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Qinglong has already seen countless big scenes, but at this moment, he is a solemn face, step by step behind the head of the Tumagu clan, walked to the front of the mid-level altar. On the platform in front of the altar, there was already a circle of wizards. The older ones had white hair, but the younger ones still had black hair, but they had the same admiration in their eyes. The wizard, who looked the oldest, came up slowly, bowed deeply to Qinglong, and said a few words in Miao. Qinglong did not dare to neglect and listened respectfully, but he did not understand the Miao language of southern Xinjiang, so he turned to look at the patriarch Tu Magu. Tumagu whispered, "This is the wizard of Aries, now the leader of the wizard in the altar.". He sends his regards and thanks you very much for bringing back the remains of the revered wizard. Qinglong said solemnly, "The Great Wizard is highly respected, and he has done his best for our Ghost King Sect. What I have done is my duty." Tu Magu translated his words to the Aries Wizard in a low voice. The Aries Wizard nodded and stepped up to Qinglong, holding out his hands. Qinglong solemnly handed him the small blue and white urn in his hand. The Aries wizard took it from a precious place, and at the moment he took it, all the wizards around him suddenly broke the silence and began to recite a strange scripture in Miao language, with a faint, illusory voice, like a ghost whispering, like a cold moon. The sound of the incantation gradually grew louder and spread far away, echoing among the mountains of Qilidong, and from the far foot of the mountain, among the crowd, there was another sound of crying. The Aries wizard saluted Qinglong and Tumagu, turned around and walked to the altar with the blue and white urn in his hand, followed by the other wizards. Qinglong looked at all this, and his ears echoed with a distant sob and cry, and he could not help sighing. Tu Magu looked gloomy and said in a low voice, "The Miao people, thank you for sending the Great Wizard back to his hometown." "The patriarch is too polite," said Qinglong Su-rong. "The Great Wizard has shown great kindness to our Ghost King Clan. Our respect for our predecessors is no less than yours. The Ghost King wanted to escort the Master back in person, but he had something to do and couldn't be separated. He specially asked me to apologize to you. Tu Magu nodded his head and said, "Lord Ghost King is too polite. I don't deserve it.". This way, please. Then he stretched out his hand and asked Qinglong to go inside the altar. Qinglong was stunned, secretly surprised, thought that this altar is important, not outsiders can enter and exit at will, is it difficult for the patriarch to have anything to say to himself? Just as he thought so, he walked over there. Sure enough, only Tu Magu accompanied Qinglong into the altar. The other Miao warriors who accompanied him did not follow him. The group of wizards just now disappeared, presumably into the depths of the altar. Seeing no one around, Tu Ma Gu stopped, and Qinglong immediately stopped. He looked at the complex-looking Miao patriarch in front of him and whispered, plastic pallet price ,drum spill pallet, "Why, patriarch, is there anything else?" Tu Ma Gu hesitated for a moment and said, "I do have one more thing to ask the envoy." "Go ahead," said Qinglong. Tu Magu said, "I don't know how the young man who invited the Great Wizard to Qili Cave of the Miao Nationality is now." Qinglong was stunned. The figure of Gui Li passed through his mind. He hesitated for a moment and said, "Don't tell the patriarch that the young man is the vice suzerain of our Gui Wang Sect. But at this time he is so sad that few people know where he is going." There was a disappointed look on Tu Magu's face, but then he was silent for a long time and said, "Then please wait until you have a chance to see him and convey a word from the old man." There was a faint feeling of uneasiness in Qinglong's heart, but he nodded and said, "Chief, please speak." Tu Magu looked into the dark depths of the altar, and his voice became a little erratic. "Please tell me that in the Qilidong altar in southern Xinjiang that day, an old man made a request to him, and I hope he will remember it." Qinglong frowned. He was also a very clever man. He only heard it once and knew that Gui Li had promised the Miao people something. The wizard decided to save Baguio so recklessly. Unfortunately, Gui Li was not here. Otherwise, he really wanted to ask what was so important. Thinking like this, Qinglong did not show it on his face. He just nodded solemnly and said, "Don't worry, patriarch. I'll bring it to you." Tu Ma Gu sighed and was about to say something more when suddenly he heard a scream coming from the distance outside the altar. The whistling sound seemed to come from the sky, continuous, but dull and seemed to come from the bottom of Jiuyou, full of the meaning of killing, during which there was a deep and endless ferocity, rolling in. In an instant, under the blue sky and white sun, the sound of ghosts crying in the mountains of Qilidong was loud. Countless beasts roared and roared, shaking the valley. Thunder came in bursts, like huge waves of the sea, engulfing the island of Qilidong in an instant. Tu Ma Gu suddenly changed color, and even Qinglong's face was slightly moved. The two of them swept out of the altar at the same time, only to see that the blue sky over Qilidong had been covered by dark clouds. The shrill shrieks were still roaring, the dark clouds were surging, and the Miao people at the foot of the mountain were panic-stricken, with children and women screaming loudly. A gust of wind blew coldly from the dark clouds in the sky, like a proud devil, grinning grimly at the earth. The sound of galloping footsteps finally approached, and the first huge figure appeared from the distant hilltop. The white skeleton was particularly dazzling under the black cloud, but the three pairs of colorful wings behind it were strangely beautiful, but such beautiful wings grew on a giant snake with only white bones except its head, which was particularly horrible. A white bone demon snake, nearly thirty feet long, shook the three pairs of wings on the skeleton behind it, and the snake on the head kept huffing and puffing, spewing out a stream of black gas. Moments later, from behind the white bone demon snake, beside it, and even on the rolling mountains and mountains, on the peaks of the valleys around Qilidong, in the endless sound of ghosts crying, countless monsters of all kinds poured out, screaming,ibc spill containment pallet, grinning grimly, waving weapons and claws, and rushed down from the mountains to the frightened people in the valley. binpallet.com

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