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Аппаратный кошелек Ledger бесплатно. Конкурс от производителя.

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А кому аппаратный кошель? Забирайте!

Выиграй аппаратный кошелек Ledger Nano X или Ledger Nano S,
Вбивай свой e-mail и черкани коммент там же до 15 марта!
Подробнее про конкурс здесь

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Последнее время стал замечать, что вокруг криптовалюты Tkeycoin очень много 
внимания. Появилось очень много обзоров и статей по данной криптовалюте.
Относительно новый проект http://tkeycoin.com уверенно прокладывает дорогу на 
рынок криптовалют. Многие с любопытством изучают новичка в мире криптовалют. 
Если у Tkeycoin получится всё реализовать, то это будет безусловно круто. Я за 
децентрализацию, но против мошенничества. Биткоин тоже трудно начинал. Были 
взлёты и падения. Главное чтобы люди не были обманутыми. Всем удачи и успехов, 
в том числе и разработчикам проекта.

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Agartha is an protected dark web market. You have to be registered to view through deep web markets sections. Agartha Darknet takes features and ideas from many tor marketplaces while using Agora as its base. This guys are taking anonymity and privacy responsibly. No logs about users storage is allowed. Agartha Market have a elementary design, but it is quite natural and understandable as well as easy design.
What exceptional about Agartha Darknet is their active tor network market rules, they prohibit any bad narcotics which many new tor network markets sell. They also not allow guns and counterfeit items.
Agartha Deep Onion supports a lot of cryptocurrencies such as BTC Litecoin DSH BitcoinCash Vertcoin.
Agartha Market is developing fast and with such development there comes a consequences, amongs wich Dddos attacks by enemies leading to frequent change of tor browser market. You ought marketplaces URL and onion URLs. Agartha Market onion mirror available here http://agartha-onion.com/
This web onion URL is an original page onion link provided by Agartha Market with regularly updates from the original tor browser markets website. Using this site you can access Agartha Darknet using your Iphone and by using PC or any device

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You can to enter at distinctive Deep Web markets only with an alternative links, it suggests next : upcoming vendees and dealers lack the ability to enroll until they will acquire an alternative URL from an previously registered customer.
You can find those at http://deeponionmarkets.com/, it possesses new alternative URLs to suggested Deepweb marketplaces. You shall follow these alternative links to sign up at the sites.
If there are some troubles with an access,for example, links won’t work, you shall hang around and check for Dark Web markets alternative URL. Carry on, for the reason that few marketplaces may stop and open signing up regularly, due to server load.

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