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  1. "Dumb was stunned." Me? "He asked. Looking at the performance of the rock just now, he is not sure to win at all. "Of course it's you," said Xuanyue angrily. "Why don't you let me go up?". Hurry up and finish them so we can go on our way. Dumb answered, stepped forward and stood in front of the rock. The rock had no idea. He hadn't fought with the magician, but he heard that the magician was very powerful. He didn't know if he could deal with it. He crossed the long knife cautiously and said, "Then come on." Xuanyue said behind Dumb, "Show him the time you spent splitting the wall that day." Although Dumb did not understand why Xuanyue did not need him to cover up his martial arts skills, he still drew out the Tiangang Sword behind him. The moon mark saw all this and did not stop, he had long had doubts about Dumb's epee, just take this opportunity to see. The rock looked surprised when he saw Dumb's Tiangang sword, and his eyes flashed a trace of hesitation, but he still raised his long knife. Dumb suddenly felt the whole body for no reason a warm, spirit, seems to have endless strength, a layer of light white wrapped around his body, this is not his life fighting spirit, because he has no transport capacity, can not help but look back at Xuanyue, see Xuanyue is playing with the magic wand in his hand, made a face at him, this white light is obviously related to her. It should be a kind of auxiliary magic. "Please advise me," said the rock in a deep voice. Still holding the knife in both hands, he slashed at Dumb heavily. Dumb doesn't care about that. Although he doesn't have much combat experience, he is most familiar with this kind of chop. With a loud shout, he swings his Tiangang sword with both hands and cuts at the other side as well. The light of the white fighting spirit suddenly flourished, and the latter came first to meet him. In the loud noise,teardrop pallet racking, the long knife of the rock and the Tiangang sword suddenly collided, and the fighting spirit of the two men immediately stirred up a small whirlpool of dust on the ground. Dumb felt that his fighting spirit seemed to be much stronger than before, not only because he had reached the fifth level, but also because of the white light that appeared first. The rock felt a huge force coming from his opponent's sword, and he couldn't help taking a step back. He had never been shaken back by his opponent, especially when it was a magician who had shaken him back. With a shout of anger, the long knife came again. This time, he had used all his strength. When Dumb was in Shitang Town, he faced the waves every day and did not know how many times he had used it. The fighting spirit in his body was constantly transmitted into his arm and split out again. The sound of clang, clang, clang kept ringing, and Dumb and Rock kept chopping at each other almost without moving, which was a contest of strength. After more than a dozen collisions, Dumb gradually gained the upper hand, heavy duty cantilever racks ,automated warehouse systems, after all, the endless nature of True Qi made him not weak. Dumb also took advantage of the blade. His Tiangang sword was much heavier than the other side's long sword. Finally, in the eighteenth collision, the rock's long sword was cut off by Dumb. Tiangang sword cut the rock head-on with a pressing fighting spirit. Dumb was startled. He didn't want to kill people. Many collisions made him sympathize with the rock. He understood that if it wasn't for the magic of Xuanyue, He may not be able to take advantage of his strength, not to mention that the Rock and the Moon Mark had just fought a battle and spent a lot of effort. He turned over his wrist fiercely, took a step to the right with his right foot, and reluctantly took the Tiangang Sword to one side. With a bang, he cut it in the earth. Under the full attack, the forced change immediately brought a huge load to Dumb's body, his chest was like being hit by a giant hammer, his throat was sweet, and a mouthful of blood spurted out. The rock was petrified. He had never felt that death would be so close to him. Looking at most of the Tiangang sword cut into the earth, he knew clearly what would happen if the sword cut on him. As soon as he loosened his hand, half of the long sword fell to the ground. Xuanyue ran to Dumb and asked, "How are you?" Dumb coughed twice, took the Tiangang Sword, supported his body, and said, "I'm all right." Xuanyue chanted in a low voice, "Great God!"! Please lend me the power of your compassion for the world to heal the wounds in front of you. Divine healing. With the chanting of the incantation, a white light was produced on the magic wand, and the light flashed into Dumb's body. Warm feeling suddenly filled in the meridians of Dumb, his living True Qi has a certain sacred breath, Xuanyue's light magic into the body immediately inspired his own vitality, chest comfortable a lot. Taking a long breath, Dumb nodded to Xuanyue and said, "Thank you, Miss." The soldiers of the Puyan tribe who came with the rock jumped off their horses one by one and stood at the side of the rock, holding their sabres high in a menacing manner, as if they were ready to start at any time. Dumb raised his head and looked at the rock, which was still in a dull state, as if he could not believe that he would fail. Big brother, I don't know if your words are arithmetic or not. Now you can let us go. Dumb said very politely, with a faint smile on his face, just now the sword scared him a lot, and finally did not hurt the rock, he was happy from the bottom of his heart. The Rock was awakened by Dumb's voice. With an embarrassed look on his face, he said to Dumb, "Brother, you are really skillful. Thank you for showing mercy. The Rock admitted defeat.". Can I ask you if the weapon you use is Tiangang Sword? Dumb nodded and said, "It's the Tiangang Sword." There was a flash of joy in the rock's eyes. He walked towards Dumb. Wanli hurried forward and stood in front of Dumb. He looked at the rock warily and said, "What are you going to do?" The rock spread out his hands,industrial racking systems, and his previous arrogance and arrogance disappeared. "I don't mean any harm," he said kindly. "I just want to say a few words to this brother." Xuanyue went to Dumb's side and said, "What's there to say? Dumb has already won you. It's time for us to pass. Our time is very tense.". kingmoreracking.com
  2. JosephHeldt

    My experience with ghosts

    I want this healthy, confident, arrogant man into the women's toilet, there is already a lot of psychological pressure, the most afraid is to be caught, then I am not late? Efforts to maintain the image will be like a river of spring water, which will be mercilessly washed into the sea. When the time comes, I'm afraid I'll be drowned by the saliva of more than five thousand people in the whole school before I can even buy a piece of tofu. Xue Ying walked neatly into the women's toilet, and soon poked her head out and made an OK gesture to me. I took a deep breath, made up my mind again, slowly lifted my trembling feet, and finally summoned up the courage to walk into the boy's absolute forbidden place. The description of the scene in the women's toilet is omitted. It's too humiliating! (In fact, it was all because she was afraid of being scolded as a pervert by Xue Ying, so she had to pretend to be calm and not squint, and didn't even dare to show much of her expression.) It took me a long time of more than 30 seconds to cross the distance of more than 20 meters, which was also smooth,heavy duty rack manufacturers, and I came to the open space behind the toilet. Night, do you guess that the bear who has been trying to maintain his image as a serious brother and Zhang Wen, his sidekick, will both have a hobby of peeping? Snow Ying, who had been laughing in her heart all the time, finally couldn't help laughing out loud when she saw me sweating. As she laughed,shuttle rack system, she seemed to think of something else and asked, "Why else would they think of going into the shelter behind the ladies' room?" "Don't speak ill of the dead!" I hit her on the head in anger. Xue Ying touched her head with her hand and said angrily, "I hate it. Don't hit someone on the head. If you beat me into an idiot, I want you to marry me and make me a cow and a horse for a lifetime." "Huh?"? I'm going to be an idiot. I'm going to be the first to call the insane asylum. Absentmindedly, I quarreled with her and looked intently at the old entrance. The air-raid shelter was built ten meters underground, which was quite deep at that time. The entrance is a cement structure about 1.5 meters high, but it has already been blocked by the school with iron fences, probably to prevent children in the lower grades from going in to explore, lest they get lost or encounter danger. It's strange. I frowned, wiped my hand on the fence, and said to Xueying, medium duty racking ,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, "Isn't this the air-raid shelter the bears mentioned?" "No, there's only one air-raid shelter nearby." Xue Ying shook her head and firmly denied my guess. But look. I put the rust on my hand under her eyes and said, "The fence is covered with rust and cobwebs, and the iron fence is locked tightly with a lock." I lifted the chain lock, examined it carefully, and added, "There is no sign that the lock has been pried open, and the keyhole is covered with patina. Even if I think about it with my knees, I know that no one has been in or out of here for many years." "Zhang Wenming told us that he found the body of a duck in the old air-raid shelter. I remember that there was only one entrance and exit in the air-raid shelter of the school," she recalled in distress. "No, there must be something wrong." I kept thinking about it, and then I laid the plan of the air-raid shelter on the ground and studied it carefully. After a long time, he raised his head and asked Xueying, "Do you remember what Zhang Wen and the bear said to us a few days ago?"? They said they found the treasure of the Chen family at the construction site of the playground. Hey, the treasure may not be true, but it's true that a very grave was found there. "What does this have to do with the bomb shelter?" Xue Ying asked hesitantly. I smiled mysteriously. "Let's take a look at the tomb. We should find something." The direction of the air-raid shelter is drawn on the plan, and it is obvious that it runs straight to the southeast. The playground and the grave of the school are also located in the southeast. When I discovered this, my mind suddenly came up with a hypothesis-maybe the tomb was above a certain section of the air-raid shelter. When the construction site was laying the foundation, it not only dug out the tomb, but also collapsed the ceiling of the air-raid shelter below the tomb, opening up the tomb and the air-raid bunker.. The bear and Zhang Wen entered the air-raid shelter from the grave and accidentally found the body of the duck. Hey, if this hypothesis is true, at least some of the doubts will be solved! This is undoubtedly a life-saving straw for me, who is troubled by the question of quantity and has no clue, just like a poor man whose house leaks and rains all night. It was very dark, and the dark night enveloped the whole construction site, quietly, without a sound. Xueying and I went into the silence like death. For some reason, my heart was beating fast and inexplicably. I turned on my flashlight and looked around. The foundation of the future student dormitory building had been laid and was ready to be filled with concrete. The grave should be on the far right of the site. I gestured with my fingers to find the position and walked quickly. Xueying followed me closely and took my hand again in fear. Suddenly she heard a cry of "ah" and pointed to the front and refused to move. I looked up and saw a rectangular hole full of deep water on the ground not far away. The hole was the same as Zhang Wen's description. It was more than five meters long and three meters wide. It's just that in the night, it makes people shudder. I do not know whether it is wide or long and thin, like a bloody basin mouth slowly climbing up from hell, it bared its teeth and claws silently grinning, as if it had been waiting for thousands of years, just waiting for us to approach and then choose people to bite. I stood cold all over, only to feel Xueying holding my hand more and more tightly. I do not know when the surrounding atmosphere began to become strange, the coffin fragments scattered on the ground like life, constantly emitting a cold breath in the summer night. "Do you feel it? It's so cold and terrible!" Xue Ying said in a trembling voice. With a "hum",Automated warehouse systems, I pinched my leg hard and pulled myself out of the inexplicable fear through the pain. After a few steps forward, I picked up a fragment of the coffin from the ground and looked at it carefully. Then I pinched some fragments with my nails and smelled them in front of my nose. Yes, that piece of Zhang Wen's coffin was picked up from here. I judged. kingmoreracking.com
  3. Teacher Liu's face also became dignified, she looked at Han Ziying with questioning eyes but did not speak. Ziying smiled and tried to ease the heavy atmosphere. "Now there is good news. Ishino found out that there is a medicine in the world that can cure your premature aging.". At the end of this month, I will go to find this medicine, and at the beginning of next month, Ishino will also go to help. If you find it, you won't have to take this yellow bud pill every three days. Teacher Liu: This is a good thing. You told me the truth because you knew about the drug, didn't you? Ziying: Yes. Ishino wouldn't let me say it earlier. He didn't want you to worry. I'm telling you this today because if we don't find this medicine, I hope you don't blame Ishino. Miss Liu: Thank you, Sister Ziying … And thank you, Ishino. Ziying: I'm leaving tomorrow, so let's get together today. Have a drink together and wish us luck. When they were talking, I was listening quietly all the time. I felt that I couldn't get a word in edgewise. Then I answered, "Thank you for your hard work, Ziying. Today's wine is a toast to you." Teacher Liu looked at me and followed my words and said, "I don't know how to thank you, but I made Ziying work so hard.". I want to toast you a few more times today. I know you are not ordinary people,heavy duty metal racking, so I won't say anything superfluous. Ziying: "Well, when Ah Xiu comes, let's start the banquet.". I won't cook today. Try Zhiweilou. The skill of those cooks. I have been away for more than half a month, and I want to know the bottom in my heart. I have taught them to cook for half a year, and everyone has commented on how I taught them. The chef of Zhiweilou is not as good as Han Ziying in cooking. But the food is also quite good. I, Liu Feier,pallet rack shelving, Han Ziying and a Xiu drank in the middle of the gentleman, and what they drank was Zhiwei Lou. A special brew. Sister Ziying taught the chefs how to cook, but she didn't teach them how to make wine. The wine sold in Zhiweilou is actually old Chunhuang. But Ziying added something special to it. Of course, it was not the original Huangyadan, but a few of the ingredients in Huangyadan that were not rare. The taste of drinking it was the same as adding Huangyadan wine. No wonder the business of Zhiweilou was so good. At the beginning, we all took turns to toast Ziying. Ziying was a good drinker. Although her face was as beautiful as peach blossoms, her eyes were still sober. Today's rule is to drink the bottle. One person holds a flagon, and each person drinks only the wine in his own flagon. As I drank, I gradually drank more, but I was the one. Liu Feier does not drink much, and a Xiu and Ziying's capacity for liquor is not comparable to that of ordinary people. Perhaps there is something in the heart and it is not good to show it in front of Liu Feier, industrial racking systems ,warehouse storage racks, this way of drinking is easy to drink too much. Seven points of wine when the gentleman outside the house suddenly someone knocked at the door, opened the door to see the wind gentleman. Feng Junzi came uninvited and said with a smile, "Today I wanted to celebrate that I got the title of" Three Good Students "and wanted to come out for a drink. As soon as I heard that the four of you had closed the door to drink, I didn't even call me, so I smelled the wine. Xiu replied, "You're late. We've almost finished drinking." Feng Junzi: "I haven't drunk since you finished. Make room quickly." Xiu still wanted to answer. Ziying stood up and said, "Xiu and I are almost drunk. Feng Junzi, you can continue to accompany Ishino and Teacher Liu.". Weren't you here to celebrate a triple? Then you should toast the head teacher a few glasses of wine. Ziying pulled Ah Xiu out of the table and added a pair of bowls and chopsticks to Feng Junzi. When Ah Xiu took another pot and brought it to Feng Junzi, Feng Junzi shook his hand and said, "Don't give me the flagon. I'll just drink from the stone wild pot." Miss Liu: "I can't drink the wine in my pot. Mr. Feng will drink it for me." As he spoke, he raised the pot and poured a cup for Feng Junzi. Ziying and a Xiu looked at each other, their eyes seemed a little helpless and a little worried. The wind gentleman is not polite, sit down to drink and eat vegetables. My drunkenness was already very strong. As soon as Feng Junzi stirred it up again and drank a few more cups, I felt dizzy and hot. Today's wine has a great staying power. Han Ziying went in to add food and said to Liu Feier, "You've all drunk a lot. Ishino seems to have drunk too much. You should go and have a rest.". ” Liu Feier glanced at me and said, "I really drank a lot. Let's break up." Ziying: "Send Ishino to find a place to lie down. Sister Phyl, your new house is not far from here. Can you send Ishino there to have a rest?" Liu Feier: "Ok, no problem, I will send Ishino there." I shook my glass and said, "I'm fine. You don't have to send me. I'll go back to school by myself." Liu Feier: How can you go back to school like this? Listen to me and come home with me. Feng Junzi, you should also drink a few cups less. Don't go to school for evening self-study after drinking today. Wind gentleman: "You go to go, do not need to manage me.". It's a pity not to eat this table. I'll drink two more cups. Don't worry, I won't drink too much. Liu Feier held my arm and went downstairs. Her new house was in the Binjiang Community opposite Binjiang Road. It was not far to walk. After we left, Feng Junzi closed the door to drink and eat. He enjoyed it very much. However, not long after, he suddenly opened the door. He stood at the door and shouted angrily, "Han Ziying and Shi Zhixiu, get out of here.". How dare you put a drug in my wine, and it's an aphrodisiac! You don't want to live, do you? Han Ziying and a Xiu have been staying outside the door of the gentleman's residence, with an embarrassed look on their faces. Hearing Feng Junzi open the door and scold him, Ah Xiu whispered, "It's not an aphrodisiac, it's a dragon's head elixir." Feng Junzi: "If Longshou Dan is not an aphrodisiac, what is it?" Han Ziying: "I didn't expect you to come. The wine wasn't prepared for you. I gave you a new pot, but you didn't drink it. You had to drink what they had in the pot." Feng Junzi: So you drugged Teacher Liu and Ishino. Xiu,metal racking systems, why don't you mend your ways despite repeated admonitions? Last time you were trapped in the sacred wood forest for such a long time, don't you understand the reason? It's the same trick again today. Han Ziying: "Don't blame Ah Xiu. It's none of her business. Today's ideas are all from me, and the medicine in the wine is also from me.". Are you going to punish me? 。 kingmoreracking.com
  4. JosephHeldt

    Miserable college life.

    Beat it again! I throw a left. He avoided again. Beat it again! I throw a right. He avoided again. I'll hit it again.. Just as I was sweating and punching, my waist suddenly tightened and a huge force hit me. Too bad, I only care about attacking and forget to defend. I was successfully recruited by Yongqi. The whole person was pulled to bed by him and pressed up. Whoo.. He's so heavy. Yongqi smiled cheekily at me from above: "Admit defeat?" I glared at him and twisted my neck. "Hum, I'd rather die than surrender." I decided not to help him eat, wash clothes and run exercises tomorrow, so that he would starve to death, dirty and tired. He lowered his neck and sprayed hot air on my face. Suddenly he stopped smiling and said in a deep voice, "Then I will extort a confession by torture. You must not be a coward and beg for mercy as soon as you are tortured." Yongqi's voice was hoarse and he could not speak seriously. The feeling of danger suddenly came to me. What do you want? I turned to stare at him, my face alert. Extorting a confession. He said two words softly, then suddenly bowed his head and kissed me. Hot, soft lips, close to the lips. Not only that, but the wriggling tongue also probed in. Purr I shook my head with difficulty and pushed him with my hand. Yongqi's strength was so great that he grasped my hands and pressed them on his head. It's all my fault. I raised him to be white and fat on weekdays. I served him with spareribs and braised roe in brown sauce. I knew I would starve him every day. No, you should be hungry. Whoo. Save. Help I'm suffocating. He invaded slowly,metal racking systems, like a creeping creature nibbling at its prey. I will be eaten by him. Perhaps remembering that I had many uses as a nanny and a washing machine, he finally let me go and let me breathe freely at the moment of death. He looked at me and said faintly, "Pupil..." With the lesson just now, I was shouted by him, and goose bumps came out all over my body and stared at him carefully. I like you He is still on the top,push back racking system, I dare not act rashly, can only be sad face: "I know, you like to play tricks on me.". It's a great honor. No, I really like you. It's the kind of man who likes men. He explained to me slowly. Men like men? My God! Whoo! I don't want it. Just because I don't like women doesn't mean I have to like men. I'm not a pervert. Now I not only have to think about my life, but also begin to worry about my virginity. And he's still on top of me. Don't act rashly, absolutely don't act rashly. "Pupil, I've had a crush on you since a long time ago." "Thank you very much," I said with an even more mournful face. He laughed softly. "You're welcome." This smile looks terrible in my eyes to the extreme, the murderer in the movie will probably start to commit murder when such a smile appears. I began to wonder if he would crush me or rape me. I don't want either. Why should I choose? I ask myself that there is nothing wrong with him, and I am his cousin. The rabbits don't eat the grass near the nest. I'm wronged! "Pupil.." Yongqi's eyes began to become dangerous again, radio shuttle racking ,asrs warehouse, and he bowed his head and leaned towards me. Yongqi, you, you, you. Take it easy Don't, don't, don't be nervous.. You, you, you think about it a little more. "You're much more nervous than I am." He laughed at me easily and pulled out a tie from somewhere behind him. Necktie? My heart pounded. He tried to strangle me? He's going to tie my hands, and.. I finally couldn't help shouting at the top of my voice: "Help!"! Help! Kill people! A shrill cry pierced the calm of the hospital. He didn't seem to expect me to be so brave and froze for a moment. Boom! The door of the ward was suddenly pushed open and a nurse rushed in. Ah, my angel in white! At this time, courage suddenly arrived, and I suddenly kicked Yongqi, who was in a daze, and rushed to the life-saving angel. Help! He murdered me! He molested me! Although it was a little humiliating for the big man to hold a nurse and cry, he really couldn't help it at that time. Murder? Yongqi scrambled up from the ground with the weapon and the tie in his hand. Pupil, I didn't know you had a phobia about neckwear. "I really don't know," he said. "If I had known, I wouldn't have sent a tie. I'll choose another birthday present for you tomorrow. A birthday present? You're a liar. You're a world-class actor. I asked the nurse for help. "Don't believe it. He tried to kill me. He molested me." "Indecent assault?" The nurse looked at me suspiciously. Yes! He molested me. I firmly testify against the criminal. The stagnant air is getting heavier and heavier. Punish him, drive him away, let Yongqi disappear from my life, at least from college life! One minute later.. "Ha ha ha.." I heard an impolite burst of laughter. The nurse laughed and said, "Ha ha, Yongqi, you … …" Your cousin.. Ha-ha That's funny. Ouch, my stomach hurts from laughing. I opened my mouth wide. Yongqi also giggled: "Pupil likes to play tricks on people since he was a child, and his acting skills are first-class." The nurse pinched my face and said, "You are so cute, not to mention Yongqi, even my aunt wants to molest me.". But don't make a big noise in the hospital. It will disturb other patients. Keep your voice down when you two brothers play. All right, take a break. Look at the bags on your heads. I want to cry without tears Miserable College Life Chapter 14 After the nurse left, the stagnant air of the whole room came to me. Yongqi closed the door with a triumphant smile and walked towards me. Don't come here! I growled at him. Pupil, you don't have to be so neurotic if you don't like ties. Despite my warning,push back racking system, he leaned toward me with a look that made my hair stand on end. "What do you like?" He pretended to think about it and showed a look of sudden understanding: "Shall I give myself to you?"? You love to take care of me. I grind my teeth: "I like you to disappear now." Yongqi's movements are sometimes slower than those of the slow loris, but they are as flexible as ghosts when they should not be fast. In the blink of an eye, he had moved in front of me and pushed me against the wall. What do you want? 。 kingmoreracking.com
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    Apocalypse of divorce

    So she explained to him that she came here so late because she had something to discuss with Utah Songxiang, which is the kind of important thing that can't be communicated on the phone, through social software and so on. I understand, Your Majesty. Li Qingzhou said. Well, it's good to understand. Following Li Qingzhou, Su Shenxue exhaled gently. Uta Songxiang's room was on the top floor, which the hotel emptied because of the Prime Minister's presence. Li Qingzhou knocked on the door of Utah Songxiang and turned to leave. He walked very fast. When the door opened, he had already entered the elevator. Why did Li Qingzhou walk so fast? Thought, a hand pulled Su Shenxue into the door of the room, who else could pull her? But she was still frightened and called out "Song Xiang". There is only one wall lamp in the big space, and there is more than half of the goose city outside the French window. This is a city that never sleeps, with countless lights all over the glass, like glass balls floating in the air. Su Shenxue put the door on her back, and the refreshing fragrance of the bath came to her face. The person who said he wanted to see her face seemed to have no interest in her face at the moment, and picked her up directly. Perhaps he wanted to carry her to a well-lit place and take a good look at her face, but the place he was looking for was badly lit. With a sweep of Utah incense, a few small objects on the desk rolled on the ground one after another, and Su Shenxue sat passively on the desk. In fact, she knew in her heart the real reason why "he wanted to see her face," but she still hoped from her heart that she would coax her and say something to please her. You know, she jumped from a place almost four meters high. It was understandable to do such a thing as a teenager, but she was twenty-seven years old. She is not only twenty-seven years old, but also a queen. Does it sound like the Queen jumped from a height of nearly four meters just to meet a man? So Take away the hand of Utah Songxiang that landed on the zipper of her coat and whisper, "Songxiang, I'm coming." "Uh-huh." He still did not look at her face, but his hands were very busy. Didn't you say you wanted to see my face? Su Shenxue leaned to the other side to avoid it. At last his eye fell on her face. She was afraid that the eyes would soon move away from her face. Su Shenxue knew how perfunctory the eyes that fell on her face were. In order to keep those eyes, she told him that she jumped from a place nearly four meters high, that the clothes she was wearing now belonged to He Jingjing, and that she was the only one who left the Jose Palace with He Jingjing's identity card. In order to keep his eyes,lamella clarifer, she kept talking and talking until she was interrupted by the sound of "Su Shenxue." Su Shenxue, why are you telling me this? The voice that interrupted her was not very happy, or even sullen. Yeah, why are you talking to him about this? Su Shenxue's mind is blank, but she often can't answer according to her true wishes, "Song Xiang, this is all to let you see me more, see Su Shenxue, see your wife." He tried several times to open his mouth, but in the end he could not say anything, so he could only call out "Song Xiang" in a low and slightly embarrassed voice. "Don't ask, okay?" Her trembling hands fumbled, and she found the zipper of her coat. Halfway through the zipper, he stopped her. Deep snow. He called her name gently, and his eyes looked at her face, filter nozzle ,fine bubble diffuser, from eyebrow to eye, from eye to eyebrow, and met her eyes. It was good to put my hands on his cheeks, like a dream, and call back his name, Song incense, Song incense. He responded gently, "Deep Snow, I don't miss your face, but I miss you somewhere else." It's too bad. She knows it, but she's going to cheat. Didn't you miss my face? Holding his face, approaching him, rubbing the tip of his nose against the tip of his nose, murmuring, "Really don't think about my face?"? Uh "Maybe.." Maybe there is. Maybe there is, maybe there is also good, at least up to half. Didn't you just say you wanted me somewhere else besides my face? "Mmm." "Where else do I want to go?" "You really want to hear it?" "Mmm." He smiled and said, "But don't regret what you want to hear." No regrets. ” So he began to talk, saying, "Deep snow, I drank a little wine tonight, not much. After taking a bath, I lay in bed. Sleep will help me play tomorrow. But somehow, I heard the sound of the vase falling to the ground and breaking. Deep snow, no one broke the vase. The sound of the vase was mixed with the sound of rain. You can see that the weather is very good tonight." The sound of the broken vase made my body start to heat up, and I thought about the woman who broke the vase last night. The night was longer than ever. Several times Su Shenxue opened her eyes. The lights outside the French window were still brilliant. Two people were huddled on a sofa. He was inside the sofa, and she was outside the sofa. The sweat-soaked hair was still wet, sticky on her neck. She looked out of the window and squinted for another five minutes. She was tired, squinted for five minutes, and closed her eyes. Suddenly, remembering something, he called out a song of incense. No answer. Call again. She called four times before she waited for him to respond. The tide of emotion still lingered in his voice, low and dark, "I'm listening." He pressed his face into his arms and asked, "You called me because you wanted to see my face, right?" He answered quickly, "Of course." Satisfied. Song Xiang. "I'm listening." Remember, Su Shenxue can't play Texas. Poker Su Shenxue doesn't like Texas either. Poker 。“ Uh Songxiang, and.. "Don't buy clothes for other girls, even children's clothes. Don't let other girls grab your sleeves. Don't stare at that pale face with your eyes for a long time. And, most importantly, Songxiang, remember, don't smile at thin girls with big eyes." Said in a low, low voice. She responded with the sound of even breathing. Su Shenxue sighed in her heart and closed her eyes. Songxiang, Sangrou is a poor girl, maybe your occasional unintentional actions will push her into the abyss,Dissolved Gas Flotation, but she finally climbed out of another abyss. At 2:05, Su Shenxue left the hotel. Li Qingzhou sent her to the parking lot, and He Jingjing's friend was waiting outside the parking lot. khnwatertreatment.com
  6. "You should know something about me since we met. Do you think I dare?" With these words, he put his face close to her. Instinctively, she shrank her neck. "You're such a.." "You have no reason to refuse me, because we are a good match." When the words fell, he kissed her again. This time, he captured her lips with lightning speed, although she avoided his lips and tongues, but he insisted on pestering her. The feeling of regret on the tip of her tongue was something she had never experienced before, but surprisingly, she didn't hate it. She should have felt angry and humiliated by being treated in this way, but the unknown tide of love in her heart drowned her original disgust. His kisses are overbearing and unreasonable, but they are deeply affectionate and gentle. She doesn't feel violated, she feels loved. He said he liked her, and at this moment, she believed it completely. "Maki.." His hand rested gently on her waist and stroked her back,disc air diffuser, which was a little stiff with fear. Magically, under his gentle touch, she really relaxed her body. "Um.." She let out a murmur, as if she were acting like a spoiled child, as if she were begging for mercy. She did not know that her casual voice was deeply teasing his every erotic nerve, and he dared to say that if she continued to make such a provocative voice,disc air diffuser, he would be desperate to possess her. In fact, from the very beginning, he suppressed the desire that did not listen to him, but. He is a normal man, and it is inevitable that he will lose control-especially in the face of the girl he likes. He really didn't want to frighten her, but when he found out, his hand had climbed to her chest unconsciously, covering her rapid rise and fall of fullness. "Uh.." Maki was stunned. Being touched by a man on the chest, she could not help feeling frightened and struggling, but she found that his warm hands did not bring her the feeling of fear and disgust. When his warm palm wrapped around her, Mechanical fine screen ,MBR reactor, there was an unknown foolish movement in her heart. She felt humiliated, as if she were a horny womanizer. "No," she resisted feebly. "Maki" pressed his lips against her earlobes, giving her a deadly thrill. She gasped and her mind went blank. "Mmm." He felt that she liked his flirtation, liked his kisses and touches, and although she was struggling, she always gave people a sense of bravado. "Don't." With a push of her hand, she pushed him away from her chest. She panted slightly and her face turned red. I.. Stick to it He tried to calm down. "You don't like it?" She raised her eyes and answered without hesitation. "Like it." "That.." He was stunned. "Like doesn't mean you can." She said. "It all happened so fast, I couldn't bear it." "What do you want me to do?" Although his body and mind longed for her, he did not want to force her. She bowed her head and said nothing, as if she were thinking about something. "Maki," he lifted her face. "Tell me what you really think." Meeting his sincere and eager eyes, she was slightly stunned. What was really in her mind? From the moment she met him, he attracted her, and although she thought he was a little rude and arrogant, she was also robbed by his confidence and charm. When she saw him, her eyes would turn on him uncontrollably-although she was always deliberately evasive. When she could not see him, her heart and her head were completely occupied by his figure, although she did not want to admit the fact. But she knew that no matter how much she criticized him and disliked him, her heart was full of him. When she finally knew about his relationship with Midoriko, she found herself not only surprised, but also relieved. She even wondered if she and he would develop any kind of possibility. He patted her cheek. "Is it so hard for you to be honest?" "Why do I have to say it?" She puffed out her cheeks a little affectedly. "You don't have to say anything. When I ask you a question, you nod or shake your head to answer me." He said. She frowned slightly and looked at him like a bewildered little girl. He smiled, "I ask you, do you hate me?" She hesitated and shook her head a little reluctantly. "Do you think I'm a good person?" Shingo smiled gently. She didn't shake her head, but she didn't nod either. She just blushed and looked at him. For him, this is also a kind of answer. He smiled with satisfaction and continued to ask. "Do you have a boyfriend now?" She shook her head, and she shook it with certainty. "Do you think we're a speed-dating couple?" She blinked and looked at him shyly and in surprise. She felt.. He's try to get her to say something. Before she could respond to him, he asked the next question. "Will you be my girlfriend?" Looking at the sly smile on his face, she raised her eyebrows and stared. He didn't take it seriously, and Jiji asked. "Let me put it another way. Can I be your boyfriend?" Finding that no matter how he asked questions, it seemed that she was the one who suffered losses, Maki was so ashamed that he started to push his chest. "You are so treacherous. Every question is a trap for me." She said. "Because I'm a businessman." He grinned. "Yes, you are a profiteer." She scolded like a spoiled child. "Have dinner together tomorrow night." He suddenly changed the subject. "Why?" She asked, unable to respond. "We started dating and doing what couples do." He said. She squinted at him shrewdly. "What lovers do?"? Are you,rapid sand filters, are you seducing me? "Does it work?" He looked at her with a smile and raised his eyebrows. "It's no use." She said without thinking. He laughed, not at all frustrated. "I'll meet you at your door at seven." He said. "I'm working." She said. "Well, I'll wait for you in the coffee shop." She was stunned. "You know my coffee shop?" He winked mischievously. "I'll start gathering information after I lock on to the target." "You.." She really lost to him. khnwatertreatment.com
  7. "Well, Grandpa, eat more." "Eat too much food at night." "Just go out for a walk. Yin Liuli and I eat a lot every night, and then go out for a walk together!" "Oh, the young couple have such a good relationship." "That's not." I would also like to thank Grandpa Yin for picking me in the vast sea of people and making me so honored to stand in front of Yin Liuli, which made our marriage made in heaven! The words fell, and all the people in the field were pumping the corners of their mouths. Even Yin Ao, who had always been indifferent, unconsciously looked at Ruan Suixin twice. Ruan Suixin's words directly amused Mr. Yin. Before the meal began to eat, he laughed out loud. The little girl will come home to see my old man more often in the future. Being amused by you all day, I don't know how many more years my old man can live. "Grandpa, even if I don't come, you can live a long life, right, Yin Liuli?" Yin Liuli answered with a faint "hmm". Then she began to move her chopsticks and put the dishes that Ruan Sui loved into her bowl. Everyone was surprised to see him do this. It seems Yin Liuli really put this girl at ease. The corners of Bai Pianran's mouth could not help evoking a carefree smile. Yin Liuli. You have a weakness, you know? It's easier for me to deal with you! How interesting. And the English teacher's heart is particularly complicated. Yin Liuli, let her suffer a great shame, but she was unable to fight back! Now I have to watch them show their love. I feel as uncomfortable as eating a fly. The old man Yin was also sincerely happy to see that the young couple had such a good relationship. When his eyes touched Yin Ao,fine bubble diffuser, he raised his eyebrows and said, "Girl, since you're here today, you should recognize your relatives." "Grandpa, wait." "Hm?" "My ugly words are in the front, Yin Liuli does not recognize relatives, I will not recognize,Lamella Plate Settler, otherwise I am afraid he will go back to beat me!" It means don't admit it. Apart from you, there is no one in this family that Yin Liuli wants to recognize. The words fell, and the dinner table once again entered a deadlock. Old Yin frowned and said, "How dare he!" "Grandpa Yin, you'd better spare me!"! I'm sure I won't dare to do it in front of you. If I turn around, I may have to deal with it. Yin Liuli twitched and twitched at the corners of her mouth, but kept silent. It seems to acquiesce. Ruan Suixin had warned him that she would improvise today. Then Yin Liuli let her improvise. He has only one idea in his mind. That is.. As long as you are happy. As for others. It's just unrelated people. He doesn't care about their feelings. Old Yin was speechless and said, "Does this boy often beat you?" "No, as long as he doesn't touch his bottom line, he usually treats me well." "What is the bottom line?" "For example, if I recognize a relative he doesn't want to recognize, it must touch his bottom line." "In that case, multi disc screw press ,rapid sand filters, don't come in!" This sentence was said by Yin Ao, the head of the Yin family. His eyes looked coldly at Ruan Suixin, as if he had endured her for a long time. White Pianran see this, the corners of the mouth can not help but bring up a smile. But that smile, only aroused the general froze. Because Ruan Suixin said, "Yin Zha Zha, is this your attitude towards me, the future Lady Yin?" It can only be said that Ruan Suixin is too unconventional. Yin Zha Zha? What the hell is that? Is it the stage name given to Yin Jiaju? Even the old man's mouth was twitching. Other people's expressions are more exaggerated. Bai Pianran outlined the general smile, directly frozen, almost did not toss into facial paralysis. Yin Liuguang's face was full of incredulity. In this world, there are people who dare to talk to his father like this. The English teacher has been stupid. She felt that there were always one or two people in the world that Ruan Suixin was afraid of, right? Such as Yin Liuli, such as Yin Ao, such as Yin Laozi. But she's not afraid of anything! It seems to be a cockroach who is not afraid of death. The more you try to stomp on me, the more I *** around in front of you. He said that Ruan Suixin was indeed out of this mentality. Shit. My favorite thing is that all of you don't like me, but you can't kill me. How. Unconvinced? Come on! Don't say you are Yin Liuli's father, not my father, or my own father dare to attack me, I dare to fight with him! Yin Ao's eyes almost shot a hole in her forehead. "Did I allow you to enter the door?" He said coldly. Ruan Suixin raised his eyebrows and said, "Are you important?" “……” "Yin Liuli was brought up by Grandpa Yin. Have you ever done your duty as a father from childhood to adulthood?"? So you can't decide his marriage! But Yin Liuguang, you marry him to the ugly mother-in-law Yaksha to enter the door, you have the final say! Chapter 152 White Lotus, I am optimistic about you! White Lotus, I am optimistic about you! When Yin Liuguang heard this, he went straight to Mao and said, "You just married a hag!" “no~! I am a woman, after marrying Yin Liuli is enough, do not have to marry a wife, saying. Streamer, how did you go abroad for further study? Have you forgotten all the Chinese traditions? Don't you understand the custom of men marrying women? Or do you want to marry into someone else's family in the future? "Ruan Suixin!"! You just married someone else's wife! "Look, this foreign culture, ah, is not as good as our China. What kind of people are taught? When I marry into your Yin family in the future, it can only be considered as marriage, not marriage. For example, if you marry into someone else's woman's family, it will be considered marriage!" "Ruan Suixin, you!" "Enough!" Yin Ao suddenly pounded the table. Then he stood up directly with a gloomy face. Somebody, get her out of here! Finally, Yin Liuli started. Just two words: "Who Dares!" That's more domineering than his father! In fact, Ruan Suixin felt that it was not yet time for him to appear in Yin Liuli! Three hundred more rounds against this awful family,Wall Penstocks, and she can still do it. But how people Yin Liuli do not give her the opportunity to play ah! Are you so afraid that she will be thrown out? The strongest backer, the old man, has not spoken yet!. khnwatertreatment.com
  8. JosephHeldt

    The road to immortality

    "This'Tianling Sword 'is good.". 'Blood Shadow Wing 'is also very powerful. Just then, a young man in a gorgeous brocade robe came over, his eyes slightly bright, fixed on the "Tianling Sword". I am willing to exchange two high-level magic weapons for two third-level magic weapons in your hands! The young man in brocade robe said with a smile. Advanced magic weapon?! All the Jiedan monks present were slightly surprised. For the existence of Jiedan period, the power of the higher magic weapon is extremely powerful, but it is extremely difficult to manipulate. But in front of the brocade robe youth, unexpectedly can easily take out two advanced magic weapons, moreover the age looks also calculates big. This shows that the identity of this young man is certainly not simple. The old man, surnamed Fan, glanced at the young man in brocade robe, shook his head and said, "Although the advanced magic weapon is extremely precious, I don't need him." The young man in brocade robe was surprised and said, "Your strength is far superior to that of the monks in the usual period of making elixirs. It is reasonable to say that it is not a big problem to manipulate the superior magic weapon.." The old man, surnamed Fan, said with a sigh, "My life is about to end, but I'm not interested in such things as advanced magic weapons. What I need most is the anti-heaven elixir that hits the infant period of the yuan Dynasty.". Besides, the old man's hands are not without a superior magic weapon. The young man in brocade robe was suddenly enlightened, and some of the monks around him who did not understand also knew the purpose of the old man's trip. The old man surnamed Fan was the first person in the state of Zhao in the period of cultivation. His capital was not even weaker than that of the ordinary monks in the period of yuan Ying. The only thing he lacked was the progress in cultivation. Next to the monks are also dark sigh,lamella tube, the old man surnamed Fan has entered the Dzogchen period for hundreds of years, at this moment Shouyuan will be exhausted, want to impact the yuan Ying period, the probability is too low. The general elixir is of no use to the old man, unless someone has a very rare'baby elixir '. The old man surnamed Fan said lightly. Hua Ying Dan! All the monks in the field held their breath. For the monks in the period of making elixir, "Hua Ying Dan" is the holy elixir. However, the number of "Huaying Dan" in the realm of cultivation is very small,wall penstocks, and even if the monks in the period of making Dan have it, they will trade it. Moreover, most of the "Hua Ying Dan" are in the hands of the yuan Ying monks, because "Hua Ying Dan" is a kind of main material. We need a non-exhausted yuan Ying. Behind every "Hua Ying Dan", it means the fall of a monk in the period of yuan Ying! The young man in brocade robe said regretfully, "I don't have Huaying Dan in my hand. Even if I do, I won't trade it.". However, I heard that in the transaction of yuan Yingqi monks, a top magic weapon can be exchanged for a'Huaying Dan '. "Top magic weapon?" The old man, surnamed Fan, shook his head. "How can I have a'top magic weapon '?" 。 The top magic weapon is a magic weapon above level seven. The number of yuan Ying monks with the top magic weapon is very small in the whole Sanxing Realm. Zhang Heng's heart can not help but sigh, think at the beginning, he also used silver flame to devour two top magic weapons? Now that I think about it, it's a bit of a waste. But on second thought, rotary vacuum disc filters ,Belt Filter Press, one's own strength and monks are fundamental, and everything else is external. Just like the old man surnamed Fan in front of us, as the first person in the period of Zhao Jiedan, the capital in his hands is extremely abundant, but in the face of the bottleneck of cultivation and the end of life, all the magic weapons are useless. In the process of practicing, Zhang Heng wasted a lot of magic weapons, but in exchange for the transformation of the body and soul itself. At this moment, his life span is far longer than that of ordinary monks. Even if he stops practicing, he can live for thousands of years, which is not worse than the existence of the deification period. And other monks, even if they have the same magic weapon in their hands, it is very difficult to exchange for the progress of cultivation: cultivation can rely on the elixir to impact, but with the passage of time, the effect of the elixir will become worse and worse, and ultimately it is impossible to enter the eternal immortal way. The old man is willing to pay any price as long as anyone can take out the'Baby Dan '! The old man, surnamed Fan, took out a high magic weapon from his storage bag, which made the monks present roar. It is indeed the first person in the period of Zhao Jiedan, even the advanced magic weapon, can take out two pieces at one time. There is no doubt that the power of Tianling Sword can be compared with that of ordinary advanced magic weapons. And the power of this blood shadow wing is beyond your imagination, the original old man is relying on this thing, escaped from the hands of a monk in the early days of yuan Ying, and even caused him some small trouble. ” The old man surnamed Fan said lightly that his eyes were fixed on the "blood shadow wings", revealing a few traces of reluctance. Heavenly Spirit Sword + Blood Shadow Wing + a high magic weapon, the combined value of these three items can make a monk in the period of Jiedan crazy and jealous. But the presence of the monks, still no reply. In the face of the "Huaying Dan" that can impact the yuan Ying period, even if the monks present in the period of Jiedan have it, they will not take it out. Xiuwei and Shouyuan are the most precious for any cultivator. I still have dozens of four-level seals in my hands, which contain the level of magic in the period of Jiedan, and the added value can be equal to a higher magic weapon. The old man, surnamed Fan, glanced at the monks present and shook the seal in his hand. The whole second floor of the pavilion was dead silent. Still no one wants to come out and trade. Alas! With a deep sigh, the old man surnamed Fan thought to himself, "Is God going to kill me?"? If there is no baby Dan, in a few decades, he will turn into a pile of loess, magic weapons, spar and other things, even if more, what is the point? Under the gaze of the monks, the old man surnamed Fan walked down the second floor of the pavilion with dim eyes. He is going to try his luck in another place where people gather during the period of Jiedan. As for the place where yuan Ying's monks traded, he could not go at all. Zhang Heng glanced at the third floor of the pavilion and found that there was a strong ban blocking the stairs. He thought that there might be a monk of yuan Ying sitting on the stairs, but he did not rashly use divine consciousness to detect it. With a faint smile,Rotating sludge scraper, Zhang Heng pulled Ning Xuerong and followed the old man surnamed Fan. Chapter 298 difficulties. Heng and Ning Xuerong followed the old man surnamed Fan out of the pavilion. Alas! After the old man surnamed Fan walked out of the trading pavilion, he could not help sighing, and his eyes showed a little helplessness and despair. Zhang Heng did not contact him immediately and followed him for some distance. The two Taoist friends followed Fan Mou for a long time and did not know what their intentions were. 。 khnwatertreatment.com