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Сканер для арбитража криптовалют

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Здравствуйте, хочу вам предоставить сканер, для арбитража криптовалют https://cryptoshock.org/pages/monitor-arbitrazh-kriptovaljut/
Подробно как работать с нашим сканером мы описали тут https://cryptoshock.org/threads/kak-zarabotat-na-kriptovaljute.1303/
Как выглядит сам сканер показан на скриншоте.


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Empire Market is huge and most trendy Deep Web Marketplace there is right now. Being this big it faces the problem of constant Ddos attacks causes essential Empire Market URL to be down, and alternative mirrors too. That means to empire market need to create more and more URL and onion mirror and links. And the thing is that there is not too much ways users can discover a active Empire Marketplace mirror.
That's why Empire Market decided to create an official page where their users can always find working URLs and onion mirrors, for quick access to Empire Market. Here it is http://empiremarket-link.com make sure you using whenever you you have to access to darknet market empire market

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