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My experience with ghosts

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I want this healthy, confident, arrogant man into the women's toilet, there is already a lot of psychological pressure, the most afraid is to be caught, then I am not late? Efforts to maintain the image will be like a river of spring water, which will be mercilessly washed into the sea. When the time comes, I'm afraid I'll be drowned by the saliva of more than five thousand people in the whole school before I can even buy a piece of tofu. Xue Ying walked neatly into the women's toilet, and soon poked her head out and made an OK gesture to me. I took a deep breath, made up my mind again, slowly lifted my trembling feet, and finally summoned up the courage to walk into the boy's absolute forbidden place. The description of the scene in the women's toilet is omitted. It's too humiliating! (In fact, it was all because she was afraid of being scolded as a pervert by Xue Ying, so she had to pretend to be calm and not squint, and didn't even dare to show much of her expression.) It took me a long time of more than 30 seconds to cross the distance of more than 20 meters, which was also smooth,heavy duty rack manufacturers, and I came to the open space behind the toilet. Night, do you guess that the bear who has been trying to maintain his image as a serious brother and Zhang Wen, his sidekick, will both have a hobby of peeping? Snow Ying, who had been laughing in her heart all the time, finally couldn't help laughing out loud when she saw me sweating. As she laughed,shuttle rack system, she seemed to think of something else and asked, "Why else would they think of going into the shelter behind the ladies' room?" "Don't speak ill of the dead!" I hit her on the head in anger. Xue Ying touched her head with her hand and said angrily, "I hate it. Don't hit someone on the head. If you beat me into an idiot, I want you to marry me and make me a cow and a horse for a lifetime." "Huh?"? I'm going to be an idiot. I'm going to be the first to call the insane asylum. Absentmindedly, I quarreled with her and looked intently at the old entrance. The air-raid shelter was built ten meters underground, which was quite deep at that time. The entrance is a cement structure about 1.5 meters high, but it has already been blocked by the school with iron fences, probably to prevent children in the lower grades from going in to explore, lest they get lost or encounter danger. It's strange. I frowned, wiped my hand on the fence, and said to Xueying, medium duty racking ,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, "Isn't this the air-raid shelter the bears mentioned?" "No, there's only one air-raid shelter nearby." Xue Ying shook her head and firmly denied my guess. But look. I put the rust on my hand under her eyes and said, "The fence is covered with rust and cobwebs, and the iron fence is locked tightly with a lock." I lifted the chain lock, examined it carefully, and added, "There is no sign that the lock has been pried open, and the keyhole is covered with patina. Even if I think about it with my knees, I know that no one has been in or out of here for many years." "Zhang Wenming told us that he found the body of a duck in the old air-raid shelter. I remember that there was only one entrance and exit in the air-raid shelter of the school," she recalled in distress. "No, there must be something wrong." I kept thinking about it, and then I laid the plan of the air-raid shelter on the ground and studied it carefully. After a long time, he raised his head and asked Xueying, "Do you remember what Zhang Wen and the bear said to us a few days ago?"? They said they found the treasure of the Chen family at the construction site of the playground. Hey, the treasure may not be true, but it's true that a very grave was found there. "What does this have to do with the bomb shelter?" Xue Ying asked hesitantly. I smiled mysteriously. "Let's take a look at the tomb. We should find something." The direction of the air-raid shelter is drawn on the plan, and it is obvious that it runs straight to the southeast. The playground and the grave of the school are also located in the southeast. When I discovered this, my mind suddenly came up with a hypothesis-maybe the tomb was above a certain section of the air-raid shelter. When the construction site was laying the foundation, it not only dug out the tomb, but also collapsed the ceiling of the air-raid shelter below the tomb, opening up the tomb and the air-raid bunker.. The bear and Zhang Wen entered the air-raid shelter from the grave and accidentally found the body of the duck. Hey, if this hypothesis is true, at least some of the doubts will be solved! This is undoubtedly a life-saving straw for me, who is troubled by the question of quantity and has no clue, just like a poor man whose house leaks and rains all night. It was very dark, and the dark night enveloped the whole construction site, quietly, without a sound. Xueying and I went into the silence like death. For some reason, my heart was beating fast and inexplicably. I turned on my flashlight and looked around. The foundation of the future student dormitory building had been laid and was ready to be filled with concrete. The grave should be on the far right of the site. I gestured with my fingers to find the position and walked quickly. Xueying followed me closely and took my hand again in fear. Suddenly she heard a cry of "ah" and pointed to the front and refused to move. I looked up and saw a rectangular hole full of deep water on the ground not far away. The hole was the same as Zhang Wen's description. It was more than five meters long and three meters wide. It's just that in the night, it makes people shudder. I do not know whether it is wide or long and thin, like a bloody basin mouth slowly climbing up from hell, it bared its teeth and claws silently grinning, as if it had been waiting for thousands of years, just waiting for us to approach and then choose people to bite. I stood cold all over, only to feel Xueying holding my hand more and more tightly. I do not know when the surrounding atmosphere began to become strange, the coffin fragments scattered on the ground like life, constantly emitting a cold breath in the summer night. "Do you feel it? It's so cold and terrible!" Xue Ying said in a trembling voice. With a "hum",Automated warehouse systems, I pinched my leg hard and pulled myself out of the inexplicable fear through the pain. After a few steps forward, I picked up a fragment of the coffin from the ground and looked at it carefully. Then I pinched some fragments with my nails and smelled them in front of my nose. Yes, that piece of Zhang Wen's coffin was picked up from here. I judged. kingmoreracking.com

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