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"Then I don't know why I went to catch goldfish Other children didn't seem to catch goldfish but I caught one at a time The clown guarding the goldfish stall was a clown with makeup and fancy clothes He took the lead in clapping and then other children around who didn't catch goldfish began to clap" "I felt as if I had done a great thing and I was very happy so the goldfish I caught that day was very ugly and I took it home happily" "And then-" the stream asked him It seems that just a few days after that my parents packed me up and sent me back to Coldwater Only then did the palace shop remember that this was the reason It seemed that because I went fishing for goldfish they searched for a long time and found that I wanted to play with other children before I ran out They said that I was old enough to go to school and should go back to my hometown Yes that's the reason He wasn't thrown back for no reason It's just why did you forget "I can't remember any more I'll dream about it later" Now he always felt that his memory was not as good as dreaming and that he had forgotten all the things he could remember in his dreams You don't have to dream in particular Don't put too much pressure on yourself We're fine now or do you want to reintegrate with Big Head and become an SS-level machine The stream raised an eyebrow at him Gong Wu hesitated for a moment and shook his head quickly "Not at all" "The reason why I think about this is just because I find that I have forgotten so many things and I am a little unwilling to recall them all the Computer Hardware & Software time and reintegrate with the big head or something" The palace shop looked down at the bottom I don't know when the big head swam into the pool below him Xie Kai stood on the edge of the pool calling the name of the big head master holding chocolate in his hand Gong Wu inexplicably thought of his upper body is a person the lower body into the appearance of a fish tail or the big head of the kind of disproportionate small fish tail! Aversion to cold — — But an amusement park I'll ask Xie Kai to use this as a supplement to look up the users who use scissors Said the stream and downstairs Xie Kai had seen him Sir can you get some energy fish I think Master Big Head is hungry Xie Kai immediately said to him There is a kind of hunger called Xie Kai thinks you are hungry-a black line a smile on the stream's face a flash of his body he immediately ran away again before leaving he did not forget to say to the palace "Don't worry don't think about it if you can't remember it" Waving his hand to the stream the palace shop watched the stream slip away People are probably born with anti-bone and his anti-bone is particularly big-Gong Si thought The stream had told him not to worry and not to think about it but he dreamed of the amusement park every day for several days in a row At first it was just a fragment but after a few times he finally found the key point in his dream In his dream he was in a big amusement park He saw a lot of balloons The end of the balloon line was in the hands of a clown The clown held the balloon in his left hand but in his right hand he held a pair of silver scissors China Suppliers which were covered with red lines He stretched out the scissors and cut off the balloons one by one The clown smiled and handed the balloons to the children around him Finally the same clown handed him the tied water bag containing the goldfish and the clown touched his head Ah ah ah ah! What a mess of dreams! Lying on the desk Gong Wu gave a roar in his heart and pretended to be dead It's lunch time now In the classroom of Class F all the students of Class F are there and there is a supernumerary Several people are sitting in the classroom for lunch and chatting ↑ There are few people here and it is quiet so it is the most suitable base for secret lunch! "I didn't go to see your game that day I was pulled by the teacher to discuss the arrangement of the next issue of poetry magazine But I heard that you all won and played very well Congratulations" "Scales said to several people" I can't believe you didn't come to our game We played very cool! A little disappointed Malone opened his mouth and bit off the bread He chewed it heavily Can't it be more cool in the future The scales asked him in reply Chewing and chewing Malone said "It'll be even cooler" He has found the right direction of development and now he is full of hope for the future of himself and Emin That's all right I think it will be more cool in the future The scales said to him "I have an appointment!" Malone looked at him and saw the scales nod to himself and then he talked happily about the game that day After the game it was the weekend and Mr Delin gave them a few days off to repair so they started classes again …… My secret Chemicals skill with Emin is the bubble attack We can store the attacks we have received before By reciting the text we can mobilize the energy of the relevant attributes to launch an attack Now it takes a long time to read the article but Mr Delin said that when we are more powerful in the future we can even trigger an attack by reading only one word! Malone puffed out her chest with pride But it will be a long time later Soon his head drooped again If you train hard you may shorten the time The scales comforted him Yeah too Obviously very empty comfort content but appeased Malone is so easy to be beaten chicken blood he was born to be an optimistic person Then Malone went on to introduce the abilities of the deer and the star "They are in the limelight this time covering up the limelight of me and the palace shop!" Pulling the wrist of the star Malone said to the scale "The star can add BUFF!" To people " "He's especially good at fighting He's a violent wet nurse!" "It's really awesome Look at how the people in Class S will show off in the future The stars are still better than them!" He spoke triumphantly as if he were himself Letting Malone grab his wrist the star did not rush to withdraw his hand Originally he was not used to being too close to people but after coming to Class F he changed every day and now the star is no longer the star before It's not that I'm good it's that Ni Lu is good The star smiled faintly and gave all the credit to the deer trade-global.com
  2. I am not a fan of Qiao Yang I want a photo of Zhao Yuxi! It's so beautiful How can there be such a beautiful little sister 【 1……】 [2 Benming Sorry I climbed the wall TAT] Although the fans were very excited in order not to arouse the disgust of passers-by they all lined up in an orderly manner under the prevention of Zhao Yuxi Hundreds of items were sold out in less than an hour Zhao Yuxi roughly calculated that everyone was paid by mobile phone and today's turnover was about tens of thousands of yuan Buying clothes is only a few thousand at most and eating a meal is only a few hundred Thinking that it was not easy for these fans to make money after discussing with Qiao Yang Zhao Yuxi returned the extra money And this action is also seen by everyone but also for her to attract a lot of people's favor Because the two of them here to attract a lot of people not to mention the two of them can not be fair and aboveboard to eat in ordinary restaurants which will cause a lot of commotion So they discussed it and decided to go back to the villa to order takeout Qiao Yang saw Zhao Yu Xi in the order of takeout when conveniently ordered a few more originally he also wondered why she did so But wait until two people eat and drink enough to see the other two people back to the villa with a tired face Qin Qiu shouted hungry as soon as he entered the door Qiao Yang understood Zhao Yu Xi's intention Qiao Yang handed the extra takeout to the two of them Zhao Yuxi seemed casual when ordering takeout but Qiao Yang found that all the food he prepared for them was low-calorie food and he specially ordered vegetable salad for the two girls Fang Yingluo was a little surprised and thanked them while explaining to them It turned out that because they had been Computer Hardware & Software selling for a long time many fans rushed to the street after seeing the live broadcast More and more fans came later but they could only stay on the periphery because they could not interact with each other for a long time When they were ready to go to lunch many people drove up to follow them Finally not only did not eat lunch but also let the car around a lot of circles before daring to return to the villa After a hard morning Zhao Yu Xi took a bath and went back to bed sleeping in the dark until the evening In the last part of today the program group has also been carefully prepared Is a personal independent original design so the flow of people is not much and will not cause a commotion Six people are handsome men and beautiful women in the entertainment industry for many years have the most basic aesthetic basis should not have made any mistakes But there are several people who have their own stylists to match their clothes on weekdays which will make them prepare and the clothes they choose are not ugly but they are not in line with themselves which makes a lot of jokes Qin Qiu's appearance is mature and steady China Manufacturers but he wears a frivolous suit Fang Yingluo is petite and lovely with a lively and cheerful personality but she chose a gentle floor-length dress Ugly is not ugly but how to look strange After this day of getting along the relationship between the six people has been more harmonious Zhao Yu Xi is not polite to laugh at at the same time but also gave him two people to choose a few Fang Yingluo was not convinced but after changing she looked at herself in the mirror and had to admit that this little pink dress was much better than the one just now What are you wearing Fang Yingluo saw that Zhao Yuxi had not changed for a long time and asked curiously Zhao Yuxi raised her eyebrows and smiled "I look good in everything I'll pick one after you finish choosing" "Hey!"! How shameless you are! It's bustling here and the Internet is not very calm On the bullet screen of the live broadcast many people were discussing a photo that had just come out of nowhere The focus is on the content of this photo This looks like a very ordinary landscape with the Eiffel Tower in the background at night in Paris The photos don't look like they were taken this year because the passers-by are wearing the clothes that were popular in the previous two years Originally people who saw it wondered how such an ordinary picture of the scenery could suddenly become a hot search But when they looked at it carefully several times they found a couple kissing in the lower left corner of the picture And the side faces of these two people are familiar to everyone One is Qu Lin And the other is Zhao Yu Xi Chapter 60 As soon as the photo was taken many people wanted Chemicals to find out who it came from Whether it was fans sunspots or passers-by who ate melons they all wanted to know the truth behind the photo An hour later a Weibo account finally came out to explain that the photo came from her She explained on Weibo that the photo was originally posted in her circle of friends and she did not know who had circulated it She herself did not expect that the photo would be so popular and cause such a big commotion so it took so long to dare to appear She first explained that the photo was taken when she was traveling in Paris two years ago At first she did not find anything strange about the passers-by because Zhao Yuxi and Qu Lin were not so popular at that time She didn't notice the details in the lower left corner of the photo until she looked back at the camera album a few days ago and was ready to delete some of the memory At that time she thought she was dazzled and made a mistake After all she herself has paid attention to a lot of gossip in the entertainment circle and knows what a big commotion these two people have caused She never expected that the two would kiss like lovers in the streets of Paris two years ago She also sent it to a friend to identify it and the two had a heated discussion It was not until the live broadcast of the reality show this morning that Qu Lin showed an unusual attitude towards Zhao Yuxi in the show that she sent out this photo to complain in the circle of friends Because everyone was questioning in order to prove the authenticity of the photo she first sent a screenshot of the circle of friends Then he sent out the screenshots he had discussed with his friends and finally sent out the screenshots showing the time on the camera It was used to prove that the photo was indeed taken by her two years ago not a recent composite trade-global.com
  3. General Manager Gu spoils this Miss Qiao, but she may not let go of this innocent passer-by who knows too much! She was afraid that if she talked any more, she would reveal more things that she shouldn't know. Han Wei hurriedly picked up a script and handed it to Qiao Pangbai: "Well, you asked me to help you find a good role that is more interesting and challenging." I've been screening for more than a month, and I feel that this should be in line with your requirements. "Really?" Qiao Pangbai took the script with interest, his eyes fell on the cover, and his eyebrows were gently raised: "Literary films?"? Sisters? "Well, it's reasonable to say that your first work is a Hollywood blockbuster, and the work behind it is still at the same level as the Three Realms, or even higher." But because "Three Realms" hasn't been released yet, the outside world doesn't know what you're playing, so although there are books handed over from Hollywood, I looked at them and found that they were basically guest roles with very few scenes. Even if the most scenes, it is only a female number three. Instead, I think it's better to put aside these requirements for the time being and find a good script and a good team to cooperate with. Maybe it will be more helpful for you. Chapter 646: New Script Han Wei simply told Qiao Pangbai about the current situation and began to talk about the script: This script was sent by director Yang Huai. Do you know director Yang Huai? He is also a very famous director in China. This "sisters", it is said that five years ago has been bought the copyright, but has been unable to find the right person to play, so it was shelved. Now I guess I heard that you took part in the Three Realms, so I sent an audition invitation and wanted you to try it. "An audition?" Qiao Pangbai touched his chin with interest: "I heard that this kind of direct delivery of the book, does not mean that as long as the actors agree, the matter is settled?"? How come I'm here, and it's just an audition? "You don't think about what you're doing now!" Han Wei gave her a white look in silence: "Director Yang is pointing to this film to win the award, and can it be spoiled casually?"? Of course, if you want to wait until after the release of Three Realms, when everyone comes to you, it's not impossible to make a decision. But in this way, if you finally choose the play directed by Yang, it will make people feel that you did not agree before in order to wait for a better one. In the end, it seems that Director Yang is the best. Although this practice is quite common in the industry, it is hard to say whether Director Yang will leave a bad impression on you. "In the final analysis, I don't have the capital to make a direct decision now." Understanding nodded, Qiao Pangbai is not very concerned about this, after all, she is acting in this respect, it is only a newcomer. He raised his hand to open the script, and Qiao quickly browsed it roughly. When I finally closed it, inflatable floating water park , I couldn't help smiling: "It's really interesting." "How else could I bring it to you?" Han Wei proudly raised his chin: "When I first saw it, I thought it was quite suitable for you. After all, didn't you receive a similar patient in a mental hospital before?" "There's still a difference." Qiao Pangbai muttered and turned over the script again. In fact, it is not a particularly complicated story. It is about a pair of twin sisters who go to school in other places and seldom go home. Then suddenly one day, the police went to the twin sisters' home and told their parents that the younger sister of the twins had committed a murder! The sudden news, for this ordinary small family, is like a bolt from the blue. The couple, who had always been honest, did not want to believe that their daughter would do such a thing, so they rushed to the city where the sisters lived overnight. As a result, when they arrived, they found that the younger sister had already disappeared, and only the elder sister could still be contacted. However, as to why the younger sister would cause such a murder case, the elder sister also did not know. So my sister became a well-known wanted criminal. Three years passed in a flash, but my sister was never found. At the same time, the couple found that their sister's behavior, including some unintentional small actions, was becoming more and more like her sister! But they just thought it was because the elder sister missed her sister too much and didn't think much about it. Until his sister's body was found, the police came to him. Only then did everyone realize in horror that in the past three years, my sister had actually been living as a sister! Chapter 647: Think clearly? As the truth dribbled out, people thought it was finally coming to an end. As a result, the forensic doctor found that my sister had died four years ago! That is to say, there was a full year in the middle, and no one found my sister missing! And at the same time, the sister's side, and the doctor detected a split personality. In short, this is a constant reversal of the story, whenever the audience think that this is the end, the next moment of things, will immediately tell you that everything is just beginning! Pinching the thick script in his hand, Qiao did not hesitate to make a decision directly on the spot: "Sister Wei, please help me contact Director Yang to see when it's convenient for him to audition. I want to take this role!" "Think clearly?" Han Wei raised his eyes slightly: "The personality gap between sister and sister is quite big, but in the middle part, you have to perform the feeling that she is both sister and sister." This degree is very difficult to master, and it can be said that it is extremely difficult. Otherwise, Director Yang will not be unable to find a suitable candidate for five years. Age is one aspect, but the more important thing is the difficulty of the role, which is beyond the control of ordinary people. If you succeed, it's all right,Inflatable indoor park, but if you fail, it's estimated that even the Three Realms will be implicated! Then I must try, right? How do you know if you can do it without trying? 。 joyshineinflatables.com
  4. Zhuangjiao and Qin Haoran left the office after the organizing committee thanked him for signing the contract with Zhuangrui as soon as possible and waiting for Zhuangrui to pay all the money. Uncle Qin, why do we have to use calcite in Burma? Will the tree catch the wind? After walking out of the door of the office, Zhuang Rui asked the ticket Haoran with some puzzlement. The discount is 750,000 euros, which is close to B. This is a lot of discount. On the other hand, that person should be from the Ministry of Mines of Myanmar. It's not a loss to deal with them well. Maybe you can have a jadeite mine in Myanmar in the future.. Qin Haoran smiled and ZhuangRui played a joke, in fact, he mainly took a fancy to the equivalent of more than 7 OO RMB discount, Qin Haoran is a businessman, in business, can use the minimum cost to take this original stone, of course, he is willing. In addition, if the price of calcite rises, then Qin's jewelry will be in the limelight in the industry. In the jewelry industry, it has always been not afraid of the four words "a big tree catches the wind". The more popular it is, the better it is. It saves a lot of money to invite stars to advertise. In the eighth watch, before four o'clock, I fulfilled my promise. I forgot whether the number of monthly votes at 12 o'clock was the eighth watch or the ninth watch. However, I was prepared not to let myself swallow the spitting stars. I continued to write the ninth watch. If yesterday's monthly ticket had not arrived, it would have been the first watch today. Would there be no one? The brother who was there threw a few monthly tickets to refresh himself and make his eyes strong. Guys Chapter 461 Hidden Bid V After Zhuang Rui and Qin Haoran came out of the organizing committee's office,inflatable air dancer, Fang Qi had already gone through the procedures for winning the bid for the other three pieces of wool. Because the office was separated from the window for winning the bid by a corner, they were not seen by others. After telephone contact, the three of them sat on the minibus returning to the hotel. () "Come on, Xiao Rui, Uncle Qin propose a toast to you. I wish you success in calcite tomorrow!"! There were several gambling stone consultants in the minibus, so although the couple were very excited, they didn't say much. But after returning to the hotel, several people had a simple meal in the restaurant. Qin Haoran immediately pulled Zhuang Rui to his room and sent a bottle of red wine to celebrate. Uncle Qin,inflatable castle with slide, I don't deserve this. It's all up to you to devise strategies within a command tent, so that you can take four pieces of material J I!! i。。 r。。。” Although Zhuang Rui is not the kind of glib person, but in the face of Qin Haoran, that can still shoot, at least in the future mother-in-law in case of making things difficult for themselves, this Taishan adult will not sit back and watch, right? It's none of his business. If it's your credit, it's yours. Xiao Rui, have a drink with Aunt Fang. Fang Yi's heart is also very excited, although not yet solved any of the original stone, but according to Zhuang Rui's past achievements in gambling stone, presumably those pieces of wool, will also perform well. Auntie Fang, Uncle Qin, Inflatable outdoor park ,Inflatable water obstacle course, it's getting late today, and I have to calcite tomorrow, so I'll go back to rest first. r。。。” After Zhuang Rui saw his mother-in-law drinking a glass of red wine, he began to be drunk and confused. He hurriedly said goodbye. As for what the couple would do in the room, it was not his younger generation who could guess. Hey, I said where did you go? I just saw you in the restaurant. Why did you disappear in a twinkling of an eye? You didn't answer the phone. I thought you were kidnapped. As soon as Zhuang Rui arrived at the door of his room, he saw two fat men standing there, but one was happy and the other was sad. Song Jun was naturally happy. Although he sang and scolded Zhuang Rui, his face was full of smiles. As for Ma Fatty, he was sad, as if he had been caught by the Burmese police when he went whoring. (Hand-made Chinese network 724 hours of uninterrupted updates pure txt hand-made novel m) "I went to talk to my mother-in-law about something. Brother Ma, what's wrong with you?"? Did you drop the bag at night? As Zhuang Rui spoke, he opened the door and let the two of them in. "Hey, don't mention it, fat brother, I took a fancy to a piece of material today, just because I invested 500,000 euros less, I was stunned to be cut off. Damn, if I let fat brother know who it is, I can't forgive him.." Ma Fatty was still a little indignant and said with an evil look on his face. Wool did not shoot, this is actually a small matter, the key is that this matter made him doubt his judgment, is there anyone in the world better than him to figure out? If there is, Ma Fatty will have to find out that person and communicate with each other to get a good understanding. Brother Ma, which piece of wool did you shoot? Zhuang Rui asked with a guilty conscience. Fatty Ma had just said that he was only short of 500,000 yuan, so the material he bid for was certainly not cheap. Maybe the 4 million yuan that had been hanging on the big screen was the bid of the good fat man. I'm so angry with my fat brother. I paid 70 thousand euros. If I had known it earlier, I would have added another five hundred thousand euros. Ma Fatty's words made Zhuang Rui's face become very wonderful in an instant. He wanted to laugh a little, but he tried his best to smile. His eyes and eyebrows were almost crowded together. "Oh, no, why does the boy have such an expression? I said, did you shoot that piece of material?" As soon as Fatty Ma looked up, he happened to see Zhuang Rui's face. With his exquisite heart, he immediately understood. He stood up and made a gesture and began to roll up his sleeves. It seemed that he was going to practice with Zhuang Rui. Brother Ma, even if you add another five hundred thousand, the Pi material is not yours, if that is the case, you are not more angry. Zhuang Rui grinned and dodged Fatty Ma's bear hug. He joked that when he was bidding, he suddenly remembered the situation that two people won the bid at the same time on the first day, so he deliberately put in more IOD euros to guard against this. Hey, you're right. If you lose 500,000, it's not a loss. If you lose IOD euros, then my old horse will jump into the river. Ma Fatty heard Zhuang Rui said so, but nodded in agreement, knowing that the wool was photographed by Zhuang Rui,Inflatable dry slide, Ma Fatty's resentment has long been gone, how to say Zhuang Rui is his own and Song Jun's little brother, fat water finally did not flow into the fields of outsiders. joyshineinflatables.com
  5. "Use you to draw out Mo Bei Yan, but." It depends on whether you have that value. Yunzhu pursed her lips and said nothing. Meng Shaoling took out the magic box in her pocket at the right time. "Do you have a lot of this thing in Miaojiang?" "You know I'm from Miaojiang?" "As I said, she told me that I was in love with Huan Tong." Yunzhu stared at the box, "This is a very important thing, you must put it well, if Mo Bei Yan wants to hurt Huan Tong, it may play a vital role." Meng Shaoling's eyes brightened, "Mo Beiyan, they need this box very much." Yunzhu did not seem to intend to say, Meng Shaoling said to increase the chips, "you do not say will only harm Huan Tong, if Mo Beiyan really did something to her, can save her only me." “……” It is a fact that her strength is too meager. Meng Shaoling mixed on the road for so long, means and scheming is absolutely not comparable to Yunzhu, Yunzhu has been living in the mountains, do not understand these things about the outside world, she only cares about the safety of Mo Huan Tong at this time. After all, Mo Bei Yan brought her so much harm, Yunzhu can not have a good impression on him, she only hopes to see Huan Tong safely. I don't want anything else. Yunzhu hesitated, did not come clean,Inflatable water park factory, only said probably, "Mo Bei Yan they really value this box, you let me and Mo Bei Yan a phone call, I promise he will promise me." "What are you going to say on the phone?" Chapter 3563 are you amnesiac or mentally retarded? Meng Shaoling narrowed his eyes. He weighed the bewitching box in his hand. Could it be that one of them was bewitched? He straightened up and ordered, "Go get the encrypted cell phone and dial Mo Beiyan's number." "Yes, Lord." Dark guard saw Meng Shaoling make a wink, immediately understand. Less than five minutes later, a mobile phone was handed over. Meng Shaoling ordered people to untie Yunzhu's rope. "You fight by yourself. I'll go out and not eavesdrop." He turned to leave,Inflatable water park on lake, the dark guard also withdrew, Yunzhu went to the most corner of the dungeon, she held her cell phone, listening to the sound of being connected over there. Hello The man's voice was deep. Yunzhu had never heard of Mo Bei Yan's voice. She asked, "Are you Mo Bei Yan?" "You called me and asked me?" “……” "No, I hung up." "Wait!" Yunzhu pinched her cell phone, "I'm Huan Tong's aunt." "Oh?"? I never knew Mo Huan Tong had an aunt. "The man smiled." What are you looking for me for? " "Is Huan Tong in your place?" "Of course, she will die at my hands!" "Mo Bei Yan!" Yunzhu was startled and said, "You don't want to move your eyes. You killed Xie Yanghua yourself. You killed her father and sent her to prison. Isn't that enough?" The man paused for a moment and then said, "Not enough. I just want her to suffer to death." "Then you don't care about Tong Ran, do you?" Yunzhu pursed her lips and said, "The box of Tong Ran's solution is in my hand. If you want it, you can come out with Huan Tong. We'll exchange it, or I'll destroy the box!" “……” There was a silence on the other end of the phone. Yunzhu continued to say, "Tong Ran's poison will only become more and more serious, Inflatable bouncer ,Inflatable indoor park, even if you find the drug to temporarily suppress, but as long as you do not understand, her nerves will be damaged, the day the drug completely fails, her nerves will collapse.." The voice did not fall, a voice suddenly came from behind, "Thank you for telling me this, aunt." “……” Yunzhu was so surprised that she turned around and saw Meng Shaoling standing there with her cell phone. She instantly white face, Yunzhu looked at the mobile phone in her hand, and then looked at him, "you." This is his trap?! "In fact, we had a good chat just now. You are a little tender to fight with me." Meng Shaoling cut off the conversation with her. "It turned out that Tong Ran was bewitched." “……” Yunzhu looked at him, and before he could react, the dark guard had tied her up again. You are despicable! "It doesn't matter what you say," Meng Shaoling looked at her sadly, "originally, Mo Beiyan and Huan Tong still have the revenge of killing their father. ” "Don't you think." Yunzhu tried to speak, but was immediately gagged. Meng Shaoling took her cell phone and turned to the side. He dialed Mo Huan Tong's number. She will certainly make up the card back, Mo Bei Yan is now addicted to drugs, Meng Shaoling thought, he must be worse than dead, perhaps this will be hitting the wall to die. Meng Shaoling sneered, his ears rang a few times, and the call was connected. There's no sound on that end. Meng Shaoling opened her mouth first, "Huan Tong, it's me." For a long time, the other side seems to have changed a place, this just heard a voice, concise and cold, "straight to say." "Is that your attitude towards me now?" Meng Shaoling chuckled, "Huan Tong, at least we are married, you are my wife." "Are you amnesiac or mentally retarded?" Chapter 3564 send it in the form of MMS. Mo Huan Tong said coldly, "First, we haven't got the license. My identity is in prison. We can't really get married. Second, I'm not your wife. Nothing happened between us. That's coercion, not marriage. Third, if you have anything to say, just say it. I'm very busy now." "It's all the same. Who taught you that?" Hearing what she said, Meng Shaoling thought it was interesting. She had never shown this side before. "What are you busy with?"? Is Mo Beiyan addicted to drugs and unable to survive or die? "Meng Shaoling, shut up!" Mo Huan pupil interrupted his words, she stood on the balcony at this time, Wen Yan looked into the bedroom, Mo Bei Yan just finished the intravenous drip, drank the tonic soup and fell asleep. It was not easy for him to go to sleep, and in the afternoon he was addicted to drugs, and he could not avoid a lot of trouble,Inflatable meltdown, and he was tired and falling apart. It's really painful. She knew he was in pain, and every time she watched Mo Nanjue try his best to hold him down and watch him struggle desperately, Mo Huan wanted to cry. He's not like this. He shouldn't be like this. joyshineinflatables.com
  6. Wang Haibing came less in this period, and when they met, they just wanted to have fun. After that, he scribbled a question about how his work was? Tea powder could not hear any true feelings, and was too lazy to tell him. She wanted to go in by herself, which was to lean against the back door. If Wang Haibing is asked to exert pressure again, wouldn't it be improper. But a little clerk, like a young grandmother, was not more and more strangled? But she doesn't know that the world is bullying the weak and fearing the strong. Her forbearance was of no use. Tea powder was gradually isolated by colleagues in the office, and they did not eat with her at noon. The family also received some inexplicable harassing phone calls, and there were many rumors about her. The best gossip to discourage a single woman is to choreograph her affairs. Shadowless can draw a lot of color, not to mention the tea itself has a lot to make an issue of. For example, she came in by the back door, for example, she was single but lived in a luxury apartment, for example, who had seen her eating with a man who looked very rich in Jinhua, for example who had seen her get out of a luxury car one street away from the company and walk to work. For example, a small clerk with a monthly income of about 2000 is wearing a set of BRA that requires her a month's salary. There are several of her suits, although it is out of season discount, but it is said that in the store that is also a small ten thousand to get, how can she afford it? In short, it is already a nail on the iron plate, really. The mistress,inflatable amusement park, the second wife, the gold digger, sit down. Finally, but also understate a sour sentence, this appearance, this figure, this temperament, unexpectedly can also be a second wife? Next to it is a sentence. Look at what you said, the food is not good,Inflatable outdoor park, as long as it is delicious. People are not beautiful, coquettish enough. Man, what else can you do? See the real chapter in bed. Then Hei Hei Hei giggled an ambiguous smile. The extreme of Yin damage, the extreme of evil. Who is this? Who did you mess with? Who's in the way? There is no way, this is the people in the rivers and lakes. Tea powder is aggrieved and depressed, but also endure again and again. Like a turtle, she shrinks into her shell and thinks she is safe. Three bad embryos originally wanted to force her to stay, resign, leave, and take advantage of the situation. But it was unexpected that she could endure so much. Come to the conclusion then, this little whore is really cheeky also! Since she won't move, let's give her a shock. Get the company to fire her. There are only two ways to get the company to fire her. One is to create economic problems, and the other is to create style problems. Economic problems, these three reluctant. Besides, economic problems are not in line with the identity and intelligence quotient of tea powder. She can still take bribes and lose public funds? This is not a joke. Or the style of work is easy, and there is already public opinion support. Give her an erotic door without doing anything. Alas, I cry for the tea dust. For this erotic door, Jumping castle with slide ,inflatable amusement park, the three bad embryos are eager to try, and their enthusiasm is high. However, in order to make the boat small and easy to turn around, only one person can perform on the stage. Three people are unwilling to be outdone, and finally they can only solve the traditional problems by traditional methods. Rock, paper, scissors. The culture of our ancestors cannot be discarded. With two wins in the last three games, Meng Fei, the second young master of the Meng family, won the qualification to play the male number one with excellent results. Without further ado, the heart is not as good as action, three people a little plan to rush to the tea company. It was noon, and Cha Mo was eating his own lunch box alone, and when he went to wash the lunch box, he heard someone talking about himself. It is said that all the rich people on the list wear famous brands of small ten thousand, but they even bring meals. I really don't know whether to pretend to be poor or to pretend to be 13. Tea powder pretended not to hear, washed the lunch box and returned to his seat. I made a cup of Babao tea and drank a few mouthfuls. A colleague outside said someone was looking for her, so she went out. As a result, no one was looking for it outside. I asked my colleague that someone was looking for her just now. Who knows where the person went? It's not to help her look after people. Can you manage it. A taunt. At the end of the tea, he went back to his seat and drank tea, but he didn't know that the tea had already been drugged. The drug was strong enough, ecstasy plus aphrodisiac, in short, without mercy, determined to harm her thoroughly. But the medicine does not know that although the tea powder drinks Babao tea every day, it is not because it likes to drink. It was all caused by poverty. She was greedy to buy one and get one free. As a result, she didn't expect that it tasted bad. No wonder she wanted to buy one and get one free. In line with the belief that it can not be wasted, tea powder is drunk like medicine every day. This tea has been drugged, and it tastes even worse. After drinking a few mouthfuls, the tea powder also felt that the problem was not right, and wondered if it had expired and deteriorated. Although it can't be wasted, it's even more wasteful to drink spoiled things in case you get sick. Besides, this is the last bag, so just splurge on it. He carried it, avoided most of his colleagues, and secretly poured it. It would not have been so secret, but she was really afraid, afraid that these people would arrange behind their backs and say that they were wasting Joe. Although I didn't drink much, when I was about to go to work, the effect of the medicine was still up. Tea immediately felt dizzy and cold sweat broke out on his body. She did not suspect that she had been drugged and wondered if she had really eaten something bad? Last night's tea and rice were also cold for several days, and it was not safe to put them in the refrigerator. Suffering all over, she got up and her feet were floating. I want to go to the bathroom to wash my face and cheer up. As soon as she left, someone slipped out to make a phone call. Coincidentally, the tea powder came back halfway. Why? She wondered if she might be getting her period, so she went back to the tampon. In the secluded part of the corridor, I heard my colleague Bala Bala talking on the phone. His voice was very low, but I could still hear some key words. What Master Meng, what is done, what eight-treasure tea, what is drugged, what come quickly. Cha Mo's brain is not happy, but he also knows what results these words will lead to when they are linked together. Frightened is a cold sweat, this just vaguely feel their own this section has been excluded from the truth of the Leng Yan arrangement. After the surprise,inflatable bounce house with slide, a cavity of anger came up, and the good old man also had a stubborn temper. Fine. You did this to me. If you are heartless, don't blame me for being unrighteous. joyshineinflatables.com
  7. "We'd better make it clear today. Say, what do you want?" "I said I was a silver dragon." The white dragon answered coldly. In the darkness, Beryl could not see, she only felt a cold finger on the back of her hand, touched it lightly, and after a sweep, the white dragon took her wrist. How can you still call it wrong now? Do you think that insulting the dragon like this can be easily let go? Let go of me, you foolish human being, or I will break your bones. Typical of the tough on the inside, Beryl taunted him: "If you can still move, you can fold it." If the white dragon could move, he would have thrown her aside, how could he let her press him on the ground? It's not the first time. She didn't take it as a threat. The strength on the wrist suddenly tightened, and Beryl said indifferently: "Oh, yes, and about the white dragon, yes,large inflatable water slide, I was wrong. If you come back two months ago, maybe I'm still in the mood to say a sincere apology to you, but I'm sorry. It's too late now." There was a heavy gasp in the darkness. Beryl estimated that the white dragon was going to explode from embarrassment. She had been going back and forth for almost a month with these two words. Where the white dragon hurt, she poked her and took immediate revenge. She liked to throw the words on the white dragon's face like this. It was really a pleasure of revenge. She said, "Stupid humans think they didn't do anything wrong. Humans don't owe the dragon uncle in their last life. Now humans have decided not to spoil the dragon. So if you call me human again, I will continue to call you White Dragon." She reiterated: "White Dragon,Inflatable mechanical bull, White Dragon White Dragon White Dragon." Marydonodor felt that he had had enough. Did she really think that he would not kill her by pressing the dragon under her body, so rudely insulting and offending the arrogant human! He roared: "Human, don't push your luck!" " "Be insatiable?" Beryl gave a meaningful smile. "Do you really want to know what it means to be insatiable?" Marydonodol's eyes widened in astonishment. The warm scent of man fell in the darkness. She tugged at his hair with one hand and ran her other hand softly around his neck. Her gentle breath sprayed on his neck and her delicate little fingers rubbed his skin. The blood rushed suddenly, he suddenly stopped breathing, and the most numbing electric flu came up from the depths of his body, palpitating and dizzy. The human voice is ringing in my ears: "This is called pushing one's luck." …… For a moment Marydonodor felt the whole dragon stiffen, his heart beat, the heat rapidly evaporated from the surface of his skin, and the sound of human breathing, like thunder, exploded in his brain. Marydonodol never admitted that he would be frightened by such a human offense. He kept his head as far away from the human face as possible, trying to ignore the cold hair that exploded all over his body, inflatable floating water park ,inflatable water slide, and shouted in a low voice, "Go away!" Instead, the human tightened her arms around his neck. She sat on him, holding his hair, one hand around his neck, but she tried to bend her waist and not put her chest on him. She put her lips to his neck and suddenly sighed. A little heat hit his skin. Marydonodol tightened. There was a fragrance on her body, floating in the black hole, quietly blooming like a flower. I'll let go. She said, "I'll apologize, too, in all sincerity. You don't like me touching your neck, do you?"? White Dragon, "The human voice suddenly became gentle, like the fog in the morning, like the dew under the night sky, like the wind on the lake." I just think we should talk about it. Let's get this straight, shall we? You don't want me to bother you, and I'll never bother you again. Beryl said sincerely, "I just don't like it. We're having a good chat, or maybe I think we're having a good chat."? You suddenly left without saying a word. Do you know I am worried about you? Later, I was also very angry with you, and I was very sad that you did this. But we're not talking about any of this right now. I just want to know why you left? You're not angry because I called you White Dragon, are you? Of course, the rocking chair could not be the fuse, only the possibility that she called him White Dragon. But the white dragon, who had been shouting for so long before, never said a word. Maybe the white dragon was just too lazy to explain to her at that time. He treated her like a grain of sand, which he would shake out of his shoes after a year and never see again-why introduce himself to a grain of sand? This is asking for trouble. Maridonodol was silent. Of course, he knew who was not doing it properly. Otherwise, why did he plant a beacon on the human body secretly and pay attention to and protect her secretly? Maybe this is just some self-righteous compensation. Malidonordor just wants the humans off his neck now, the sooner the better. …… I don't want to see you. "Why?"? I think we got along well before, and there's nothing wrong with it? Even if I am self-righteous, there must be a reason for me to suddenly annoy you, right? Because, because what? Marydonodor couldn't say. Why do humans get to the bottom of this? She seemed to see through him. Are you avoiding me? Are you afraid of me? How could a dragon be afraid of a human. His face darkened in rebuttal. No So you hate me? You don't want to live with me? Just say it. It's not like you haven't done this before. Just say it. I can move out tomorrow. I won't be angry. The human said, "You don't have to leave your stream. It's where you belong.". And you haven't recovered yet, have you? Malidonordor didn't want to live with her, but that wasn't her reason, it was his. The proud dragon never lies,Inflatable 5k obstacle, and Maridonodor has only this last bit of dignity to hold on to. He was awkwardly silent. No I hate you. Finally he whispered, "I just don't want to be with you.". But to go like this. Exactly Very. Sorry. So let me go at once, or I'll eat you. 。 joyshineinflatables.com
  8. Scott

    Rogue Tianzun

    So, under the expectant eyes, Boyena slowly put the gift box containing the necklace into the storage ring. Ok, now you just wake up for a short time, and you should still be very weak! Why don't you take a break? I'll take care of something and take you out. Xiao Ran said to Boyana with a smile. Boyana also reluctantly nodded at this time, and then slowly flew to the side of the bed with only three corners left, put a posture of five Qi Chao yuan, and recovered. And Xiao Ran made a noise to Boyana, and laid a silent boundary around her. After dealing with the matter of Boyana, Xiao Ran took the shuttle out of the ring. The function of the shuttle, after Boyana's explanation, Xiao ran has long been clear in the chest, for this kind of flying fairy never seen before, Xiao ran is also full of expectations, so he immediately began to refine up. The refining process of the shuttle is also very simple, just need to replace all the energy in the shuttle with Xianyuan force, and then leave his mark at the core of the shuttle. It only took Xiao Ran a few minutes to do this simple job. After refining the shuttle, Xiao ran immediately put it into the body, when the shuttle entered Xiao ran's body directly into the size of a grain of rice, and then began to slowly rotate around Xiao ran's fairy baby. It's really a strange fairy. After refining the flying shuttle, Xiao ran immediately reached the peak state under his abnormal recovery ability. At this time, he slowly took the broken fairy out of the ring. For the broken immortal, today Xiao ran is really seen its power, and it is precisely because of this,uns s31803 sheet, Xiao ran can not wait to want to give the broken immortal income into the body. With such a powerful artifact, it will undoubtedly become a big boost for Xiao Ran. Xiao ran put the broken fairy slowly on his hands, then bit the tip of his tongue and spurted a mouthful of slightly golden blood onto the surface of the broken fairy. As soon as the blood touched the broken fairy, it was not absorbed by the broken fairy as quickly as before, but dripped directly along the broken fairy to the ground. For refining artifacts, Xiao ran in addition to know a blood refining, really can not think of other ways. See blood refine unexpectedly to break immortal do not work, Xiao ran also dare not use other method easily. As a result, he slowly released his mind and began to rush into the interior of the broken fairy. When the mind has just entered the broken immortal, everything is still very smooth, there is no obstruction at all. But when Xiao ran controlled the mind to continue to go deep, suddenly a flash of golden light, mercilessly put Xiao ran's mind to bounce away. What the hell am I supposed to do? While Xiao Ran was still thinking, uns c68700 ,a333 grade 6 pipe, a magic formula came into Xiao Ran's mind from the golden light. When Xiao ran finished reading the formula, he immediately stayed there. "Isn't this the practice formula in Chaos Ao Shi Jue?"? How can it appear in the broken fairy? What on earth does that cheap master mean? If you can't figure it out, don't think about it. This is Xiao Ran's consistent style. He tried to mobilize the only trace of chaotic energy in his body, which appeared by practicing "Chaotic Ao Shi Jue", from the huge immortal yuan, and then carefully injected it into the broken immortal. When the chaotic energy just entered the moment of breaking the fairy, the fairy actually trembled, and its surface began to emit a strong golden light. It seems that this method is right. Seeing the effect, Xiao ran hurriedly began to run the "Chaos Ao Shi Jue" with all his strength, trying to transform the immortal yuan in the body, and the chaotic energy just formed was immediately injected into the broken immortal. With the passage of time, the golden light on the surface of the broken fairy became more and more intense, and then countless golden characters began to shoot into the air from the surface of the broken fairy, forming a wonderful formation, which surrounded Xiao Ran tightly in the middle. Xiao Ran, who was injecting chaotic energy, did not forget to look at the characters and formations in the sky at this time. The artifact refined by the cheap master was really good, and it even sent out the array to protect all around when it was refined. But how I have never seen this array, not just good-looking appearance, in fact, there is no defense bar! If Xiao Ran's words were heard by his cheap master, I don't know if he would kill Xiao Ran on the spot. However, Xiao ran just guessed that he had guessed that the array did not have any defensive power, or even that the array did not have defensive power at all. But although there is no defense, that array has a powerful and incomparable lethality, because this array is the famous three realms of the immortal array. Although the array around Xiao Ran's body is only a simplified version, people who do not have the strength of Luo Tianxian can only wait for the fate of death. While Xiao Ran was still studying the array, he suddenly found that the demand for chaotic energy was growing, so Xiao Ran had to put aside all the distracting thoughts and began to run "Chaos Ao Shi Jue" with all his strength in order to transform more chaotic energy. A day passed quickly, and Xiao ran gradually felt that the immortal yuan in his body was not good enough. But he clenched his teeth and persevered. But after more than ten minutes, there was almost no immortal yuan left in Xiao Ran's body. At this time, Xiao Ran finally complained: "This artifact is too awesome. Even my strength is almost sucked dry by it.". What on earth is my cheap master thinking? It takes so much trouble to refine a low-grade artifact. If it is a top-grade artifact, isn't it. Just don't refine it. Let's talk about it later. When Xiao ran was about to give up, suddenly the characters around his body shot out a strong golden light at the same time, and then countless characters actually began to rotate in a wonderful trajectory, Xiao ran was also confused by this sudden change. Subsequently, Xiao ran felt that the need for broken immortals and chaotic energy was getting less and less, Xiao ran's abnormal strength began to play a role again at this moment, the aura between heaven and earth was desperately inhaled by the bottomless black hole of Xiao ran, and because the consumption of chaotic energy was reduced,uns s32750 sheet, so the immortal power in Xiao ran's body began to rise slowly. When the power of the immortal in Xiao Ran's body was restored by about 40%, the golden light inside the broken immortal finally disappeared completely, and Xiao Ran hurriedly controlled the mind to enter the interior of the broken immortal. lksteelpipe.com
  9. Today's whistling fans are familiar with this scene, but in the past when the crime group was in charge, the whistling team rarely assumed such a head-on collision posture. But now the whistling, no matter who the opponent is, is almost like this to crush the opponent's temperament. To be honest, at the beginning, fans also like this momentum, really can directly crush the opponent, who would not like such a strong? In the first five rounds of the season, the roar really swallowed the mountains and rivers, and rolled down the five rounds of opponents like an overlord. But these five rounds of opponents, Yueyun, Zhaohua, Qingcai, Mingqing, Magic.. There is no one who can be called a strong team, and the roaring beautiful start seems to bear a little bit of the competition system. So in the sixth round, the roaring encountered the reincarnation team, and the gas swallowing mountains and rivers immediately encountered Waterloo. Then, in the seventh round, the team was destroyed. In the eighth round, the team was destroyed by the blue rain. In the ninth round, the team was destroyed by 301. The tenth round, Linhai team, roaring spirit, swallowing mountains and rivers. After these ten rounds, the roar was immediately labeled as a pseudo-strong team. Weak team, they all won,316l stainless steel pipe, when they met a little strong team, they immediately knelt down. Fortunately, in the next 11 or 12 rounds, the roar won the misty rain and the void in a row, which proved a lot. As a result, in the 13th round, it was washed by the Hundred Flowers Team. In the 14th round, it was trampled by Thunder. In the 15th round, it lost to Huangfeng in an embarrassing way. Until the 16th and 17th rounds, when it met the two teams of Yi Zhan and He Wu,x52 line pipe, the roar immediately stood up again. Wuthering can stand in the top eight, thanks to their strength in front of weaker opponents is still very strong, did not lose too many points should not be lost. However, in the face of a little bit of strength, their team immediately lost, pseudo-strong team? This hat has been taken off, and now players call them soft-footed shrimps, which are soft when they meet strong teams. In this round, after bullying two rounds of weak teams, they met strong opponents, and it was time to prove that they were not soft-footed shrimps. But now, the single competition was completely destroyed, and the team competition was going to lose again, with zero points directly. It was too soft to be soft. But even so, the whistling team still took out the kingcraft of swallowing mountains and rivers, and the five characters rushed to the center of the map with a very standard attack formation: the market in Perry Town. The market, which occupies half of the area of this picture, is cut to pieces by various stalls and goods piled up, and the perspective of the players has become tortuous. When Zhao Yuzhe got the signal, 316ti stainless steel ,x60 line pipe, he immediately operated his Shaoguang to jump on a pile of sacks next to him. Several ups and downs had reached the top. Before he could take a closer look, the gun rang. Listening to the sound to identify the position, several people found the general direction in an instant, and several people did not hesitate to push in that direction. Together with the time change of jumping on the sack pile to attract the attack. Zhao Yuzhe's aggressiveness is not strong, the sound of the gun, he quickly adjusted the role of the direction, has been a teleportation of Shaoguang sent out. He flashed forward and was attacked, but he became the tractor of the offensive. It's so fierce! So at this time, from the obscene master Fang Rui's trash talk, mysteriously appeared in the channel. Roaring attack array, of course, is also well-taken care of, see this cold to a trash talk, five roles clearly monitor the division of labor around, to determine the position of the role of Fang Rui. But, no.. Within the scope of perspective, there is only one person who can be touched, which is Ye Xiu's Jun Moxiao. Ambush! Even a player should have thought of this situation. Jun Mo Xiao is just bait, Xingxin's other roles, I'm afraid, have already laid an ambush in this mixed scene. But, roar does not retreat, continue to rush! To be able to set up an ambush so quickly shows one thing: they didn't bring treatment. It's a reasonable judgment. The roar was fast and fierce enough, but if Xingxin could lay an ambush before them, there was only one possibility that they would leave behind the short-legged treatment that would slow down the whole team's movement. A team without treatment, an ambush? What's so terrible about that! Tang Hao, the whistling captain, thought so, so his momentum did not decrease. Liu Hao, with doubts in his heart, hoped to be slower and more cautious at this time, but when he saw Tang Hao's determination, he immediately stopped thinking and resolutely followed the captain's rhythm. But at that moment, a flame, whirling in the air, fell down towards the array of five people. Thermal missiles! "Hide!" Liu Hao subconsciously knocked out the hint, and his darkness was already desperately sending himself out of the attack range of this hot missile. As a result, Tang Hao's Tang San threw his arm and a brick flew out. Compared with the size, the lighter seemed so weak. Because of the size of the brick, it was obviously easier to hit a target than to hit it with a bullet, and the lighter of the thermal missile was immediately covered by the brick. The roles of the four members of the whistling battle team did not move, only Liu Hao's darkness speeded up and rushed away a few steps. At this time, he saw that his cheeks were burning, but he did not forget to shout immediately in the channel: "Captain Mighty." "Is it not good to operate the role if you have time to shout such nonsense?" As a result, the praise of the public channel was ridiculed by Ye Xiu. Chapter 1279 is not focused enough. The corner of Liu Hao's eyes twitched a few times, and even some of the old audience of the Jiashi team at the scene had a sense of immediacy at this moment. Ye Xiu, Liu Hao, this pair of former teammates have already fought for each other, but their dialogue in the public channel is so similar to that in the Jiashi team. Liu Hao will never forget Ye Xiu's cold and dislike of his good intentions. Call for the beautiful performance of his teammates, which is also a way to boost morale, Liu Hao thinks so, but Ye Xiu thinks his praise is too much. Praise, that is, encouragement, is there too much of this kind of thing? What's more, they are not regardless of the time, but never because to type praise, and leave any space, right? But even so, Ye Xiu still pointed out that he was not focused enough. Yes,x56 line pipe, he is not focused enough, which is a point that Ye Xiu always points out. From the time he became a member of the Jiashi team to the time he became the vice captain of Jiashi. Is it not good to operate the role when you have time? Liu Hao was angry when he saw this. Oneself are done not have completely because of knock these a few words delay arrives operation, do you still want me to accomplish after all how. lksteelpipe.com
  10. The huge Colosseum can accommodate about 10,000 spectators, because more area is used inside the Colosseum. Just like the Soul Fight Zone, you can start multiple fights at the same time, or you can just have a single fight. For the senior students of Wuhun Department, this place is no stranger. The students with high cultivation are willing to come here to exercise their actual combat skills, while for the students with low cultivation, it is a nightmare. After the fourth grade, each class will have at least one Colosseum course every week, and the results of each course will be included in the final score of the students. When Huo Yuhao, Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao walked into the Colosseum together, they all felt a little overwhelmed. Whatever their origins, it was the most magnificent building they had ever seen. Yu Hao. The voice of Tianmeng Ice Silkworm suddenly sounded in Narrow Yuhao's mind. Although he was used to the elusive way of Tianmeng Brother, he was still startled. What's the matter, brother Tianmeng? "Don't you want that boy to kowtow to you and admit his mistake?" Said Tianmeng Ice Silkworm? I'll teach you the simplest way. This is also one of the ways you fight in the future. Huo Yuhao was overjoyed. "Good." "You're like this.." said Tianmeng Ice Silkworm. All second-year students have to get the promotion examination form first, and this form has their order of appearance. The results will also be graded on this form. Everyone was queuing up to get the watch. Wang Dong saw Dai Huabin not far away at a glance and touched Huo Yuhao beside him with his elbow. "Look, Dai Huabin, they're here," he said. Huo Yuhao nodded and walked straight in the direction of Dai Huabin. Wang Dong froze for a moment, what is Yuhao going to do? Why are you so impulsive? But he and Xiao Xiao hastened to follow. Dai Huabin was already paying attention to them,uns c70600, Huo Yuhao suddenly came and he naturally saw it, and looked at it coldly without any sign of weakness. Although the other students who are signing up do not know the bet between them, they are the last competitors in the examination of freshmen, and the expulsion of Dai Huabin and Zhu Lu is well known. Naturally, it is clear that there is an old grudge between them. The six of them immediately became the focus of attention of the students. Huo Yuhao walked to a position about three meters away from Dai Huabin and said in a deep voice, "Dai Huabin, our bet is today. Let me confirm if you regret it." Dai Huabin was stupefied,x60 line pipe, thinking that there was something wrong with Huo Yuhao. He said in a cold voice, "What I said by Dai Huabin never counts.". Today, the three of us are upgraded and assessed a few points together, which side is lower, just like the other side kowtowing to admit mistakes. Huo Yuhao nodded and said, "Well, then please help me to be a witness. This bet is today.". Is that right, Wu Huabin? "That's right," said Dai Huabin subconsciously. However, if you regret it, now you and Wang Dong kowtow to me and admit your mistake. Xiao Xiao is a girl and I can let bygones be bygones. Huo Yuhao sneered, "the examination is over, I will wait for you here." After saying this, he turned and walked away. The conversation between them immediately caused a whisper among the students of Class 1 and Class 2, 321 stainless steel sheet ,x52 line pipe, Grade 2, who were receiving the promotion examination form. Dai Huabin's face was even more gloomy and ugly. He said coldly, "You can't live with your own sins.". Since you want to be more humiliated, I will help you. In his view, Huo Yuhao deliberately said this in front of so many people, in order to let the entire second-year students know the bet between them. Whoever loses will undoubtedly never be able to hold up his head in the Academy. Where is his confidence? Although Dai Huabin knows that Huo Yuhao must have something to rely on, he is also confident of himself. Over the past year, he has made a lot of efforts! After receiving the form, the students entered the Colosseum one after another under the leadership of the head teachers of the two classes. Because is carries on the promotion examination, therefore, they will not go up to the battle platform, but neatly arranges outside the Colosseum fighting area to wait for own examination. There are more than one hundred students in the first and second classes of the second grade promotion examination here. Because it is the first time for them to come to the Colosseum for examination, the college attaches great importance to ensuring their safety. There are already twenty teachers waiting here early. They are responsible for the guidance of soul beasts, the protection of students, assessment and scoring, and so on. Although the number of references is not small, in order to familiarize everyone with this way, there is no division of areas in the Colosseum, and one or one will be assessed. It is also convenient for grading teachers to see more clearly. Du Weilun, the teaching director, also came. He was the chief examiner today. He and four other teachers in charge of grading were on the high platform on one side, from which they could clearly overlook the Colosseum. Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong, as the two class leaders of Class 1, Grade 2, stood in front of the class team. On the other side of Class 2, Dai Huabin and Evil Moon stood in the front. In terms of cultivation, the evil magic moon is not much worse than Dai Huabin, and his defense ability is so strong that Huo Yuhao has deeply experienced it. Wood is standing beside Dai Huabin, his eyes are not looking at Zhou Yi's side, but his cold look is not half kind. Zhou Yi said in a low voice, "Yu Hao, now you have been identified as the core disciple of the Soul Guide Department. Do what you can. You don't have to choose a strong soul beast as your opponent. You should try your best to ensure that you win.". But don't hold back. You saw the order of the game. In order to encourage the students, our two classes are the first to appear in the class monitor, our class out of one person after the assessment, and then the second class. Wang Dong, you go first later, and it must be a hit. If you are sure, I suggest you choose the highest level of assessment. In this case, even if you lose in the end, as long as you persist for a long time, the results will not be bad. 'Good. Teacher, you can rest assured. Wang Dong compared his fist, which looked a little delicate. No, Mr. Zhou,x70 line pipe, let me go first. Huo Yuhao suddenly said. Uh? Yuhao. This is about the honor of our class. Zhou Yi said in a deep voice. Huo Yuhao nodded, "Teacher Zhou, I won't let you down." 。 lksteelpipe.com
  11. "You're a faster child than your father!" Xia Zhiyuan glared at his daughter and sighed with emotion. She said she didn't want to worry about it, but she solved the problem by herself. This made him feel a little uncomfortable as a father, but at the same time, he was more relieved about his daughter. She can deal with these things quietly, at least proving that her connections and abilities are enough to reassure her parents. But Li Juan is still want to ask Xu Tianyin, was Xia Shao two yawns to block back, see her tired, she was distressed to drive her to rest. Xia Shao's little plan succeeded and he went back to his room to sleep. But can not stand Xu Tianyin too obedient, early in the morning really called home, Xia Zhiyuan and Li Juan have answered the phone with a smile to greet a few words, hung up the phone, Xia Shao received the mother's questioning eyes. Xia Shao had to play the spirit of Tai Chi to coax his mother back, and then ran to his master Tang Zongbo to accompany him all morning, hiding and not coming back. After the first day of the New Year, the second day of the New Year was the day when the two aunts came back to pay New Year's greetings. The Xia family booked a banquet in the hotel again, and this time they were really reunited. Such a reunion, inevitably by a compliment, summer peony is not annoying, but a little looking forward to this day. Because I can see my little aunt's family, and I can also see my cousin Zhang Ruman. Although Zhang Ruman and Xia Shao were both in Qingshi, the place where the girl was studying was far away from Qingshi No.1 Middle School,x56 line pipe, and she was studying in a middle school near the military region. As soon as she is free, she goes to the military region to drill, practice target practice and wrestling. Xia Shao is busy, and she is also busy. I really haven't seen her at ordinary times. However, half a year later, after the summer vacation, after she was admitted to Qingshi No.1 Middle School, the two sisters would be able to meet in the same school every day. In this regard,316 stainless steel plate, Xia Shao is a little looking forward to, according to her agreement with Li Lao, when she finished her second year of high school, she should go to Hong Kong to be robbed by Li Qingyu. It is inevitable that she will have to transfer to Hong Kong. Although she has not mentioned this to her family yet, the itinerary has been set. Before she goes to college, she can study in the same school with her cousin for a year. Xia Shao still cherishes it very much. Xia Zhiyuan's family came early for the family reunion banquet, but the other three families arrived earlier than them. When a family entered the private room of the hotel, they were warmly welcomed by three families. After a New Year's greeting and congratulations, a voice of surprise suddenly came from a room full of people. Sister! Xia Shao looked up and saw his cousin Zhang Ruman. Zhang Ruman was dressed in a red and festive cotton jacket, jeans, and her long hair was tied neatly behind her head in a ponytail. Sixteen-year-old girl, wheat-colored skin, eyebrows and eyes with a rare bit of heroism, eyes very bright, vigorous, uns s32760 plate ,347 stainless steel, valiant! The two sisters embraced and were very happy. Zhang Ruman's mother, Xia Zhiqin, shook her head and said with a smile, "Look at you two. You're usually in Qingshi, but you can only see each other once in the New Year. You're so happy to see each other. Why bother to come?" "That's busy!"! My sister is busy doing great things, and I am busy practicing in the military region. Each has its own things! Zhang Ruman said. Xia Zhiqin glared at her daughter. "Your sister is busy. That's true.". Why are you so busy? Shoot and wrestle, look at you, you are wild, you are just playing! I can tell you that you still have half a year to take the senior high school entrance examination, but you can't be wild any more. Review your lessons well, go to Qingshi No.1 Middle School, and learn more from your sister! "Mom, don't always nag me about practicing guns and kungfu in the military region. I have a goal here!" Zhang Ruman said as he put his hand on Xia Shao's shoulder and asked with a crisp smile, "Sister!"! Are you looking for a bodyguard? To tell you the truth, my marksmanship is amazing now, and it's no problem to knock down a squad of soldiers! You wait for half a year, and when I get to No.1 Middle School, I will be your bodyguard! If someone is plotting against you, just knock him down! Zhang Ruman's words made a roomful of people stupefied, and then they all laughed. "This child is not serious!"! What kind of bodyguard? "Your goal is to be your sister's bodyguard?" "Go!"! Don't give yourself a reason to run wild in the military region! "I tell you, if you are admitted to Qingshi No.1 Middle School, don't make trouble for your sister!"! What kind of bodyguard? What do you think of making TV? When the time comes, your sister may have to follow behind to wipe your ass! The whole family shook their heads and laughed. They all felt that Zhang Ruman's child was really born in the wrong womb. If she were a boy, her temperament would be quite suitable. Xia Zhiyuan and Xia Zhiqin laughed so hard that they had a stomachache, but Xia Shao heard his cousin's words, apparently hearing that Xia Zhiwei and his son had come to their hometown to spread rumors. This must be Xia Zhimei and Xia Zhitao two revealed, and the New Year's Eve that night Xia Zhiwei father and son to apologize, Xia Zhitao must have informed Xia Zhimei home, otherwise today to the hotel, the atmosphere can not be so happy, how to say that there should be a little undercurrent. But at this moment, not only is not those undercurrent, but is Xia Zhimei and Xia Zhitao two families, looks at Zhang Ruman a family with Xia Shao a family relations so good, in the heart some is not the taste. If I had kept my eyes open at the beginning, would I be able to get closer now? Unlike this time, only compliments and good words, it doesn't look like a family at all. But even so, good things should be said. Xiao Shao is really capable! "Look what a big deal you've done in Qingshi!" "Yes?"? How many people can do such a big thing? Huaxia Group can actually swallow Shengxing Group, I have been in the market for so many years, I have never heard of such legendary deeds! Xia Zhitao and Liu Chunhui praised their careers, while Jiang Qiulin complimented Li Juan. Sister-in-law, your dress is really beautiful. Did Xiao Shao buy it for you? The style is very fashionable, and my sister-in-law's life is really good! Hearing this, Xia Zhimei curled her lips aside and smiled uncomfortably. Style is very good-looking, and may be the relationship between Li Juan's makeup today, skin color does not feel black,x70 line pipe, wearing bright red eyes, but looking dignified and festive. It's just that when you say these compliments at this time, it's too hot to think about the past. lksteelpipe.com