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Emperor Kangxi's fourth volume of chaos rises from the Xiao Wall.

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Longkeduo did not know how to answer Kangxi's question. Tong Guowei, the minister of the upper study standing in front of him, was his third uncle of the same clan. At that time, when Longke was young and his father died of illness, the people in the clan, greedy for their family property, made a mess, forcing their orphans and widows to almost commit suicide. As a patriarch, the third uncle watched the fire from the other side of the river and did nothing to save him. Since then, the two families have formed a feud. It was not until Longkodo became the emperor's bodyguard that he had contacts again. At this moment, under the emperor's harsh questioning, Longkodo could not help but doubt in his heart, eh? Isn't this third uncle setting me up again? Thinking of this, he kowtowed and replied, "Master, please don't listen to slander.". The slave can't afford the master's words. The slave didn't understand. Could it be that the prisoner, he, wasn't Qiu Yunsheng? Tong Guowei understood as soon as he heard it. Oh-there's something in Loncodo's words. But when the emperor was in front of him, he dared not open his mouth. Just as he was hesitating, Kangxi got angry and said, "Wu Dan, listen to what Longkeduo said. It's really fresh.". The case was in his hands, but he did not understand, and said that I had listened to slander. Okay, okay,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, I'll let you know right away. Somebody, go and bring the condemned man here. After a while, the "fake Qiu Yunsheng" who was tied up like rice dumplings was brought. The two goshas kicked him in the crook of his leg, and the prisoner knelt before Kangxi. Dozens of people upstairs and downstairs were silent, waiting to see how Kangxi would be dealt with. The shopkeeper of the hotel also took the opportunity to slip over and hide behind the screen to watch the excitement. What does Wu Dan do? I saw it at once. Without saying a word, he slapped the shopkeeper in the face and staggered him. Kangxi hurriedly called out, "Wu Dan, don't be rude.". He is the owner, and we are guests. Come on,tube fitting manufacturer, shopkeeper, come and sit beside me. The shopkeeper, covering his burning cheek, came up to meet him and sat down carefully. From the hubbub just now, the boss already knew that it was the present Long Live Master who was seated. Thought, hey, if I hadn't been slapped by the black grandfather just now, would I be blessed to sit beside the emperor? Well, this slap is worth it, maybe it's the blessing of the ancestors! Kangxi asked, "What is the name of this condemned man?" The man was not afraid. "Lord Hui, the younger one is called Qiu Yunsheng." "Where are you from?" "People from Miyun County." "Oh, who is there at home?" "Three sons and three daughters-in-law." Kangxi sniggered in his heart. Hum, you are not yet thirty years old, and your three sons have all married daughters-in-law. "Then I'll ask you again, do you have any grandchildren?"? Did the grandson marry a wife? Kangxi's words were not out of thin air. Before the beginning of the case, Kangxi had already seen the memorial of the Ministry of Punishment. The woman who was raped by Qiu Yunsheng was brought into the Qiu family by Qiu Yunsheng's grandson and daughter-in-law. But this fake Qiu Yunsheng is forty years younger than the real Qiu Yunsheng. How can he have a grandson? Even if he has a grandson, he can't marry a daughter-in-law. As for the prisoner, 38 needle valve ,ball valve manufacturer, what he fears most is to ask him if he has any grandchildren. However, the more afraid to ask, the upper side asked down again. He had no choice but to stick his neck and say, "Well, I've asked you hundreds of times about these things. If you want to kill them, you can kill them. What are you talking about?" Ma Qi rebukes angrily: "Unbridled, good unripe reply, careful palm mouth!" Kangxi waved his hand and stopped Ma Qi. "You're not Qiu Yunsheng. You're the wrong age and the wrong accent.". You are clearly from Shandong. Why did you pretend to be Qiu Yunsheng and die for him? I.. I I am Qiu Yunsheng. You should behead me quickly! Emperor Kangxi laughed loudly: "Ha.." Qiu Yunsheng is sixty-eight years old. Do you pretend to be a young man? Say well, if you want to die for others, there must be a grievance. Only when you make it clear can you save your life! The prisoner bowed his head and said no more. The shopkeeper sat on one side and could not bear to look at it. He came out and said, "Long live you, don't ask. It's obvious.". Little people have seen a lot of shops at the entrance of the food market, which is called'slaughtering white ducks'. Kangxi was startled and blurted out, "What, what?"? What slaughter white duck? "Long live you don't know, now, there is a first-class big family, broke the law, and do not want to die, spend money to buy a substitute.". As the saying goes, money can make the mare go. As long as the money is spent to the point, there are many ways for the teachers of the Yamen. If the prisoner hasn't got it yet, this substitute is easy to make up for, just arrest someone and send him to prison. As for money, you can spend less. If the principal offender has been caught and sent to prison, the money will be spent. The county, the mansion, the Ministry of punishment, all the way down to the small leader of the prison, which pass does not manage well, can get things done? At the time of the execution, even if the officer in charge of the execution saw it, he did not dare to say anything. If he said it, how many people would be offended! It's called killing a white duck. Anyone who is a white duck is either too poor to live, or has a big event at home and is in urgent need of money, so he has to exchange his life for it. Alas! It's a sin! When the prisoner heard this, he couldn't help it. He fell on the ground and burst into tears: "Daddy, I'm sorry …" The thirteenth chapter five elder brother before you tell grievances thirteen Ye mansion reward QinBing The shopkeeper of the hotel told the story of slaughtering the white duck in front of Kangxi, which touched the true feelings of Qiu Yunsheng. He fell to the ground and wailed. Kangxi was so angry that his face turned white and his hands and feet trembled. He glanced sternly at the ministers standing beside him and said to the false Qiu Yunsheng, who was kneeling on the ground, "You, don't cry.". Tell you, I am the son of heaven today. If you have any grievances, just speak out, and I will make decisions for you. As soon as the man heard that the emperor was in front of him, he cried even more fiercely: "Long live, you can't.". If the villain does not die today, the Qiu family knows, my father Zhang Jiuru can die. With a sullen face, Kangxi called out, "Longkeduo!" "The slave is here." Did you hear that? This is your Shuntian's business. Send your men out immediately and detain all the people of the Qiu family. If Zhang Jiuru has a good or bad, I only ask you! "Zha." Longkodo immediately flew downstairs and arranged the soldiers. On the one hand, he went to detain the Qiu family, and on the other hand, he blocked the intersection to prevent Qiu Jia Ding,14 tube fitting, who had come to collect the body, from leaving the city to reveal the news. Upstairs, the prisoner wept to Emperor Kangxi about his tragic family history:. chinaroke.com

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