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Found 4 results

  1. Hivelance is a leading P2P cryptocurrency exchange development company that offers ready-to-launch and fully functional P2P cryptocurrency exchange software that helps you to launch your own p2p crypto trading platform instantly. Our team of skilled developers who are expertise in developing your software using a latest technology stack tools. We developed the software with advanced trading engine, attractive UI, user friendly navigation and high-level security measures. We also provide a white label p2p cryptocurrency exchange software that is a 100% customizable software which is an easier and cost-effective way to launch a P2P crypto trading platform with your own branding. Get in touch with us to get a free demo. Visit: Hivelance website for more information
  2. P2P cryptocurrency exchange software is a decentralized exchange platform that allow users to trade cryptocurrencies directly with one another without intermediaries. Hivelance is a prominent P2P cryptocurrency exchange development company, provides turnkey P2P cryptocurrency exchange development services to build a hassle-free P2P cryptocurrency exchange platform. Our White Label P2P cryptocurrency exchange software is a 100% customizable solution that allows you to modify the software to meet your business needs. On all our products and services, we offer exclusive Independence Day deals of up to 30% off. Visit: Hivelance website for more information
  3. Cryptocurrencies are the most beneficial assets in this digital world, creating the demand for a platform to exchange these currencies. This led to the creation of crypto exchanges among budding start-ups and entrepreneurs. Among that, the P2P crypto exchange has gained more attention due to its supremacy over other crypto exchanges. Peer to Peer cryptocurrency exchange is one of the essential types of Cryptocurrency exchange that enables peer-to-peer transactions without intermediaries in the smart contract-powered Blockchain network. It works using the advantages of both centralized and decentralized exchanges which is why most of the users are preferring the P2P platform. Because of its versatile nature of working in centralized and decentralized platforms, it gained more popularity. This P2P crypto exchange platform has paved a way for many budding startups to earn unbelievable profits when compared to other exchanges. So, what's next?? How to start a P2P crypto exchange platform? As a startup, you might be thinking of launching a P2P crypto exchange platform on your own. But before that, get to know about the development methods involved in it. There are two possible ways used in this development of the P2P crypto exchange platform. Development from Scratch - This method is a traditional way of developing a P2P crypto exchange from the base. Also, it is considered to be a big challenge that includes a lot of hard work. The only advantage of this method is a very precise process delivering end-to-end output that has been designed according to your desired needs. But, the only drawback of this process is that it takes 8 - 10 months. Also, the cost involved will be slightly expensive. P2P cryptocurrency Exchange Software - This is an alternative approach to developing a P2P crypto exchange platform instantly. P2P crypto exchange software is ready-made software enabled with customization from the user interface to core functionalities as per the business needs. Simple right, it is readily available and advantageous to other development methods. You do not need to wait for months to develop your crypto exchange platform, which is ready within a week and it is completely cost-effective. On comparing both methods, it is more visible that choosing this P2P crypto exchange software is more cost-effective and time-consuming than the traditional methods. Thus, as a budding startup, it is highly recommended to prefer the P2P crypto exchange software to launch your crypto exchange platform. Also, let me share some additional factors to support the above statement. Some of the beneficial factors of this crypto exchange software for cryptopreneurs are, It saves time and money It is highly scalable and reliable It has high customization scope Allows users to do risk-free trading Due to these reasons, making use of this P2P exchange software is always an ideal choice for startups. Now, you might be confused about where to afford this P2P cryptocurrency Exchange software. I have an answer to this question. The only way is to connect with the leading cryptocurrency exchange software development company in this industry. Since there are multiple options in this industry, I suggest the name “Zab technologies”. As a professional P2P crypto exchange development company, Zab Technologies has delivered many crypto exchange applications for startups and entrepreneurs. You can get both scratch and white-label solutions from these experts. They have unmatched experience in this crypto field helping many clients across the globe to achieve their business goals successfully. So, get started with them and experience success in your business! Whatsapp: +91 77085 29089 Skype: live:contact_86571 Mail ID: contact@zabtechnologies.net Telegram: https://t.me/Zabtechnologies
  4. As the crypto market is growing at a rocket pace, entrepreneurs and startups are showing interest to generate revenue in the crypto market. There are various ways to generate revenue in this crypto market, but if we talk about the major ones, it is developing and launching your own cryptocurrency exchange. Developing Cryptocurrency exchange is a trending aspect in the current business sphere. We come from a digital era, where many entrepreneurs are evolving towards assimilating cryptocurrency exchange for their business because of the high efficiency, quicker and secure transactions. Especially a peer-to-peer crypto exchange platform plays an important role in a highly secure & transparent transaction process. Overview of P2P crypto exchange P2P cryptocurrency exchange is an online trading platform to buy, sell, and exchange any digital assets like bitcoin, dogecoin, Ethereum, etc. The P2P crypto exchange is completely decentralized and transactions can take place between seller and buyer without any third-party involvement. How do Develop a P2P crypto exchange instantly in a cost-effective way? Generally, to develop a p2p crypto exchange there are two possible ways. 1. Develop from scratch 2. Develop from white-label software In the above two ways, the first way (develop from scratch) is more complicated because it requires more time and you will have to spend a lot of money. After the development, you face more technical issues. The second way (Developing from white-label software) is secured, and cost-efficient and you can easily launch your P2P cryptocurrency exchange instantly with no need for technical knowledge. From the above two ways going with a white label solution is the best way to develop your own P2P crypto exchange, Now let’s see the benefits of P2P crypto exchange software. Business benefits of P2P crypto exchange software Customizable and bug-free software Secured transactions Supports multiple cryptocurrencies and high trade volumes Advanced API integrations cross-platform functionality As a business owner, you can easily set your transaction fee, withdrawal fee, and deposit fee. You can collect fees for every successful trade order on the p2p crypto exchange platform You can also charge fees to different users at different rates based on cryptocurrencies. The p2p crypto exchange software developed with advanced Blockchain solutions These are the business benefits of P2P crypto exchange software. Check here for more details about P2P crypto exchange software and develop your own p2p crypto exchange in a hassle-free way.