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Great Qin Empire 5

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Wang Jian was deeply gratified at the thought that the king of Qin was not allowed to fight lightly. It is the good fortune of the state of Qin and the good fortune of the ministers to be able to reach such a tacit understanding with this young monarch. At the beginning of the army, Wang Jian ordered Li Xin to report to the army on three days, whether it was a special envoy of the fast horse or a carrier pigeon in the army, in short, all the deployments in the army were reported to the king of Qin. Meng Wuzeng didn't think so and said, "There's no war. What's the military report?"? How many times has the old general been like this in the two wars of destroying Zhao and Yan? But Wang Jian said, "The destruction of Chu is different. The whole army is in the hands of the old man alone. The king of Qin should be in the army.". Three days a newspaper, no change. In less than a month, the king of Qin had his first serious reply: "Send the whole country's troops to the general. Even if the king is worried, he is also worried about victory or defeat. Why should the old general be so garrulous?"? If there is no war in the future, there will be no military report. From then on, Wang Jian's military report was changed to once every ten days, and it was still a report of the size of the report. So two months, the king of Qin is irritable under the book: "The military newspaper is noisy, January one newspaper is enough!"! Therefore, Wang Jian in the military newspaper after the winter reported in detail the men's aggressive heart to fight. This time, the king of Qin wrote back to the king: "The destruction of Chu is a big matter. We must not fight lightly. Those who do not fight according to the orders of the generals should be engaged in the law of the country." Concise for no reason. From then on, before the book arrived at the army, Wang Jian immediately ordered Zhongjun Sima Li Xin to restore the previous laws and regulations, and not to report to the King of Qin without war. In the heavy snow of the first lunar month,Amber Dropper Bottles, Wang Jian finally vaguely smelled the coming of the fighter plane. An urgent secret message from Yao Jia, who was also the leader of Heibingtai, said that Xiang Yan, the general of the State of Chu, was disappointed with the King of Chu. He sent his third son, Xiang Bo, to Huainan secretly to plot to unite with the Qu tribe and the Jiangdong tribe of the Yue people and jointly support Changping Jun, the son of the royal family,Serum Bottle With Dropper, as the new King of Chu. Later, Xiang Yan wanted to withdraw the Chu army to Huainan and Jiangnan and resist the Qin army for a long time by land. No need to repeatedly try to figure out, Wang Jian immediately in the past scouts camp of all kinds of details confirmed the authenticity of the Yao Jia secret, and suddenly understand the last ChuJun wantonly kill but not the root cause of the figure of XiangShi Jiangdong army. Wang Jian just can't weigh for a while, when will Xiang Yan withdraw? Predict this time, for the Qin army is too important. Because as long as the foundation of the Chu army moves, it is the best time for the Qin army to attack. No matter how Xiang Yan plans when to withdraw his troops, it is necessary to deploy them in advance. Summon the generals of the battalions! Wang Jian stood up from the bathtub. Yes! The shogunate will gather! Li Xin strode in from the outer military order room. Do not get up to gather the drum, one by one command. "Understood!" After the film, the generals all came in a hurry with a hot sweat. Although they were puzzled by the quiet gathering without gathering drums, they were so excited that they kept inquiring about each other. After all, nine times out of ten, getting into the shogunate had something to do with war, and it was ten thousand times better than throwing stones and bricks all day long. When the generals were seated at Jiangdun, 30ml Dropper Bottle ,Oil Dropper Bottle, Wang Jian said, "The Chu army will have a big change. It will either retreat to Huainan or Jiangnan.". If the ChuJun move, is our fighters. However, ChuJun when to move, now can not determine the exact date. In case of haste, the old man is pre-deployed. Then whenever, as long as the ChuJun camp move, I shogunate war drums and horns, each will not need military orders to arrive, will be thunderbolt lightning army attack! Do you understand? "Understood!" The generals all stood up with a brush. After the army of one hundred thousand, XinSheng command, from west to east to kill the ChuJun. "Hi!" "Right army one hundred thousand.". Feng Quji commanded the Chu army from west to east to the bedroom city. "Hi!" "One hundred thousand Feng Jiu of the former army and one hundred thousand Yang Duanhe of the left army joined forces to attack and kill Xiang Yan's army in Ruyin." "Hi!" "Under the command of General Meng Wu, one hundred and twenty thousand Zhongjun troops rushed to the countryside of Qi County to intercept the Chu troops crossing the Huai River with all their strength." "Hi!" "Even the crossbow equipment camp and guard fighters a total of fifty thousand, ZhangHan led, forced across the Huai River stormed Ying Shou!" "Hi!" "Longxi flying ride twenty thousand, Zhao Tuo command, guard the shogunate and the chief officer!" "Hi!" "All will know, only ChuJun fled to Huainan, must not make ChuJun fled to the south of the Yangtze River!"! For this reason, the ministries must go all out to pursue and kill in Huaibei, especially not to make Xiang Yan's main force escape and enter the south of the Yangtze River. "Understood!" "Who?"? Who's crying? Meng Wu suddenly asked. After the thunder, the hall was silent, and the faint sobs were very clear. The generals were silent, and everyone knew who it was, but they could not say or comfort it. General Li Xin.. I have something to say. Wang Jian finally spoke. Go, General! Li Xinqiu went after Xiang Yan for the journey of daring to die! As soon as Li Xin came out, he raised his account and was greatly shocked. His eyes were fixed on the disfigured figure who no one dared to recognize as the former commander in chief of the army, but he could not say a word. Li Xin deposed as Zhongjun Sima, originally standing beside the curtain behind the handsome case, only a shadowy figure in the hall of the heavy shogunate. At this moment, Li Xin strode to the hall before the handsome case generously asked to fight, the generals suddenly heard the word "Li Xin", can not help but be greatly shocked, unexpectedly stood up in unison with a crash. Li Xin, who used to be brave, bold and cheerful, suddenly turned into a lean and dark pole-frame body. His eyes were red, the corners of his mouth were bleeding, his voice was hoarse, and his beard was twisted. If there were a few more pieces of blood in his armor, he would be a survivor in a pile of dead bodies on the battlefield! Perhaps Li Xin intentionally or unintentionally to avoid the former soldiers, perhaps ZhongJun Sima is indeed "reclusive" function, around is all day long wind wind fire generals until then suddenly thought, the former army commander in chief has disappeared for a long time in their line of sight. At this time suddenly appeared such a scene, the generals could not bear to see, for a moment can not help but misty eyes. OK Wang Jian's voice was a little trembling. He nodded gently and stood up from the handsome case. He walked down the six-step brick and stone platform and walked to Li Xin. "I have carefully selected eight thousand flying riders to kill Xiang Yan's Jiangdong army.". I have the heart to avenge my shame today,oil dropper bottle, and the old man has granted it. "General Shang!" When Wang Jian's voice fell, Li Xin immediately threw himself on his knees and burst into tears. The generals felt sad and hot in their hearts, and all of them choked with sobs. penghuangbottle.com

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