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Wuji was frightened to go in, checked every room, and finally in the last room with Guqin, I saw myself lost in my thoughts against the wall. As soon as Wuji's eyebrows loosened, his face showed happiness, and then he almost greedily looked at the man who made him lovesick. He approached step by step, stopped, squatted down, looked at me who had obviously not reacted to him, reached out to hold my cheeks, and aggressively imprinted his long-cherished red lips. Hum..! I stared in amazement and didn't blink. In fact, it is a dream, with such an idea, there is no resistance to such an aggressive move. The kiss of tossing and turning, greedy as if to devour me, so real feeling, this. What's going on. Already I can't think. After the kiss, Wuji lowered my forehead breathlessly, ignoring my trance, and said, "Girl, my patience has been hidden by you. Whether you want to forgive me or not, I will never let you run away from me." Yes, he was enlightened, and there was no better way to deal with his sweetheart than to be strong. ……” I relaxed my breathing in a daze, and my mind went blank. Looking at me who seemed unable to react because of his appearance, Wuji raised his lips and locked my silly eyes firmly with his shining eyes. He said word by word: "You can't escape from me. Even if you hide from reality, you can't escape." At the moment, Wuji was obviously forced to be completely blackened by her own girl. I still stared at him blankly,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, listening to the words that could not be removed, like a magic spell, which made me contract my pupils bit by bit, and then without waiting for the brain to react, I pushed the extremely dangerous infinite away again, and the next second I got off the line. Half kneeling on the ground, Wuji covered his handsome face with his slender five fingers. Ha Ha-ha Ha ha ha Eerie, little by little laughter poured out from the five fingers. Five fingers gradually slipped down, lightly covered his lips, burning eyes shining with magic luster at the moment, as if he said to himself: "Girl, why don't you believe what I said?" Even if you come to this world, you can only be by my side. And out of the game warehouse, I seem to breathe hard dyspnea under the nozzle, just the promise.. It's so dangerous. How long has it been since I felt this fear. He wiped his face blankly. Until now, Blue Bottle Serum ,glass cream jars, I still don't understand why Wuji is there? Then it is absolutely impossible for everyone who is angry with the light of ice and snow to call the promise superfluous, isn't it? The idea that had been shaken was frightened by the arrival of the promise. You can't escape me. Even if you hide in reality, you can't escape. The heartbeat suddenly missed a beat, as if it had been pinched by an invisible hand. Why does Wuji have such affirmation? His words are serious. Quickly turned off the tap, pulled the bath towel to wrap himself firmly, walked out of the bathroom in a daze, changed clothes in a daze, and sat on the bed with a pillow in his arms. The word "calm" seems to be far away from me. In the game, in the dense forest of the spiritual human territory, the ice and snow people who had hesitated to peep were shocked to find that their leader was offline, Wuji. It's also offline. Are they all offline? The sound of uncertainty comes from running water. And the result? Did the colonel decide to stay in the end? Ah? Ah ~ (second tone)? Somebody tell me! . Pull the crazy squat on the ground. 。“ Damn Wuji, won't you tell us to get off the line again? With an angry sword, he saw a deep gap in the innocent tree beside him. She felt that she was beginning to have a headache again, and she wanted to know what had happened to the two people. Chia and Caso looked at each other with a wry smile, and they were prepared for the worst. I didn't delete the number, but I may not know that there is such a thing as deleting the number, but at least it's not bad news for us at present. Quickly playing with his fingers and laughing. Ice and snow all nodded, this. Barely can be regarded as a good news, as long as there is no real deletion of the number, everything has a chance to recover, of course, if the ice and snow people know that their own head will be so quickly offline, leaving a group of them in this panic is entirely because of being scared by the promise, I'm afraid those people will not have such a good mood now. So I have to say that sometimes ignorance is really happy. Chapter 87 It's been a week since I escaped from the "search" in a hurry, and nothing has happened, which is a relief to me who was once highly nervous. The countdown to the Gakuen Festival has also begun, and the entire student union has entered a busy stage. Naturally, I am no exception. It is precisely because of this almost footless busyness that I have temporarily forgotten the magic spell. In spite of this, because of the contact at work, I intentionally or unintentionally found that Fang Xuejie, Qian Xuejie and Oh Xuejie always sighed after I turned around. If it weren't for my keen ears, I would have missed such a very light voice. Although I was confused, my character would not force me to ask the reason. Because of a lot of work, the more times I see the president, I do not know why, the president gives me more and more pressure, is it because I am too tired recently? After dividing the copy verification code obtained from the alliance branch into each grade, I finally had a temporary breathing space, sorted out the rest of the verification code, and proofread the number. There are 162 duplicate verification codes for each member of the student union, 183 duplicate verification codes for ordinary cadres of the student union, and elite cadres. The president has eleven copies of the verification code quota, and there are two hundred emergency copies of the verification code. There is no mistake. Gently, classify the folder containing the copy verification code, copy one, leave the dormitory again, and distribute the copy verification code of the internal staff of the student union. Tuk Tuk! "Sister Fang." "Lightly interrupted Fang Luoya, who buried his head in the document." Oh,Glass Cream Jars, Bailixue, come in. What's the matter? Fang Luoya just took time to look at me and buried his head again, reading the documents as he spoke. penghuangbottle.com

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