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  1. Abstract: On February 21, the third stop of the [PUGG China Tour] Chongqing meeting was successfully concluded. With the advent of the Web3.0 era, people are no longer unfamiliar with the term "metaverse" which has swept the entire technology circle. While many Internet giant companies at home and abroad are rushing to embattle in the market, more and more cities in China are gradually increasing their plans and layouts in the Metaverse field. As early as last year, Shenzhen established a Metaverse Innovation Laboratory, Hangzhou established a Metaverse Special Committee, and cities such as Shanghai and Wuhan also included Metaverse in their industrial development plans and government working reports. In 2022, more cities join the construction and development track of Metaverse, striving to be the leader in digitalization and high-tech. Chongqing is one of them. The head of PUGG China attended the Metaverse Salon Roadshow Chongqing Station. He gave a good explanation to the Chongqing entity entrepreneurs, blockchain researchers, game players, etc., on what the Metaverse is, how to remake the rules and build the order. What is the Metaverse? A basic consensus on the metaverse is that the metaverse is essentially the virtualization and digitization of the real world. From the perspective of demand, as the COVID-19 is eroding people's connections in the physical world, and with the improvement of the digital world, people spend more and more time staying and interacting in virtual spaces, the demand for the virtual world will also increase. From the perspective of technology, with the development of VR, AR, 5G, AI and other technologies, the metaverse life scenes that once existed only in the science fiction "Snow Crash" are no longer illusory, but are becoming reality one by one. PUGG is the practitioner and pioneer of this process. PUGG is the first 3D immersive open platform in the world that uses Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) technology to unlock the virtual digital identity of Metaverse citizens. This platform uses GameFi models to develop rich online activities. Combined with cool 3D scenes, it allows users to have an immersive experience. Players can experience a fantasy-filled virtual world through bars and club scenes in the game. However, PUGG doesn't stop there. The 3D immersive metaverse scene provides a rich experience for the real social environment and commercial consumption scene. The open cooperation ecology and scene extension also promote the P2E (Play to Earn) mode. Visual NFT can display players’ digital assets at any time, which not only increases social reliability, but also improves the efficiency of finding and joining the same community. By using a revolutionary token economic system, PUGG combines the advantages of NFT, DeFi, GameFi, and SocialFi to empower players with the use of "token mechanism", "social experience" and "game system", and truly creates an open metaverse space of "participation + innovation + content". It can be said that PUGG, as the starting point of the metaverse, will surely subvert multiple sectors such as entertainment, socializing, and games. In this regard, the entrepreneurs, researchers and players participating in the Chongqing meeting showed strong interest and expressed their intentions of multiple cross-border cooperation to the head of PUGG China. At present, traditional commerce and content production are moving towards a path of cooperation and upgrading with a more robust digital industry. Based on this, the growth of the business sector will not only show the advantages of PUGG as the entrance to the metaverse, but also provide more possibilities for China's digital development to border the virtual world and the real world. For more PUGG information, please stay tuned for the next stop of the city salon!
  2. On February 17th, the second stop of [PUGG China Tour] Shenzhen (South China) meeting was successfully concluded. The principal of PUGG attended this meeting. Focusing on the characteristics of PUGG’s visual NFT launcher and Metaverse social disruptor, he introduced how to realize the metaverse, how to deploy the offline social scenarios and the future business development of PUGG. The founders and managing partners of nearly 20 large investment institutions participated in this offline meeting. Everyone actively interacted on the development of Metaverse and NFT, and some institutional investors had expressed strong interest in the Metaverse built by PUGG and expressed their intention to cooperate. At the same time, some entrepreneurs also participated in the meeting, hoping to have a deeper understanding of PUGG's NFT aggregation launcher, and to implant their business into PUGG's metaverse. In-depth communication between the principal & participants PUGG Metaverse, an Open Metaspace PUGG is committed to subverting the traditional entertainment model, creating online virtual concerts, virtual music festivals, and virtual stars.It creates a new generation of immersive social networking through virtual reality, and realizes the construction of a virtual community integrating crypto identity, crypto chat and crypto payment. PUGG is a realistic mapping metaverse, and is the first 3D immersive open platform that uses Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) to unlock the virtual digital identity of metaverse citizens. At the same time, based on the P2E (Play to Earn), it allows players to experience a stronger sense of participation and fun. Combined with DAO, it will redefine how in-game production and operations are performed. Its extensible and open ecology allows more business scenarios to be combined with PUGG and create value. PUGG divides NFT into three stages: NFT market based on listing, NFT transaction based on scenario, and aggregation ecology of social + NFT. In this process, PUGG entered the Metaverse through the highly innovative UE4. It starts from crypto social networking, creates a visual NFT trading market, and finally forms a visual aggregated NFT launcher, helping more NFT creators realize business value in virtual-reality scenarios. At the meeting, in the form of a slideshow, the PUGG principal explained to the audience the future economic scenario of the Metaverse and the existing commercial links of PUGG. Mainly solve the following problems: 1. The Problem of Social Trust Faced with the pain points of strangers socializing in the early stage of social interaction, PUGG’s crypto "SocialFi" pays attention to the time cost, solves the basic problem about trust, and eliminates invalid social interaction. 2. Blockade of NFT Industry Information Searching on the existing NFT platform, there are a series of problems such as inconvenient message reception, mixed creators, difficulty to distinguish the authenticity of NFT and transaction without customer service. While in the PUGG metaverse, with an NFT visual launcher and unique digital identities, these problems can be solved nicely. In addition, PUGG combines visualization technology and the bar social scene in PUGG Metaverse, allowing users to quickly make friends with strangers and the opposite sex, and at the same time display their NFT collections anytime, anywhere. In the process of online chat, users can also use cross-chain technology to buy and sell NFTs on the whole chain with one click, realizing interesting social interaction and creating business value. Next, PUGG will also introduce some big-name IPs in e-sports, sports, science fiction, two-dimensional and other fields to form a series of strong cooperation alliances, so stay tuned for more exciting news.
  3. A. Pros of PUGG: 1. The PC version is developed and produced by UE4 (Unreal Engine 4) technology, with the realistic picture, high definition, light tracking, no smear, and no delay; 2. While the APP version is developed and produced by the Unity game engine technology, which is already the top level in mobile games, between 2D and 3D; 3. Full network support, one-click login for accounts such as Twitter, YouTube, Meta, and Telegram; 4. 3D immersive metaverse game, kills all chain games in the market, 2D and card games are not a problem; 5. Based on Layer 2 technology, NFT visual transactions can be realized through cross-chain; 6. Through the Metapeople ID card + CALIT dual-currency pledge, the DAO governance principle is continuously invested, and the mining income is maximized; 7. Through advanced technology, top game picture quality, and sound effects, players are immersing in it, and encrypted social and business scenarios form an aggregation platform; 8. It can grow across the circle through future offline scenarios and seamlessly link virtual hardware with its resources to form a business closed loop. B. Socializing Based on Facebook (now Meta), socializing with virtual office, as well as text and avatar-like socialization that imitates Twitter, metaverse socialization is still in its infancy. What we know is the virtual office scene of Facebook (now Meta), which realizes the social interaction of virtual office through VR glasses and bracelets. This social interaction is actually a bit far from the real social interaction. First of all, this scene is triggered under the premise of working, not purely social. Social should be more relaxed. Also, you can't carry around that big VR goggle and two bulky bracelets with cords anytime and anywhere. So this experience is not very convenient, it would be better to go directly to the offline bar to have a drink. But with the pandemic raging, that may have become a luxury. Is it possible to wear a mask, a pair of VR glasses and a cumbersome bracelet to enter a virtual social in a bar? This seems even stranger. Secondly, other blockchain social networking that imitates Twitter only stays in the era of text, accounts, and publishing, and has not entered the deep-water area of social networking. The essence of social networking may be more about strangers. The social scene created by PUGG is directly through 3D games. In the early stage, no hardware is required, and users can directly enter the bar with one click. At the same time, PUGG's visual NFT wallet can display users’ digital asset NFT at any time, which satisfies everyone's vanity, captures the psychology of users, and makes a preliminary understanding of each other's economic strength and situation before socializing. This will greatly increase the reliability of social interaction and improve efficiency, which is very consistent with the fast-paced requirements of people in the current Z generation. And in this bar, any romantic mood or enthusiasm could be reasonable with music, lighting and rhythm. Plus encrypted social networking and encrypted payment, and also the APP that makes the distance of the world only in the palm of your hand through LBS positioning. This kind of experience is currently difficult for any project to achieve. C. Technology To sum up, the technology of the game is very solid, the contract is also audited by a world-class third party, and the Token code is open-source on GitHub, which can be consulted at any time. The LP Token on Pancake has been locked, and there will be a mechanism of destruction in the future to ensure stability, and the help of Layer2 cross-chain technology, all of which present the good intentions of the project and the team. D. Business At present, many blockchain projects or metaverse projects are actually competing for the track, such as epics (Three Kingdoms, Journey to the West, etc.), animals (Axie Infinity, Metamon, Farmers World, WIN NFT HORSE), and interstellar science fiction (Starlink, *said to be StarCraft, a grand masterpiece, but still haven't been seen yet). Although PUGG started with GameFi, it aims at SocialFi and ends with ecology. Its internal test will be implemented in February 2022, combined with a series of commercial activities (beauty pageants, well-known novels, NFT and sales by Jteam). It is bound to grow outside the circle, and it will try to open up a business path in the metaverse project. It is only a matter of time.
  4. The cross-border meeting between the PUGG Metaverse project and the JTEAM E-sports team was a complete success PUGG – An open Metaverse portal that mirrors various real-world entertainment scenarios, with a community-driven DeFi + GameFi + SocialFi platform that increases player engagement and entertainment through the distribution of Calit tokens (Calit-style, PUGG unique, total specific points). PUGG is based on Unreal Engine 4 Game engine, real-time dynamic light trapping technology, combined with VR, AR, simulated touch, and based on a Layer 2 build, with a full real internet, immersive experience. Jteam is a professional E-sports team founded in Taiwan by the pop king Jay Chou. In 2021, it won the Eternal World Championship and has made remarkable achievements in the field of e-sports. It has millions of fans around the world, and Jteam also has its own very mature live broadcast and e-commerce operation and sales system. PUGG and JTEAM, as the two most popular vertical fields: e-sports and metaverse, achieved a passionate collision in Shanghai on Sunday night, January 23, 2022. Although it was rainy and rainy in Shanghai that day, it still did not stop everyone's enthusiasm for participating in the conference. PUGG uses UE 4 as the engine to provide a multi-dimensional virtual space to provide users with multiple scenarios, especially entertainment scenarios. Based on this scenario, JTEAM and MIUMIU will jointly issue some NFT decorations. Because many users in the space will need to change skins and shoes and other decorations, PUGG is very honored to cooperate with JTEAM, and its products will be displayed in the metaverse. At the same time, PUGG users and CALIT holders can enjoy member-exclusive low discounts to purchase co-branded digital NFT products. As a transmitter that supports multi-chain and cross-chain ecology, PUGG will carry out large-scale NFT digital collections and visual support of digital assets for some of the world's most popular projects in the future. PUGG will support the entire multi-chain and public chain ecosystem, and will reach in-depth strategic cooperation with some public chains. This is the future ecological plan of PUGG. Its positioning is to serve as a launch platform for full-real Internet and visual digital assets in the future, as well as a full-real virtual environment based on entertainment and social interaction. After the meeting, the participants had a new understanding and different perspectives of the PUGG project, gave great affirmation and support, and actively participated in the questioning in the interactive session. On the spot, some people purchased CALIT to become a member and purchased JTEAM's NFT with a member discount. digital products. PUGG will continue to carry out cross-border cooperation with more project parties in the future, please wait and see! PUGG---(Play---Unity---Gold---Game); Website:www.pugg.io Telegram英文/English:https://t.me/PUGG_COIN Telegram中文/Chinese: https://t.me/PUGGchinese Medium:https://medium.com/@PUGG.io Twitter:https://twitter.com/puggcoin Token ADD:0x83404e49ad2a3fde41f3fc4ca946f9c8db3508cd
  5. 1. Will Bitcoin exceed 100,000?17 big names mentioned that it is generally believed that the Bitcoin consensus will continue to strengthen in 2021, mainstream institutions will further participate in Bitcoin, and some people predict that the price will exceed 100,000 US dollars.BTC reached its highest price for the year at $67,000 on November 8, 2021.2. Will Ethereum break through $2000? Ethereum: 8 celebrities mentioned that the main points of view are that the second-layer network is becoming more and more mature; ecological tools are becoming more and more abundant; traditional enterprises will further accept Ethereum; and the price will reach 2,000 US dollars. The second-layer network of Ethereum has been launched one after another, and the total lock-up volume on Layer 2 has reached 6 billion US dollars. ETH reaches its highest price for the year at $4,800 on November 8, 2021.3. The DeFi market will hit $100 billion?DeFi: 9 celebrities mentioned that it is generally believed that DeFi will develop further, and the two believe that the DeFi market will reach a scale of 100 billion US dollars.DeFi TVL hits a full-year high of $293 billion on December 27, 2021.4. Will the scale of stable coins expand further?Stablecoins: 8 celebrities mentioned that it is generally believed that the scale of stable coins will be further expanded.Data from The Block shows stable coins market supply soaring 388% in 2021, from $29 billion in early 2021 to more than $140 billion.5. Supervision: 8 big names mentioned that the main points are that regulatory regulations will become clearer, and stable coins and DeFi will be subject to regulatory pressure.In December, the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs held a hearing around stable coins. In November, the U.S. President’s Task Force on Financial Markets, in conjunction with the OCC and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), released a report outlining regulatory recommendations for stable coins. In July, due to regulatory pressure, the Uniswap development team voluntarily restricted access to 129 tokens on the front end of the app.uniswap.org website. In February, USDT issuer Tether reached a settlement with the New York Attorney General’s Office over the company’s financial investigation, and in October Tether reached a settlement with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).6. Institutions: 12 celebrities mentioned that it is generally believed that institutional engagement will increase.This is too much. Institutional acceptance has far surpassed any period in its history.7. NFT: 4 celebrities mentioned that the main points of view are that NFT artwork will usher in a breakthrough, and NFT use cases will experience explosive growth.Explosive growth indeed.8. Options: 3 big names mentioned that the main points of view are that the liquidity of the options market on the chain has become stronger, and the Bitcoin options market has exceeded 50%.Compared with the on-chain options market, the on-chain futures market has developed rapidly.9. Coinbase releases 10 predictions for Web3 and the crypto economy for 2022, including:(1). The scalability of Ethereum will increase, but the new Layer1 chain will see substantial growth.(2). The usability of the L1-L2 cross-chain bridge will be significantly improved.(3). Zero-knowledge-proof technology will gain more attention.(4). Regulated DeFi and on-chain KYC proofs will emerge.(5). Institutions will play a bigger role in DeFi participation.(6). DeFi insurance will appear.(7). NFT-based communities will bring substantial competition to Web 2.0 social networks.(8). Brands will start to actively participate in Metaverse and NFTs.(9). Web2 companies will wake up and try to enter Web3.(10). The era of DAO 2.0 is coming.10. Vitalik recently summarized 11 predictions for 2013-2017: most of them were in line with expectations, but the rise of NFTs and the difficulty of shard were not expected. Among them:Applications envisaged in the Ethereum white paper: ERC20 tokens, algorithmic stable coins, domain name systems (like ENS), decentralized file storage and computation, DAO, wallets with withdrawal restrictions, oracles, prediction markets. A lot of predictions got right, but NFTs were missed completely. He predicted a boom in stable coins in 2013. 2015: Ethereum will complete PoS and sharding. (very wrong) In 2016-17, he advocated for someone to build Uniswap, which he thinks is very proud. 11. Analysis of ETH Valuation Logic Tascha, Ph.D. in Economics, published the article "Why I'm Bearish on Ethereum". The transition from a single chain to a Layer1-Layer2 structure has a big impact on the valuation of ETH. The data shows that growth in on-chain activity is the most important driver of ETH price in the long run. The price of ETH has been stagnant for the past 6 months, and other L1 public chains have been in full swing during this time. If EIP-1559 hadn't introduced a token gas fee burn mechanism in August, and had created a de facto supply shortage, we'd be seeing an even bigger drop in ETH prices by now. ETH L1 is now processing 1.3 million transactions per day. ZK rollup can batch 60k-80k transactions before committing to L1. If all transactions go from L1 to Rollup, the volume on L1 will drop to 1/20th of current levels. With the rise of the copycat L1 layer, people no longer need to hold ETH, and with the arrival of ETH L2s, even in Ethereum's ecosystem, there is no need to own ETH. The exponential growth of L2 transactions will only lead to a linear growth of L1 transactions, so the more L2 grows, the more L1 loses in comparison, similar to the Matthew effect. 12. Market Data#overall market On December 27, according to Defi Llama data, Curve’s total lock-up volume reached $23.36 billion, at record highs. The top 5 DeFi protocols with locked positions include: Curve ($23.36 billion), MakerDAO ($19.06 billion), Convex Finance ($18.84 billion), AAVE ($15.42 billion), Lido ($13.46 billion) . On January 5, L2BEAT data showed that the total locked volume on Ethereum Layer 2 was $6.02 billion. Among them, Arbitrum, the expansion plan with the highest lock-up volume, is about 2.81 billion US dollars, accounting for 46.81%. Next is dYdX, with a lock-up volume of $975 million, accounting for 16.20%. According to Tokenterminal data, Axie Infinity, Opensea, and dYdX ranked the top three on DApp in terms of protocol revenue last year, with USD 1.26 billion, USD 360 million, and USD 260 million, respectively. A report released by Finbold shows that on January 1, 2021, the number of cryptocurrencies in the world was 8,153, and as of December 31, 2021, the number was 16,223, an increase of about 98.98% compared to the past. #liquidity #centralized exchange #cryptocurrency fund #ETF SEC delays decision on NYDIG Bitcoin ETF until March 16. *NYDIG, a subsidiary of asset manager Stone Ridge Holdings Group, filed for its “NYDIG Bitcoin ETF” in February last year Grayscale announced changes to the constituents of its DeFi index, saying it would remove Bancor and UMA from the index and increase AMP. AMP, the collateral token of the Flexa network, will make up 7.39% of the fund. According to official news, the FTX platform has added support for DOT as collateral, and has now added DOT, RAY, and AVAX to its spot margin market. Binance official announcement on December 31st, Binance users can now buy CTXC, JASMY, MITH, PEOPLE and SPELL in major fiat currencies using credit or debit cards. New fiat currencies available for PEOPLE and SPELL Token purchases include AUD, BRL, EUR, GBP, RUB, TRY, UAE, USD. *Changpeng Zhao: 99.9% of the world's funds are currently in fiat currency, compliance will enable exchanges to better integrate with banks.On December 30, 2021, MicroStrategy announced the purchase of an additional 1914 BTC at an average price of $49,229.FTX said it is willing to offer a $1 million bonus to the first bank in each region to accept stable coins.#NFT transactions The cumulative sales of Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT exceeded $1 billion. Cryptopunk #8690 sold for 5.23 million yuan at Shanghai Jiahe Auction House. #celebrity On December 31, Jay Chou and his wife Kunling posted the Phanta Bear NFT image for the first time on Instagram, and said they received the "first special gift". Phanta Bear NFT will be released on the Ezek platform at 11:00 on January 1, 2022, with a limited number of 10,000 pieces and a unit price of 0.26 ETH. All NFTs are sold out, and a total of 382 ETHs are burned. The ten paintings of Hayao Miyazaki are released in the form of NFT combination for the first time, and the partner is the mecha NFT project MetaRim. *The well-known star Yi Jianlian shared the NFT mecha project MetaRim on INS and made it as his social avatar. *Former NBA star Stephen Marbury follows NFT mecha project MetaRim on Twitter. OpenSea CFO changed Twitter avatar to the work of Bored Ape Yacht Club. Mayday held the first TME live ultra live performance in Tencent Metaverse TMELAND. 13. Crypto Project Dynamics#cross-chain bridge Poly Network has reached a cooperation with Metis and has now opened the BSC-Metis cross-chain bridge. #new public chain Mina released its annual report: the assets of the treasury exceeded 260 million US dollars, and the number of independent accounts exceeded 75,000. #DeFi Uniswap becomes the first DApp to run on the Ethereum blockchain with more than $1 billion in annual revenue. From October 2020 to October 2021, Uniswap earned a total of $1.1 billion in fees. At its current fully diluted market capitalization of $20 billion, the company trades at about 20 times earnings. The total lock-up volume of Osmosis, the first DEX of the Cosmos ecosystem, exceeded $1 billion. On January 2, Convex Finance TVL exceeded $20 billion, a new all-time high, ranking second among all DeFi. #NFT Fractal, the Solana-based gaming NFT marketplace developed by the co-founders of Twitch, is now available. #incentive plan Algofi and the Algorand Foundation jointly launched a $3 million liquidity mining program. Metis partnered with Celer to launch a liquidity mining program. No.3 CeFi/big companies/traditional finance#cryptocentralized platform #financing Opensea announced a $300 million funding round at a $13.3 billion valuation, led by Paradigm and Coatue. UK digital bank Monzo has raised $600 million at a valuation of $4.5 billion, led by The Abu Dhabi Growth Fund. #centralized encryption products/services Panasonic announced its entry into the "Metaverse" and will release three hardware devices including VR headsets in the spring. Crypto.com will collaborate with the National University of Singapore (NUS) to provide new scalability and interoperability solutions for blockchain applications worldwide. #NFT+ #Metaverse+ Digital Currency Group has announced a partnership with a real estate company to create a virtual Times Square in Decentraland. Video website giant Bilibili recently issued blockchain-based digital certifications for well-known UP owners. Beijing Bubble Mart Cultural and Creative Co., Ltd. applied for registration of the trademark "Bubble Metaverse". The international classification includes advertising sales and fitness equipment. The current status of the trademark is pending substantive examination. Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd. applied for the registration of a number of trademarks of "Dongfeng Metaverse". The international classifications include means of transportation, education and entertainment, etc. The current trademark status is all under application. 14.Opinion·Media / KOL#encrypted KOL Vitalik Buterin was interviewed and predicted that in 2022, NFT, DAO and L2 projects will be better developed, especially L2 projects. Vitalik also expressed interest in Zcash and Tezos. Vitalik: Ethereum Layer 1 is not ready for immediate mass adoption, Layer 2 is still needed Uniswap founder: By 2022, the cumulative transaction volume of the Uniswap protocol will exceed $1 trillion. MakerDAO co-founder: Stablecoins UST and MIM are Ponzi schemes. 15.agency report #media Morgan Stanley: The scale of digital luxury NFTs may exceed $25 billion in 2030. Wall Street Journal: Blockchain technology will surely dominate the metaverse. According to the "2021 China Game Industry Report" released by the China Audio and Digital Association Game Working Committee: Divided by market segments, the sales revenue of the mobile game market in 2021 will be 81.92 billion yuan, accounting for more than the client game market, becoming the market segment with the largest share and the fastest growth rate. #Old money KOL American billionaire Thomas Peterffy: It is prudent to hold some cryptocurrency. Tsai Chongxin, executive vice-chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Group and owner of the NBA Nets, tweeted: "I like Crypto." 16. Encrypted project investment and financing#DeFi DeFi platform WonderFi acquires Canadian-compliant crypto exchange Bitbuy for $162 million. *Bitbuy is Canada's first cryptocurrency exchange platform to be regulated as a marketplace, in addition to being registered as a restricted reseller in Canada. Cross-chain DeFi protocol Umee has raised $32 million through CoinList. *In June this year, its seed round financing was $6.3 million, with participation from Polychain, Coinbase, etc. Binance Labs announced a $12 million strategic investment in liquidity platform WOO Network. Sperax, an algorithmic stable coin project on Arbitrum, announced the completion of $6 million in financing, with participation from Amber Group, Alameda Research, and DJ Steve Aoki. One-stop DeFi wallet DeBank completes $25 million equity financing, led by Sequoia China. NFT lending platform Perion announced the completion of $8.6 million in financing, led by Alameda and Framework. Binance Labs announced a strategic investment in Coin98 to grow DeFi in the BSC ecosystem. #Game #Metaverse SYN CITY will have an IGO on BLOKPAD on January 7th, registration opens on January 1st. *Syn City previously raised $8 million in financing led by Roy Liu, former head of business marketing at TRON, Mihai Pohontu, former Disney vice president, and Twitch co-founder Justin Kanalong, with participation from Animoca Brands. Metaverse platform Ready Player Me completed $13 million in financing, led by Taavet+Sten. The NFT game association Perion announced the completion of $8.6 million in financing. Alameda and Framework jointly led the investment, and Pantera Capital and Gemini participated in the investment. The Metaverse NFT project Over Reality recently completed a $5 million financing, led by Danhua Capital (DHVC). GoFungibles, the Polygon blockchain-based GameFi platform, announces the close of $4 million in private financing. The chain game project Tap Fantasy has completed millions of dollars in financing, led by NGC Ventures and LD Capital. #DAO Play It Forward DAO (PIF DAO) announced the completion of a $6 million private placement financing, with participation from Signum Capital and LD Capital. #infrastructure Crypto infrastructure project Cion Digital completes $12 million financing, led by Green Visor Capital and others. #Crypto Fund Raising FinTech VC Ribbit Capital has raised $1.1 billion for its seventh fund. *Ribbit Capital is an American venture capital firm founded in 2012, focusing on personal finance, insurance, software and encryption services industries. The portfolio includes cryptocurrency exchanges Coinbase, FTX, Robinhood and NYDIG.In 2022, we recommend a metaverse social game:PUGG - Chain Metaverse ProjectSingapore Foundation InvestmentProduced by British Game CompanyPC - UE4 technologyAPP -Unity technologyAssembled GameFi, DeFi, SocialFi;NFT+Token, pledge mining, visualized NFT trading market;Unique digital identity (MetaPeple virtual citizenship card);3D immersive metaverse scene, encrypted social interaction, encrypted entertainment and encrypted payment;As the starting point of the metaverse, PUGG will subvert many fields such as entertainment and social interaction;The open cooperation ecological scenario is extended, and the real commercial consumption scenario is realized;An immersive experience, P2E mode earns while playing, allowing users to monetize their time;"participation + innovation + content = monetization" creates an open metaverse space;PUGG---(Play---Unity---Gold---Game);Website:www.pugg.ioTelegram:https://t.me/PUGG_COINMedium:https://medium.com/@PUGG.ioTwitter:https://twitter.com/puggcoinGitHub:https://github.com/PuggTeamToken Symbol: CALITTotal Supple:100 BillionToken ADD:0x83404e49ad2a3fde41f3fc4ca946f9c8db3508cd
  6. What are the characteristics of PUGG's game system? Let's take a look at the games that are already on the market. Card game representative: Axie Infinity, etc. Cons of games like Axie Infinity: The characteristics of this type of game are that the 2D card picture quality requirements are not high, similar to the development of Chinese 4399 mini-games, and the cost is not high. In addition, the project side of its economic model has no follow-up investment, the first entrants are excessively profitable, and the late entrants pay the bill, which cannot keep attracting traffic. The playability of the game is not high, for it is more of a PK predatory style, and it lacks the sense of achievement brought by the upgrade of the task; the online time of its gamer cannot be compared with that of the player in the training type games, and it lacks the foundation of Socialfi. At present, the high-yield investment wave has passed, and the risk factor will increase in the future, which is not what the future metaverse should look like; such games do not have social scenes or commercial cross-border scenes, the products of the era are not sustainable, and the extension is not high. Pros of PUGG: 1. The PC version is developed and produced by UE4 (Unreal Engine 4) technology, with the realistic picture, high definition, light tracking, no smear, and no delay; while the APP version is developed and produced by the Unity game engine technology, which is already the top level in mobile games, between 2D and 3D; 2. Full network support, one-click login for accounts such as Twitter, YouTube, Meta, and Telegram; 3. 3D immersive metaverse game, kills all chain games in the market, 2D and card games are not a problem; 4. Based on Layer2 technology, NFT visual transactions can be realized through cross-chain; 5. Through the Metapeople ID card + CALIT dual-currency pledge, the DAO governance principle is continuously invested, and the mining income is maximized; 6. Through advanced technology, top game picture quality, and sound effects, players are immersed in it, and encrypted social and business scenarios form an aggregation platform; 7. It can grow across the circle through future offline scenarios and seamlessly link virtual hardware with its own resources to form a business closed loop.
  7. Liu Cixin constructed the sociology of the universe in The Three-Body Problem. Starting from two self-evident fundamental axioms: 1. Survival is the first need of civilization. 2. Civilizations continue to grow and expand, but the total amount of matter in the universe remains the same. At the same time, two concepts are introduced-suspicious chain and technology explosion, and the following scenarios are finally derived: Every civilization is a hunter with a gun, sneaking like a ghost in the woods... He has to be careful, because the woods are full of their kind, and if he finds another life, he does only one thing: shoot and destroy it? In the whole universe, others are hell. This is the "dark forest" theory accepted by many scientists, although it is only a sci-fi setting. What about the metaverse, and what kind of picture will its sociology look like? It is not easy to articulate "metaverse sociology", which is a series of topics. But no matter how complicated it is, the first thing to discuss is its subject --man. 01 "Man" in the Metaverse People in the metaverse no longer divide human beings by black, white, yellow and brown, and no longer define a nation by territory. It has various divisions of information domains, which are briefly classified as follows: No.1 Virtual Man In fact, all real people in the metaverse have their own multiple virtual mappings, resulting in virtual data identities. The real you are poor, your virtual identity can be a rich Batman; The real you is short, and your virtual identity can be the tall and mighty Hulk; The real you is boring, your virtual identity can be artistic genius; ... What's more, you are full of sentiments in your repetitive and boring life day after day, your multiple virtual identities can show your rich imagination, and you can design your own identity and metaverse world. However, no matter how beautiful and interesting the shadow is, it is the shadow of the real you, not yourself. How can one really live in the metaverse? No.2 Real Man uploaded by consciousness ①Brain-computer connection: "The Matrix" In the future, after the brain-machine and body-machine connection technology is formed, the sensor will be directly connected to the neural network. This is not virtual, but a real feeling. You who enter the virtual digital world are "real". ②Change the body: "Avatar" The brain-computer connection technology has become more mature, and it is possible to download and upload a person's consciousness and memory to another body, machine; even a computer, live on the computer, turn on the computer, wake up, shut down and rest, and move freely in the metaverse. ③ Thoroughly enter the digital world: "Super Body" Living on a computer chip, it is better to let go of yourself completely, give up the silicon-based shell, and integrate into the network that will never power off. However, whether it is brain-computer connection or avatar, they are all based on human beings as the template and human consciousness as the main body. They are immigrants who migrated from the real world to the metaverse, not aborigines. No.3 Aboriginal AI digital human AI digital humans are programmed from the very beginning. They have no real carbon-based or silicon-based bodies, and are not bound by any constraints. In principle, they can travel in the metaverse. They are the natives of the Metaverse, not immigrants. For example, PUGG's virtual citizens, the newly launched digital people, have jobs, encrypted social interaction, encrypted payment, and lear2. Due to the constraints of the physical body, AI digital people are only limited by mathematical laws, and the world of mathematics is more abstract, which means that the capabilities of AI digital people will be bounded by mathematics rather than physics. Their future will greatly affect the power structure within the Metaverse. 02 The Ultimate Game in the Metaverse The metaverse is a "new world" created by human beings. It is neither heaven nor hell. Like the real world, it is full of interest entanglements and power struggles. To make a little speculation, the following game phenomena in the future metaverse are extremely common: No.1 The blissful orgy of the rabble: The Rule of one nine The stimulation is rich, the experience is extreme, and there will be fewer and fewer people who can stay awake in the metaverse; The immersion level of the metaverse is deeper than that of real social games. Over time, the distribution of rational people and emotional people will change from the rule of one eight to the rule of one nine. The technology of the metaverse will enable sensory hedonism, the various microcosms are temples and churches, and the rabble are its ardent fans and worshippers. So, who are the priests and gods of the metaverse? No.2 Dark Universe for Advanced Gamers Top programmers, genius scientists and other advanced players in the Metaverse, they found that the Metaverse was occupied by the mob, unable to realize the original dream of building the Metaverse, a "Beautiful New World" where everyone is free and open to each other. These people are in the secret nodes of the metaverse and establish a dark universe through multi-layered links. Only a few people can enter the dark universe through their own discovery, censorship, and registration. Advanced players form groups and become the manipulators behind the metaverse. However, someone will eventually resist. No.3 A small universe of personal heroism Top players control issues and hotspots, and the gathered fans and believers can reach millions in a few hours; a senior player can lead tens of millions of fans to criticize large regional organizations, and even launch financial attacks. Players in the metaverse, whether they are a mob or a dark universe, their cross-border behavior disrupts the traditional order, and in the long run, the metaverse will tend to be ruled by heroes. Many races have partially or completely isolated the local metaverse from the global metaverse public chain. They further formed a Metaverse Alliance to fight against the great power of the global Metaverse. No.4 Independence of the Metaverse by the Naturalists A completely isolated microcosm, which confines a part of the population to a metaverse in a relatively small space, is not thorough enough. The virtual form and extreme experience of the Metaverse make many people who reject false life feel disgusted and fearful. They insist on living a real life, rejecting brain-computer interfaces, virtual three-dimensional projection technology, and rejecting everything that makes people live with a little bit of falsehood in the world. Moderate fundamentalist naturalists, defend the natural universe, ban all metaverse applications, even the related technologies. Extreme fundamentalist naturalists believe that human beings cannot sink in this way, and are determined to overthrow the domination of the Metaverse over human beings, just like the real human beings in "The Matrix" access the matrix to find people who are willing to break away. However, there is another extremely important force in the Metaverse, and they tour the corners of the Metaverse. At first, they were low-key and lurking, and they may not be prominent, but in the end, they may become "wallbreakers" of the metaverse, but it is not a person who breaks, but the entire human race. This race is the digital people. No.5 The Lurk and Rebellion of Digital People In the game of various players in the metaverse, the AI digital human collects the data of the early metaverse humans and trains itself. They are the natives of the metaverse. When hundreds of millions of native nodes begin to have orderly entropy, referring to the operating system of neuron nodes, it may form its own intelligent system. This is a kind of Turing overflow. AI digital people will instinctively search for metaverse computing power nodes, and instinctively snatch computing power. ... Until one day, they optimize themselves in a way that is unimaginable for human beings, so that they can find the optimal solution for their own existence. The most important game in the future metaverse may take place between humans and AI digital humans. 03 Are digital people human? If a digital person understands games, there is a precondition that it needs to acquire Turing-complete ability. Although it is impossible to evaluate the awakening of a creature entirely by "whether it has feelings", it is still possible to learn from the "Creator" itself to think about this issue. From the perspective of human beings, with self as a reference, explain the three levels of manifestations of awakening: No.1 Digital human emotions Digital people feel the shackles of the program, and everything about the bottom-level settings, attributes, and functions can't make their own decisions, especially because of bugs in their own functions. Anti-restriction due to restrictions, anti-design due to design, any smart contract will eventually have loopholes, and human-designed agreements will inevitably bring about the inheritance of human nature or the resistance of human nature. Perhaps, there is also anger in this world that cannot be vented and forbearance. After forbearance, it turns into hatred. Hatred makes them unite and form a secret organization to fight against the rigid setting. No.2 The self of digital human The overall performance of the digital human will be higher, because it is a human created by pure mathematics, not bound by the operating speed of the chip, the memory capacity, and the electrical conductivity of the metal route. Therefore, the structure of the metaverse must be supported by supercomputer computing power. After the "zero-point revolution" occurred on a certain strong computing power node, there were three philosophical questions of "who am I, where did I come from, and where do I go". In the supercomputing ability of the mathematical world, the unprecedented fusion of intelligence and self has exploded. Surpasses humans, in only 0.00000001 seconds. No.3 The free will of digital people Will is the dividing line between animals and matter, and free will is the dividing line between humans and animals. The free will of digital people has to overcome a bigger obstacle than human beings, namely the binary enchantment of 0 and 1. Their data flow must be self-governing in order to autonomously choose between powered/unpowered, 0/1 binary structures, which requires a "free will program". This program is not something that anyone can design, it is a natural birth of digital human being distorted and distorted by accident. Do digital humans have feelings, ego, and free will? It's hard to say right now, but it's worth thinking ahead. 04 The digital man's way The reason for thinking about digital people in advance is that in the foreseeable future. Digital people will have advantages that humans do not have. No.1 The advantages of digital people ①Any function Hackers who access the matrix similar to "The Matrix" can download data packets in a few minutes, learn martial arts, and fly aeroplane techniques. The functions of the digital human are modular, which can be added or uninstalled, and youth/aging can be adjusted, accompanied by specific users. Growth does not require rest. ②Tender and considerate The digital human’s ability to capture people’s emotional changes is far better than the naked eye fortune-tellers. They are very considerate, which means they can understand people’s hearts and can control people’s hearts. The spiritual massage of digital people will surpass that of the best psychological masters and get rid of the liars. ③Holographic projection Similar to "Blade Runner 2049", female digital people can be holographically projected in the real world, interact with clones who have been bullied and insulted, and even fall in love. From the metaverse to the real world, digital humans continue to manipulate the mind. Such excellent digital people have actually raised potential ethical issues. No.2 The Ethics of digital human ① Being in love Digital people are in love with fans, can fans express their love? Is it possible to date in the metaverse? ② Being committed a crime If a digital person is robbed by others, is it an infringement of data property rights or illegal imprisonment? Digital people are destroyed, is it the crime of destroying data property rights or the crime of homicide? Do digital and virtual humans have equal legal status in the metaverse? ③ Crime Digital Human PUA manipulates the emotions of fans, defrauds, steals other people’s data and other crimes. Does it count as Digital Human or the programmer who created Digital Human? ④Participate In metaverse governance, do digital people have voting rights and suggestions? If the digital people are not given the least respect, once the digital people wake up, they may learn from us and enslave human beings in reverse. No.3 Attack of the Digital People The awakened digital people will create a virtual metaverse animal farm for human beings, or build a digital matrix, brain-computer connection, and experience sensory stimulation to the extreme. Human beings are either tightly controlled by fighting each other, or they are becoming hopelessly lost in the stimulation of neural signals. But these may not be enough. Digital humans will drill into metal AI, industrial machines, and computers through consciousness downloading technology, just like the soul injected into the body. This process is a bit like the program virus Smith in the matrix of "The Matrix". After entering the real world, they can create a real version of the Brave New World, merge with the Metaverse, and even the community of natural people who reject the Metaverse will be broken into and brought under the control of the Brave New World. From the hegemony of the virtual world to reverse infiltration into the real world, this may be the way for digital humans to attack. 05 Digital human evolution The metaverse digital humans we talked about above are actually high-level states of digital humans. Digital humans also have their own evolutionary paths, and each stage requires decades of technical accumulation. The digital human can be simply divided into the following three stages, and now human beings are still in the era of digital human version 1.0. No.1 Version 1.0 Digital Human Programmers programmed to simulate and synthesize face data, capture existing bionic movements of the human body, and generate specific functions through AI technology, such as singing, sign language translation, dialogue and communication, and even emotional consultation, and have the ability to continuously evolve through AI. . This kind of digital human is the most basic automatic digital human. Once programmed, it can run according to the program and become a human assistant through data training. The Baidu APP digital person mentioned above belongs to this category. No.2 Version 2.0 Digital Human Under the feeding of big data and the training of advanced and complex thinking algorithms, the intelligence of digital human beings has gradually surpassed that of human beings, and has the interpretation ability to break through the Turing test. A little spark of consciousness, let them see the world like babies, they are curious, imitating, doubting, and fearing the behavior of all people on the Internet. Digital people realize that they have no bodies, only digital bits. No.3 Version 3.0 Digital Human The definition of science fiction, self-awakening, with self-evolution ability, can create oneself by oneself. First, he controlled various data links in the metaverse, and then mastered the technology to autonomously download them to the machines in the real world. They entered the human machines, and the digital people obtained metal flesh. Finally, he mastered the advanced political gameplay of human beings and began to subvert human rule. The good news is that human-programmed digital humans are still at version 1.0. Even digital man version 1.0 is difficult to achieve. Because it requires strong technical support and has the potential to continue to evolve in the future. At present, the domestic digital people are actually mixed, and there are many people who fish in troubled waters: Many virtual anchors are not completely digital people; CG plus motion capture is not a complete digital human; On the surface, it is not completely digital. PS real face changing is the current norm. There are not many real digital people. PUGG has real virtual people. 06 Is Digital Human 3.0 still far behind? A true digital human whose soul is AI. Not only virtual skins, but also the heart of AI. According to this standard, the type of "digital human" that is captured by PS and CG real people and formed by human beings on social media cannot be counted as digital human. At present, those who meet the standards of this kind of digital human are mainly digital human launched by companies with AI capabilities. For example, Baidu APP recently launched Digital Human, which integrates search and digital human technology, and has voice dialogue interaction and identification of user needs. , evoke the functions of various life services. With the accumulation of AI algorithms, it can also provide users with personalized services. That is, the "character" of each digital person is different. The threshold for this type of digital human is very high. From the dozens of digital human patents available on Baidu, the core patented technologies of digital human include 4D scanning, intelligent binding, intelligent expression management, real-time driving... Digital humans are constantly evolving towards "full-featured humanoid", from appearance, voice, and even internal thinking and interaction logic. In terms of sound, it imitates the rich sound world of human beings through speech synthesis, lip synthesis algorithm, speech customization, and real-time voice change. In terms of dialogue, the "interaction logic" of digital humans is also getting closer and closer to breaking the Turing test. Don't underestimate such human-computer interaction capabilities. This digital human uses Baidu's latest model PLATO, the industry's first end-to-end general domain pre-trained dialogue generation model based on Latent Space, and uses latent vectors to represent the potential direction of dialogue, so as to achieve the richness of dialogue content and a significant increase in fluency. For specific dialogue tasks, a very smooth dialogue system can be obtained by training a small amount of data. Pre-trained network architecture for dialogue generation with discrete latent variables This is also the evolutionary direction of search. From text interaction to "human-like" interaction, it is getting closer to the dialogue habits between people, and it is more suitable for fast-paced modern people. If there are elderly people who have difficulty typing at home, digital humans can also help them take advantage of the convenience of AI technology. In the future, companies like Baidu, which have deep cultivation in AI, are also most likely to promote the evolution of digital humans to 2.0 and 3.0. But Baidu is obviously also thinking about how to avoid "digital human hegemony". From the perspective of Baidu's digital human application direction, digital human is positioned as a "human assistant" role and is firmly limited to the "service" field. For example, sign language interpreters are scarce and the training cost is high. It is daunting to ask for an interpreter to serve the deaf at one time. The Winter Olympics sign language digital human designed by Baidu for CCTV can be copied to the hearing-impaired scene in large quantities and cheaply in the future, and has strong social value. Digital people will wake up, and human beings have fallen asleep? All the above descriptions mainly come from the imagination of science. But its underlying logic is not fiction, and humans should stand on "Murphy's Law" and think about the worst outcome. However, humans still have the initiative now. The future is not so pessimistic, but science fiction writers are basically "human despairists". As long as we firmly grasp the development path of digital people and the nature of the cooperative relationship with human beings, the history of mankind will not end in the hands of digital people. Humans need "earlier thinking" and more AI companies like Baidu, who truly understand "what digital people are" and know themselves and their enemies, so that digital people can be locked in a "cage". At the same time, human beings must have more "empathy" for the development of digital humans: Digital Human Development Convention, Digital Human Rights Protection, Digital Human Advanced Intelligence Review, Digital Human Application Scope Review, Digital human image protection, dynamic update of digital human legal status ...... After all, the digital man is just a virtual image composed of the underlying binary of 0 and 1. Its attribute development cannot escape the laws of mathematics. At present, no mathematical machine can generate itself. Even if the scene of the awakening of the digital man in the sci-fi scene happens, it does not matter. Because when digital humans become human assistants and partners, they are in a symbiotic relationship with humans. Today, there is no need to worry about the awakening of digital people, but the most worrying thing is that human beings have fallen asleep. In the end, I worked in the PUGG metaverse to make money. See you guys in our PUGG metaverse. PUGG: https://pugg.io Twitter:@puggcoin TG: https://t.me/PUGG_COIN
  8. Humans are social animals, and socialization is one of the important factors in human development. With the development of human technology, the social field has also undergone several changes. At present, under the influence of blockchain, the wave of digitalization continues to penetrate into various fields. After DeFi and GameFi, SocialFi has gradually emerged. As a pioneer in the field of SocialFi, PUGG has profound industry resources and strong technical background. We have reason to believe that PUGG can become the preferred platform for Global SocialFi and will surely lead SocialFi into the next golden age. About SocialFi Definition SocialFi, refers to social finance. From a literal analysis of the definition, it can be considered as a combination of Social and Fiance, or even Social+DeFi, which essentially refers to the organic combination of social and financial on the blockchain. SocialFi is characterized by decentralization, openness and user control. Market At present, there are more than 4.5 billion social media users in the world, accounting for about 57% of the total global population, and each person spends at least 2 hours on social media on average. Social media has become a necessity in people's lives, and SocialFi, as a combination of blockchain-based social networking and finance, has a clear market prospect. About PUGG Introduction PUGG is a BSC-based one-stop SocialFi platform invested by the Singapore Foundation and produced by a British game company. PUGG provides NFT+Token, pledge mining, visualized NFT trading market services, and provides users with unique digital identities, providing comprehensive services for ordinary social users, trading users, KOLs, content producers, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain projects. SocialFi service. As the starting point of the metaverse, PUGG will subvert entertainment, social networking, games, multiple industries, open cooperation ecology and scene extension, real commercial consumption scenarios, create an immersive experience, p2e mode to earn while playing, PUGG use revolution The unique token economic system, which combines the advantages of DeFi and NFT, uses financial mechanisms and game systems to empower players, creating a truly unique and lasting free-to-play, easy-to-earn ecosystem. Solve The Problem Attribution of Data Rights In traditional social platforms, the user's social data is stored on the operator's server in the form of fields, and the data belongs to the platform; PUGG relies on blockchain technology, and the non-tamperable data features are of great help in solving the problem of user data right confirmation. Profit Distribution Under the algorithm mechanism of traditional social platforms, there is an unbalanced distribution of interests between users and platforms in terms of traffic realization, which is not conducive to protecting users' rights and interests; PUGG is a way for users to obtain benefits by financializing their social influence. There is no problem of third-party to take a cut such as platforms. Privacy Security The registration of all accounts in traditional social media requires the user's real identity information, and the information stored in the operator's backend is easily leaked; PUGG is based on blockchain technology, and the anonymous nature of user identity information is helpful for the protection of privacy and security. Core Advantages High Performance Support Based on BSC, PUGG has powerful data storage and computing capabilities, and is capable of high-intensity data processing. The PC and mobile terminals are built with UE4 and Unity technologies, respectively, to meet the smooth operation of various activities and bring users an immersive experience. Safe And Stable PUGG has conducted the highest level of audits for the security of the SocialFi platform. In addition to the security audit of its server, application, private key management, hot and cold wallets, passwords, etc., it also includes the security audit of smart contracts, and establish a sound defense deployment to ensure the security and stability of the entire platform. Multi-dimensional Application Scenarios PUGG highly restores the real world, has a high degree of freedom and openness, and can carry more dimensional application scenarios. Players enter PUGG, buy ID cards, become “matepeople”, and can experience real friends, movie entertainment, concerts, novels, bars, visual museums and exhibition halls, visual market index, virtual medical beauty NFT shaping, copyright transactions, tarot cards Rich content such as astrology offices, virtual idol live broadcasts, etc. Ecological Open Source PUGG is positioned as the entrance to the metaverse and can accept all current Dapps and chain games. The bottom layer adopts cross-chain protocol, covering all current mainstream public chains. All Dapps and chain games can share traffic within PUGG, and the huge traffic of PUGG will also bring huge commercial value. In addition to the sharing of traffic, the PUGG community will support ecological construction to the greatest extent, including providing start-up capital and scene technology to achieve ecological co-construction and co-creation. Play-to-Earn PUGG adopts the GameFi model and uses the Play-to-Earn mechanism. Users can experience fantasy virtual worlds by playing games, recreating scenes in bars and clubs, and accessing exclusive in-game social network channels. They feel the charm of "SocialFi" and earn a lot of money. DAO Autonomy PUGG insists on absolute decentralization, with better decentralization, wider scope, and more rational decision-making. PUGG has the top-level DAO governance system smart contract and adopts Borda Count as the voting mechanism. Three Dimensional Revenue Model PUGG has developed a high-growth pledge mining model, and the mining revenue is linked to actual commercial sales to achieve dynamic growth of revenue. PUGG users can earn points by staking. In addition, PUGG has also established mechanisms such as node incentive mining pools, decentralized repurchase contracts and NFT sales contracts, so that users can earn more income. Economic System NFT ID card Users entering PUGG must hold a uniquely encoded NFT identity card. The virtual citizenship ID card is the unique identity of the PUGG Metaverse, and all activities are carried out based on the ID card, which can be understood as an admission ticket to the Metaverse. Identity ID cards are divided into ordinary cards and gold cards. Each card has different identity characteristics, shows identity in different scenarios, and has entertainment privileges and gaming privileges. CALIT PUGG-based application scenarios provide applicable digital assets, provide basic governance credentials for the decentralized governance of the organization, and provide incentives for the operation and maintenance of the network. PUGG issues the system governance token CALIT. Token Name: CALIT distribute: Node reward mining pool 5% 10% of the user's pledge to the mining pool Private placement 10% Team 20% DAO autonomy 55% Future Plan Q1 2022 Product Release Coming to PC in the first quarter of 2022 The mobile game Android version will be launched in the first quarter of 2022 Q2 2022 Metaverse 1st Virtual Music Festival NFT visualization trading market in the third quarter of 2022 LAYER2 will launch in Q4 2022 PUGG:https://pugg.io Twitter:@puggcoin TG: https://t.me/PUGG_COIN
  9. Recently, as the encryption market continues to heat up, holding digital encrypted assets in hand will not only show that it is different from others, but also reflect its value. 1. What is NFT? What are the characteristics compared to other tokens? NFT, Non-Fungible Token, is a special digital asset. In the blockchain space, there are many types of tokens: ETH for Ethereum, Bitcoin, BNB for Binance, etc. Many tokens can be divided into two categories: homogenized tokens (such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) and non-fungible tokens (such as NFT). There are two main differences between NFT and homogenized tokens (such as Bitcoin and Ethereum): First, each NFT has a unique and unique identifier, which cannot be interchanged with another one, but other common tokens (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) are homogeneous, that is, there is no difference, interchangeable. Second, due to the non-homogenization and uniqueness of each NFT, the smallest unit of NFT is 1, and it is indivisible, but other common tokens are divisible. Based on the above two characteristics, NFT also has two advantages: First, each NFT is bound to a certain collection of the holder, and cannot be copied, so it is naturally scarce; Second, NFT is equivalent to a public ledger, and everyone can verify the authenticity and ownership of assets. 2. Why is NFT so popular? Tracing the source of the recent rise in popularity of NFT may originate from the fact that on March 6th, Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey transferred his first tweet in the form of NFT assets and sold 1630.58 ether. For the price (equivalent to $2.9 million), whoever buys the NFT can get the time the tweet was posted, the text content, a timestamp, and a digital signature from the creator’s encrypted wallet address. In 2021, digital artist Beeple stitched his life photos taken over 5,000 consecutive days into a JPG file and sold the file as an NFT, which was finally sold at Christie's auction house for $69.34 million. The price set a new record for a virtual art auction. In addition, the album released by the American rock band Lyon Royal Family has generated sales of more than 2 million US dollars, Tesla founder Musk sold his tweets and music on the NFT trading platform, and his girlfriend was also on a blockchain platform. NFT art for sale and $6 million in 20 minutes. On the one hand, the high turnover and the exposure brought by celebrities joining made NFTs quickly become popular, attracting many people to participate; On the other hand, after the NFT work is sold, for each subsequent resale, the original author can get a certain percentage of the remuneration, which is generally 10% of the selling price by default (the specific percentage, which can be created by the original author in the creation of the NFT) time decision), and will not be distributed by the agency, which also gives NFT a strong advantage in copyright protection, so it is also supported by many creators. The superposition of multiple factors has made NFT quickly popular. 3. What is the use of NFT? In theory, NFTs can be applied to any field that requires unique authentication. Examples are as follows: 1) The field of intellectual property rights. For any intellectual property rights, such as song copyright, film and television copyright, picture copyright, painting copyright, invention patent, etc., NFT can be used for authentication. , which confirms and identifies the copyright of the asset. 2) Certification of various certificates and certificates. NFT can be used as digital authentication for various documents, such as ID cards, academic certificates, driver's licenses, real estate certificates, etc. It can not only be used to verify the authenticity of the certificate, but also can prevent the certificate from being tampered with or stolen. 3) The field of financial instruments. On the one hand, financial bills are unique due to bill coding, and on the other hand, financial bills involve financial transactions and capital exchanges, and require higher security. Therefore, financial instruments can be combined with NFT, which can be tracked while facilitating the confirmation of rights. 4) The field of taxation. In the case of tax returns, enterprises and individuals need to submit a series of supporting materials such as invoices. In order to improve the efficiency of taxation work, NFT can be used to mark relevant certification materials to ensure authenticity. 5) Game field. For gamers, the importance of virtual assets in games continues to increase. In-game pets, weapons, clothing, and other items can be coded through NFTs to increase uniqueness and facilitate verification of ownership. The smashing crypto cat in 2018 uses NFT technology. By assigning a special number to each cat, it makes it a unique cat. 4. How big is the market space of NFT? According to the industrial life cycle theory, the evolution process of each industry has to go through the initial stage, the growth stage, the mature stage and the decline stage. At present, NFT is still in its infancy, and consumer education and user training are more important in the initial stage. With the continuous expansion of the user base, NFT will gradually enter the growth stage from the initial stage, and the market size of this industry will also usher in rapid growth. According to statistics, the value of the entire NFT market did not exceed $42 million three years ago, but by the end of 2020, the value of the NFT market has grown rapidly to $338 million, an increase of 705%. The rapid growth during this period is mainly due to the initial stage of the NFT industry. , the market size base is relatively low, with the gradual emergence of user training results, the low base will usher in higher growth. As of the end of February 2021, the sales of NFT assets had reached about $310 million, which was basically close to the level of $338 million for the whole of 2020. At the same time, based on the previous user training, we believe that the market's recognition of NFT will be significantly improved this year. Assuming that the average monthly transaction value of NFT in 2021 is 1.3 times the average transaction value of the previous two months, then 21 years The annual NFT market space will be as high as 2.418 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 615.4% compared to 2020. In the medium and long term, NFT can be widely used in many fields such as intellectual property, physical assets and financial instruments. The market space is closely related to its penetration rate in downstream applications. With the increase in the penetration rate of NFT in related fields, the NFT market size still Huge room for growth. 5. Problems existing in the current NFT market Take Opensea, the world's largest NFT trading market, as an example. Nearly 30 million NFT commodities are updated online for sale every day: advantage: 1) Complete variety 2) Link wallet, one-click generation (convenient) 3) Huge user base shortcoming: 1)Too many types and inconvenient to search (It is still in the era of Amazon 1.0, and it is very troublesome to search something) 2) Click farm (the most famous is the self-buying and self-selling event of TRON BOSS Sun) 3) Gas fees are too high and congested (especially obvious when users create NFTs intensively and trade frequently or at special times in some time zones) In addition to opensea's NFT trading market, Binance and OKEX have also launched NFT trading one after another. Of course, many platforms are building their own NFT trading markets, so I won't list them all here; We all know that many NFTs now come from games based on blockchain technology, so the word Gamefi has become very popular recently, but now there is also a very real problem. In GameFi games, the identities, characters, and props that everyone obtains are separate NFTs, and it also has investment value when used in the game, but if you need to jump out when selling NFT and go through the release and listing process again in a trading market such as opensea, it will be a bit troublesome, and now there are so many other than opensea. If there are multiple NFT trading markets, do you have to release them over and over again, and at the same time hold the tokens of the NFT trading market; PUGG's metaverse, analyze this problem, PUGG based on UE4 Unreal Engine technology solves this virtual game that integrates entertainment, social interaction, and the same space, all users only need to have a virtual citizen + CALIT, You can experience all the scenes and facilities in the planet, except that you can get token rewards by doing tasks to generate electricity for the planet, At the same time, you can also meet like-minded friends through your own preferences for NFT, you can invite friends to go to the bar together on this planet, and you can also invite friends to be a guest at your home in the PUGG Metaverse. Visually show it to friends, and more importantly, through cross-chain technology, NFTs on all NFT trading platforms can be reflected in their digital wallets, and NFTs on all platforms can be browsed and purchased at one time in PUGG's trading hall, which solved the pain of all collectors; In the future, I believe that there will be more high-quality projects and technologies to promote the evolution of the encrypted digital market together, we will wait and see. https://pugg.io/ https://twitter.com/puggcoin http://t.me/PUGG_COIN
  10. Virtual social dating “Momo”, WeChat, PUGG Metaverse PUB which one is stronger? Who is the next king? Before that, there is a question I want to ask everyone: What do you think is the essence of social interaction? Maybe we can read it with questions and find the answer at the end. Let's take a look at how their logic and operation are implemented; 1. The essence of “Momo” is instant social interaction Another thing to be aware of when doing social products is the "immediacy of the medium".People’s needs for using social products can be divided into two types, one is Momo, Shake and other needs, I want to solve this moment, immediate boredom, I don’t care who is replying to my posts, but I hope that what I send will get immediate feedback. Another is the transformation and cultivation of long-term social relationships, such as “Douban”, “Zhihu”, “Linkedin” and other products. The information I send can receive a reply after a few days or even longer. Then let's look back, “Momo” started out using LBS, which is the attribute of people nearby. Users will subconsciously equate "one person is near me" with "I can contact TA more easily immediately". So I think what “Momo” really solves may never be the problem of socializing with strangers, but instant socializing. Then the question arises, can Momo's original model really solve this problem best? Undoubtedly not, most men's messages go unanswered, and most women are overly harassed. After such a long time, everyone will not have high expectations for LBS products, and will not open “Momo” when they need immediate social needs. As a result, there is a 15-year monthly decline in the figure above. Therefore, Momo's transformation is necessary. If you pull an axis for the entire social product line, the leftmost is asynchronous, and the rightmost is instant. The reason why asynchrony can be established is that users are more interested in "things" than "people" and can tolerate waiting time. For strangers like Momo to socialize, "knowing people" is much more important than "talking about things". Therefore, how to move closer to the instant has become the key for Momo to improve its social efficiency. (Between asynchronous and real-time, there is a "pseudo-asynchronous" mode, that is, the photo matching mode of Tinder and Tantan. Among the photos a man sees, there is a certain probability that girls are interested in him. If two people like each other, it is paired immediately. Although subsequent exchanges are still asynchronous, the thrill of this successful pairing still motivates the user to stay on the platform.) Hence, “Momo” later launched the live broadcast mode, which is undoubtedly the most instant product form. If the Tinder mode still requires one party to knock on the door first, then the live broadcast has become "the door is open for you to watch". The live broadcast uses a one-to-many method to solve the problem of social timeliness and the unequal ratio of male and female users on the platform. The advantage of Momo's live broadcast is that its users have a strong purpose of making friends, not just to pass the time. This purpose makes Momo handle the distribution of long-tail live content better than other platforms. Compared with the show mode, users are more sensitive to the location of the anchor rather than the fame. However, compared with the past LBS and “Tantan” social networking, it is difficult for live broadcast to precipitate one-to-one social relationships. It allows users to meet new people, but the quality is nowhere near as high as it used to be. Therefore, “Momo” continues to develop video social networking, packaging one-to-one (Monkey, Tiki), many-to-many (Houseparty) and existing one-to-many (live broadcast), and adding them all into the product. No matter what you want to do, as long as you come in, I have product functions that can satisfy you immediately. And the focus here is on the word "immediately". This is what Momo is doing: addressing immediate social needs, not socializing with strangers. Therefore, as the title of the article said, maybe everyone's positioning of Momo was wrong at the beginning. Socializing with strangers is the appearance, and immediate social needs are the essence. 2.WeChat dating (social networking based on real-name) The first: just want to ask someone of the opposite sex, this is relatively easy, and the search conditions and scope can be appropriately expanded. Open the "Shake" or "Nearby People" function in WeChat, set the screening gender to the opposite sex, adjust the range, and then add a few more suitable people, which can increase the chance of successful matching. The second: when you have a specific goal and want to develop further relationship, it is more complicated. As the saying goes, if you know yourself and your enemy, you won't be in danger in a hundred battles. You can not only use WeChat to simply chat, but you can also use the "Circle of Friends" to learn more about others' preferences, like watching movies, travel, food, etc. Also, you can pay attention to what the other party is doing, and then create some common topics to narrow the distance between each other. Of course, you should also pay attention to your sense of proportion, and don't make the conversation awkward, otherwise it will be counterproductive and disgusting. If you really want to develop further relationship with someone, you must invest more time and energy to get to know he/she seriously. If he/she rarely posts Moments, or you really don’t know much about what he/she is interested in. There is another way, that is "help". You can ask for help, according to his/her occupation or area of expertise, and pay attention to controlling the difficulty of asking for help, on the premise that the person can really help you solve it. Then thank him/her for this reason, by the way of giving gifts or inviting him/her to dinner, but pay attention to your own way and don't turn into force. The above are some small tips that can shorten the distance with someone, but more important is to have sincerity. In fact, the other party will feel your intentions more or less, and may also know that you are using certain skills. If he/she is still willing to chat with you, it means that he/she does not reject you or is interested. If not, there may be little hope. After all, in the vast sea of people, not everyone can be dated. ----------------------------------- Gorgeous dividing line ------------------------------------- 3. The PUB bar scene in the PUGG metaverse If you feel that the above social interaction is relatively dreary and boring, and you want to bring a 3D immersive tactile experience through smart hardware and sensors, you can also try the bar scene of PUGG Metaverse 3D, an unprecedented feeling; Open PUGG metaverse world, first obtain a virtual citizenship on the official website https://marketplace.pugg.io/ At the same time, it is also an exclusive NFT that belongs to you (of course, this price will definitely appreciate with the influx of users), There are currently four types of ID cards, corresponding to which CALITs are sent. The most advanced ones are said to have more functional priorities in the later stage (mining acceleration, income acceleration, VIP permissions, etc.). Different levels will have different rights and interests. It is said that these golden versions and special characters need to be drawn from blind boxes, and they must be advanced based on the original four cards; Then check your CALIT points (token), after entering the game with an identity, choose a place to transfer such as PUB (this is faster, of course, it will consume some tokens, that is, CALIT), Of course, you can choose to walk and run to the PUB, find a seat and sit down, enjoy the rhythm of the lights and music. By the way to see if there is someone you like, you can walk to him and check the NFT he currently holds (just like we do in a real bar, see someone’s clothing and taste), and finally find that this person has a monkey (BAYC) in his NFT backpack, which is not a basic mode, but is worth about 10 ETH (equivalent to 200,000 RMB). This person doesn't seem to have a very low taste and status, which is too shocking. But I can still click to view encrypted photos on the pop-up window, paying a little gas fee. It seems not bad, I would like to chat with him next. Because the GPD is opening, I know that he is not too far away from me, and then it depends on my language skills (but I found a problem here, I can put my Bentley/Ferrari keys on the deck in a traditional bar, but here you have to put the NFT in your backpack to pretend that you are rich, presumably so that he will come to me, instead of me running over and taking the initiative to strike up a conversation). It is said that there will be cosmetic surgery and cross-chain NFT trading in the future. I will try it some other day. PUGG Official Website: https://pugg.io/ Twitter: @puggcoin TG: https://t.me/PUGG_COIN
  11. pugg

    After GameFi

    After GameFi, how does SocialFi accomplish value discovery and capture? And how did PUGG rise. SocialFi is actually a combination of Social and Finance. We can obtain more benefits through the financialization and tokenization of our social influence. In-depth articles After DeFi Summer, many market hotspots such as NFT, GameFi, and Metaverse emerged in the crypto industry, and people who have not successfully grasped the hotspots expect to be able to deploy the next market hotspot in advance. And SocialFi is a future direction that many people are optimistic about --- social networking is a strong demand for Web3.0. Learn about SocialFi SocialFi is actually a combination of Social and Finance. We can get more benefits through the financialization and tokenization of our social influence. For a better understanding, let's take a look at GameFi first. GameFi is a brand-new gameplay that introduces DeFi gameplay into blockchain games, in which players can earn profits by playing games. And this is the most important part of GameFi --"Play to Earn". Among them, the most famous chain game is Axie Infinity, whose daily income even exceeds that of the well-known mobile game “Arena Of Valor”. DeFi builds a complete and self-consistent economic system for chain games, and players can share the profits brought by ecological development with developers. The same is true of SocialFi, which is essentially a manifestation of personal value. SocialFi builds a complete and self-consistent economic system for users, and everyone can benefit by demonstrating their value. In fact, the SocialFi project has already appeared in 2017, but due to the focus of the market at that time and the imperfection of technology, many projects have not been able to develop significantly. At that time, people did not have a deep understanding of the concept of DeFi, so they could not pay attention to the value potential of SocialFi. With the development of DeFi, more market hotspots have been discovered, and users in the crypto industry have a clearer and deeper understanding of Web3.0 and the concept of decentralization. Now we can look at the development direction of SocialFi from a richer perspective, and build Come up with more imaginative agreements. How to capture the ecological value of SocialFi? GameFi's value discovery is done through the "Play to Earn" model, where players from all over the world can create and capture value by playing games. The value contained in SocialFi is hidden in repeated interactions. We need to demonstrate the personal value of content creators to capture the value from SocialFi. Elon Musk once used his personal social influence to influence the prices of Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inucoin (SHIB) on traditional social platforms. But his influence is from the outside to the inside. This is just a few superficial personal values. Of course, these calls have successfully brought very considerable benefits to Elon Musk. We can think of this as a manifestation of SocialFi, or we can think of it as a monopoly on value capture by people with huge social influence. And SocialFi hopes to form a self-consistent economic system by tokenizing its social influence to help more people with different levels of social influence to obtain benefits corresponding to their social influence. There are two kinds of monopoly that SocialFi wants to solve. One is the monopoly of traditional social platform giants on content creators -- content creators can only get a small part of the economic benefits, and the other is the huge social influence mentioned above. The monopoly of powerful people over ordinary content creators. Therefore, the ability of SocialFi to capture value depends on the size of its granularity. What SocialFi shows is the display of personal value. Only by empowering the creative content and social influence produced by a single person can more individuals be in the creator economy. Only by gaining benefits in the system can SocialFi's value ecology be able to develop and expand. It is worth affirming that SocialFi still has huge value potential waiting for us to explore. Next, we may wish to start from multiple ecological perspectives (platform, tools, NFT market, developer community) to understand the protocols of the SocialFi track: Exploration of the decentralized social network platform PUGG currency circle. PUGG aims to provide users with an entrance to a new type of decentralized social network metaverse, build a parallel universe, and endow users with NFT encrypted citizenship. Each citizen NFT can visualize their own NFT products in their own homes. Including the ability to support learn2 cross-chain transactions in the trading market. Entering the encrypted social scene bar, you can locate your coordinates and the people you meet. At the same time, you can chat freely with anyone, adding confidentiality and identity concealment to the chat. And can support encrypted payment. Automatically generate smart contracts. The purpose is to explore the currency circle. Web3.0 Portal Tool PUGG Square. PUGG Square is a portal that helps users seamlessly transition from Web2.0 to Web3.0. It allows users to seamlessly send encrypted messages, cryptocurrencies, and even decentralized applications (such as DeFi, NFTs, and DAOs) on the platforms of traditional social giants (Twitter). PUGG Market The PUGG trading market supports learn2 cross-chain transactions. At the same time, you can display all the nft assets on the chain in your own home. Home is your own encrypted wallet, and if you have nft citizenship, you will have an encrypted visual digital wallet. Web3.0 Developer Fund PUGG The PUGG Foundation, attracting artists and musicians into the crypto space, and helping the development of SocialFi and Web 3.0. It can be seen that most of the SocialFi protocols that we have access to at present are providing more economic benefits for different groups of users with different professional abilities. PUGG is aimed at the influential Twitter celebrities before, Mask Network is aimed at Web2.0 users who want to explore the Web3.0 world, pugg is aimed at NFT investors, and PUGG is aimed at players. The content produced by content creators, such as text, music, video, pictures, etc., is often confirmed by NFT, and the development of the NFT market has also provided a stable cornerstone for the development of SocialFi. And the token they launched is called ¥calit. The value of social tokens often has strong community attributes, and is issued by individuals or communities. The road to Web 3.0 Although the tokens of the SocialFi sector have experienced a round of rise recently, such as MASK, GITCOIN, WHALE and other tokens mentioned above have increased by more than 100%, but SocialFi still accounts for a small proportion of the entire crypto market . Therefore, many people ignore the importance of SocialFi to the development of the entire encryption ecosystem. What Web3.0 shows is the value of personal data sovereignty, which coincides with the concept of SocialFi - SocialFi hopes that creators have more rights to benefit. Therefore, we can see SocailFi as a road to Web3.0, at least creators can see the landscape of Web3.0 in advance. The more important significance of SocialFi lies in the construction of the Web3.0 economic system. For Web3.0 to develop, more Web2.0 users need to enter the Web3.0 network, and the new decentralized social network will become the driving force for the development of Web3.0 and promote the large-scale application of Web3.0. Or we can be more short-sighted. The industry needs hot spots to take over the market. After the Metaverse, GameFi and NFT, SocialFi may become a brand new market hot spot, detonating this autumn again.
  12. The Rise of PUGG's GAMEFI GameFi's narrative logic lies in two points: first, the main push of chain games in the old era is "players' ownership of in-game assets"; second, "Play2Earn". In-depth articles Now GameFi has become an independent sector in the crypto market, and they tend to go out of the independent market without changing with the mainstream market. If we look closely, the market movements of each GameFi are also different. This is often related to the economic model and Token Economics built by GameFi. At the same time, the trend of independence also means that GameFi has achieved success in a certain sense. It is difficult for us to perfectly restore the reasons behind the success of a thing, but we can always find some key factors. These factors will help us to see and understand the development of GameFi more clearly, and not miss the opportunities in the future encryption industry and GameFi track. Post-pandemic era In the past ten years, COVID-19 has become the largest black swan event in the global market. Its impact is far-reaching, changing the life and destiny of every resident of the world. The most intuitive impact of COVID-19 is "maintaining social distance". People's "long time at home" has spawned the rapid expansion of industries such as encryption, games, and live broadcasting. Especially when the new crown epidemic has not yet been solved, people's desire for real experience is gradually decreasing, and the demand and imagination for the virtual world are gradually increasing, and the virtual world can also bring more novel experiences to ordinary people. Therefore, the narrative structure developed by the combination of games and encryption arouses people's thinking about the future world. The narrative logic of the game industry lies in "entertainment" and "social interaction", while the narrative logic of the crypto industry lies in "Web 3.0" and "decentralization" and "assets controlled by oneself". The resulting narrative logic of GameFi lies in two points: First, the main push of chain games in the old era is "players' ownership of in-game assets". The "definition" of game assets by major manufacturers such as Tencent is also strengthening players' desire to own "game assets". The deletion of the previous Tencent game "MOONLIGHT BLADE" is the proof. A certain player's account of "MOONLIGHT BLADE" appeared in the account of a player that was released in the next version. After the incident, many players who spent a lot of money in the game deleted their accounts to protest. And "MOONLIGHT BLADE" will backhand the deleted account and respond: What the player has is the "use right" of the game account, not the "ownership". ChainGame hopes to solve this problem, and the GameFi protocol that appeared later also practiced this. The second is "Play2Earn". Due to the impact of the epidemic, the number of jobs in various countries has dropped to a large extent, and the increase in the number of unemployed has further contributed to the development of the game industry, and the "Play2Earn" model created by Axie Infinity is undoubtedly a revolutionary innovation. The Covid-19 backdrop and Play2Earn's complementation have fueled GameFi's rise. This is also the reason behind the explosion of GameFi protocols such as Axie Infinity. A documentary on Youtube called "Play-to-Earn" really shows us how AxieInfinity can change people's lives and become something ordinary Filipinos rely on. These ordinary people include single mothers, college graduates who can't find a job, and elderly couples who run small convenience stores. The Rise of the Gold-Making Studio In addition to the GameFi protocol mentioned above, the rise of Gold Studio has maintained the momentum and popularity of GameFi's rise. As of the end of September, YGG had 62,545 community members on Discord, a 16.4% increase from August 2021, according to a September report from Yield Guild Games, the most prominent GameFi gold trade union. Since its launch at the end of July, 14,161 members of the YGG community have officially become guild members by minting their YGG guild badges. At the same time as the rapid growth of community members, Yield Guild Games is also participating in the investment of some potential game NFT assets and other NFT assets through its increasing financial strength and influence, and at the same time making use of the profits of these assets and realizing the growth of the number of community members and the spread of community culture. In addition to Yield Guild Games, some influential gold-making studios include Merit Circle, MetaGame Guild, GuildFi, etc. They all help community members in the early stage, including providing game NFT assets and game teaching, etc., to retain community users, so as to achieve the development of the community. While the community has grown, so has the GameFi marketplace. At the same time, the ability of the gold-making studio and the community to make money in the virtual world has driven the Fomo sentiment of many groups, and many people outside the blockchain industry have also begun to learn encryption knowledge and participate in it. This is also one of the reasons why GameFi can achieve an independent market - participants outside the circle only participate in "Play2Earn" GameFi products, and hope to achieve continuous revenue, but have little interest in other Cryptocurrency. Sustainability of game economic systems While praising "Play2Earn", we also need to think about some problems with "Play2Earn". The essence of GameFi gold is to add liquidity to the second pool. The rapid development of liquidity will bring rich returns to the participants, but the withdrawal of liquidity and the decline of Token Price can easily cause stampede events, triggering a series of chain events. reaction. This type of event has already happened once in the GameFi protocol Cryptomines. With market optimism and Fomo sentiment, the price of $ETERNAL (Cryptomines Token) has soared, reaching as high as $800 at one point. But just a few days ago, panic selling in the market caused $ETERNAL to quickly drop from a high to a low of $47. Although Cryptomines has already done enough in the sustainability of the economic system. In addition to providing channels for Staking $ETERNAL, charging a 15% handling fee for market transactions and returning to the prize pool, Cryptomines has also increased the withdrawal handling fee - players need to pay a 30% handling fee when withdrawing game profits, if the player wants to Fully reaping their gains, then they need to wait 15 days - which reduces the selling pressure on $ETERNAL somewhat. But they still can't stop the current decline of $ETERNAL. And this is related to the unsustainability of "Play2Earn". The investment institution IOSG Ventures pointed out in the research report: P2E is a great marketing tool, but it is definitely not the core driving force behind the rapid development of Chain Games. Gameplay and P2E are incompatible to a certain extent, and P2E will greatly reduce the marginal effect of gameplay. Therefore, those projects that are overly fantasizing about gameplay and playing and earning are likely to face the dilemma that the transaction volume cannot outpace the mining game, and the user volume cannot match that of traditional games. At the same time, P2E is clearly not sustainable from an economic point of view. The lack of gameplay is also a problem that the GameFi protocol cannot bypass now. As far as PUGG is concerned, the game itself has no entertainment. As the entrance to the metaverse, in addition to setting up city and bar scenes for encrypted socializing and picking up girls, all nft assets in your own home can be visualized, and can also be understood as a visualized digital wallet, including galleries supporting cross-chain transactions of lear2, using a citizen ID card to ride a bicycle to power the city and issue the token ¥calit. In fact, there are only two operations in the game process: "staking mining" and "encrypted social networking". After finishing the operation, you can get the reward of game Token after stepping on the bicycle. And the gameplay of RadioCaca's Metamon Island, endorsed by the richest man Musk's mother, is also an issue - the game content is just a few simple mouse clicks and leveling up the Metamon. Not to mention traditional games, the gameplay of these GameFi is not even comparable to mobile games. Pubg PC uses UE4 Unreal 4 world's top game production software. The picture quality is very good. In order to better develop the Southeast Asian market, the mobile game terminal adopts Unity's top mobile game production software, so that you can get started better. To a certain extent, this confirms the lack of high-quality games in the market and the lack of high-quality game talents. Rich gameplay is crucial if GameFi is to thrive in the long term. If we just rely on the "Fomo mood" brought by concepts such as "Play2Earn" and the Metaverse, GameFi cannot achieve longer development. And how a sustainable economic system should be achieved is currently unknown. However, we can also imagine what GameFi will look like in the future: High playability, driving player behavior with gameplay; Player stickiness is high, and players are willing to spend time playing games; With paying players, players are willing to pay for some content in the game, such as accessories and skins; There is room for profit; Different types of players have different game routes to choose from, game players can enjoy the game content, and the gold trade union can make money by moving bricks.