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  1. The sales value of NFTs crossing 10 billion U.S. dollars marks its prominence in the years to come. Its branches have already started spreading across different silos ranging from arts, music to real-world properties. How do the NFT admirers get complete coverage of all the digital NFTs? That’s where you find your role to play. Outspread these unique yet rare value assets flauntingly by taking the grip of our white-label NFT marketplace. Features That Make The NFT Marketplace Appealing To The Eyes Of The User Vibrant store exhibitory Advanced search Wallet integration Listing of digital assets
  2. OpenSea Clone Script is a pre-engineered NFT marketplace solution. It will bestow the entrepreneurs to launch a decentralized NFT trading platform providing NFT enthusiasts to sell & buy digital assets. The solution is completely customizable, ensuring personalization based on the individual entrepreneurs' requirements. Features of An OpenSea Clone Script • Search & Filters The platform users can search for the desired NFTs based on their favorite digital creators, including artists. The filter option will let the users find the ones among the various assets listed in the platform with ease. • Wallet By linking the digital wallet to the NFT platform, the users can store the NFTs. When the buyer makes a purchase, the bought asset will be transferred from the seller's wallet to the buyer's wallet. • Buy and bid The sellers would go for choosing a buy or bid option. When choosing a buy option, they have to set a fixed price for the asset or non-fungible token that they have to sell. On the contrary, they need to set a minimum or maximum price when choosing a bid option. • List NFTs When finished with the registration and wallet linking, the users can list their NFTs with the specification of the required information. It includes a description, tags, and plugin name.
  3. NBA Top Shot Clone is a prefabricated & readily customizable NFT based trading platform for sports collectibles. It is pre-embedded with high-end features such as package drops, decentralization, storefront, waiting room, guide, KYC/AML verification, etc. Without any further doubt, this seems to be a perfect solution for entrepreneurs who have a plan to deploy the NFT marketplace for sports on short notice. Here’s the flow of how the NBA Top Shot Clone works in a brief note. Workflow of an NBA Top Shot Clone: An NFT marketplace for sports is an easy-to-use platform as the users could begin with signing up by specifying their required details. And, proceed with the verification process in order to ensure their identity. Once they have finished the initial setup process, they need to link their digital wallet in order to go ahead with the following steps. The first-time users have to make a purchase of a starter pack. After making an initial purchase and having their own collection, they are now ready to join the package drops and get a random collection of sports moments. Then, they can sell those in the marketplace which they have owned. Apart from this, they have an option to list the purchased rare collections of sports moments in the virtual showcase and display these for the public view.
  4. The hype of NFT is mind blogging, and it paves the boundless way for newcomers to come up with unique and creative ideas. Eventually, there arises a demand for the NFT marketplace as it is a virtual medium in which digital assets and collectibles could be traded (buy & sell). If you plan to make your presence in the NFT world, forge ahead with the NFT marketplace development. INORU is a firm that specializes in providing NFT marketplace services. The NFT marketplace solution we offer includes the following features. Personal digital wallets Digital auction house Categorization of digital collectibles Search filter Listing assets Virtual art exhibitory Furthermore, the pre-made NFT marketplace solution can be customized as you want. Grab your chance of leaping into the NFT space on short notice. Reach out to our NFT marketplace development company and create & launch the NFT marketplace.