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  1. GET DAILY REWARDS FOR SURFING The Netbox.Browser is an application for PC and mobile devices, the main function of which, in addition to access to web-resources, is to maintain the functioning of the Netbox.Chain blockchain network. The Netbox.Browser is the first web browser that does not have a centralized infrastructure: all personal data of users belong only to them and decisions on the areas of development of the product are made by the community. The Netbox.Browser infrastructure is completely transparent and distributed, as it is stored without the use of central servers in the Netbox.Chain blockchain structures. An individual address in the blockchain network is assigned to each web browser; this address can store Netbox.Coins – the currency of the Netbox.Chain blockchain network. The larger the active audience of the web browser is, the faster and more reliable transactions are conducted in the blockchain.
  2. With the advent, development, and distribution of various blockchains, so-called distributed applications, or dApps, came into use. They are distinguished from the classic computer and mobile applications by the absence of a central server and the use of blockchains to store application data, as well as to implement the internal logic through smart contracts. Dapp catalog To use such applications, users shall install special add-ons in their web browsers, through which dApps will be able to perform operations in the blockchain. These add-ons are already integrated into the Netbox.Browser, making it fully available to run dApps for all popular blockchains. In addition to add-ons required to operate dApps, the Netbox.Browser contains their store — Netbox.Store, where the browser users can freely find and run dApps. The dApp developers can place dApps in the Netbox.Store that will make them available to the entire browser audience.