blood spurted out. The rock was petrified. He had never felt that death would be so close to him. Looking at most of the Tiangang sword cut into the earth, he knew clearly what would happen if the sword cut on him. As soon as he loosened his hand, half of the long sword fell to the ground. Xuanyue ran to Dumb and asked, "How are you?" Dumb coughed twice, took the Tiangang Sword, supported his body, and said, "I'm all right." Xuanyue chanted in a low voice, "Great God!"! Please lend me the power of your compassion for the world to heal the wounds in front of you. Divine healing. With the chanting of the incantation, a white light was produced on the magic wand, and the light flashed into Dumb's body. Warm feeling suddenly filled in the meridians of Dumb, his living True Qi has a certain sacred breath, Xuanyue's light magic into the body immediately inspired his own vitality, chest comfortable a lot. Taking a long breath, Dumb nodded to Xuanyue and said, "Thank you, Miss." The soldiers of the Puyan tribe who came with the rock jumped off their horses one by one and stood at the side of the rock, holding their sabres high in a menacing manner, as if they were ready to start at any time. Dumb raised his head and looked at the rock, which was still in a dull state, as if he could not believe that he would fail. Big brother, I don't know if your words are arithmetic or not. Now you can let us go. Dumb said very politely, with a faint smile on his face, just now the sword scared him a lot, and finally did not hurt the rock, he was happy from the bottom of his heart. The Rock was awakened by Dumb's voice. With an embarrassed look on his face, he said to Dumb, "Brother, you are really skillful. Thank you for showing mercy. The Rock admitted defeat.". Can I ask you if the weapon you use is Tiangang Sword? Dumb nodded and said, "It's the Tiangang Sword." There was a flash of joy in the rock's eyes. He walked towards Dumb. Wanli hurried forward and stood in front of Dumb. He looked at the rock warily and said, "What are you going to do?" The rock spread out his hands,industrial racking systems, and his previous arrogance and arrogance disappeared. "I don't mean any harm," he said kindly. "I just want to say a few words to this brother." Xuanyue went to Dumb's side and said, "What's there to say? Dumb has already won you. It's time for us to pass. Our time is very tense.". kingmoreracking.com

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