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Paolo Naloco didn't get this! Ow! Then he fell on his back, lying on the ground, holding his thighs in a ball, rolling all over the ground in pain. Xie Wendong stepped on his chest with one foot. At the same time, he grabbed his hair and lifted it up with a sudden force. His teeth clenched and clenched. He shouted in a cold voice word by word: "N, I ask you again, who killed my general manager?" Xie Wendong seldom gets angry, and even less when he gets angry and curses people. His appearance at this time was something that people had never seen before. Even Gesang and yuan Tianzhong, who had been around him for a long time, were startled. As for Men Fucheng, he collapsed on the sofa, looking at the injured and screaming Paul Naloco and the ferocious Xie Wendong, his mind buzzing, a blank, the whole person has been scared silly. Xie Wendong is really anxious at this time, Wang Hailong is the head of Hongwu Group, but also one of his most valued talents, his murder, let Xie Wendong's heart is bleeding, now it is not easy to find clues, which he is willing to guard against. He I didn't kill him. Paul Naloco's nose and tears flowed out together, and he looked at Xie Wendong in horror and said in a trembling voice. Download the text version of the novel, please come to the network,Flushometer valve, leisurely book alliance, non-toxic, no pop-up window, high-speed download experience. Chapter 64 "Nonsense!" Xie Wendong drank coldly. Of course, Wang Hailong is not Paul. Naloco did it. Anyone can see that. Xie Wendong gritted his teeth and said, "Tell me, who did it?" Paul. Naloco's face was white, the wound on his calf was so painful that he was shivering, and his nose and temples were covered with cold sweat. He gasped and stammered,Manual Flush Valve, "As far as I know, it should.." It should be.. By the Alliance of Death! "Death Alliance?!" Xie Wendong's eyes were deep and he bit his lip. He also suspected the Death Alliance, but according to yuan Hua, the Death Alliance only regarded its own Bank of East Asia as a potential threat, but Hailong was the head of Hongwu Group, why did he kill him? He doesn't understand that. Some of what he said is true. Although Rothschild Bank has been established for almost 200 years, it has always been a closed bank, and its top managers are all members of the Rothschild family. Because it has not been listed, it does not need to publish its financial statements every year, so that the outside world knows nothing about the actual assets of Rothschild Bank. The wealth of the Rothschild family can only be judged by speculation. Xie Wendong stared at Paul without blinking. Naloco, after a long time, his eyes gradually returned to their original softness, which also made Paul. Naloco breathed a sigh of relief, as if a big stone on his heart had suddenly disappeared. Xie Wendong tapped his forehead gently, and the expression on his face eased. He asked: "Why didn't the Alliance of Death go to the Bank of East Asia instead of dealing with an irrelevant person?" "This.." I don't know about that. Paul. Naloco said feebly: "Maybe they didn't find a chance to start with the Bank of East Asia, so they targeted Hongwu Group. After all, Flush Retrofit Kit ,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, Hongwu Group is also Mr. Xie's property. It has been heavily funding the Bank of East Asia all the time. Once Hongwu Group is hit hard, BEA will certainly be affected." Xie Wendong secretly nodded, if so, it is also reasonable. As a result of prior notice from yuan Hua, he had already raised his vigilance, and asked Chris and Jack to protect Li Xiaoyun and the senior staff of the Bank of East Asia. With their own forces in Angola and a large number of fighters trained by Jack, it was really difficult for the Alliance of Death to find a chance to attack. Alas! Xie Wendong again in the heart dark sigh tone, oneself calculate to calculate, but just missed the Hongwu group, did not expect the other side will grab the mouth at Wang Hailong. He looked down at Paul. Naloco's injured calf, then straightened up and said, "Take Mr. Naloco to the hospital!" "Yes!"! Brother Dong! Immediately, two younger brothers of Beihongmen came forward and took Paul lying on the ground? Nalok picked him up As he walked out and left the office, Xie Wendong smiled and said in a loud voice, "Mr. Nalok, I was a little impulsive just now. I'm sorry and sorry for the harm I did to you!" After hearing that, Paul? Naloco was so angry that he wanted to shout abuse. He struggled to twist back, look at Xie Wendong, and then look at the hand he was carrying in his hand, a tremor in his heart, to the mouth of the cruel words and did not live up to expectations to swallow down. Wait for Paul? After Naloco was taken away. Xie Wendong looked at Men Fucheng, who was still sitting on the sofa in a daze: "Is there anything else for Vice General Manager Men?" "Huh?"? Oh, no, nothing! Hearing Xie Wendong's voice, Menfuchengcai woke up as if from a dream. Subconsciously, he wiped the cold sweat on his forehead. He stood up hurriedly and said in a panic, "Thank you."? Mr. Xie , that?? Then I'm going, too. !” Xie Wendong nodded and said with a smile, "Vice General Manager, please take care!" "Yes, yes, yes!" Men Fucheng's head was swollen, his feet were floating, and he didn't even know how to leave Xie Wendong's office. He knew that behind the Hongwu Group was Beihongmen, and he also knew that Beihongmen was an underworld organization, but he didn't expect it to be so overbearing and lawless that he dared to attack foreigners in broad daylight, and the other side was the top level of the Galway Group. Xie Wendong is not worried about this, since he dares to hurt Paul? Naroko You will have the assurance to get away. And in the matter of investigating the Alliance of Death, the Political Department will be fully inclined to him. There were no outsiders in the office, so Xie Wendong sat back in his chair, crossed his hands, held his chin, and pondered silently. Now it seems that the God of death alliance has surfaced, is a clear posture to fight against their own in the end, so they can no longer give in, can only tit for tat with a hard fight, fight. Thinking, he picked up the phone and called Li Xiaoyun. He is not afraid of the Alliance of Death, nor the Rothschild family behind it, but the biggest headache for him is that the other side is too mysterious, even if he wants to fight back,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, he has to have a target, but now he can not find the entity of the Alliance of Death and the Rothschild family, so it is impossible to fight back. cnkexin.com

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