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Asylum for fierce ghosts

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"Body?!"! You just said it was one! "That lotus flower is the body!" Damn it The posture. Is it a lotus flower? No matter how big Qin Kun's brain hole is, he can't think of such an abstract thing. Shouldn't it be a yellow scroll and a black iron Dan book? On the other end of the phone, a female voice said, "Qin Kun, what did you do during this time?"? You're not looking for me? When Chu Qianxun finished, Qin Kun said with a smile, "You're so busy. I don't know where you are." "Will the travel agency open a tour?"? If you don't open a group, you will lose money. I recently bought the ghost village in White Lake Town. Do you buy shares? Wait! My ***ing.. The ghost village? The ghost village across the bridge from the fierce ghost travel agency?? The land in Baihu Town is expensive now. You can make a big deal for a village. Qin Kun was relieved to think that the Seven Star Palace was in the real estate business. You have money, you are capricious. All right, I'll come to you in a few days. I have something to do. Where are you? I'm looking for you? Qin Kun felt guilty. Suddenly, the woman next to him gave a cry. Qin Kun glared at each other. The woman looked at her chest with grievance. The standard Chinese language appeared: "You.." It's hurting me. "Poof!" There seemed to be a voiceover on the other end of the phone, and the sound of Chu Dao spewing tea appeared. He sighed that the world was getting worse. Chu Qianxun immediately scolded him severely: "Qin Kun, you shameless guy, you dare to call my grandfather when you do something shameless and impatient!"! Watch the bottom line!!! Whew Qin Kun rubbed his nose and saw the phone hanging up. This ***ing misunderstanding. That's big. Phone back pocket, Niu Meng and a group of ghosts beat the rise, Niu clan chief pestered Dao yuanyi, hanging ghost pestered the old geisha. Qin Kun looked at the woman next to him. What's the matter? Qin Kun's eyes, absolutely not gentle, the whole person is not like a person who cherishes beauty. The woman remembered that he had counteracted herself at will,plastic laminated tube, and her hands and feet were cold. For the first time, she felt fear. Don't worry "All right?"? Then you can die. "Wait!"! Onmyoji of the East!!! Qin Kun grasped the hilt hard, ready to end the woman, the woman suddenly shouted. Qin Kun looked at her, and the sweat on the woman's forehead flowed down like tap water: "I know your rules. In your country, I didn't attack ordinary people. You killed me and made a taboo!" Qin Kun hooked the woman's chin and said with a smile, "That's right.". But don't forget,plastic packing tube, as an Onmyoji, you openly attacked me. According to the rules of life and death, I can regard you as a provocation to me. Therefore, your excuse is not valid. The woman's eyes appeared gray, bone knife in the hands of Qin Kun playing with knife flowers, he suddenly clenched, forced to stab down! "The Imperial Gate is solved!" Dozens of meters away, the Onmyoji named Dao yuanyi suddenly spat out the spirit words, Qin Kun's hand was empty, the bone knife disappeared! "Lost Heart Wind Curse!" The old geisha suddenly got rid of the hanging ghost and opened the flower umbrella behind her. The flower umbrella whirled and the wind flew. The woman in front of Qin Kun disappeared. Curse scroll?! In the legend, the Maoshan 36 days book, on three volumes of the incantation word volume, only then can appear "the words follow the law" the effect! What kind of spell is this that has the power of a curse scroll?! The woman disappeared, the bone knife disappeared, empty cosmetic tubes ,custom cosmetic packaging, and a blue light suddenly appeared between Qin Kun's eyebrows. Broken! The eye of heaven breaks the barrier, in the air, Qin Kun empties a grip, the bone knife is grasped in the hand again, in front of the wind and sand disperses, the woman also falls in front of him again. You still have to die! [.] Chapter five hundred and nine, earth imperial gate summer tree [second watch] "No!" "That is the true biography of the last generation of the Earth Imperial Gate!" "Stop it!" Dao yuanyi, an old geisha, a resentful woman.. Qin Kun was not moved, but his arm could no longer advance. A man's shadow, gently grasp Qin Kun's wrist, he is instantly appeared in front of Qin Kun, Li Wu hat, Yin Yang Liao's official robe, stopped Qin Kun's murder. Pale face, slender eyes, but long with a melon seed face, handsome man these three words, used in his body just appropriate. "Qingming Gong?" "Lord Abe Qingming!" "It's Lord Abe Qingming!!!" Qin Kun looked at the man, two hat bands hanging casually on his face, smiling at himself. A string of Japanese came out of his mouth, and the tone was calm, like a spring breeze. But Qin Kun didn't understand. Pretend to be a ghost. Qin Kun disdains cold hum. The man smiled, also did not put Qin Kun in the eye, he casually pushed Qin Kun aside, turned to look at the woman, he held the woman's cheek, eyes, but is kind. The woman was flattered and trembled with excitement. The man told a few words, glanced at Qin Kun's direction, and stood aside with a gentle smile on his face. He put his hands together in his sleeves, as if to watch the battle. Qin Kun suddenly saw the woman who had recovered to full confidence, and really couldn't figure out where her confidence came from. Sorry, Huaxia Onmyoji, just now my cowardice and clumsiness humiliated the reputation of our Tuyumen family. Now, I want to ask you for advice again! Boom The aura suddenly burned like a flame. Kun!!! In the midst of the war, Niu Meng suddenly shouted, "It's the fire of a thousand tombs of Taiyin!"! Don't fight her!!! Beside Qin Kun, the skinning ghost suddenly appeared, and a human skin cloak was draped on Qin Kun's back. Brother Kun, be careful, this is pure Yin fire! It can burn ghosts! This is the Taoist fire that the evil Taoist priests love to practice, which is refined by the resentment of the graves of thousands of people who died violently. Taiyin. Chizuka Fire? Qin Kun how to look at,cosmetic plastic tube, this flame and their own big inflammation entangled with the flame issued by the hand are no different. The ghost of the wedding dress appeared beside Qin Kun and smiled at the woman. "Has the Onmyoji of the Five Yin Bodies been reduced to playing with evil fire?"? How bad the understanding is. Compared with Niu Meng's nervousness and careful skinning, the teasing of the ghost in wedding clothes gave Qin Kun some comfort. It seems that the evil fire is not very good. The ghost of the wedding dress pulled the corner of Qin Kun's clothes, and it seemed that he had something to whisper. emptycosmetictubes.com

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