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  1. If you are accessing window live mail and and want to troubleshoot window live mail won't open problems then you can fix this issue by removing window live mail application cache. For this, click on window logo + R keys simultaneously. After that run window and type %localappdata% Click on the OK button. Double click on Microsoft folder Microsoft folder > window live mail > open. Delete .cache extension. After that, also delete it from the recycle bin.
  2. Many users still use Hotmail & they have been facing some Hotmail problems in their account where they are not able to send or receive messages from their Hotmail account. One can easily try to fix out this problem with the help of removing the data & cache from their browser. If this method does not work out for you, then you also have to remove the dangerous malicious add ons & extensions from your browser.
  3. If you're a person whose daily communication is dependent on the Emails & You're a Frontier mail user, but you Frontier Email is not working or you are facing issues while accessing to your frontier email account today, then make sure some things before blaming the Frontier Mail Servers: Make sure that your Frontier Daily Quota Limit did not exceeded. Make sure that your Frontier Email is connected to a Stable Internet Connection Make sure that you're entering the correct username or Email & Password to sign in to your Frontier Account.
  4. Following all the mentioned steps in this article, surely would help resolve your Crashing Gmail app problem. 1. Update the Gmail app 2. Uninstall Gmail updates 3. Clear the cache for the Gmail app 4. Remove your Google account and sign in again 5. Uninstall and reinstall the Gmail app 6. Check your phone storage 7. Remove the Battery saver For more read - https://guestnode.com/post/4463-why+does+my+gmail+app+keep+crashing%3F
  5. It is really helpful to know the main causes why Instagram says couldn’t refresh the feed because this is going to help you to figure out the right fix according to your situation. Here is a list of some possible reasons behind the couldn’t refresh feed Instagram issue: 1. Outdated App 2. Limited Data Usage 3. Overloaded Wifi/Network 4. Wrong Date and Time 5. Using Third-Party Apps 6. App Glitch 7. Server Issue For more read - https://onlinegeeks.net/instagram-couldnt-refresh-feed/
  6. If All iCloud is checked, this might be the reason why you can't see the contacts saved on your iPhone. You can turn iCloud Contacts on and off by simply going to Settings > iCloud > Find Contacts > Deactivate and then reactivate it. Calling, emailing colleagues, texting friends and family, we barely have an address book on our phones (how to fix iPhone iCloud contacts missing/disappearing issue). If your iCloud contacts are missing due to a software bug, updating your iPhone to the latest version of iOS should fix the problem. To help you solve the problem of lost contacts without erasing existing iPhone data, we recommend you to use this professional iPhone data recovery tool - EaseUS MobiSaver to restore contacts from iTunes/iCloud backup. See also - https://emailspedia.com/voicemail-not-working-on-iphone/