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  1. "I have nothing to do with him." Ji Changkong shook his head and thought about it. In the distance, there was a deafening roar from the peaks. Small peaks flew over and surrounded him. Nine changes in ancient times! As soon as Shang Shaowu's face changed, he hummed, "Did you say it had nothing to do with Yang Haili?"? If you weren't his disciple, how could you perform the ancient nine changes? Shang Shaowu looked up at the mountains that were flying over, and his face was uncertain, as if he had some scruples. I have no intention of making enemies with your Shang family, as long as Shang Bingjie. Ji Changkong frowned, he did not know what relationship Shang Shaowu and Yang Haili had, but he did not want to borrow the name of Yang Haili and the Shang family. Hum! Although the ancient nine changes array is powerful, your array is obviously unable to unfold the profound meaning of the ancient nine changes array. When you refine this array, you lack dozens of scarce materials, and you only have the cultivation of the state of wishful thinking. At most, you wield 60% of the power of the array! Shang Shaowu seems to know the ancient Jiubianjue array very well. What he said was true. When he first refined the ancient Jiubianjue Array, he was still in the land of the Five Elements, and there were indeed a lot of materials that were difficult to collect. At that time, his cultivation was also too weak, and although the array had been developed, it was far from being able to display its real power. "I don't know Yang Haili, but I think he's dead." Ji Changkong hesitated for a moment and said,mobile garbage bin, "It's also possible that he was reincarnated like you. When I got the Tianyuan bead, he had only a wisp of soul left in it, and I refined it to death. I got the method of condensing the ancient nine changes from his memory. Strictly speaking, he and I are still enemies." "Refining to death?" Shang Shaowu smiled coldly and said disdainfully, "Yang Haili was at the peak of the realm of communication with the gods. He was known as the first person in the realm of communication with the gods. Even if he had only a silk spirit left, you couldn't refine it to death. Are you sure that what you refined to death was a wisp of his spirit?" "I understand what it means to be a spirit in the realm of the gods." Ji Changkong's expression did not change. He said casually, "However, I happen to have mastered the Sickle Soul Song of the Purgatory Ghost Clan. I heard that the profound meaning of the Sickle Soul Song can not only refine the soul,plastic pallet supplier, but also eliminate the soul seal. I don't know if that's the case." As soon as the words came out, Shang Shaowu suddenly changed color and exclaimed, "It's impossible!"! How can you master the soul song of the Purgatory Ghosts? This profound meaning can only be used by the people of the Purgatory Ghost Clan, but not by outsiders at all! "How about we make a deal?" Ji Changkong suddenly laughed, "You tell me about Yang Haili and Tianyuanzhu, and I tell you why I can perform the soul song, how about that?" "To blame!" The sound of breaking the air suddenly came from a distance. Not long after, a line of five masters of the Shang family, carrying the three sisters of the night, slowly appeared. The five masters of the Shang family all had the cultivation of Nirvana. Farther away, there were a dozen ice slaves with a cold look, looking at here from afar. Ye Meizi's three sisters, their long eyelashes are already misty, and the essence in their bodies must be frozen. As a master of the Shang family, plastic pallet bin ,spill plastic pallet, after he came over, he bowed to the cliff and others one by one, and immediately said, "These three sisters were caught by us before they flew away from the star of the south.". Uh There was no sound from his nostrils. He waved his hand and said, "Put the man down. Go back." "Yes." The man respectfully threw the three Yemeizi sisters into the middle of the cliff and others, and immediately left without looking back. Shang Wuya, Shang Jiaozhi, Shang Mu and Shang Luohai were guarding Ye Meizi, while Shang Shaowu was standing opposite Ji Changkong. Although the three sisters of Ye Meizi were imprisoned, their big eyes were open and they looked longingly at Ji Changkong not far away. With a cold face, Shang Jiaozhi pulled off the veils on the faces of the three sisters, revealing three exquisite cheeks that were upside down. The three sisters really had seven or eight acquaintances, but their temperaments were slightly different. The night rose posture was more pungent and generous, while the night rose moon was beautiful and refined, and the night rose fragrance was charming and lovely. The true appearance of the three sisters was revealed, and even the eyes of the two good players, Shang Wuya and Shang Luohai, who were in the realm of good luck, lit up. Yes, that's them. "Shang Zhaozhi stared at the three sisters carefully and said lightly," You can use the three sisters to threaten the night Meizu and let them tell the hiding place of the ice emperor. When Shang Shaowu saw that the three sisters had been captured, he seemed to think of the three sisters' confession to him, and the fierce light in his eyes burst out, and anyone could see that he had a ferocious idea of killing. Ye Meizi's three sisters flashed a sense of despair in their eyes at the same time. Shang Shaowu took a deep breath, suddenly looked back at Ji Changkong, and grinned, "Do you like these three girls?"? If you promise me one thing, I can give you all the three girls. Of course, I will give you the girl named Shang Bingjie. Besides, I will tell you the truth about Yang Haili and Tianyuanzhu. How about that? "What did I promise you?" Ji Changkong asked with a smile, "If it's reasonable, I can think about it. In fact, I hate fighting and killing." "It's very simple. You can give me the'source fire 'that combines the flame of fire and the cold flame of the nether world. With the'source fire'," our previous enmity is written off. How about that? " "If you don't d" ", try another way." Shang Shaowu didn't get angry either. "You give me Tianyuan beads," he added. "How about this?" Also not thousand "o" Shang Shaowu nodded his head and said, "Then there's nothing I can do. It seems that I have to destroy you even if you are damaged." "If you really have the cultivation of incarnation, I may promise you. Unfortunately, you have been reincarnated. I don't think you can kill me." Ji Changkong laughed. Oh, then you can try it. Shang Shaowu's face gradually darkened. He hummed, "If I don't drink, I'll be punished. Now that Yang Haili is dead, I don't need to worry about anything. Do you really think I'm afraid of you?" "Who?" Suddenly, there was a cry of surprise from the Shang family in the distance. A surge of air passed by, and a line of seven people in the distance suddenly emerged. The first one turned out to be Feiyun, the elder of the Feather Clan. His wings were five meters long,plastic bulk containers, and when he flapped, he came to Yuner in the blink of an eye, along with the master of the Wood Clan. cnplasticpallet.com
  2. Thinking this way, He Shen said more and more freely: "Master Wang told me several times that the 15th Master was going to manage this salt land.". I thought about it, from Dezhou to the southwest to Handan, thousands of miles of saline-alkali beach! To the north, to the west of Tianjin, there is also salt water, which can be turned into rice fields when cured. Now that I have moved this heart, I might as well have a bigger hand. Please order the Ministry of the Interior and the Yamen of the Governor of Water Transport to send experts to survey the land on the spot. It is not only to collect grain, but also to resettle many unemployed poor people! This is the great event of the country and the foundation of ten thousand years! He put down the teacup in his hand, as if the rolling waves of rice were flashing in front of his eyes, and his hands gathered together: "a thousand miles of alkali beach has become a fertile field!"! The water and the small station are the same here, and the rice laid down is like a pearl, semi-transparent! From now on, the two provinces of Zhili and Shandong will no longer need to transfer grain in. How much more grain can they supply to Beijing? This is really a great merit! When I think about it at night, I'm so happy and anxious that I can't sleep. Wang Erlie and Qian Feng are scholars who have not read the world deeply. Listening to what he said makes people look forward to it, and their eyes shine with joy. Liu Yong, however, knew that sitting and talking like this was like a pie in the sky to satisfy his hunger, but he could not say anything. He just smiled and puffed away. Since you think so, you have a predestined relationship with this merit. Kui Yan was also excited at first,plastic pallet supplier, but he and Wang Erlie had discussed the management of saline-alkali land in Huanghua Town. With such a piece of land in just two counties, he still had to open another drainage canal. What a huge project was this plan? How much manpower, money and food? "When I think about it, I know that he Shen came up with it temporarily." "Big but not flashy," the eight words in the heart, the eyes have become dim, only a smile, said: "You just write out the statement,drum spill containment, please implement. I recommend you to preside in front of the emperor! He Shen couldn't help being stunned: "Why is it so difficult today?"? I ask the Ministry of the Interior to investigate, and you take advantage of the opportunity to throw the messenger over! Now I see the big military plane, but you let me take the migrant workers to the alkaline water beach to repair the fields? People are confused every day. What's wrong with me? He did not dare to say any more, but stopped with a smile. "It takes Jin Fu's courage and Chen Tuan's talent.". I'm afraid the slave doesn't have the ability. At this moment, Wang Erlie came to his senses and said with a smile, "It's better to cure this area of Huanghua Town according to the plan of the Fifteenth Master. The people of the imperial court have seen the real benefits. There are also people who have silver. It's only feasible to govern it step by step." "I'm going to Dezhou and then to Yanzhou." Yan Yan knew that there was no end to the discussion. "That's the hometown of Confucius," he said with a smile. "Why do you always fight against rent and grain?"? My imperial commissioner will not move, and he will be set up in Texas. What should you do? Follow your own regulations. If there is a big event, it will be done at once. I will not interfere. He hesitated for a moment and then added, "Thieves come and go everywhere. It's not the time for singing and dancing to promote peace."! I am in favor of building the Confucian Temple and the Academy Palace. The mausoleum of King Su Nu was sealed, and a large garden pavilion and wine shop were built, as well as a guild hall. It is said that more than a dozen brothels have been built, and the Confucian Temple stands against each other! If a man does not plough, the world will be hungry; if a woman does not weave, plastic trash bins ,plastic pallet manufacturer, the world will be cold. How much labor and financial resources will be wasted? Chong Rugong, when you go to Jinan, you'd better stop these useless projects. His tone was not strong, but he spoke without equivocation. Liu Yong three people buttocks already left the seat, and sat back. Liu Yong said, "It was Qian Feng's suggestion that Dezhou should start construction this time, and I agreed.". The Fifteenth Master thought there was something wrong, and I would follow his instructions when I went back. It's just that some engineering materials have been prepared and are being built in the middle, and suddenly ordered to stop work, which wastes too much, and it's easy for villains to take advantage of chaos and corruption. Can we not issue a ban for the time being and maintain the original opinion of the meeting? My face is a trivial matter. Don't let the gentry say that the government has gone back on its word. "Your face is no small matter." Yan Yan said: "Do not ban to stop construction, land money and donations to increase, so that they flinch.". In addition, the government of Dezhou has come forward to deal with those who buy and sell women from good families to brothels. Those old men, bastards, big teapots, and brokers who run brokers will be fined for money. The brothels built near the Confucian Temple will be given a deadline to choose another place. In this way, they can't help but be forbidden, and they will retreat from difficulties. ” In a word, he sent a yamen runner to stir up trouble every other day, and the civil engineering project "died without illness." This was Yan Yan's method. Liu Yong was the first time he had learned his femininity. He Shen was thinking about how to save it because Liu Yong said it was his own suggestion. He was annoyed with Liu Yong, but he said with a giggle, "Fifteenth Master, this is the best way!"! The stall is too big, and I thought it would be a bad ending. He also told Shi Angong that this was not in line with the court's purpose of emphasizing agriculture and restraining commerce. As soon as the Fifteenth Master mentioned this, he understood that the more people were recruited for the project here, not only would it be easy to have an accident, but who would plant the abandoned land in the village? Let's go to Jinan and dry the water in the shade. Yan Yan nodded his head with a smile and said yes. But Qian Feng, who was standing next to him, said, "Master, you have your own rules and regulations. You can't take a part for the whole. Business is one of the four people. You take righteousness as the foundation and make profits. The sage can't help it.". I am in favor of building with adults in Dezhou. Now I have changed my opinion with adults, but I have not changed. There is no'bad ending 'here. I realized that the 15th Master's royal order was that he was worried that the peasants would go to the city to work and abandon the land, that they would waste money and grain, and that the luxury of corruption would flourish. He thought that he was worrying too much. This is really a word both out of four are surprised, Yan Yan gave Liu Yong steps, Liu Yong language how vague and Shen saw the wind at the helm, on the legs rub rope son finished the matter, who expected him to come out of the point of such a gun! Liu Yong and Shen both sat half open, not knowing what to say. Huier was pouring tea when the tea overflowed in a daze. Oh Yan Yan since the birth of the womb, in addition to the Qianlong period plus court training brush, or the first encounter with Qian Feng such a face rebuke, stunned for a moment, smile has solidified on the face. He did not have a foreign minister, a little at a loss,stackable plastic pallets, and he had something to say in front of people "at will". But self-respect is stabbed by this, it is to shed blood, cold ice way: "Still have 'take a part for the whole'?"? I would like to hear and consult! 。 cnplasticpallet.com
  3. Who knows, Lu ran also stopped beside them, facing Jiang Nuan slightly raised his chin, in the cool light of the street lamp quite a bit of lonely taste. What's wrong Jiang Nuan is still standing there. Take you back and finish the physics paper quickly. The first half of the sentence "take you back" let Jiang Nuan's little heart leak so a beat, after all, even if Jiang Nuan does not have a girl's heart also has vanity, ah, can be carried by Lu Ran a journey is very face-saving ah. But the second half of the sentence. Learn, learn, learn, to learn again! In Jiang Nuan's heart, Lu Ran let her study hard in order not to make trouble for her father, so that Lu Ran can have a good coach who devotes himself wholeheartedly, can achieve good results in the club league, and maybe can enter the national youth team. I'm too heavy to break your bicycle tires. With that, Jiang Nuan turned around and continued to walk forward. But to her surprise, Rao can actually sat on the back frame of Mu Sheng's bicycle! What made Jiang's warm eyes drop even more was that Xu Zitian said to Cheng Doudou shyly,wholesale plastic pallet, "Shall I take you with me?" Jiang Nuan thought that Doudou would ask her opinion, but she sat on it without looking back and said sweetly, "Thank you, then slow down." Watching them drive past him, Jiang Nuan was really angry. Cheng Doudou, why are you blushing! These two have no loyalty! It's just a boy's bike,wholesale plastic pallet, and the dog of their friendship died! Jiang Nuangqi walked forward with his pockets bulging, and Lu Ran's bicycle rode at the back, as if to say, "Give you one last chance to sit up.". Forget it, the hero does not suffer immediate losses! Jiang Nuan trotted to the back of Lu Ran's bicycle, but before he jumped up, Lu Ran suddenly sped up and rode to the front. Jiang Nuan stared at each other with round eyes. Why didn't you wait for me to ride so slowly? Mu Sheng looked back sympathetically and said, "Master Lu is like that. If you are heartless, I will stop!"! I gave it to you the first time, but you didn't want it. The first time.. What the hell is the first time! Don't talk nonsense and ruin my reputation! I ate too much and walked back by myself! Jiang Nuan's ears are burning. Talk nonsense about "the first time"! Jiang Nuan walked a whole street and passed Kangjia's franchise store. The TV in the window was playing the video of the National College Fencing League team competition. Jiang Nuan was immediately attracted and stood there watching attentively. The screen shows the team match between Haichuan University and B University. Jiang Nuan's eyes brightened, and he was a big B! The commentator is broadcasting: "Now it is Chen Zhe of Haichuan University who is concise to B University!" On the screen, the two sides attacked each other almost at the same time, euro plastic pallet ,foldable bulk container, but they simply fended off each other's sword and scored directly by pressing the sword back! Decisive and neat! Jiang Nuan couldn't move his eyes. Your face is almost on the glass. Like the sound of an old cello, Jiang Nuan's heart seemed to be stirred. As soon as she turned around, she saw Lu Ran touching the ground on one foot, holding his bicycle under the street lamp, an independent figure, and others had already ridden far away. Did this guy come back for her? I guess she was afraid that her father would know that it would affect his image of integrity and understanding. Jiang Nuan hummed for a moment and continued to watch the recording and broadcasting of the game. It happened to be a concise pursuit of the opponent. The pace at his feet was continuous and smooth. He suppressed the opponent and lost ground. At the moment when he hit the opponent's shoulder, the strength and angle were perfect. OK Jiang Nuan clenched his fist and cheered. Then came a kind of envy. Do you like simplicity? Lu ran's cold voice sounded again. I like it. Because he can beat you. The best part of the match was the moment when the simple long lunge hit the opponent's shoulder. Jiang Nuan's wrist was clasped, and suddenly she pulled her shoulder into a man's arms, and as soon as she looked up, she saw Lu Ran's dark eyes. Go back. "I haven't seen the result yet!" Isn't it scratching your heart and lungs to go home like this! "Haichuan University won the four swords of B University." "Impossible, B is very simple, how can he lose to Haichuan?" "This is a team competition, but one person can't turn the tide.". Are you sure you want to stay here and watch B lose? Lu Ran's tone is just a statement of objective facts. Jiang Nuan opened his mouth and reluctantly got on Lu Ran's bicycle, hard and unhappy. Back home, Jiang Nuan went to take a hot bath, and the warm water vapor made her limbs and bones comfortable. Who knows to wait for her to go out, hear mom say: "Ah Yo!"! Xiao Nuan, you have been washing for so long that you thought you would never come out! Lu ran is waiting for you. "What?"? Why is he still here? Jiang Nuan, with a bitter face, pushed the door of her bedroom and saw Lu Ran sitting at her desk, holding her chin in one hand, turning over the copy of Pirate Luffy in her hand, with a small plate of fruit in front of her. There was little fruit in winter, and her mother cut out patterns for him. The feeling of depression that he was not his parents'own came back to his mind. You write the physics paper, and this chapter is the key point. I'll time you. Lu ran raised his wrist and glanced at his sports watch. I want to blow my head. Jiang Nuan sat on the edge of the bed, cross-legged, deliberately killing time slowly. As she blew her head, she couldn't help glancing at Lu Ran. In fact, in her mind, if Lu Ran reads books, she should read some very profound things, explore the philosophy of life, and raise the level of thinking. But he actually studied "Pirate Luffy" like watching Mathematical Olympiad. Looking at his calm side face, Jiang Nuan wanted to do something bad. She suddenly straightened up and stretched her legs. She stepped on the comic book with her foot, deliberately wanting to disgust Lu Ran and see how he looked at it. She didn't see how Lu ran did it, and in an instant she clasped her ankle. Is that your secret, turning pages with your feet? That is the hand holding the sword, the strength of the fingers is a little big,collapsible pallet box, Jiang Nuan wants to take back the foot, but is pinched by Lu Ran effortlessly, the whole posture has become funny. cnplasticpallet.com
  4. "They are hanging our buttocks. As for the reason, I don't know. Maybe there are important people who died in Songye tribe and Emi tribe. Maybe the grassland warrior you killed on the edge of the pool is their people. In short, human beings are very vindictive. If you touch the people they want to protect, then he will spare no effort to kill you." "The boy who ran away by the pool?" Lu Yan remembered that the boy named Bam had run away from his own hands, and if he had really attracted the cavalry, it would be right for Utrede to execute himself. "Well, no matter how it came, now that it's here, there's no need to think about it. What we have to think about now is how to escape." Karen Waal took a glance at the many red bones behind him, and finally turned to ask Lu Yan: "Little thing, do you have any good ideas?" Lv Yansi took one look at Karen Val and said, "My Lord, I know that every day after you set up camp, your ashes are in the west, that is, digging a horse pit in the direction of our advance. I'm afraid you already have an idea about the current situation." "Hey,heavy duty plastic pallet, little thing, you can't rely on me for everything. A few trapped horses can't deal with two hundred cunning enemies. You have to think again." Lv Yan thought for a moment: "Well, I propose to divide our forces and run. Every three or four war bones will run away with their men in different directions. If the enemies divide their forces to chase them, maybe there will be a way to defeat them or escape." "Very clever trick, really worthy of once being a cunning human!" Karen Waal extolled praise and began to gather the other war bones to announce the plan. Lv Yan is astonished: "My Lord, I just put forward you to accept,plastic wheelie bins, don't you consider that there is nothing wrong with this?" "That's the best advice I've ever heard. Do you have any other ideas?" "I just thought adults were going to discuss it." "There is no need to discuss the best advice." Karen Valle summoned nearly forty skeletons together, announced the plan, divided his forces into ten groups, and fled in the coming darkness. He drew a large oval track on the mud, and set the line where all the skeletons met at a point in the southwest corner. Remember, you must shake off the pursuers behind you, or you can turn around and swallow them, but you must not bring the human to our rendezvous point, or I will smash every bone of him with my own hands, do you understand? When Karen Wahl spoke, he was so ferocious that there was terrible black smoke coming out of his mouth, and it was obvious that if anyone dared to say half a "no", collapsible bulk container ,plastic pallet box, he would immediately jump on it. Lu Yan suddenly felt that Karen Wahl's body shape had changed a little, but he could not say exactly where it had changed. Understand Skeletons are used to submitting to the strong, and Karen Wahl's plan is the only one that has any hope. Lu Yan was also allowed to sit in on the meeting. When he saw the black dirt on the ground, he was suddenly touched: "My Lord, I have a suggestion. I don't know if I can say it." "Go ahead." Lv Yan picked up a handful of black mud from the ground: "The mud on this ground is black. Can we paint some red bones with black mud, so that they can pretend to be war bones to attract the enemy, and then gather all the war bones together to give the pursuers a hard blow?" Karen Val smiled, while the other war bones showed surprise on their faces. Lv Yan's idea was very novel and felt very effective. Should they really consider doing so? They all hoped so that they could stay with the clever Karen Val. When dealing with human beings, wisdom is much more useful than strength. No way Karen Val put away her smile and firmly rejected Lv Yan's proposal: "Humans are very cunning. They can easily distinguish which are real war bones and which are red bones. If all the war bones are gathered together, it will only make the target obvious. The final result is that none of them can escape." Lu Yan nodded. He didn't have much doubt about Karen Val's words. He stepped back carefully. In the regretful eyes of the war bones, he stepped back behind Karen Val. The fans also liked to read:. Half an hour later, ten skeleton teams, each about two hundred or so, in a huge fan-shaped separation, toward the west of the prairie, Lv Yan in this team has the strongest five war bones, at the insistence of Karen Val, they did not choose the "safest" path of the horse pit ambush in the west, but chose the more dangerous route in the north. Almost at the very beginning, he exposed himself to the impact path of the Wolf Flag Cavalry. His Lordship's plan is not as simple as what he conveyed to the other war bones! Lu Yan, who was running wildly, soon realized that Karen Val definitely had his own plan, but he couldn't figure out what it was. Wolf flag cavalry quickly made a response, about a hundred people of the cavalry toward the direction of Lv Yan running pressure over, rumbling hooves like thunder from the horizon, shock his whole body skeleton crisp hemp unceasingly. Restrain your men and don't stop! Karen Val's roar came, Lu Yan found that some ashes were shocked by the sound of hooves, frightened to shiver in situ and dare not move forward. Although the ashes were cannon fodder, they became more and more precious when they could not be supplied. Lv Yan roared and rushed back to split two dazed ashes with white bees. Under the threat of death, the other ashes finally reacted and barely kept up with Karen Val's footsteps, while Lv Yan kept roaring and driving behind. The human cavalry is getting closer and closer, the archers on the horse began to shoot arrows, the men on the prairie can shoot down the big eagle in the sky, for these stupid skeleton targets is an arrow, Lu Yan felt the arrows around him like rain, a large number of ashes and even red bones fell on the grass. Lu Yan did not think of anything in his mind, but ran desperately. He saw that three arrows had been inserted in Karen's tall back,plastic pallet manufacturer, but the tenacious lizard skeleton did not slow down, but rushed harder, with the whole skeleton team rushed out of the cavalry's charge route. cnplasticpallet.com
  5. His face changed slightly, and he said to his wife almost without hesitation, "Lady, the reason why I can live so happily when I know I will die at the age of thirty-five is because you and your two daughters are with me!" Without waiting for his wife to open her mouth, he quickly revealed his feelings for his two daughters to his wife without reservation. Didn't you always wonder why I gave my daughters two different nicknames like that? I tell you, because they are my pride and the continuation of my Cheng family's blood in the future! As long as I think that my two daughters do not need to be like me, when they are thirty-five years old, they must be willing to kill themselves under the big locust tree in front of their ancestral graves, I want to fly happily! Master Cheng looked earnestly at Mrs. Yu, who had an embarrassed expression on her face, and said, "Lady, I really dream that our daughter can live a long and happy life. I think, as a mother, your idea should be the same as mine, right?" "Then.." That's for sure. Staring at by her husband, Master Cheng, Mrs. Yu,push button toilet flush valve, who was on pins and needles, showed a smile on her face that was uglier than crying. "Nian'er and Sui'er are also the flesh and blood of my concubine who was born in October. How can my concubine be.." "How could you cruelly exchange their lives for your husband's?" "That's good!"! That's good! Master Cheng, who pretended not to see his wife's real intention, deliberately showed an expression on his face as if he had been granted amnesty and said, "Lady, don't blame your husband for saying ugly things in the first place. If you really dare to do that, even if I am saved by you,Self-closing Faucet, I will follow our daughter!"! Because, for my husband, no matter how many children we have in the future, they are not our years and years! Master Cheng's tender and loving words made the Rose sisters put down their last grudge against their father and the prostitute. They both said, "Dad, if there were no you in the world, there would be no us!"! Since. Since the serpent has agreed to let us exchange you, we.. We would like very much to — "Don't talk nonsense!" Master Cheng rudely interrupted his two daughters, "I didn't give birth to you to let you stop the disaster for my father!" Sister Yu Qiangwei was so shocked by Master Cheng's rebuke that she shrank back uncontrollably. They rarely saw their father angry, and now that he was so angry, they were naturally flustered. "What I said to your mother just now is my sincere words. I am sincerely proud of having your two daughters. You don't need to die for me, and I won't let you die for me. You just need to take good care of your mother and don't let her mourn too much for my departure. That's enough!" At this point, Master Cheng spoke in a voice, Flush valve price ,Concealed Flush Valve, and with a somewhat ashamed expression on his face, he bowed to his mother, Mrs. Cheng, who was half floating in the air. "I am not a qualified father, and I have set a bad example for you to be afraid of death!"! Now I only hope that you will not learn from me in the future. As he spoke, he looked at his wife, Mrs. Yu, who did not know when she had shed tears on her skirt. "Lady, I owe you friendship for my husband in this life, and I can only repay it in the next life!" With trembling hands, he took his wife, who was crying so hard, into his arms and took out the handkerchief in his sleeve pocket to wipe her tears. "If heaven had eyes, it would let us meet again and be husband and wife for a lifetime!"! At that time, I will grow old with you! I won't let you suffer like this again! "In the next life.." I don't want the afterlife that I don't know if I can meet again! Angrily, Mrs. Yu pulled off the veil that Master Cheng had used to wipe her tears and plunged into his arms. She clung to his waist and said, "My husband, I don't have to pay attention to our two daughters, but you have to promise me one condition. Otherwise, don't blame me for doing something terrible!" Master Cheng has been threatened and harassed by his wife, who has been spoiled by his father-in-law and mother-in-law since childhood, since he knew his wife, but he has never been so heartbroken as he is now! His Adam's apple slid for a while. With trembling hands, he hugged his wife, who was already a little weak, and cried with a hoarse voice that was almost pulled out of his throat: "My silly wife, why do you bother to come here?" "Maybe it's suffering and foolishness for you, but." From Master Cheng's unusually moving eyes, Mrs. Yu, who found that Master Cheng had noticed what she was thinking, could not help showing a happy smile on her face. In the past, what she was most proud of was the tacit understanding that she and her husband could communicate smoothly without words. This is the best proof that they have deeply engraved themselves in each other's hearts. But my body is willing to suffer like this, do such a fool! Because I can't live in a world without you! Master Cheng looked at his wife with a sad expression. "Lady, you can't do that. Our years haven't been married yet. Our years haven't grown up yet. You can't.." "I don't care! I don't care!" Mrs. Yu covered her ears in her husband's arms and shook her head desperately, "I don't care.." I don't care so much. Xianggong. Don't make me.. Don't make me. Master Cheng, who had always known how much his wife cared about him, sighed and cast his eyes on his daughters. His lips moved silently twice, trying to say something to his daughters, but without saying anything, he held his beloved wife in his arms again and became an ostrich again with his head buried in the sand. Yu Qiangwei looked at them for a long time with very complicated eyes. After a long time, she said in a low and hoarse voice: "Dad, I'm afraid Niang and I can't finish the task you arranged for us,Stainless Steel Toilet China, because, compared with our two insignificant daughters, Niang obviously cares more about you.." Yu Qiangwei said as she hugged her tottering sister. cnkexin.com
  6. Paolo Naloco didn't get this! Ow! Then he fell on his back, lying on the ground, holding his thighs in a ball, rolling all over the ground in pain. Xie Wendong stepped on his chest with one foot. At the same time, he grabbed his hair and lifted it up with a sudden force. His teeth clenched and clenched. He shouted in a cold voice word by word: "N, I ask you again, who killed my general manager?" Xie Wendong seldom gets angry, and even less when he gets angry and curses people. His appearance at this time was something that people had never seen before. Even Gesang and yuan Tianzhong, who had been around him for a long time, were startled. As for Men Fucheng, he collapsed on the sofa, looking at the injured and screaming Paul Naloco and the ferocious Xie Wendong, his mind buzzing, a blank, the whole person has been scared silly. Xie Wendong is really anxious at this time, Wang Hailong is the head of Hongwu Group, but also one of his most valued talents, his murder, let Xie Wendong's heart is bleeding, now it is not easy to find clues, which he is willing to guard against. He I didn't kill him. Paul Naloco's nose and tears flowed out together, and he looked at Xie Wendong in horror and said in a trembling voice. Download the text version of the novel, please come to the network,Flushometer valve, leisurely book alliance, non-toxic, no pop-up window, high-speed download experience. Chapter 64 "Nonsense!" Xie Wendong drank coldly. Of course, Wang Hailong is not Paul. Naloco did it. Anyone can see that. Xie Wendong gritted his teeth and said, "Tell me, who did it?" Paul. Naloco's face was white, the wound on his calf was so painful that he was shivering, and his nose and temples were covered with cold sweat. He gasped and stammered,Manual Flush Valve, "As far as I know, it should.." It should be.. By the Alliance of Death! "Death Alliance?!" Xie Wendong's eyes were deep and he bit his lip. He also suspected the Death Alliance, but according to yuan Hua, the Death Alliance only regarded its own Bank of East Asia as a potential threat, but Hailong was the head of Hongwu Group, why did he kill him? He doesn't understand that. Some of what he said is true. Although Rothschild Bank has been established for almost 200 years, it has always been a closed bank, and its top managers are all members of the Rothschild family. Because it has not been listed, it does not need to publish its financial statements every year, so that the outside world knows nothing about the actual assets of Rothschild Bank. The wealth of the Rothschild family can only be judged by speculation. Xie Wendong stared at Paul without blinking. Naloco, after a long time, his eyes gradually returned to their original softness, which also made Paul. Naloco breathed a sigh of relief, as if a big stone on his heart had suddenly disappeared. Xie Wendong tapped his forehead gently, and the expression on his face eased. He asked: "Why didn't the Alliance of Death go to the Bank of East Asia instead of dealing with an irrelevant person?" "This.." I don't know about that. Paul. Naloco said feebly: "Maybe they didn't find a chance to start with the Bank of East Asia, so they targeted Hongwu Group. After all, Flush Retrofit Kit ,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, Hongwu Group is also Mr. Xie's property. It has been heavily funding the Bank of East Asia all the time. Once Hongwu Group is hit hard, BEA will certainly be affected." Xie Wendong secretly nodded, if so, it is also reasonable. As a result of prior notice from yuan Hua, he had already raised his vigilance, and asked Chris and Jack to protect Li Xiaoyun and the senior staff of the Bank of East Asia. With their own forces in Angola and a large number of fighters trained by Jack, it was really difficult for the Alliance of Death to find a chance to attack. Alas! Xie Wendong again in the heart dark sigh tone, oneself calculate to calculate, but just missed the Hongwu group, did not expect the other side will grab the mouth at Wang Hailong. He looked down at Paul. Naloco's injured calf, then straightened up and said, "Take Mr. Naloco to the hospital!" "Yes!"! Brother Dong! Immediately, two younger brothers of Beihongmen came forward and took Paul lying on the ground? Nalok picked him up As he walked out and left the office, Xie Wendong smiled and said in a loud voice, "Mr. Nalok, I was a little impulsive just now. I'm sorry and sorry for the harm I did to you!" After hearing that, Paul? Naloco was so angry that he wanted to shout abuse. He struggled to twist back, look at Xie Wendong, and then look at the hand he was carrying in his hand, a tremor in his heart, to the mouth of the cruel words and did not live up to expectations to swallow down. Wait for Paul? After Naloco was taken away. Xie Wendong looked at Men Fucheng, who was still sitting on the sofa in a daze: "Is there anything else for Vice General Manager Men?" "Huh?"? Oh, no, nothing! Hearing Xie Wendong's voice, Menfuchengcai woke up as if from a dream. Subconsciously, he wiped the cold sweat on his forehead. He stood up hurriedly and said in a panic, "Thank you."? Mr. Xie , that?? Then I'm going, too. !” Xie Wendong nodded and said with a smile, "Vice General Manager, please take care!" "Yes, yes, yes!" Men Fucheng's head was swollen, his feet were floating, and he didn't even know how to leave Xie Wendong's office. He knew that behind the Hongwu Group was Beihongmen, and he also knew that Beihongmen was an underworld organization, but he didn't expect it to be so overbearing and lawless that he dared to attack foreigners in broad daylight, and the other side was the top level of the Galway Group. Xie Wendong is not worried about this, since he dares to hurt Paul? Naroko You will have the assurance to get away. And in the matter of investigating the Alliance of Death, the Political Department will be fully inclined to him. There were no outsiders in the office, so Xie Wendong sat back in his chair, crossed his hands, held his chin, and pondered silently. Now it seems that the God of death alliance has surfaced, is a clear posture to fight against their own in the end, so they can no longer give in, can only tit for tat with a hard fight, fight. Thinking, he picked up the phone and called Li Xiaoyun. He is not afraid of the Alliance of Death, nor the Rothschild family behind it, but the biggest headache for him is that the other side is too mysterious, even if he wants to fight back,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, he has to have a target, but now he can not find the entity of the Alliance of Death and the Rothschild family, so it is impossible to fight back. cnkexin.com
  7. Winged Snake Lake, Mingxin Island. Mingxin Island is the name given by Ji Ning to the island in the middle of the lake. There are many buildings on the island. Originally a desolate island, it is now as beautiful as a paradise. Now at the turn of spring and summer, all kinds of flowers are competing for beauty. After careful care by some servants, it is even more beautiful. Akiha! Akiha! A young man in Tsing Yi was running and shouting. Qiuye, who was sitting there boiling tea, turned to look and said with a smile, "Qingshi, the practice of arrows is over."? Have you been scolded by Master Meng Yu? "This.." Bluestone touched his head and said helplessly, "Can I not be scolded? When practicing arrows, Master Meng Yu scolded me every time, and often compared with my brother. What kind of genius is my brother? Can I compare?" "You have to cherish it." Qiu Ye looked at the bluestone as if he were looking at his own brother and solemnly said, "Childe also said that although Master Meng Yu was broken, he is now more specialized in archery." Now archery is on a higher level. Master Mengyu is willing to teach you because he lives in Mingxin Island and has a childe to speak. You have to study hard. If you study well, it will be a unique learning. Bluestone even nodded: "I understand." Qingshi was also very happy on Mingxin Island, and Ji Ning completely regarded him as his younger brother, matching his elder brother with his younger brother. From the name,Self-closing Shower Valve, we can see the closeness of the relationship. Generally, it is normal to call "big brother" and "big brother", but only those who grow up together in childhood will call brother. Uh Akiha smiled and nodded. Where is Ji Ning's brother? Qingshi asked, "are you practicing your sword?" "I'm not practicing my sword," said Akiba with a smile. "Oh, then sleep on the Winged Snake Lake." Qingshi said with a smile that after living in Winged Snake Lake for nearly five years,Time Delay Faucet, he was also very clear about Ji Ning's habits. Ji Ning now lies on a boat on Winged Snake Lake and sleeps with the tide besides practicing his sword. Yeah, I'm sleeping. The autumn leaves also turned to look at the boundless lake. Qingshi couldn't help saying, "When I asked Ji Ning why he always slept on the Winged Snake Lake, he said.." He is practicing. I don't understand. How can sleeping on the Winged Snake Lake be practicing? But Ji Ning's brother's swordsmanship is getting more and more powerful. Two years ago, Commander Ji already admitted that he was defeated! "Yes, the childe's swordsmanship is getting more and more superb and incredible." Qiu Ye sighed, "I once saw some waterfowl flying around for a long time when the childe was practicing his sword." "So amazing?" Bluestone surprised. Commander Ji used to fight with Childe once a year, but two years ago, when he thought he was defeated, he stopped coming. It's a pity that Childe doesn't allow me to see it. I don't know what kind of scene it is when the commander fights with Childe. Akiba has a glimmer of longing, in her eyes, Ji Yichuan's swordsmanship has long been a myth, Prison toilet for sale ,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, and the realm of his own son's swordsmanship is now unfathomable. Ji Yichuan lives on Mingxin Island, but at the other end of Mingxin Island, he is usually lonely and arrogant, forbidding anyone to go there, without any servant. Only Ji Ning can go in and accompany his father occasionally. I wonder what level my brother's swordsmanship has reached. Bluestone has the color of worship in its eyes. Look The autumn leaves suddenly looked in the direction of the lake. Uh Bluestone also turned to look. I saw a boat appear faintly in the distance, the bluestone first showed a happy look and thought it was Ji Ning's sleeping boat, but a closer look. The ship was a large ship, a ferryboat that often ferried people between the island and the shore. After all, there are many people living on Mingxin Island now, and there are nearly 100 servants, who often have to send large amounts of food to the island, and some outsiders come to visit, so naturally there are ferries. On the ferry. There was a group of young people on the boat, talking and laughing with each other. The suzerain asked me to wait and pay my respects to Ji Ning. A tall young man with bare chest has a trace of anger in his eyes, "We are Ji's clan mansion, much better than the other four of Ji's mansion!"! The six of us are also the strongest of the younger generation in Ji's clan mansion. Let's come and learn from Ji Ning. It's all right. Let's come to'pay a visit 'and let Ji Ning'point out' us? And say to be respectful? "Shut up." A handsome young man opened his mouth and shouted, "The suzerain has ordered that you should be respectful and call Ji Ning Childe." "Good, good, Mr. Ji Ning.". "The tall young man couldn't help saying," That's all for us, Ji Mo, but you are the peerless genius of the younger generation of our Ji clan. At the age of fifteen, you have already stepped into the congenital world. Our Ji clan's unique learning "Wan Jian Qu" has already become a great success. That Ji Ning.. Although Ji Ning's son was born a few years earlier than you, he could learn from each other at most. How could he let you visit him and let him give you advice? "Ji Mo." A woman in black said, "Tongzhan is right. This time, no one dares to resist the suzerain's orders to us, but we are not convinced in our hearts. We are the best of the younger generation of Zongfu, that Jining.." Ji Ning's son is only from Ji's Xifu. No matter how talented you are, you are just better than us. How can you be qualified to let us visit you respectfully? "It's all right." The handsome young man's eyes were like water, glancing around, and the other five young people were quiet. Ji Mo is the undisputed first person of the younger generation of Ji Zongfu, and has followed the shadow mother-in-law since childhood, so Ji Mo's status has become more and more special. Many people have decided that Ji Mo will be the next head of the Ji clan mansion. As you know, I follow the shadow mother-in-law. Ji Mo said slowly. Uh All five young men had adoration in their eyes. Shadow mother-in-law.. Ji's entire ethnic group has two characters standing at the peak, one is the patriarch Ji Jiuhuo! The other is the shadow mother-in-law! Shadow mother-in-law is Ji Jiuhuo's own sister, who has also lived for nearly four hundred years, but there is no doubt that she has also stepped into the purple house for three hundred years. The two of them were the two purple-mansion monks made public by the Ji family. It's hard to say whether there are still purple monks in the dark. A tribe, of course,Time Delay Tap, has to hide some of its cards, so that it can last for a long time. Granny Ying taught me swordsmanship. Ji Mo said softly, "I don't know how much my swordsmanship is worse than that of the shadow mother-in-law.". Do you know why the six of us were sent by the suzerain to visit Ji Ning in the Winged Snake Lake? 。 cnkexin.com
  8. The target of this palm print is the female king of the wheel, apparently it is this big hand that cut off the head of the female king and killed her in her own world! Thirty-four emperors besieged, failed to let the female saint king suffered heavy losses, and the big hand appeared, then killed the female saint king! Ye Xu exhaled a foul breath and said slowly, "King Wu Mu of Zhou.." Moroyu looked at the huge palm print in the air and nodded silently. King Wu Mu of Zhou, the overlord who unified the world of sorcery wasteland, was known as the most powerful sorcery emperor for hundreds of thousands of years. Only this kind of sorcery emperor, who had been invincible for hundreds of thousands of years, could kill the female sage king in one move. His strength is so profound that people can't imagine it! "Even women are killed, and this King Wu Mu of Zhou is obviously not a good bird!" Mo Luoyu said angrily. Ye Xu shrugged his shoulders and disagreed with her words. In his view, as long as the enemy, regardless of men and women, when the time to kill will be killed, no mercy. Had it not been for Moro Yu sharing weal and woe with him, I'm afraid Ye Xu would have killed the witch long ago. If I can turn the body of this female saint king into an external incarnation, who else will be my opponent? Whoever I want to call my sister has to call him, or my aunt will cut him off! Mo Luoyu's eyes were shining, and she stared at the female saint king in the temple of the wheel king. Suddenly she glanced at Ye Xu,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, and her voice was gentle: "Shaobao, as long as you help me get the body of this female saint king, my sister will promise you anything.." She rubbed Ye Xu with her plump and smooth shoulders, winked like silk, hung her head, and chuckled, "They can still give you a baby.." Ye Xu almost vomited blood,stainless steel squatting pan, staring at her with big eyes, cold sweat rolling on his forehead, not knowing what to say. Do you agree or not? Moroyu said angrily. Your father will chop me up, no! Ye Xu feared it like a tiger and quickly got out of the way. Mo Luoyu was half dead with anger. The magic knife turned and fell on Ye Xu's shoulder. "Will you do it?" He asked fiercely? If you don't, I'll cut you off! "If you cut me, I won't do it. If I have a baby with you, won't your father peel me and pickle me?" Ye Xu faced death unflinchingly with a sense of justice. Mo Luoyu blushed and said angrily, "I'm not talking about giving birth to a child. I'm talking about helping me take the body of the female king of the wheel. Where are you thinking? Your mind is full of dirty thoughts!" Ye Xu breathed a sigh of relief, raised his hand to push aside the magic knife, and looked at the sea of blood. The sorcery emperor's breath here is as heavy as Panhuang's mausoleum. It can be imagined that if they fly to the temple of the wheel king, they may not be able to fly several miles, and they will be pressed by the breath of the female saint king and fall into the sea. This sea of blood is the blood of the female saint king, falling into the sea is absolutely a dead end! It was an impassable natural barrier that kept them out of the temple. This is clearly a Jedi, it is impossible to cross the sea! Ye Xu was planning to reject Mo Luoyu and completely let her die of this heart, Time Delay Tap ,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, when suddenly he saw the temple of the wheel king above the sea of blood, behind the female sage king, a group of colorful rays rising, like a tide, surging in the temple, as if it were a living thing. Chapter 514 the five elements of gold. That group of multicolored rays, is the five elements of gold gas, used to refine the necessary materials for the forbidden treasure, but also can be used to upgrade the rank of the Miro Heaven and Earth Pagoda, more than Ye Xu saw in the treasure house of the Eternal Demon Domain! These five elements of gold gas, almost can refine a semi-finished forbidden treasure! "This female sage king is the head of the temple of the wheel king. She and my father said that in the time of King Wumu of Zhou, she was also very beautiful. She even made a semi-finished forbidden treasure. It only took more than a hundred years of sacrifice, and most of them could be successfully refined." Mo Luoyu also noticed the five elements of gold and said, "It's a pity that she died in the hands of King Wumu of Zhou before she finished this forbidden treasure." Ye Xu nodded, presumably when King Wumu of Zhou killed the female sage king of the wheel, even the semi-finished forbidden treasure refined by the female sage king of the wheel was broken, and the five elements of gold gas that constructed the forbidden treasure were scattered around the body of the female saint king. His breath was a little short, and he was bound to win the five elements of gold! As for the body of the female sage king, he did not have much idea, Ye Xu got the body of the fire Mingzun, then knew that it was absolutely impossible to refine such a strong person into an external incarnation, and then urge him to show his power without enough powerful magic support! He can only use Xia Zhongtang, a strong man who is immortal in the three immortal realms, to refine the law of heaven and earth into the second immortal deity, so as to urge the external incarnation of the Fire Ming Zun. The body of the human emperor is still like this, if it is the body of the sorcery emperor, I am afraid to use the law of heaven and earth of the human emperor, can barely urge one or two, if you intend to give full play to the power of the sorcery emperor's body, is it not to slay a sorcery-emperor and refine the sorcery-emperor into a second God? "If you want to get through this sea of blood, you are bound to face the pressure of the witch emperor's breath. The closer you are to the temple of the wheel king, the stronger the pressure is. Even the three immortal witches, I'm afraid they can't get close to the body of this female saint king!" Ye Xu took a long breath and decided to use the body of the Fire Mingzun to resist the pressure of the female sage king's breath. In any case, he wanted to get the five elements of gold. He said in a deep voice, "Mo Luoyu, when the Demon Emperor entered here, where did he go?" "My father was so powerful that he walked all the way to the door of the temple, looked up at the female sage king, and even collected part of the five elements of gold." Moro Yu also felt extremely difficult. After all, when her father, the Demon Emperor, came here, he was already the Great Ming Zun King of Senluo Demon Temple. He was powerful,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, and he was not the only one who entered the sea of ghosts. He was accompanied by several other Great Ming Zun Kings, including Galo Mingzun of Yama Demon Temple. And no matter Ye Xu or Mo Luoyu himself, there is a long distance from the Three Immortal Realms. Their strength is much inferior to that of the Demon Emperor and Galo Mingzun at that time. It is impossible for them to cross the sea of blood and enter the temple. cnkexin.com
  9. Behind suddenly came the cry of Dak: "Gold fighting spirit!"! You're a Blademaster, '!!! "? With a wry smile, Roddy immediately released Pale Moon Dance and turned to look at Duck and smiled. "Yes." The expression on Duck's face was so shocked that he seemed to want to say something else, but suddenly he saw the ferocious eyes of the pale moon dance, and he was so frightened that he swallowed the words that had been on his lips. The pale moon dance looked at Dak ferociously, feeling very angry and ashamed. Bastard Duck, don't open your mouth early, don't open your mouth late, but in. Just when he was holding me. Bastard Duck! After a few hard stares at Dak, the pale moon dance took a deep breath and said slowly, "Below.." It's really a little strange. ww w . xia oshu otxt.co m Chapter 211 intimacy. According to the description of Pale Moon Dance, there is a dead silence in the lake-a kind of dead silence without any vitality. The lake is cold and dark-the pale moon dances in the lake without seeing any living things! There is not even a fish in such a big lake! Fish, no water plants! However, because of the time, Pale Moon Dance only looked around the coast, and could not dive deeper and farther, but what he saw was only some cold, bare stones! This is a dead lake! A dead place. "I've never seen anything like this in the water,stainless steel toilet," said Pale Moon Dance with a faint uneasiness. Think of the Warcraft I saw tonight-and the words of the blood clan just now, "This seems to be especially suitable for the growth of Warcraft, I don't know what's strange in the lake.." The expressions of all three seemed somewhat unnatural. Duck hesitated for a moment and said in a deep voice, "What do you think?"? What do we do next? Pale Moon Dance seems to be hesitating: "Or, let's go back …" Found Warcraft tonight, also found the blood clan. There are still a lot of things to do when I go back. Roddy was silent for a moment. He hung his head as if he were thinking. Moments later,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, he raised his head, gazed at the eerily calm lake in front of him, and suddenly said, "I want to go down and have a look!" "What?" Both Dak and Pale Moon Dance couldn't help but blurt out. Roddy's tone was firm: "I want to go down and have a look!"! Turned to look at the two companions, said slowly: "There must be something strange in this lake …" I have a feeling we're going to encounter something unexpected tonight! So simple to go back, I feel uneasy! There must be something hidden in the water. I want to go down and have a look! Pale Moon Dance was the first one who couldn't help shouting: "You don't know water!"! And. And there's just some stones down there. Roddy shook his head and whispered, "Maybe we can find something farther away." Pale Moon Dance's face was full of concern and he whispered, "God knows what's down there.." Didn't you find such a big monster down there yesterday? You I know you're good. But it's not the same in the water as on the shore! Roddy smiled. Looked at the pale moon dance, he smiled very easily: "There is nothing to worry about, the blood clan also said, a total of three Warcraft, I killed one, now the remaining two are here, Service Sink Faucets ,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, there will be no more monsters in the water.." "But.." But even the blood clan said that there were strange things in the lake. The words of the pale moon dance are very anxious. But Duck said in a deep voice, "Roddy, have you decided?" Roddy nodded. "Since there are oddities here.". I have to find out! The tone is a little strange: "a place suitable for the growth of Warcraft … …" This is not a trivial matter. The three of them argued for a while, and Roddy insisted on going on. Finally, the pale moon dance shouted, "Good!"! If you want to go down, I'll go with you! Roddy frowned. Just as he was about to speak, Pale Moon Dance said first, "What's wrong?"? Do you really think you are very powerful? I'm telling you, under the water. It's good that your ability can be brought into full play! If something happens, it's up to me to save you! Duck wanted to say something, but was pushed back by a very evil look from the pale moon dance. Roddy said what, pale moon dance just insisted not to let, finally three people finally decided, by pale moon dance and Roddy two people go down to see again. Duck stayed on the shore and watched the two Warcraft. Pull the rope, just in case. But Roddy insisted on tying the rope to the body of the pale moon dance. Before going down, Roddy whispered in Duck's ear, "If it doesn't feel right, pull her up immediately!"! Leave me alone! Duck took a deep look at Roddy, his eyes a little complicated, and then smiled: "You be careful …" No matter what, we must bring her back to Zhu safely! This girl bullies me every day, and I'm not used to it. Roddy glanced at the pale moon dance next to him. While she was away, he whispered, "a little while, when you need it.". I will give you a signal if you see the rope shaking and a golden fighting spirit flashing on the rope. You just pull the rope and pull her back! The two men shook hands tightly, and Roddy and Pale Moon Dance went to the lake one after the other. The lake is really cold, although it is not winter, but the cold water gradually flooded the knees, and then the waist. Roddy could already feel the coldness as if countless sharp needles were pricking Bai's body at the same time-at the same time, she could fully feel how much she had suffered as a girl when the pale moon dance went down alone just now. By the time they had taken a few more steps, the lake had reached their chests, and Pale Moon Dance and Roddy exchanged colors, took a breath, bent down and plunged down. The cold water of the lake drowned him in an instant, and his ears heard the sound of the murmur. At that moment, Roddy seemed to have a strange feeling in his heart. Then he slowly opened his eyes, but the surroundings were dark, and the range of his eyes was only a few meters around. Fortunately, he held the hand of the pale moon dance tightly in his hand,stainless steel shower tray, which made his heart a little more stable. According to the little skill that Pale Moon Dance had just taught him, Roddy seemed to stretch his body clumsily in the lake, and then they dived hand in hand. cnkexin.com