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Li Yiyi sighed, "Run Ying, there are talented people from generation to generation. How many people can lead the way?"? Young prodigies and white-headed officials can be found everywhere. I have seen a lot of them. Like me, if you lack the help of powerful relatives, you must try to go astray and create the momentum of a famous minister. People will know that there are all kinds of horses in the world, but the Bole of Xiangma is rare, so if a good horse wants to be appreciated. If you don't bury yourself in the trough, you have to find a chance to run through it and let people see it. Lu Runying laughed and said, "Juro, if you say so.". Shouldn't there be buried talents in the world? "Otherwise," said Li Yi, "it's not difficult to show your talent. The difficulty lies in how to find the right opportunity, the right person, the right time, and the right place. Just like the example I gave earlier, if a swift horse is not appreciated by Bole, it has to show itself. It depends on the time and place. If the charioteer has something to do and is on his way to cross the mountains, it's like walking on the ground, and your talent can be appreciated. If you run like crazy when your master is walking slowly in the busy city, you will be whipped, or you will think you are crazy and send it to the workshop to sell as horse meat. "I don't always do it right," he added with a slight sigh. "This is the curse of ignorance when I was young. I never thought of leaving such a consequence for the sake of a word's mistake and a moment's pleasure. Fortunately, I knew that there was still a chance to fight back against the old man. If there had been no meeting later,brass tube fitting, I would have been plotted against by him, and I would have been buried all my life! Referring to what happened today, Lu Runying began to worry again: "Shilang.". Do you want to think about whether it is feasible or not? Li Yi said with a smile, "I've thought it over carefully. It's absolutely possible.". Because I have calculated that although the play is sung by me, it is not me who offends people by making jokes, so I will not have much hindrance to success or failure. What else did Lu Runying want to say? Li Yi patted her on the shoulder and said with a smile, "Runying, don't say more. Go and dress up quickly. Since your father-in-law asked you to go to the banquet,pipe fittings manufacturer, it can be seen that what happened yesterday has received the desired effect. You are now a celebrity in the heart of the emperor. When you arrive at the Wang family, you will become the object of millions of people. You have to decorate it deliberately. You must do it from head to foot." Impeccable, today I do not know how many people will find fault with you! Lu Runying frowned and said, "I just don't know how to dress up." Li Yi looked at her for a moment and said, "Comb your hair a little brighter, change into a light-colored dress, and don't apply makeup or applique." "How can this be done?" "Why not?"? Everyone applies makeup and vermilion, but if you don't apply makeup, you will look more special. Besides, your skin is delicate, and if you cover it with makeup, you won't show it. Tie a golden belt around your waist, stick it to the flesh, not too tight, so that you can show that your slender waist is natural and not hard. Lu Runying couldn't help laughing and said, "You really know how to dress up." "To dress up is to cover up one's ugliness and make full use of one's strong points. Nowadays, 38 tube fitting ,hydraulic fitting supplier, few ladies in Chang'an know how to dress up. They rush to put on a lot of makeup and paint their faces red and white. It's obvious that they have a big mouth, but they want to put a touch of cherry lips in the middle of their thick mouth. How can they know what beauty is?" Li Yi is not a woman, but his aesthetic of women is authoritative, because women dress up, originally to please men, and Li Yi is a man's eyes to guide Lu Runying how to dress up. So Lu Runying obeyed his words, went upstairs to wear down, Lu Fang also happened to return home, just with Li Yi about the situation of today's face saint, saw Lu Runying lightly from the door floating in, can not help but eyes a bright, and carefully looked at the way: "Juro, is this my girl?" Although this is a joke, but fully reveals his appreciation, Lu Run is also very proud to ask: "Dad!"! What do you think? "Good," said Lu Fang with a smile! Great, I specially go home early, is to tell you, tonight to dress up well, because this morning after the court, the emperor left a message, called me to talk in the imperial study, I know it is for you yesterday, the heart also pinched a sweat, when I went in, several princes and a minister are in, the emperor's face is not ugly, but also with a smile, I put half of the heart, can not say a few words, the emperor really opened his mouth to talk about your heroic deeds in the prostitute's house yesterday, saying that you are very good at playing. "Father," said Lu Runying, "what did you do?" "What else can I do? I have to follow the words that Shilang drew up yesterday, saying that the little children are fooling around. Although this is a loss of boudoir style, the two prostitutes are quite good. This is enough to embellish Shengping. I can't bear to blame them. It's probably the meaning of the four words that embellish Shengping, which makes him laugh. As a result, the emperor also said that the Qing family is famous for its rigorous strength." Unexpectedly, home is very interesting. Li Yi said with a smile, "Congratulations to my father-in-law. But with this sentence, my father-in-law's position in the eyes of the emperor has deepened a little. It will be smooth sailing in the future. No one dares to enter again." Lu Fang said with a smile, "Old Wang Ge also said a few words, saying that this Dynasty has not had such a grand event since Zhenguan. We chatted some gossip before we came out. Old Wang Ge said that he was worried about me, and first covered up for me, saying that this might be a misunderstanding. I didn't expect that I would admit it and dare to play like that. He really admired my courage!" Li Yi said with a smile, "So he's been in the court for decades, and he can only spend his whole life in the second grade. He's been with you for decades, and he can't even figure out what the Lord likes and dislikes. How can he climb up?" This remark was so crazy that even Lu Fang felt uncomfortable when he heard it, so he said, "Wang Ge always acts prudently and is not good at this.." "Father-in-law," said Li Yi! What the son-in-law said is not to belittle his personality and deliberately please and flatter him as a courtier,needle valve manufacturer, but to make the monarch happy to be upright in a graceful way. When Empress Wu changed yuan to Emperor Zetian Jinlun, Di Renjie was the prime minister. This old prime minister should not be a courtier! "Di Xiangguo was a famous minister of a generation," said Lu Fang. "He was highly respected. He did not shy away from dignitaries and dared to speak out. He was known for being upright and upright. How could he be a courtier?" 。 chinaroke.com

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