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  1. In this modern era, most people are aware of blockchain and Crypto tokens. When it comes to crypto tokens, there are numerous platforms available in the marketplace that designed token standards such as Ethereum, BNB chain, and TRON and each has its unique functionalities. Currently, TRON is one of the emerging blockchains in the crypto space which is developed to build crypto tokens, smart contracts, decentralized apps, and more. It is an Open source Blockchain platform that has functionalities similar to the Ethereum blockchain. The most common Token standards of the TRON blockchain are TRC20 & TRC721. Among them, TRC20 is the fungible token standard that helps budding entrepreneurs and startups to raise funds quickly and effectively from worldwide investors. TRC20 is the technical token standard based on the implementation of smart contracts while using a TRON blockchain to develop fungible tokens. It is an updated version of TRC20 Tokens. It helps investors and traders to perform a secure transaction in a risk-free manner. TRC20 Tokens are similar to ERC20 token standards with few differences. It is a highly secured token standard to facilitate business as it has high-end encryption features. TRC20 tokens have high bandwidth capacity and energy levels. So many business people are interested to create TRC20 tokens for their business. Salient Features of TRC20 Token Development are, Peer-peer Transaction Cross-platform support Optimized fees structure Faster payments Immutable Architecture Effective Token structure Multiple crypto wallet support Easily Trackable through the public ledger Highly secure and encrypted Data transfers without limitations How will you launch TRC20 Tokens? You can create a TRC20 token by registering the token name, symbol, and address into a Tron blockchain network. Though it seems to be a simple process, it actually requires high Blockchain knowledge, coding skills, and other technical stuff to create a token. So it will be difficult for an individual to handle all this stuff. So, what is the alternate way for TRC20 Token development, If you want to create TRC20 token in a Risk-free state, it is better for you to connect with a reliable and experienced token development company. Here the thing is that there are a lot of Token development companies available in the crypto marketplace. You have to select the ideal one by doing an analysis. To reduce your work, I suggest ZAB technologies a renowned TRC20 Token development company, they have years of experience in developing crypto tokens as per the client’s needs. You can also get free consultation!!!! Talk to their blockchain experts Via: Whatsapp: +91 77085 29089 Skype: live:contact_86571 Mail ID: contact@zabtechnologies.net Telegram: https://t.me/Zabtechnologies
  2. In recent times, Many people are aware of blockchain and crypto tokens as they are claiming major places on most of the platforms. Crypto tokens are digital assets that can be built on popular blockchains and can be used for various purposes like trading, raising funds, business, and more. There are numerous blockchains available on the market for crypto token creation and each has its own standards. Among them, the TRON blockchain is the most popular one among startups and entrepreneurs. It is an open-source network and completely decentralized ecosystem which has its own protocols. It supports multiple token standards like TRC20 and TRC721. TRC20 token TRC20 Token is the Technical token standard that is based on the implementation of smart contracts using the TRON blockchain to create a fungible token. It is similar to the ERC20 token standard and has many beneficial factors in it. That's why there is a great demand for TRC20 tokens and many budding entrepreneurs are interested to create TRC20 tokens for their businesses. Now, let me list some admirable benefits and features of the TRC20 token. Benefits of TRC20 Token Development Fast Transaction and low gas fee Limitless data transfer Faster and secured Payments Transparency Accuracy Scalability Features of TRC20 Token Development High Encryption De-Centralized Exchange Multiple Device compatibility Cross-platform compliance Swapping The above-listed benefits and features of the TRC20 tokens attracted many budding entrepreneurs and startups to create their own TRC20 tokens. Now, you might be wondering about the ways to create TRC20 Token for your business. Let me explain to you that Basically, TRC20 Tokens can be created in two ways, First, you can create it by yourself, but integrating a smart contract is not an easy one. You need to have programming knowledge, especially in solidity. If you don’t have knowledge of coding, then it is risky to make it by yourself. So, what is the alternate way of creating TRC20 Tokens without any issues? You can connect with the Best and most Experienced TRC20 token development company to create TRC20 tokens because they will have a team of blockchain developers and they will help you to create feature-rich TRC20 tokens in a hassle-free manner. Out of these two ways, reaching out the Token development company is the best choice to create TRC20 tokens because it is the most efficient and beneficial way. But, you have to find the Best TRC20 token development company by doing an analysis. As a budding entrepreneur, there is a chance for you to not know anything about selection. Hence, I have done some analysis and found a company called Zab technologies, a prominent TRC20 Token development company in the market. They have a strong team of members who strive hard to craft software for client requirements. Also, they integrate high-end security features along with additional security options to make the software unique and encrypted. If you are interested in hiring them, get in touch with their Blockchain team via: Whatsapp: +91 77085 29089 Skype: live:contact_86571 Mail ID: contact@zabtechnologies.net Telegram: https://t.me/Zabtechnologies
  3. The EVERCLUB platform is the development of an international DeFi EdTech startup - the Learn2Earn platform with an ecosystem of products making the education fun and easy. It is achieved through gamification of the learning process and systems of passive and active income. The EVERCLUB philosophy was developed in accordance with the Learn2Earn concept and is aimed at both beginners and experienced Internet users. Through the use of educational products presented in the EVERCLUB ecosystem, users will be able to learn more about such spheres as programming, web design, Internet marketing, venture capital investment, trading; acquire working skills of content making, copywriting and graphic design; master the basics of computer literacy and Internet safety rules; learn how to use digital assets and earn on them. In fact, the EVERCLUB platform is designed for everyone who wants to start making money on the Internet, but does not know where to start. To learn more about the concept of the EVERCLUB project, you can read in the "WhitePaper", which can be downloaded in PDF format by clicking here. Did you know that poverty on our planet is beginning to grow at an alarming rate and is becoming a global international problem as important as global warming, ocean pollution or energy crisis. And if in developed countries, the criterion of "poverty" applies to people with an income below 40% of the average income in the country (which, as a rule, is estimated at thousands of dollars), in developing countries, under this criterion fall people whose income provides consumption of less than $2 per day. In addition, there is even a special international criterion of "extreme poverty", which essentially defines the limit level of poverty in terms of human survival. This criterion includes people whose income ensures the consumption of less than $1 per day. It's a very sad statistic. At EVERCLUB, we believe that there is only one way to defeat poverty: by educating people. A famous proverb says, "Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. This parable perfectly reflects EVERCLUB philosophy and our vision of solving the problem of poverty. EVERCLUB is not just another educational startup or online academy. We want to popularize the process of acquiring new professional skills and quality knowledge, mastering new professions and improving the effectiveness of existing skills. To learn more about the philosophy of the EVERCLUB project, you can read in the "Minifesto", which can be downloaded in PDF format by clicking here. During the platform development, it became clear that in order to fully implement our concept, it is impossible to limit ourselves only to the creation of an educational service. We need a multifunctional ecosystem that can combine services of various types: educational, charitable, investment, gaming and entertainment. This is how the idea of a decentralized EVERCLUB ecosystem was born. It includes 8 products, which are to be subsequently launched during 2022: EverLearn is the flagship of the ecosystem, offering platform users exclusive access to educational programs, courses and learning products. Hundreds of educational materials in several dozen areas of Internet business; the concept of "learn and earn" providing for the payment of rewards for successful learning; integration with other services of the EVERCLUB ecosystem - all this gives EverLearn a high chance of becoming a leading product in the field of online education. EverGrow is an exclusive service represented as an addition to the lines of educational products offered by EverLearn. This service provides an opportunity to test the platform users on the basis of completed sections of educational courses and programs. In case of successful completion of the tests, users will receive rewards: including tangible rewards (in the form of valuable and promising crypto-assets). EverGame is a proper online digital distribution service for Play2Earn games. This is a kind of virtual digital platform, which will feature both Play2Earn, RPG or NFT games, as well as games from third-party developers in collaboration with other Play2Earn projects. EverBot is a service of algorithmic trading with robotic trading brokers. It is an exclusive offer for a closed circle of investors with deposits on the platform of $30,000 and above. Using this service allows us to maximize profitability and minimize risks. The service uses a specially developed computer algorithm that trades cryptocurrency assets using API. This method allows you to actively trade on exchanges and at the same time keep users' funds safe on their balances. For the convenience of users, the interface of the service is implemented with a telegram bot, which makes it user-friendly. EverWin is a service of bonus programs for top network leaders. The service offers the possibility of periodical competitions among platform users in the official Discord and Telegram, as well as other social networks of the EVERCLUB project. Participation in ongoing competitions will improve your skills in Internet marketing and provide a chance to receive valuable incentive prizes and rewards. EverFi is a service for organizing distribution and collaborations with other Blockchain startups and FinTech projects. Using this service provides opportunities to diversify the capital earned on the platform. Investment industry and financial sector are too voluminous and complicated for users to analyze on their own, which exposes their investments to many risks. This solution allows us to maximize the investment opportunities of the platform through access to specially selected affiliate offers. EverHelp is a service for holding charity events, lotteries and contests. Considering the social focus of the project, the integration of a product aimed at charity is logical and quite predictable. The EverHelp service is to become a place for the simultaneous holding of many different competitions and charity events. Platform users will be able to take part in one or several events at a time. Besides, no multiple registrations and dozens of the same actions are needed – everything is simplified as much as possible and available within a single service. The economic model for the distribution of proceeds is simple and transparent: 80% of the fund will be divided among partner charitable foundations, and 20% will be directed to EveHelp marketing. At the same time, any foundation or charitable organization will be able to create its own account on the EverHelp platform. After registration, it will automatically receive its wallet and the opportunity to directly receive donations/help from all users of the EVERCLUB ecosystem. EverStart is a decentralized service similar to popular crowdfunding sites. EverStart allows users to bring to life the most daring, original and brilliant ideas of their own projects, as well as invest in projects of other members of the EVERCLUB community presented on the platform. Add to this the transparency of all transactions and operations provided by the blockchain technology and you get the perfect crowdfunding product, which will quite possibly become the starting point for many unicorn companies. EverPay is an in-house payment service fully integrated with all services of the EVERCLUB ecosystem. The use of EverPay will allow for the internal exchange of crypto assets on the wallet balance of EVERCLUB users with the possibility of withdrawing fiat funds to Visa/MasterCard. EverPay represents a single platform for doing everything that was previously done in several separate applications. For example, users will be able to issue invoices to their customers and partners, buy and sell crypto assets, as well as pay for goods and services. In 2023, the EVERCLUB ecosystem is planned to be supplemented with 5 more services: EVERCLUB Token - a native ecosystem token. EVERCLUB Bridge - a bridge between Tron Network, BNB Smart Chain and Solana. EVERCLUB Blockchain - a proper highly scalable blockchain. The University of Learn2Earn - a decentralized online learn2earn university. EVERCLUB Metaverse - integration of an online university into the metaverse technology. Although most of the services are still under development, today you can already learn and earn money with the help of EVERCLUB. The platform offers its users a set of unique investment tools that allow them to develop leadership qualities and learn how to work in a team, while the possibility of receiving up to 90% of the amount of funds raised and a low entry threshold (from $20) make this offer interesting and accessible to all levels of the population. The opportunity to join EVERCLUB is a chance to become part of a large and friendly team, try your hand in an international investment and educational IT company and participate in building a global network with representatives and affiliates in every part of the world. Big ambitions promise big opportunities. Don't miss your chance to build your own structure and get a bonus of up to 90% of the amount of sold platforms. To learn more about the investment opportunities of the EVERCLUB project, you can read in the "Revenue structure", which can be downloaded in PDF format by clicking here. To learn more about the development plans of the EVERCLUB project, you can read in the "Roadmap", which can be downloaded in PDF format by clicking here. Learn, grow, and earn with EVERCLUB!
  4. tron.sg Проект который платит ежедневно монету Трон. Начните зарабатывать сегодня с минимальным вложениям. Для участия в проекте вам надо зарегистрироваться внести депозит в сумме 5 TRX мин депозит и начать выводит сразу же TRX. Проект платит 5% от депозита каждый день , выплаты происходят в течении 30 сек на любой кошелек. Так же заходите в группу телеграм участников таких проектов Группа Телеграм
  5. http://surl.li/bjzbz Минимальная сумма для депозита с которой можете выводить прибыль - 5 TRX Чем больше депозит, тем больше окупаемость Крутая реферальная программа, например , за 1 уровень реферала платят 22% от депозита. Вывод на любой кошелек в течении пары секунд
  6. Бот раздает 0.2 TRX за реферала. Минимальная сумма на вывод 1 TRX. https://t.me/AirTronBot?start=r0465698926
  7. Tronere.com Сайт для заработка TRX. Мин депозит 5 TRX для вывода TRX. Выплата ежедневно 5% от депозита. Депозит 100 TRX вывод 5 TRX в день . Депозит в 100 TRX отбивается в течении 20 дней а потом идёт , чистый заработок. Чем больше депозит тем больше выходом через 20 дней. Реферальная система 3 уровней. За 1 уровень реф платят 22% от депозита. Проверил проект,депозит 6,2 TRX вывод получил в сумме 0,31 TRX. Вывод на ТрастВалет в течении 20 сек
  8. Проходим Регистрацию и вам дают 600 TRX для активации аккаунта делаем депозит в размере 5 TRX - (это минимальный деп для активации) После этого ждём 24 часа и выводит процент заработанных TRX. Минималки на вывод средств НЕТ. Я депнул 300 TRX каждый день вывожу 28 TRXКаждый день буду выкладывать скрин выплат. Сайт выводит
  9. Tron Token Development has come under a decentralized platform in the blockchain ecosystem. This stable blockchain network comes in the Tron network. Are you Crypto experts should you invest right in tron token because it runs in the same network protocol. It is more efficient with other blockchain networks. Tron handles 2,000 transactions per second while comparing other blockchain networks is huge with optimized gas fees.TRC20 token development features like the lightning speed of transactions, cross-chain platform compatibility, optimized gas fee, incommutable framework, and API integration. In TRC -20 Token is an upgraded version of TRC-10 because it is executed with smart contracts is more sturdy in security and privacy. We are a pioneer in Tron Token Development to meet your business requirements fulfilled with top-notch quality.
  10. BetFury - онлайн казино на блокчейне TRON, с минимальными ставками от 0.1 TRX!!! Валюта депозита: TRX, BTC, BTT, USDT (min. 0.1 TRX) Игры: Spinomenal, Spinmatic, Endorphina, Playson, Boongo, Betgames.tv, Vivo gaming. Кешбек: До 25% Чем мне понравилось данное казино? Сейчас в сети развелось очень много криптоказино, на любой вкус и цвет. Но в BetFury, как по мне, есть свои плюсы, которые я не встречал в других подобных завидениях, а именно: мин ставка в слотах от 0.1 TRX!!! мин депозит от 0.1 TRX реальный кешбек ежедневный бонус Ну и многое другое. Я думаю каждый найдёт здесь что-то интересное для себя))) Регистрируйся и сорви свой джекпот!!!))) (Не реф) Регистрация: Чтобы играть в BetFury вам нужен крипто кошелёк TronLink. Его можно скачать на свой телефон или установить расширение для браузера Chrome. Переходим по ссылке BetFury. (не реф) Скачиваем приложение или расширение для Chrom. Создаём кошелёк TronLink (не реф) В приложении переходим во вкладку "Discover", находим BetFury, и логинимся с помощу кошелька. В браузере просто логинимся с помощу кошелька.
  11. Faucet LTC 250 (29%), 800 (19%), 1500 (18%), 900 (15%), 1100 (12%), 2500 (3%), 5000 (1%), 8500 (1%), 9999 (1%), 12500 (1%) every 1 minutes.5 daily http://faucetltc.tk/?r=EC-UserId-11397 DOGE 0.10 (50%), 0.20 (20%), 0.35 (12%), 0.45 (8%), 0.65 (7%), 1.00 (3%) every 1 minutes.10 daily http://faucetdoge.tk...EC-UserId-11397 BCN 1 (60%), 2 (15%), 3 (10%), 4 (10%), 5 (2%), 10 (1%), 20 (1%), 30 (1%) every 1 minutes.5 daily http://bytecoinfauce...EC-UserId-11397 Hashing Space TRX 500000-700000 (75%), 750000-850000 (15%), 1000000-1250000 (10%) 3 minutes. https://blockhash.sp...EC-UserId-11397 DGB 0.0147506 DGB https://blockhash.sp...EC-UserId-11397 Express Crypto https://expresscrypt...?referral=11397 AbBTC-очень щедрый криптовалютный букс https://r.adbtc.top/1159843
  12. FREE Tron Требуется регистрация от 0.01094010 до 20,512.68108600 TRX в час. вывод от 12 TRX на кошелёк. комиссия 0.1 TRX https://evetrx.xyz/?ref=7497 FREE Doge Требуется регистрация от 0.07328895 до 137,416.78470900 DOGE в час. вывод от 75 DOGE на кошелёк. комиссия 0.75 DOGE https://evedoge.xyz/?ref=7785 FREE Litecoin Требуется регистрация от 0.00000439 до 6.61256100 LTC в час. вывод от 0.00500000 LTC на кошелёк. комиссия 0.000750000 LTC https://eveltc.xyz/?ref=7602 FREE Ripple Требуется регистрация от 0.00079931 до 1,332.17928600 XRP в час. вывод от 1 XRP на кошелёк. комиссия 0.001 XRP https://evexrp.xyz/?ref=14873
  13. Bountyhub - что-то на подобие букса, который платит монетой TRX за лёгкие задания, на подобии: подписки на соц. сети, лайки и репосты, скачать и проголосовать за приложение и тд. Регистрируемся на платформе ССЫЛКА (реф). Или не реф Переходим в раздел "Прокачать Профиль" и подключаем там свой TRX кошелёк, а так же подвязываем свои соц.сети (используя инструкцыю). После этого переходим в раздел "Заработать" и выполняем лёгкие задания и сразу после проверки задания оплата автоматически поступает вам на кошелек. Выплачивают в токенах TRX и их собственных токенах BHT (т.е дают за выполненные задания и TRX и BHT сразу) В разделе "Заработать" есть вкладка получение дивидендов, именно туда можно отправить свои токены BHT и получать за них TRX (лично я этого не делал).
  14. 2 млн подписчиков и целое состояние – как ему это удалось?! В нашем сегодняшнем выпуске мы разберем публичную персону, молодого и трудолюбивого богача-криптовалютчика. Джастин Сан. Родился в 1990 году в Китае, то есть всего 29 лет. Учился в Пекинском университете, Китайском университете Гонконга, Университете штата Пенсильвания – ничего себе, умник! Чем занимается? - генеральный директор TRON.
  15. Джастин Сан, основатель Tron Foundation, продолжает выпускать анонс за анонсом, пишет AMBCrypto. Так на днях он подтвердил сделку с BitTorrent, заявив, что теперь сеть Tron стала на 80% быстрее блокчейна Ethereum. А сегодня, за день до запуска виртуальной машины Tron, он опубликовал список бирж, поддерживающих TRX. Площадки были разделены на три категории: Биржи, поддерживающие миграцию TRX на постоянной основе: Binance Gate.io Max Биржи, которые возобновили ввод и вывод токена: Bitfinex HitBTC Bitbns Houbi OKEx Upbit Changelly Coinnest WaziX Zebpay Koinex Cryptopia IDAX Bit-Z Bitbns Bibr Bitforex Bitpie Bjex Ceo Cobo CoinEgg Coinfalcon DragonEX Freewallet Godex Livecoin Liqui OKCOIN OTCBTC Ovis Quoine RIGHTBTC Simpleswap Tokenomy Биржи, которые еще не завершили миграцию токена: 58coin 9coin exchange Coibinhood Bithumb CEO Coinneal Dbank CoolCoin CoinTiger EXMO Koinok Lomostar Lbank OEX OpenLedger Stock Exchange HPX Bitkop Bi BiBox Bisale BitFlip Bitkop Bitopro Bixin Cashierest CEX.Com Coinbene CoinDelta CoinEx Coin Exchange Coinnice Coinoah Fatbtc Idcm.io Koinok Mercatox Qryptos Rfinex Sistemkoin Tidex Tron Foundation дополнительно сообщил, работа основной сети проходит без сбоев. В настоящее время насчитывается 351 узел с высотой блока — 9 294 675. Осталось меньше 24 часов до запуска виртуальной машины Tron и анонса еще одного неожиданного проекта. Планируется, что запуск произойдет 30 июля 2018 года, около 2:30 UTC. «Увидимся через 24 часа! 29 июля в 7:30 вечера по тихоокеанскому времени. Уже скучаю по вам», — написал Сан в своем твиттере. Сообщество Tron ожидает появления информации о секретном проекте с момента запуска основной сети. По словам Джастина Сана, результатом этого проекта станет приток на платформу 100 миллионов активных пользователей. Он также добавил, что секретный проект будет более значительным по сравнению с запуском Tron Mainnet. В преддверии анонса сообщество уже начало выдвигать идеи о секретном проекте. Так некоторые пророчат сотрудничество Tron с Alibaba, а кто-то считает, что BitTorrent займет место на вершине блокчейна Tron. Пользователь Ахмад Риджал написал в Twitter: «Bittorrent внутри блокчейна Tron? Это будет отличное продвижение в интернет-технологиях”. В это же время другой комментатор отметил: “Скучаю по вам? Tron продан alibaba?» «Тысячи инвесторов надеются, на хорошие новости, Джастин. Ждем объявления о новых партнерствах и больших планах. Проект TRON этого заслуживает!» — написал пользователь под ником Crypto inspecto. https://cryptocurrency.tech/ostalos-menee-24-chasov-do-anonsa-novogo-sekretnogo-proekta-tron/