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Picturesque Jianghu of Online Games Author: Xi Ying Lianyun

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The content of the meeting was naturally a bolt from the blue. The main content of the meeting is that in order to express the apparent harmony between Medical University and Z University, the second program of Medical University is going to invite two girls from Z University to sing together. A backup dancer. The counselor euphemistically expressed that the black and white match of the Medical University was more optimistic about Wu Xiao and Zhao Tingting, so the probability of the appearance of the College of Literature was relatively high. Although it is early summer, but the evening breeze blowing, in the body and mind is still cool. Of course, this kind of feeling only happens to someone and someone. Alas, the consequence of the last one coming down is that only the seat on the draught is left. The excitement of other MMs was overflowing, Linlin's expression was complicated, and Zhao Tingting and Wu Xiao's expressions were death-defying. Counselors are also young when they come over (counselors voiceover: What is this, I am not to 30, but also young! , naturally understand the minds of young girls, although He felt that the two lucky girls did not look very natural, but he still understood that it was caused by excessive happiness. So as a senior, some words still have to be said in the first place: "Although it is so now." We're talking about it, but the final candidate hasn't been decided yet, and you two have to fight for it! Two people dry laugh,small gold wash plant, Lin Lin snicker. Zhao Tingting said: I can't fight for it! Wu Xiao: How could the counselor not see such an obvious retaliation? The contrast between the "elegant" image of black and white matching and our national dress was put on the stage. How big it is! (Counselor's voiceover: Children's shoes, clothes can be changed!) The dividing line that many people didn't sleep well tonight. The next day Wu Xiao received a song list, which was said to be an alternative song drafted by someone. At a glance, it was written in black and white, all in English. Read through the whole article. Wu Xiao found that he only knew the one at the beginning: Amazing Grace. Then he returned the paper to Linlin with an expressionless face: "Change people, I can't sing any of them." Linlin sniffed: "Don't fool me. Apart from anything else, Amazing Grace is sure you will!" Wu Xiao is frightened greatly: "You,Portable gold trommel, how do you know?" Lin Lin is proud: "a few days ago." God, listen to you play it! Wu Xiao recalled, and then tears, that day she was watching the theatrical version of Conan. Then I don't know why the song was settled, the repertoire, the grace of heaven. Had to learn, so Wu Xiao back lyrics back very irritable, looking at Linlin and Zhao Tingting occasionally swept over the eyes is simply schadenfreude, it is unbearable. But Lin Lin also urged that you had not learned to sing for us first. Wu Xiao casually rolled the A4 paper of the lyrics into a microphone shape, cleared his throat, and said in a very sweet and tender voice: "Below." Please enjoy the children's song, Little Dragonfly. "The little dragonfly is a beneficial insect. It flies to the west and east. It loves to eat radishes and vegetables. It is a little hero who catches mosquitoes." Zhao Tingting crazy: I know you are stimulated by the game, portable gold wash plant ,coltan ore processing, what love to eat radish love to eat vegetables, that is a rabbit. (Wu Xiao's voiceover: I haven't sung for a long time … I sang a string carelessly. Can't you care about the spirit?!) The little dragonfly flies over:-_-! Please note that the original text is "do not eat food, do not eat vegetables"!) But Linlin, who has seen the world, is very calm: "I will order another song," Two Tigers "!"! Zhao Tingting & Wu Xiao: @ # ¥% &.. In the twinkling of an eye, it was time to confirm the candidates. In the meeting hall, Wu Xiao and Zhao Tingting were facing fierce competition. Beautiful women with special skills in singing and dancing sprang up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. The momentum is approaching the scale of the change of the student union. F4 of Medical University has appeared on the judges' table together, although this time everyone is just a simple shirt, but it is still heroic. Linlin HC : I don't know how these people look in their white coats! Zhao Tingting tried to ask Linlin, don't we compete with them? Noble character and integrity, the beauty of adults, just abstain. Linlin pouted in the direction of the counselor: "Why don't you try?" ?” Wu Xiao looked down Linlin's eyes and saw the counselor sitting under the stage staring at the stage with a red smile like a flower. "Forget it, let's give her a basin of cold water now. She Give you a hailstorm later. The selection of singing is easy, and everyone can sing it once; the selection of dancing is more troublesome, and you have to follow the teacher of the dance department to do a movement. Although there are many talented people, Wu Xiao still has none. Got the "Queen of Songs" in suspense. According to Linlin's investigation afterwards, the main reason was that F4 of Medical University voted for Wu Xiao, and Shen Yi also commented that the girl's voice was very clear. Che. Zhao Tingting lost the election without any suspense. Although there were many votes, she was still defeated by Chen Mo, who had studied ballet professionally. Some are happy and some are sad, but the two of the College of Arts are not happy, and the two are not sad. After the end of the selection is still a small meeting, Wu Xiao sighed: "Let me and so many handsome men and beautiful women together is to spoil the scenery.". Linlin looked at Wu Xiao carefully: "What is modesty? Even if we can't judge the campus beauty, it's not a pork chop. Go, go.". Wu Xiao ran with tears: How can you praise people so much! And pretend to rhyme! Zhao Tingting looked at Wu Xiao's departing figure and said, "The wind is rustling and the water is cold. Once a strong man is gone, he will never return." The first item of the meeting must be self-introduction, although Chen Mo is the last one to open his mouth, but the opening shocked the whole audience, so that Wu Xiao frequently looked at Chen Mo at the meeting, even to F4. The degree of attention is greatly reduced. God is really fair, he gave you the face of an angel, the body of a devil; gave you a smart brain, beautiful dance … He opened so many doors for you, but he only closed one. A window. Then Wu Xiao especially admired Chen yuanhua's parents. It was really great to get this name! (5555, if I have this half level, we mung beans will not be mistaken for flies! Chen yuanhua's voice is simply. It's that kind of hoarse and sharp feeling. So as soon as she opened her mouth, Wu Xiao thought of a famous saying in her consternation and blankness: sophistry is silver,manganese beneficiation plant, silence is gold. If Chen yuanhua keeps silent and lives up to her name, then she will It's a big piece of gold. After the meeting, F4 came to shake hands and say goodbye. ore-magnetic-mining.com

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