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"They are hanging our buttocks. As for the reason, I don't know. Maybe there are important people who died in Songye tribe and Emi tribe. Maybe the grassland warrior you killed on the edge of the pool is their people. In short, human beings are very vindictive. If you touch the people they want to protect, then he will spare no effort to kill you." "The boy who ran away by the pool?" Lu Yan remembered that the boy named Bam had run away from his own hands, and if he had really attracted the cavalry, it would be right for Utrede to execute himself. "Well, no matter how it came, now that it's here, there's no need to think about it. What we have to think about now is how to escape." Karen Waal took a glance at the many red bones behind him, and finally turned to ask Lu Yan: "Little thing, do you have any good ideas?" Lv Yansi took one look at Karen Val and said, "My Lord, I know that every day after you set up camp, your ashes are in the west, that is, digging a horse pit in the direction of our advance. I'm afraid you already have an idea about the current situation." "Hey,heavy duty plastic pallet, little thing, you can't rely on me for everything. A few trapped horses can't deal with two hundred cunning enemies. You have to think again." Lv Yan thought for a moment: "Well, I propose to divide our forces and run. Every three or four war bones will run away with their men in different directions. If the enemies divide their forces to chase them, maybe there will be a way to defeat them or escape." "Very clever trick, really worthy of once being a cunning human!" Karen Waal extolled praise and began to gather the other war bones to announce the plan. Lv Yan is astonished: "My Lord, I just put forward you to accept,plastic wheelie bins, don't you consider that there is nothing wrong with this?" "That's the best advice I've ever heard. Do you have any other ideas?" "I just thought adults were going to discuss it." "There is no need to discuss the best advice." Karen Valle summoned nearly forty skeletons together, announced the plan, divided his forces into ten groups, and fled in the coming darkness. He drew a large oval track on the mud, and set the line where all the skeletons met at a point in the southwest corner. Remember, you must shake off the pursuers behind you, or you can turn around and swallow them, but you must not bring the human to our rendezvous point, or I will smash every bone of him with my own hands, do you understand? When Karen Wahl spoke, he was so ferocious that there was terrible black smoke coming out of his mouth, and it was obvious that if anyone dared to say half a "no", collapsible bulk container ,plastic pallet box, he would immediately jump on it. Lu Yan suddenly felt that Karen Wahl's body shape had changed a little, but he could not say exactly where it had changed. Understand Skeletons are used to submitting to the strong, and Karen Wahl's plan is the only one that has any hope. Lu Yan was also allowed to sit in on the meeting. When he saw the black dirt on the ground, he was suddenly touched: "My Lord, I have a suggestion. I don't know if I can say it." "Go ahead." Lv Yan picked up a handful of black mud from the ground: "The mud on this ground is black. Can we paint some red bones with black mud, so that they can pretend to be war bones to attract the enemy, and then gather all the war bones together to give the pursuers a hard blow?" Karen Val smiled, while the other war bones showed surprise on their faces. Lv Yan's idea was very novel and felt very effective. Should they really consider doing so? They all hoped so that they could stay with the clever Karen Val. When dealing with human beings, wisdom is much more useful than strength. No way Karen Val put away her smile and firmly rejected Lv Yan's proposal: "Humans are very cunning. They can easily distinguish which are real war bones and which are red bones. If all the war bones are gathered together, it will only make the target obvious. The final result is that none of them can escape." Lu Yan nodded. He didn't have much doubt about Karen Val's words. He stepped back carefully. In the regretful eyes of the war bones, he stepped back behind Karen Val. The fans also liked to read:. Half an hour later, ten skeleton teams, each about two hundred or so, in a huge fan-shaped separation, toward the west of the prairie, Lv Yan in this team has the strongest five war bones, at the insistence of Karen Val, they did not choose the "safest" path of the horse pit ambush in the west, but chose the more dangerous route in the north. Almost at the very beginning, he exposed himself to the impact path of the Wolf Flag Cavalry. His Lordship's plan is not as simple as what he conveyed to the other war bones! Lu Yan, who was running wildly, soon realized that Karen Val definitely had his own plan, but he couldn't figure out what it was. Wolf flag cavalry quickly made a response, about a hundred people of the cavalry toward the direction of Lv Yan running pressure over, rumbling hooves like thunder from the horizon, shock his whole body skeleton crisp hemp unceasingly. Restrain your men and don't stop! Karen Val's roar came, Lu Yan found that some ashes were shocked by the sound of hooves, frightened to shiver in situ and dare not move forward. Although the ashes were cannon fodder, they became more and more precious when they could not be supplied. Lv Yan roared and rushed back to split two dazed ashes with white bees. Under the threat of death, the other ashes finally reacted and barely kept up with Karen Val's footsteps, while Lv Yan kept roaring and driving behind. The human cavalry is getting closer and closer, the archers on the horse began to shoot arrows, the men on the prairie can shoot down the big eagle in the sky, for these stupid skeleton targets is an arrow, Lu Yan felt the arrows around him like rain, a large number of ashes and even red bones fell on the grass. Lu Yan did not think of anything in his mind, but ran desperately. He saw that three arrows had been inserted in Karen's tall back,plastic pallet manufacturer, but the tenacious lizard skeleton did not slow down, but rushed harder, with the whole skeleton team rushed out of the cavalry's charge route. cnplasticpallet.com

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